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Apple II Game: Sea Dragon (1982 Adventure International)

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A shooting 'em up game where you play a role of a submarine ship going through underwater caves to destroy the heavily guarded reactor. There are obstacles such as mines, gun turrets, and a variety of enemies you must avoid and destroy that will prevent you from reaching your destination to save the sea dragon trapped underwater buried by bricks. Your submarine ship is armed with armed with missiles, torpedoes, and an instant big kill screen (which kills everything you see on the screen). You air supply is limited so you must surface to replenish your air supply. Played on mess 0.174 emu and recorded using the emulators uncompressed AVI output. Note: An interesting arcade-style shooting game very similar to Vanguard and Scramble. I used cheat code by pressing CTRL + J on the intro screen to get 9999 air supplies to make the game last longer. Also, when you use your ships big kill screen, it also sacrifices air supply.
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