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Xbox Game Pass December 2018 Update - Best Month Yet?

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Microsoft revealed the 6 games coming to Xbox Game Pass in December 2018 and it is one of the best months yet! The six titles are The Gardens Between, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Strange Brigade, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition and Kingdom Two Crowns. Source: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/11/29/xbox-game-pass-december-2018/ https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/11/10/xbox-game-pass-adds-pubg-and-more-at-x018/ If you would like to support the channel and see it grow, you can donate here: https://www.paypal.me/RandalThor19 Thanks for checking out the video and stopping by the channel. If you enjoy the video, please hit that like button and consider subscribing to the channel for more future content. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Xbox Live: https://account.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamerTag=Rand+al+Thor+19 PSN ID: Rand_al_Thor19 Switch Friend Code: SW-6438-0735-7885 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rand_al_Thor_19 Mixer: https://mixer.com/RandalThor19 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rand_al_thor_19
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Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the vid! 6 new games joining Xbox Game Pass in December. Let me know if you plan on playing any of these in the comments below!!
Jotaro Kujo79 (2 days ago)
yeah this is really a great month. not to mention they will add Ashen, Below, MOrtal Kombat X and Shadow Warriors 2. I joined the game pass recently and it´s a bless
Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
+Takeo Hello
Takeo (12 days ago)
Rand al Thor 19 hi
Na Vi (12 hours ago)
Got the Xbox One S and it is so loud. What a joke.
cloak and dagger (19 hours ago)
I'm a ps4 player but man do I love game pass
Brad Bachand (1 day ago)
Don't forget 'Below'.
Kwisclub TA (1 day ago)
"This game reminds me of XCOM... I have enjoyed XCOM 1 and XCOM 2, so this game really doesn't speak to me." Yeah, makes total sense, dude.
Dylan Clement (1 day ago)
Coco Tolentino (2 days ago)
They got Ori and TBF, Hellblade, Mutant : Year Zero, MK10, Ashen, and more! I’d say yeah it’s the best game pass lineup for 2018
Shuffelshift (2 days ago)
We already had the best month with Halo MCC and Forza Horizon 4. You cant top that.
Shishou Pierre (1 day ago)
Mortal combat X just got added, as well as ashen. The best thing about game pass that no one is even thinking about is that when games start coming out from all of Microsofts 13 first party studios game pass will be a fucking steal. It's already a good deal now but man will it be so dam good in the future.
Lion El Jonson (2 days ago)
After watching the mortal kombat 11 trailer at the game awards i felt an urge to get mkx again for my x. I was looking around for the lowest prices when i saw that it had just been added to the game pass. Game pass is awesome.
Smoosh Goo (2 days ago)
I love game pass even though ive only played 3 games from it, i was finally able to play saints row 4 once i turned 18 crazy, i know although i perfer saints row the third now that I've bought and played through it
Swagtimus Prime (4 days ago)
Game Pass is definitely the most amazing service the gaming industry has seen in this generation of consoles (Never to beat Humble Bundle IMHO). 100+ games, discount on DLC's and games if you want to own them all of that for $9.99. The catalog improves each month and all exclusives are there for you to play. I fear they will increase the price but it would be justified. This is a must for anyone who has an Xbox. As a person who has bought 500+ games, I still keep Game Pass (Mainly because I was gifted 2 years thanks to the Fan Fest in Mexico) because it saves me a couple of dollars on Indie Games i want to play. Microsoft is KILLING it lately.
Nice video. Let's see what's in your channel...
Julian Terrell (6 days ago)
After Red Dead 2 I refuse to buy anything new. Living off Gamepass.
Pennywise (7 days ago)
This month sucks
Leon Flames (7 days ago)
Speak for yourself Hellblade alone is worth this month
Several Casualties (7 days ago)
Give us any hitman game besides 2016
Dylan Meier (8 days ago)
Great video brother have a safe and awesome day! God bless!
komail85 (8 days ago)
can i use this service and play games on lenovo330 ?
TokyoWetDream S (8 days ago)
Stoked on strange brigade
Adam Morrell (8 days ago)
FOOOOOOK XBOX GAME PASS NONSENCE! Instead of owning your games you get games spoon fed to you by microsoft 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Herbert Gabriel (9 days ago)
Nice video
po1980 (9 days ago)
the best single $1 I've ever spent
LaraCroftEyes1 (6 days ago)
po1980 (6 days ago)
+LaraCroftEyes1 OH CRAP. No. And I bet I have at least a buck on there too. D'oh
LaraCroftEyes1 (6 days ago)
Did you use your Microsoft account balance?
