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Diary of a Dirty Tongue - Never-Ending Thanksgiving Prayer

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Text Comments (2027)
Kerri-Ann Roberts (6 years ago)
I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs advice as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs advice for about 4 months now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well.
john dod (6 years ago)
orabrush next to the table at 0.23
curtisbrown99 (7 years ago)
this is why orabrush vids used to be great!
MrDeftones210 (7 years ago)
@ToaRanen7 oh please its a joke i think god watching this would of laughed and like my comment in the mean time so please stop smacking people with your bible and laugh sometime pinche mamon!!!
Yoshi Arnott (7 years ago)
the tongue has a tongue?!?!?!? 0:39
Justin Savage (7 years ago)
You should have like ten people in tounge costumes and they would be your familly xD
ToaRanen7 (8 years ago)
I would of liked that prayer, but you weren't honoring the Lord, and you weren't humble in God's presence. You should have fear of our Father. That wasn't really bringing glory to God, that was kind of disrespecting him. And when you pray you should first honor and praise the Lord, then pray for other people.
curtisbrown99 (8 years ago)
best prayer......................ever
schulzy8 (8 years ago)
john bumagngler (8 years ago)
0:23 there is the orabrush!
Brandon Gordon (8 years ago)
@gustavbs its the sprint evo
cakedisplay (8 years ago)
are the orabrush guy useing a droid phone at 2:03 0_0
VR4JON (8 years ago)
At 23 seconds theres a hidden orabush!
Scotty Goebel (8 years ago)
Morgon should act like a exited 6 year old on christmas morning and act supper immature and get really upset with his present"
alifunkster (8 years ago)
Morgan should wake up on christmas morning and get a puppy dog as a present!!!
Scotty Goebel (8 years ago)
Morgon should act like a exited 6 year old on christmas morning and act supper immature and get really upset with his present
Joel Revet (8 years ago)
you should make a video of morgan run into a portal and end up in a random desert
cflovephotography (8 years ago)
Morgan should do a Hip Christmas song music video. He is Santa and Orabrush and homeless guy can be elves! :)
karianaperarg (8 years ago)
I think you should do a talk show christmas special some jokes , some guess some games some giveaways and don't forget a musical guess your band should be the homeless guy you live with . don't forget to sing carols oh and have santa on your show and tell him what you want for christmas :)
ricochet122 (8 years ago)
oh, or Mogran should be like the Grinch who stole Christmas...
ricochet122 (8 years ago)
since he's a dirty tongue, santa shouldn't give him presents... so you guys should do a video of him realizing that and trying to be nice to everyone but failing at it
PeterCauchi123 (8 years ago)
Morgan should get an Xbox Kinect and do a parody of 'Awesome Reach', but with the Xbox Kinect.
jack hughes (8 years ago)
i think Morgan should go to the local corner store and buy himself a mint along with a giant borocca tablet because they feel cool on your tong and go to see Santa and ask for a kinect so that he can give it to me. that way we are all happy and is Morgan is lucky i might even buy the mints and the borroca tablet for him. WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO LOOSE.
veronica magro (8 years ago)
steals all of the xbox 360's and becomes 'santa tongue' and goes to random houses gives them a free ora brush and a xbox kinect
GorillaPlayingSax (8 years ago)
he should talk about how christmas dinners cause DA evil dental diseases.he should pretend to be an angel and talk about weird stuff, or, be santa and give stoopid lectures :D
Scotty Goebel (8 years ago)
Morgon should act like a exited 6 year old on christmas morning and act supper immature and get really upset with his present
Devon Leyte (8 years ago)
You should make a video about Christmas morning, Morgan get's bad breath for a gift, and Orabrush guy helps him out.
Jeff Rivera (8 years ago)
he should totally go around town and rub himself on some people as if hes licking them
Griphon (8 years ago)
love it my be you should talk about Santa and the people who can't be leaven him because of religion :P
Lesley Quinn (8 years ago)
I think Morgan should be exchanging presents with the orabush man when they discover the true meaning of Christmas is having fresh smelling breath.
Lesley Quinn (8 years ago)
I think Morgan should be exchanging presents with the orabush man when they discover the true meaning of Christmas is having fresh smelling breath.
Ali is Me (8 years ago)
I think morgan should bake and decorate cookies with the orabrush man. Then go caroling to all the neighbours homes.
Ali is Me (8 years ago)
I think morgan should bake and decorate cookies with the orabrush man.
SuperBassNerd3000 (8 years ago)
i think morgan should go get a new set of the orabrush so that he can clean of his madness and become a cleaner person (nicer).
Marie D (8 years ago)
Morgan should spend time with a special girl
TheCanucks100 (8 years ago)
Morgan should go on a tour with KISS
cappella69 (8 years ago)
Morgan should go on vacation in europe.
