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Blake Shelton - "I Lived It" (Official Music Video)

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Blake's album "Texoma Shore" is available NOW: https://BlakeShelton.lnk.to/texomashore See Blake on the road! Tickets on sale now. Visit http://www.blakeshelton.com/tour Get your Blake Shelton merchandise here: http://store.blakeshelton.com/ Download or stream more songs by Blake: iTunes: https://wmna.sh/blakeshelton_itunes Spotify: https://wmna.sh/blakeshelton_sp Stay in touch with Blake! Website: http://www.blakeshelton.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blakeshelton/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/blakeshelton Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blakeshelton/ Music video by Blake Shelton. ©2017 Warner Music Nashville LLC.
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Text Comments (5387)
GARNETT Kevin (36 minutes ago)
I am from Turkey . cant stop listening to it. Hugs and kisses 💐❤
Beverly Corrigan (8 hours ago)
OK sing something that makes me dance . I want to chop ... never mind lol
STEVE Clark (23 hours ago)
I so glad that I found your YouTube channel ! Awesome
Matei Ralte (1 day ago)
Very nice song and beautiful manly voice
Christine Schiller (1 day ago)
oh, ich habe gelebt ...
Bear4bigger (1 day ago)
This is more like country, Kane brown and Lauren Alaina sucks!
King Of Hell 02848 (2 days ago)
Hollywood is fake wrestling is fake no one knows what love is anymore teenagers shooting up schools country music is ruined is anything good? Well Trump is president that's a good thing
Tulio Mejia (2 days ago)
I m from honduras I love this song country is that best Music
I like this song
Dr Vineet Nagle (2 days ago)
Shoot 9.1k
Joshua Ballard (2 days ago)
Music is so vanilla and generic.
Renan Lucas Cordeiro (3 days ago)
M DAYEL (3 days ago)
My husband was raised on a farm. The oldest of 9 kids. He left when we got married in 1962. This song / video  reminds me of some thing he said he lived. He went to college after the Army. He was a very intelligent , loving man. He died 11 yrs ago. I miss him. Blake has a restaurant to open here in a few months, Gatlinburg Tn.
Biotin 100031 (4 days ago)
Blake shouldn't go on tour with Lauren Alaina. Blake has a fine reputation as a good country singer! Lauren is a bully, she sounds absolutely atrocious!
Tina Lonteen (4 days ago)
Tennessee here. This song speaks to me on a very personal level. Man I lived it!!
Binita Trew (5 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HohILASRGLU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4OeLeNJNaA  i love this song from south africa too- ROAN ASH
Baby Irene (5 days ago)
Thank god. No Gwen.
Peter Jones (5 days ago)
Blake, Blake, Blake may you always remained blessed! thank you for all the good music you bless us with!!!!!!
awesome blossom (6 days ago)
Country song?????
jax (6 days ago)
i love you blake wish the best for you i can't believe you are so great in this crazy world of corrupt bs
菲特巴 (6 days ago)
Maria NEGRET (6 days ago)
Yes i lived it. And loved it.
Julie Almond (7 days ago)
Blake is a good country singer, he should not go on a tour with the karaoke singer Lauren Alaina. She's a bully, a boy killed himself because she bullied him. She called him "fuckin faggot" everyday! She should have been hung to death.
Beverly Corrigan (7 days ago)
Adam this willing to learn country but u mister . Get some rock , pop, classical, etc I said .
Maria & Paul Giddens (8 days ago)
Love love love this song
Jason Hurst (9 days ago)
Such a great song makes me think of all the good times i had when i was younger
Alida c k (9 days ago)
Reading down the comments and finding so many stories which comes from the emotion that only true country songs can create..gotta love Blake for that😍😍
ClassicRock4007 (9 days ago)
Blake is my favorite Country artist <3
Rosetta Y (10 days ago)
Blake Shelton is a true country boy!
Jenny M. Young (10 days ago)
Why is he going on tour with the karaoke singer Lauren Alaina? She's very ugly. She sounds like shit. She cannot sing!