Man, otr then combat, Mutant Year Zero: Edens Gate is nothing like XCOM. Recommend you too checkout Shadowrun. Better Comparison. RPG, Stealth is not present in the Rougelike Strategy game XCOM
Mapanget Ako (9 days ago)
When i buy a month of xbox live and game pass it last for a year not a month
Spaffy Knobs (2 days ago)
Mapanget Ako that's because it's automatically buying a new month every month. You're still paying $10 / month bro 😂
Dylan Tatta (10 days ago)
This lineup is poop.. Lol
Eric Hammer (10 days ago)
3:28 ...."Strange Brigrade"? Lol
Justin Head (10 days ago)
This isn’t the best month yet.
CitizenX3639 (10 days ago)
Thanks no talent for news i can get anywhere.
sad sad (10 days ago)
These games are ass Most are just like other games with skins Strange brigade is like sniper eilte zombies Plus that game like xcom im so sick of people being that lazy that they cant make original ideas
Killasupreme71 (11 days ago)
I wouldn’t play any of these games
Leon Flames (7 days ago)
Maybe kiddie games are more your style
Travelling Gamer (11 days ago)
I play Playstation and don't even own a Xbox but got to say gamepass impressed me. Microsoft is really trying to make that work.
Mr slender2 (11 days ago)
I don’t see how this is the best month so far but good video
purextreme Purextreme (11 days ago)
Thx for the info, subbed👍
marvs o (11 days ago)
This seems like a really good month for gamepass
Shadow ReaperZz (11 days ago)
I already got ps4 but I'm gonna get an xbox one s for backwards compatability
Shepardx X (11 days ago)
Amazing month!
Stuart Bagley (11 days ago)
Totally disagree about Strange Brigade. I bought it at launch and thought it was worth every penny. It launched at $49.99 btw. I bought the deluxe edition thought for $79.99 with the season pass. I’ve played single player and co-op and thought both were a lot of fun.
Enigmalake (11 days ago)
What if I’m playing with someone watching hellblade. Surround speakers good enough?
Donald Black (12 days ago)
Awesome vid brother, thanks for the update. So much to look forward to when your broke.
flaigus (12 days ago)
Gamepass is such a fantastic service. It’s excellent value and there’s always something to play, really looking forward to Mutant Year Zero. Don’t forget Ashen is also coming to Gamepass and Aurora44 are adamant it’s coming 2018 so it must be coming December
mazrimalthor (12 days ago)
Does Tunic have a release date yet?
mazrimalthor (12 days ago)
I knew holding off on buying Hellblade was a good decision! And Ori is my favourite game of this entire gen
Jay Schneider (12 days ago)
Hellblade and Ori are masterpieces, I'm really excited to try out Mutant Year Zero. I loved the XCOM games.
Kurisutina (12 days ago)
Hellblade! Plus with the discount it'll get thanks to being subbed to Game Pass, I might buy it if they put it on sale for the winter sales.
SWIRLY4LIFE (12 days ago)
These games are crap
theravenflow (12 days ago)
Honestly, with game pass does games with gold even matter anymore?
Shishou Pierre (1 day ago)
+sara hujik a smart person would go to CD Keys and buy a year of gold for 40-45 dollars and then wait until game pass goes on sale which it ALWAYS does every single month. Like right now it's 6 months for 30 dollars, just last week it was 1$ for 1 month and anyone who hasn't had game pass yet gets an 14 day free trial. I first used my free 14 day, then got 3 months for 3 dollars, then 1 month for 1$ and now getting the 6 months for 30$. That's what you call being smart.
theravenflow (6 days ago)
DerpHerpDeSlurp gamepass itself isn’t. Even exclusive. It’s going to pc
Several Casualties (7 days ago)
theravenflow I think there should be game pass exclusives, it'll rise the attention of the pass and people most likely won't be just buying it for one game
theravenflow (7 days ago)
DerpHerpDeSlurp yep. It’s saturation with under the guise of choices. These games should just be game pass specials.
Several Casualties (7 days ago)
Well gold had bf1 and hitman absolution, ik game pass has hitman 2016 but still
snakey oshio (12 days ago)
what happened to darksiders 3? on release day in the store it had the gamepass logo on it, but never actually appeared on gamepass.
snakey oshio (7 days ago)
what country are you in? uk here maybe its a region thing perhaps
Leon Flames (7 days ago)
I have it downloaded and playing it on the Xbox game pass
Nafis Zaman (12 days ago)
Ironically it was the worst month for PS+
Mr. Manager (12 days ago)
I really want to play Ori. But I've heard it's super hard. Which is a major turn off for me.