Zach Schreiner (8 years ago)
Morgan should, go around to Santa's and ask them what they want for christmas.
bbblueman23 (8 years ago)
morgan should just go around singing Christmas carols to random peoples houses!
LegendaryMercenary (8 years ago)
morgan is a very dirty tounge so for the christmas special it shoud be christmas day and and morgans being a very dirty tounge and bugging everone during christmas but someone gets an ora brush for christmas and cleans his dirty tounge makeing him a clean tounge that everyone gets along with
FireXoNoX (8 years ago)
Morgan you should celebrate christmas with your parents and friends and have a awesome day!
E Yaj (8 years ago)
Morgan, the Orabrush tongue travels to speak at schools around the nation with grandma to inform students of curing bad breath, becomes santa to stuff stockings with orabrushes and learns about the true meaning of Thanksgiving using Wikipedia.
esquivel321 (8 years ago)
morgan should get a present for christmas and it should be a clone morgan and it be be disatar
ans7266 (8 years ago)
morgan should have a visit to santa and to the north pole for an ''interesting'' trip (:
Sean Deheer (8 years ago)
Morgan should find another tongue like himself and fall in love with her, then start "tongueing" with her when they make out
Habiba Aly (8 years ago)
morgan should try to look soo good for his xmas picture that he will send to his family and when he is getting ready he is showering with a huge ora brush btw I am giving the idea for the xbox kinect 360 :)
Michael Orlando (8 years ago)
you should do a video with morgans family and morgan wants to open presents but cant until after diner
Salahaddin Abdella (8 years ago)
looked like he had a big meal! lol
ELiT3B3AST3R (8 years ago)
I am grateful of Orabrushes
ELiT3B3AST3R (8 years ago)
Morgan should dress up as santa and instead of giving candy canes out he could give out the new Orabrushes and he should also give free hugs to little kids
NewTTDusty (8 years ago)
Morgan should dress emo/goth to introduce the new black Orabrush.
mrswag (8 years ago)
Morgan should be Santa and give gifts out to little kids :)
timytheytiny (8 years ago)
i think he should show the medical effects of orabrush on us :p He should try courting a special lover via the help of the orabrush crew with a woman way out of his league.
TehCacti (8 years ago)
Snow angles! nough said
Andrew Jackson (8 years ago)
I think he should build a snow fort and start a snow ball fight with random people that walk by him
February (8 years ago)
I think Mr. Morgan Orabrush Tongue should meet Ms. Candy Cane and save her from Evil Tongue Spirit from Christmas future with help of Mr. Orabrush himself :)
Vanessa Roberts (8 years ago)
I think Morgan the Tongue Claus should unknowingly enter the Ora Brush Guy's home to deliver bad breath for Christmas. The Ora Brush Guy's house should be fully decorated in Christmas-style Ora Brushes, Ora Brush Garland on his Christmas tree, stuff all the stockings full of Ora Brushes- you get the idea. The Ora Brush Guy could leave a cup of mouthwash and an Ora Brush for Tongue Claus (milk & cookie premise), and a note for Tongue Claus that says "Cure Bad Breath. Merry Christmas." :)
fish bebele (8 years ago)
Morgan should try to kidnap Santa and tries to ruin Christmas. But the ora brush guy gose on adventure to save santa
AGENT24 (8 years ago)
Morgan should have to deliver the Kinect in person and record the winner's reaction. of course there should be somee ridiculous perils getting there
HarlequinDust (8 years ago)
He should try to celebrate every holiday in one day. Or, completely unrelated to the holidays, he should go see Harry Potter. After the movie, he becomes convinced that he is a wizard. He would start a bunch of chaos until he finally realized that he indeed is not a wizard.
Adrianna Lopez (8 years ago)
Soo I think he should work at the mall as one of santas elfs
Mozey_Gabrielle (8 years ago)
morgan should walk old ladies across the street in snow and loose them in the snow then all of a sudden one jumps on his back and the old lady starts biteing him and hitting him with her handbag.
Artoczies (8 years ago)
Morgan should create his own christmas carol teaching people how important it is to have a clean tongue. and I am grateful for Orabrush being invented keeping our tongue clean :)
Sealtest (8 years ago)
morgan should dress up as a tree and stand inside a random mall handing out orabrush's
almightykimkey (8 years ago)
u know the game run in the app store? morgan should be like using an orabrush as a weapon and killing germs,jumping and ducking over teeth etc
shorty (8 years ago)
I think morgan should make a rap song with santa about using the orabrush because after eating all those cookies you need one
Morgan should travel to the north pole to see Santa and go with him on his Christmas journey around the world to give out ora brushes in stockings to the less for the less fortunate children around the world who cant afford new tooth brushes so they can have better teeth.
BlazeBreakerZ (8 years ago)
Morgan gives the best oral. Ask Mrs. Santa.