Tim Curtis (11 days ago)
I love it like u love cuz I lived it
Melanie Davis (11 days ago)
Man I lived it!🙌🏼♥️🦋
Dipak Saha (11 days ago)
Maybe who disliked it didn't listen it twice
Ps Vita (11 days ago)
His tour with Lauren Alaina should be cancelled. Lauren Alaina has a bad reputation, she sounds really bad on stage!
Jessica Lewis (11 days ago)
Your from the voice I'm on your team
Anna Evans (11 days ago)
I'm huge fan of you I'm not trying be annoying I'm just trying make friends I live in cockville tn anna evans nice sweet kind woman
Bloody Red Box (12 days ago)
I wanna buy a ticket for his next concert, but if Lauren Alaina is gonna be there, than I am not going! She's nothing but a karaoke singer!
his voice is very unique and its absolutely amazing!
BluDragon Truck (12 days ago)
2019. My Grandfather died 30 yrs ago when I was 9. I dont think he knew it at the time but he was my best friend and I never got to tell him. He lived in the country with my Grandma who at 95 full Japanese is still here and my mom, older sister and me lived in the city. But this song brings me back to that ranch with him. He had a old Chevy Scottsdale I used to ride in back while he worked irrigating the trees. He smoked Kools, and let me ride the tractors with him. I still cant hold back tears when I think of him. Went to visit him at the cemetery on the 1st. I hope he heard me. I love you Grandpa.🙇🏻‍♂️
Ethel Hoose (12 days ago)
Blake is talking about what it was growing up before all the laws said things were not safe
Stranger Things edits (12 days ago)
Cali girl but I love country music💞💞😭
My journey to Sydney (12 days ago)
Blake Shelton is one the best country singers!
My journey to Sydney (12 days ago)
Blake Shelton is going on tour with the bully, Alaina? I don't mind buying a ticket to see Blake Shelton, but Alaina, please! She has the worst voice in the world, besides she's a bully, really ugly inside out! Why does he wants to go on a tour with a shitty looking girl like her? It should be cancelled.
jaggerzee (13 days ago)
Great song that's a tear jerker
James Doungel79 (13 days ago)
Dear Blake, You're simply amazing! Please come to India once. I've got all your songs. Too Good 🍿🍿🍿 God bless you and your family
H Triet Dang (13 days ago)
Jane Giesbrecht (13 days ago)
Reminds me of Clint Eastwood's new movie "Don't Let The Old Man In."
Devon Sandner (13 days ago)
The tearful nostalgia this song finds under your feelers is amazing . my grandfather smoked sales . I break down at that line everytime
Natan 007 Santos (13 days ago)
Os filmes mais marcantes que eu assitir, tinha músicas country ♥
wyatt gilbert (14 days ago)
In one song
wyatt gilbert (14 days ago)
This song is my whole life
Janjan Montajes (15 days ago)
holdin' back tears :(
Alice Moon (15 days ago)
Lauren Alaina cannot sing like others country singers! Why going on tour with her?
Adorei essa música
Ed Smith (15 days ago)
I've been looking for the song I love it so much I've been looking for it and I couldn't find it by I just did
Alice Moon (16 days ago)
Blake is a real country singer! He's a legend in country!
Alice Moon (16 days ago)
I hope his tour with Lauren Alaina gets cancelled. She will ruin his concert!
jimmy matho (16 days ago)
hard to hate blake when he makes songs like this ,...huh?
Josh Tusinger (16 days ago)
2019 anyone
Rose Silva (16 days ago)
i love your music!!!!
G T (16 days ago)
Sandy P (16 days ago)
Is this Blakes childhood home? What a lovely place :)
Trinity Fernandez (17 days ago)
My grandma thanks that she is your girlfriend
Ernestine Lopez (17 days ago)
Wish Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were still together. They had sooo much love for each other
Joe MikeJr. (17 days ago)
Maun people aka *Maunats* are Botswana's red necks..legit people,honest caring and loving people just like Texas people... Nothing that I.love more than the attire..ROKOROO!!..