Mr. Manager (12 days ago)
Really hoping Pillars of Eternity comes to Game Pass
Travis Green (12 days ago)
Note that Ashen is also launching into Game Pass this month.
Gabriel Mota (12 days ago)
Im actually playing Kindom
Red Band Beta (12 days ago)
Keep finding cult games hitting game pass which I love. Hopefully it will get to the point that devs take more chances again and actually aim for the gamepass market.
Johnny Wellman (12 days ago)
Thank God I do not play games for achievement points
Johnny Wellman (12 days ago)
Other podcasters are saying are saying strange brigade is great But you said it was OK maybe it just did not have enough achievement points for you
TheMoonKnightJackman 0 (12 days ago)
Mission report December 16 1991
Murtaza Basrawi (12 days ago)
is that official ? 'cause i wanted to buy strange brigade, i guess i'm lucky the main reason for buying it was k&m support
Fleshfeast (12 days ago)
Hellblade looks so amazing. I would have bought it at release but I was waiting until I got my 4K TV. Now o get to play it for free.
LaraCroftEyes1 (6 days ago)
Advice play hellblade in a pitch dark room with a headset on
Arima's chin (12 days ago)
GP is definitely worth it for halo MCC but I'm surprised reach is not in there yet since they have all the gears games
marvs o (11 days ago)
I hope it gets release on GP on a few months with a 4k update
Arima's chin (11 days ago)
+Todank 4ugames na halo wars was free reach never was a gold game just BC
Todank 4ugames (11 days ago)
Idk if u didint have reach when it waz free games with gold a while ago
Olari 21 (12 days ago)
Its kind of funny when your gaming console is offering so much and you find its troubboling you
Kevin Mac (12 days ago)
Fallout 76 soon coming to Game Pass
Squiggy2010 (10 days ago)
That's not even a joke. I expect it on there by spring.
Stuart Bagley (11 days ago)
Kevin Mac That would be a smart move in a month or two. Would help keep population up.
Kevin Mac (12 days ago)
Fallout 76 and Battlefield V soon coming to Game Pass
Squiggy2010 (10 days ago)
I'd expect 76 in game pass by next spring. Battlefield V will most likely hit the EA Access vault next summer.
Homeless Hotdog (12 days ago)
Kevin Mac for real?
Sam Peixoto (12 days ago)
Very cool games coming!
tuck dark (12 days ago)
Gamepass is 50% off for a year at alot of digital retailers in Europe heads up Max 1 per console
Antonio Alicea (12 days ago)
Mutant Year Zero looks cool!
Basically Honest (12 days ago)
Mutant year Zero looks absolutely amazing. Fallout meets Xcom... I hope the story is as compelling as the concept
Joel Monserrate (5 days ago)
It is I heard from the developers they might be DLC cuz I love the characters!
ohsnapitzsam (12 days ago)
Gamepass is the only thing that's keeping Xbox on life support.
crackflush (10 days ago)
Squiggy2010 20 mil in 1 year vs 40 mil in 4 years. It's like driving a race car and seeing in your rear view the newcomer about to pass you. Long term mathematics is a virtue.
console gaming (10 days ago)
+Squiggy2010 lol xtards say 36 mil xbox vs 86 mil ps4 is a win
Squiggy2010 (10 days ago)
20 million Switch vs 40+ million Xbox One = Switch leading Maths.
ohsnapitzsam (12 days ago)
+Ian ParedesMy bad. I wasn't talking about total sale but monthly sales this year. I should've been more specific. The Switch will probably past Xb1 in lifetime sales, imo. It came out in 2017 and it's already building a lot momentum.
Ian Paredes (12 days ago)
+ohsnapitzsam what news are you reading. The switch barely passed gamecube sales. Xbox is on a whole different level than nintendo.
PILULE 1995 (12 days ago)
I'm beyond excited for stange brigade and mutant zero!
Luke matthews (12 days ago)
Game pass is worth every penny if you only play three game day Release game it pay 💰 for it self keep it on the news 👍
gamer josh xverse (6 days ago)
Can you stream games on game pass?
Squiggy2010 (10 days ago)
Are you ok?
terrence sampson (11 days ago)
I had a stroke reading this shit
gildas wantier (12 days ago)
Wtf What? Rand understood though.. same language lol
Gamer 00074 (12 days ago)
i like game...great service...
tmorri603 (12 days ago)
Some of these games sounds good. I am not a big fan of puzzle games.