Osama Qaryouti (8 years ago)
Oh yeah! Watching this with a clean tongue ;)
Osama Qaryouti (8 years ago)
Best video ever :3
SamKhan95 (8 years ago)
Morgan should kidnap Santa Claus because he never brings him fresh smelling breath for Christmas,
lucas holdt (8 years ago)
Morgan should race down a mtn on a sled to a ora brush at the bottom, that means the winner gets a clean tongue
lucas holdt (8 years ago)
Morgan should race down a mtn on a sled to a ora brush at the bottom, that means the winner gets a clean tongue
masqurade16 (8 years ago)
Morgan should go aon a journey to the center of the earth and find his evil twin brother Fatias.
Kisssekhtak (8 years ago)
wlak kelooo kharaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kisssekhtak (8 years ago)
I mean I just came up with an idea, I think you should pot a video of you having sex with the red thign youre wearing :) so cute and enjoyable! i will sure share that with my friends .. anyways christmass is soon yay i cant wait
Kisssekhtak (8 years ago)
Hey Morgan i don't have an ideas of what you should do, I don't celebrate christmas but anyways merry christmas make sure I win the kinect xbox thanks Morg
kimberlyrok (8 years ago)
On Christmas Eve morgan should kidnap santa, and give all the Kinects in his bag to MEEE! Then he should continue the rest of the night putting orabrushes under trees and videotaping the sad and dissapointed faces of children on Christmas Morning...evil? YES!....youtube gold? YES!
babyboystar90 (8 years ago)
Morgan should make a Xmas party and invite a few Orabrush users...maybe from the YT community! :)
Richard Medler (8 years ago)
This was kind of offensive, considering we wouldn't have Thanksgiving without people thanking God. Not to be all religious, but the prayer is important and should be taken seriously.
Fanato (8 years ago)
morgan should wrap orabrushes and give them out to random people on Chrismas Eve and ride on a car that looks like a sleigh and dress up as santa and get people to dress up as reindeer and drive the sleigh.
Mitesh Patel (8 years ago)
I think he should pay the dude back for the dishs
wpala5 (8 years ago)
Morgan should run around dressed up as santa and give people hugs and spoons and a peice of paper telling them how to smell thier own breath.
merecer1 (8 years ago)
Zirre Leonard (8 years ago)
he should be a scroge and see the 3 ghost of christmas
Zirre Leonard (8 years ago)
morgan should run in the street and pass out tooth brushes that say happy holiday and say use it every day or u get coal for christmas and your teeth will fall out
Anisha C. (8 years ago)
Morgan should fall in love on Christmas and kiss under the mistletoe :) awww
Anisha C. (8 years ago)
Morgan can be the orabrush Santa Claus!
Anisha C. (8 years ago)
Morgan can get stuck to a metal bar that is colored like a candy cane but its actually not! :P
Didier Mamberi (8 years ago)
morgan should be snowd in was house on christmas eve and cant go shopping for praisints but we learned that itd not about getting things but to giving things to dos who dont have alot.
YanShortMan71 (8 years ago)
Morgan should be cleaned by a huge Orabrush.
Alex Zoop (8 years ago)
No no i got this. Morgan should do something festival like Christmas So he can dress up like Santa, and carry a sack full o f Orabrushes(those things are awesome) And give them to kids. For the bad kids give them a spoon... Not sure why OMG He could go around licking giant candy canes in malls with his giant tounge (: Orabrush is the best present you can give to a tongue xD
GO MTL (8 years ago)
morgan should try to meet and date a girl :D
Sad Jew (8 years ago)
Morgan should be Santa tongue and have a problem with a drunk relative, and the Ora brush guy should be the drunk relative and they should be singing carols. Morgan "I wish you a marry Christmas and a happy new year with....". Ora brush guy saying"ougggggg i'm so drunk I think I see Britney Spheres
greg leach (8 years ago)
morgan should dress as a xmas tree pooping out xmas gifts tooth brushes and kenects
Clip Central (8 years ago)
Morgan should dress as santa, go to a mall that has a santa that kids take pics with then Morgan, then while u have an ora brush in your mouth tell kids ill give a fresh tounge and breathe then give them a free ora brush... they'll go like screw u i want toys :p LOL
bannapple (8 years ago)
Morgan should go on a journey to find Santa and follow him around and try to get him to use the Orabrush cuz he really needs one from eating all those cookies.
davidwr99 (8 years ago)
Morgan should dress as Santa Tongue and give out free Orabrushes. I am grateful for fresh breath brought to me by Orabrush.
davidwr99 (8 years ago)
Morgan should dress as Santa Tongue and give out free Orabrushes.
jackramsay8 (8 years ago)
Make Morgan dress up as santa giving away Orabrush.:D

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