Witcher Liked (17 days ago)
Why is he going on tour with the karaoke singer Lauren Alaina? She's desperate for fame, she wants to use him! She will always be remembered as a karaoke singer and a bully! Blake is crazy, there are other country singers!
nemesisgenius (17 days ago)
No doubt my favorite country song for 2018 and can't believe this goldmine stopped at #2 in June when it should have spent a couple of weeks at #1. This is no doubt the best country song of 2018!!!
Kane Brown's voice suck! Just horrendous. Lauren Alaina is a bully, she makes 0 money, she's very angry at people cuz nobody buys her albums. Her voice is not marketable. She needs help from Blake.
acethe2nd (17 days ago)
I like your songs you LOL
cobra games Conner (17 days ago)
i'm learning how to play guitar and for country music too!!! So Blake Shelton your the biggest role model in my life.I;m crying ok love y'all bye!!!
Renaissance Rh. (17 days ago)
Why is he touring with Lauren Alaina? She's nothing but a Karaoke singer. Her voice is not sellable!
Dolly P (17 days ago)
I love your music but what you are doing with a Satanic Pedofile is heart breaking!
Ka’eo Cabato (18 days ago)
My dad did with his two brothers
Ka’eo Cabato (18 days ago)
He miss it he’s a grandpa
Ka’eo Cabato (18 days ago)
I wish I lived back in those days
TEXAStaxi100 (18 days ago)
Lauren Alaina =mediocre singer
Pamela Maloy (18 days ago)
Rubén Martinez Alonso (17 days ago)
Pamela Maloy hi 🌹
Kittisak Wantapong (19 days ago)
Kal El (19 days ago)
i'm too old for this shit'
Gayle Nivhol (19 days ago)
Love this song it 's so real god bless blake shelton ,
Tyler M. S. (19 days ago)
Everybody hates Lauren Alaina! So, he's going on a tour with her in February?
Vahid Resulov (20 days ago)
I loveeeeeeee you Blake
Kayla Richards (20 days ago)
This is my favorite song
carter steinhoff (20 days ago)
I wish Blake was a little more country. I'm from San Fran, but I'm not really feeling the true country vibe in this song. I've been to Montana a few times, and I feel confident I know what real country is. This just doesn't cut it. Dustin Lynch has more of the old time feel I'm looking for.
Luke Schneider (20 days ago)
I lived it, miss it. Some song writers are amazing
Luzia Lourenco (21 days ago)
I'm Brazilian and not very fan of country music, but certain songs are great! Loved it!
Patricia Roughton (21 days ago)
I wish I'd grown up like that. It seems so peaceful.
Lee Boley (21 days ago)
whoever un liked this is crazy
Jd Huffman (21 days ago)
Go, Blake,go
Rodolfo Silva (21 days ago)
Aquela música que te faz ter saudades...
English Shakespeare (21 days ago)
I don't understand why he wants to go on a tour with a girl like Lauren Alaina? Nobody hardly knows her. She looks really stupid on stage, and people will boot her off stage. Don't let her ruin Blake's reputation!
Jina Cohen (21 days ago)
She's way way too ugly for him!
Shavaras Daniels (22 days ago)
I'm a young black man from sc hood but I heard this in a dollar general man this song made me cry for real and I'm a gangster but this the best song ever better than all my rap songs he singing me coming up and he white hot dam lol
Amie Stuart (22 days ago)
"I Lived It" is my favorite song off of his "Texoma Shore" album and it is also track 11 off that album.
Tyler M. S. (22 days ago)
Everybody hates Lauren Alaina! So, he's going on a tour with her in Februar ?
دخت افغان (23 days ago)
wow, Beautiful song 😊
Juanita Mattingly (23 days ago)
I love Blake sheltion
RIP in heaven. (24 days ago)
Lauren Alaina is too ugly to go on a tour with a guy like Blake Shelton! She had a horrible voice and has no reputation!
Delphine Bloodworth (25 days ago)
You are and was and still USA very good looking man Gwen hold on for dear life ok
Clemens Kallasch (25 days ago)
No more like this music
Clemens Kallasch (25 days ago)
Old music its still the for all time

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