Joel Monserrate (12 days ago)
Mutant year zero for me
Vincent Matlock (12 days ago)
Just got my lil sis an Xbox one s, I suck at holding secrets so I gave it to her early as a early Christmas gift. Yo, bro, I played state of decay 2 single player only an was like meh all round but I went back and me and her are playing through it on my base I left off at because I was in a bad spot and completely overhauled the game for me, like it’s sooo much better with friends, same with sea of thieves. I kinda feel like Xbox is becoming the closes MS product to Apple, the ecosystem is enough to justify multiple purchases of similar Xbox products, you get a lotta bang for your buck. Damn MS should hire me as there Pr guy, shit should be marketed to families like the switch. Also I’m playing mutant year zero, ide like games like that but it looks ridiculous enough for me to try it.
C D MAC 5 (12 days ago)
Maybe add Ashen to the list after the game awards? Solid month even without it.
Oliver ClothesOff (12 days ago)
Games with gold and game Pass both suck for December. Another bad month to be an xboner. 😂
hey is someone playing No Man s Sky on the xbox and is it good?
+Shishou Pierre yeah i know i have buy it and must say it makes very much fun. 😄
Shishou Pierre (1 day ago)
+Knoron Bass Boosted Music bro, don't just listen to one person's opinion and take that as fact. Watch YouTube or twitch videos on the game and look up how many people are playing. I also did you a favor a looked up the reviews on Xbox and they're very good, and you have to buy the game before you can leave a review of that means anything to you. It's also has been getting update after update and will continue to get more updates.
sprung robin (12 days ago)
i like it
+CaptEngland ok Thank you
CaptEngland (12 days ago)
It's now very good. The game should of been like this at release.
Bone (12 days ago)
So many games, so little time.
jeremy arecco (9 days ago)
The best plz where is the rpgs or jrpgs or survival horror games
Executi0ner246 (12 days ago)
Might as well play the best ones
TryHard (12 days ago)
christmas came early, im going to play hellblade, Ori and the blind forest. probably the others ones too
mrvizcarrondo (12 days ago)
Keeping my GPsub just for Hellblade
Neo Kgatla (12 days ago)
Imagine game pass when all of those Xbox studios are starting to release games. I've already made up my mind for next gen.
mazrimalthor (12 days ago)
Same here. I'm buying both consoles, like i do every gen
sara hujik (12 days ago)
+kik lpl they'll aktrady on pc I play em and Xbox gold is free on pc! Connect your Xbox one or wired 360 play away. For me it's ps5 and pc.
sara hujik (12 days ago)
For me it's ps5 depending on what they unvail, we know where Xbox is going and not all new games if none at all will be on pass. Plus you'll need to pay 60 a year and game pass 120 a year it's gonna be online only.
high key, you dont even need the new systems if you have the one X, the next leap in graphics will be streaming based gameplay, and 4k 60fps (maybe) this system is an absolute beast, i wish devs would make a 1440p 60fps option instead of 1080p 60 fps.
Murtaza Basrawi (12 days ago)
me too, i actually went to a local store today they didn't have an xbox one x so i gave them the money they gonna get me my xbox one x in less than a week
_Sirbrian _ (12 days ago)
Is it 10 minutes yet.
_Sirbrian _ (12 days ago)
+Rand al Thor 19 Lol great vid.
Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
WeeWeeJumbo (12 days ago)
It sure does look like Games With Gold is getting ritually sacrificed on the altar of Game Pass though
Kushite.puntite (2 days ago)
+komiszkrissz why would I want to use a ps4 on a 4k tv. Im good.
Kushite.puntite (2 days ago)
+komiszkrissz I hate how youre bad at reading, any chance you are from america and missing a college education? I stated more than 4 reasons for me to buy an xbone x. The fact that I can afford the set up that suits my gaming behavior the best seems to me what you are arguing about. I suggest you reading the comments again and I hope you will get to the conclusion that everyone has their own needs. Dont be mad at the people that can afford it my dude.
komiszkrissz (2 days ago)
+Kushite.puntite that's something.. you can't sort out cable management so you have an Xbox x... but it's fine everything runs on your pc better ... Good, see this is why Xbox is irrelevant... only people with cable management issues want one... Imagine having a ps4 and a pc and a switch... do you need anything inbthe living room apart from those?
