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Copy Reese Witherspoon's Updo Hairstyle

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For more hairstyling how-tos go to: http://www.totalbeauty.com/how-tos/hairstyles A soft style perfect for a special occasion. These expert how-to will help you create a soft, sweet hairstyle just like Reese Witherspoon. With tips and tricks, you will learn how to add volume and thickness to create this celebrity hairstyles. This updo style is great for parties or any formal event. Get more at: http://www.totalbeauty.com http://www.facebook.com/totalbeauty http://www.twitter.com/totalbeauty
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Text Comments (62)
Kimberly Morales (5 years ago)
Kimberly Morales (5 years ago)
41734Cam (6 years ago)
Nice but he really didn't 'show' you exactly how he did half of the curls really
Sush (6 years ago)
the model looks really miserable
ThinkingPurple (7 years ago)
That model can fly with those long eye lashes. I mean.....just look at them!
mangagrl01 (7 years ago)
3:12 damn! what a long neck!!
satiya130885 (7 years ago)
very nice hair :)
TheCoolNerd1594 (7 years ago)
i love it! i didn't have enough bobby pins for my hair the first time i tried it, but it makes a good messy bun :D
Bonnie Hanna (8 years ago)
@SusannaJungerske LOL THE IRONY.
Caitlin Murphy (8 years ago)
I love the bangs!
Mari C (8 years ago)
Jessica Belcost (8 years ago)
Nice video! *** Tutorial 1 Minute Headband Hair Braid in my Channel ***
Sarah Poderys (8 years ago)
Love the Bangs! So Cute!
Heidi Kravitz (8 years ago)
that looked like it hurt!
sleeperskater (8 years ago)
hey im gay-rick farber/hair styleist
helloamericafarmtown (8 years ago)
thumbs up if you never blow dry because your impatient and dont like the noise. i wish i could thumbs this up
Carlos Vardi (8 years ago)
The model is stunning!
preppieluv (8 years ago)
How big is the curling iron?
Banu Senol (8 years ago)
Gawjuss But Her Bangs Look Right Up Her Face(:
Leslie Ferguson (8 years ago)
@gurlmineketty its CHIC hahaha just sayingg!
Marilyn Desoy (8 years ago)
that's so sheek
Keisha Singleton (8 years ago)
i like it but i want the sides and her edges to be neater..
Jordyn (8 years ago)
@Barcafanatic1 oh alright :P it didnt make any sense to me .. hahaha :P
Korilian13 (8 years ago)
Damn, she's got almost the exact haircut and length as me. I can haz this look!
littlemissjaded12345 (8 years ago)
1 question : What are "bangs?" (e.g. I "banged" my leg when I fell over :p. sorry... bad joke :P)
Jordyn (8 years ago)
why are her bangs like an inch longer in the before picture then they are in the after picture ?
Meredith Hammett (8 years ago)
not only the bangs. but i think he weighed her fine thin hair down by using TOO much product. I know you need it to build volume...but her hair looks greasy to me.
Gisselle Barragan (9 years ago)
her bangs r ugly and she looks unhappy
Daniela Ramirez (9 years ago)
Her face looks awkward D: it's too shiny!
xxGabriellaxx100 (9 years ago)
His is nicer than Reece's
Angela (9 years ago)
i like it''
Bonnie Hanna (9 years ago)
I kinda feel sorry for her when he keeps saying that she has very fine hair.
Elleanor Jayne (9 years ago)
very nice ... please take a look at my Paris Hilton inspired updo much love xxx
Beenana9 (9 years ago)
I really like this. Very pretty. I have to try this.
Endlessbeauty (9 years ago)
ugly bangs good messy bun
xxaprunexx (9 years ago)
@swapmeetmomma You can make them yourself! Take a thin band and attach a hair grip onto opposite sides then you can pin one grip into the ponytail, wind the band round and then secure it with the other grip
Ivy Balish (9 years ago)
Full honesty, I don't really care for the look.
Deepthi Shaji (9 years ago)
she has such fine hair. i love her makeup
dida079 (9 years ago)
very cute..he was so gentle..lol
Caitlin Murphy (9 years ago)
her bangs are cute.
CJ Poirier (9 years ago)
Her bangs kinda remind of me of a blonde Audrey Hepburn
dida079 (9 years ago)
really pretty :)
cocomoonlight (9 years ago)
what is the bungee chord type of elastic band you were talking about?
denzky23 (9 years ago)
very nice!
ariel isme (9 years ago)
Nice pin and band work, great back combing! Lovely style :-)
eynaariffin (9 years ago)
This is WICKED awesomE!! Imma try em noow!
pun na (9 years ago)
what comb is that ???
Doris A. (9 years ago)
that sounds like a name someone just made up when they couldn't think of anything else to call the hairstyle. LOLz
Kayla Barss (9 years ago)
it looked very pretty but i think it would have looked better if her bangs were a little longer but over all good job
XPoppycockX (9 years ago)
haha I think you'd need a friend on this one but it is very pretty
Olivia (9 years ago)
omg, love it, I wish I could do that!!
Nour Homsy (9 years ago)
urs is nicer than reece witherspoons !!
Trang Dang (10 years ago)
i can't really see what he is doing to form the 'flower'
PlanetClaireDeluxe (10 years ago)
it depends. you just have to "eyeball" it as my mother would say. as you bend it around your fingers it will kind of lay where it wants to. pin it and go on to the next. keep stepping back a bit and looking at it to make sure you're getting some symmetry in the overall shape.
optimisticgrl (10 years ago)
omg, this looks like a lot of work. LOL
Lia R (10 years ago)
how the fuck do you know where to place the hair.
Lia R (10 years ago)
instead of combing down you comb up at try to keep it at the roots.
thebluewoods (10 years ago)
He is so gentle to her hair.=) Love this updo, thanks.
Theresa Robichaud (10 years ago)
very pretty :) i wish i could manage to do that with my hair and it look that good lol
Young Golden Girl (10 years ago)
backcombing your hair is the worst thing you can do to it. It makes the hair shaft peel up and completely destroys your hair!
Victoria Bejarano (10 years ago)
ahhh so talenteddd
Amy Tran (10 years ago)
that's so pretty!

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