Kushite.puntite (2 days ago)
+komiszkrissz I have my small xbone x nicely tucked in my tv closet and there are no visible cables because of that. I dont want to ruin my living room by having to add all those things when I can easoly solve that by buying a one x and then using my high-end laptop for work related projects. But sure, call me an idiot :)
Kushite.puntite (2 days ago)
+komiszkrissz I live by myself and I can tell you dont because its fucking atrocious to have a pc tower and cables next to your beautiful tv in a nice living room.
YOSEMITE BLAAM (12 days ago)
So, will Ashen drop this month? I'm kinda expecting something at the VGAs with the Winter of Arcade unveil.
Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
It could drop this month. There might be an announcement at the Game Awards
DatGameCollector (12 days ago)
Not gonna lie game pass is fire for me right now. I'm loving it.
Shishou Pierre (1 day ago)
+gamer josh xverse not yet, but next gen you will be able to stream the games straight to your phones and tablets
gamer josh xverse (6 days ago)
+DatGameCollector no like there new game streaming service like X cloud can you stream games like that
DatGameCollector (6 days ago)
+gamer josh xverse they have one newer than mixer?
gamer josh xverse (6 days ago)
+DatGameCollector no I'm talking about like streaming like there new stream service lol
DatGameCollector (6 days ago)
+gamer josh xverse i don't see why you couldn't but mixed is not for me. I just stream directly to my channel.
Frommy Funnys (12 days ago)
So excited for Hellblade I was thissssss close *very close indication* to buying it.
Frommy Funnys (11 days ago)
@stuart bagley - lol pretty much
Stuart Bagley (11 days ago)
Frommy Funnys Procrastination pays off again!
WeeWeeJumbo (12 days ago)
You better don’t sleep on Strange Brigade
Only strange Brigade is good
Squiggy2010 (10 days ago)
Kingdom 2 Crowns and Hellblade should be good.
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
+Di Almighty Spartan God I guess this strategy-like turn based games look somehow appealing. The one that's releasing on December 4.
Jerron ! uh me too.
Jerron ! (12 days ago)
+Di Almighty Spartan God hellblade is one of the best games I've played this generation. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Rand al Thor 19 that’s the only one I’ve played so I can judge only that one
Chaz Cromartie (12 days ago)
I just bought an Xbox on cyber Monday for no reason other than gamepass. I’ll still be primarily playing my PS4 but gamepass is a hell of bargain.
ChiBoy -C (17 hours ago)
Chaz Cromartie I was looking into getting an Xbox One just for that reason.
Shishou Pierre (1 day ago)
+Gio Slayer CD Projeckt Red is not going to sign with Microsoft. They been stated they will ALWAYS stay independent, idk why you would even say something so far from the truth like that.
Tyler Black (2 days ago)
Tbh pi thank ps now is a better deal
Chaz Cromartie (2 days ago)
Gio Slayer it’s absolutely NOT in talks for CyberPunk to be exclusive. Lmao whoever told you that lied.
Gio Slayer (2 days ago)
Chaz Cromartie xbox has already bought out 12 different very big studios to make exclusives. And its in talk rn but cyber punk might be a xbox next gen exclusive.
Mr Glass (12 days ago)
Really enjoyed strange brigade...
Mega Drive (9 days ago)
+Mike Camz Yeah they're good games. Haven't had the chance to play them last gen. Thx pal.
Mike Camz (9 days ago)
+Mega Drive great games enjoys
console gaming (10 days ago)
Definitely a fun game.
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
I purchased couple of days ago the two Batman games in Return to Arkham that were last gen games enhanced for this gen for 5$.
Begaria (12 days ago)
Literally the only good one in that line up is Ori. Everything else was mediocre and Hellbalde is overrated.
Begaria (12 days ago)
+Rand al Thor 19 Welcome. Be sure to save some cash for that 8k/120 fps PS5 coming out next year.
Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
+Begaria Awesome.. thanks! Shutting down my YouTube channel cause I will now be rich!!
Begaria (12 days ago)
+Rand al Thor 19 Sure. It's 1 1 3 6 4 1 8 4 4 2
Neo Kgatla (12 days ago)
Rand al Thor 19 Lol! I'd like the numbers too.
Rand al Thor 19 (12 days ago)
I mean 2 of the games haven't even released yet. Unless you have a time machine... if so can you tell me the winning lotto numbers plz.
XxHarounXx (12 days ago)
Great month
TH00PERMAN onXBL (12 days ago)
*YO, this is pretty nice!*
Alex Franco (12 days ago)
Lol all the firsts XD

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