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Top Underwater Games

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This video included Top Underwater games.most of games based with survival theme. Surprisingly one game based with sci-fi underwater theme. interesting isn't? Game List Stranded Deep depth Aquaria Subnautica world of diving farsky Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
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Duarte Oliveira (25 days ago)
How is endless ocean not on this list, this is blasfemy
devinn. hol (1 month ago)
Jaws Unleashed??
StaffOnly95 (9 months ago)
Where is Shark Attack deathmatch 2?
N1G4T 0w1_420 (11 months ago)
Where’s abuz
Marcello Fantini (1 year ago)
Where is The Ocean Hunter
Emil Goldfire (1 year ago)
Subnautica is frickn nymber 1 you moron
alex (1 year ago)
Nick Strong (1 year ago)
I liked Namco's "Treasures of the Deep" for ps1
Hot JasmineTea (1 year ago)
lol Endless Ocean is still one of my fave games :3
lighter lover (1 year ago)
Are they for pc
AnzockLP (1 year ago)
Subautica is best XD
Jahnu8 (1 year ago)
Hydrophobia is a pretty interesting game. It's only a couple bucks and pretty fun.
Brandon Stapleton (9 months ago)
The game is so good. Makes me sad it got killed off before it had a chance. One of my favorites
Nick Strong (1 year ago)
Jahnu8 isn't that the game with the chick as the main protagonist going up against a sinking ship and terrorists?
Jeffums (1 year ago)
I love Subnautica, one of my favorites, but I fucking love Jaws Unleashed for PS2, that was the shit.
Bryan Lee (1 year ago)
no endless ocean?
Round Shifts (2 years ago)
Subnautica is the best
Артём СССР (2 years ago)
Jan Khan (2 years ago)
i love stranded deep
Filoskop (2 years ago)
Subnautica is 9/10 its SO FREAKING AMAZING! Everyone should go buy it its amazing!
Topukuku (1 year ago)
lol the aurora
Corndog (1 year ago)
goku black Cuz it has a pretty big amount of bugs. The game gets a 9.5/10 from me btw xP
alex (1 year ago)
Why not 10/10
jort nagy (1 year ago)
i would buy it if it was multiplayer
Ice Cream (2 years ago)
Dangit none of these are for android
Masterine (2 years ago)
Feeding Frenzy is dabest
kanatapaw (2 years ago)
endless ocean , abzu and tresure of the deep. all these in the vid i have never seen though . wow omg i forgot about ecco the dolphin
Mayuri Chan (2 years ago)
Akira Yamaoka (2 years ago)
Treasures of the Deep ftw
J And J (2 years ago)
the best is jaws from ps 2
Julian Nasky (2 years ago)
the subnautico trailer is literally a Spawn-Kill with that Empress right underneath his starterbase XD
NOPE NOPE (2 years ago)
were BioShock
Kj16V (1 year ago)
Bit obvious I guess - plus you don't actually explore the ocean at any point. It's more of a FPS with a underwater theme.
Abby Mgti (2 years ago)
Mayuri Chan (2 years ago)
MR BLEACH (2 years ago)
Abby Gill damn that game was shit
DarkaYoddha (2 years ago)
It released recently right? i think the video was made march 2015. That's why
Andre Klinge (2 years ago)
Surely Abzu deserves the first place now.
Adolfo Tapia (2 years ago)
i agree
Mantas (2 years ago)
how is Stranded Deep an underwater game?
Lezuum (2 years ago)
are Far Sky and World of Diving still abandoned?
Kenichi Otaku (2 years ago)
Subnautica deserves 1st place in my opinion.
Mr. Mute (3 years ago)
Nr.4, Subnautşca is the best from all of the Games in the List. I love it so much that I have more than 2000 game hours on Steam. Its just so cool! I can't wait to see the Sea Emperor and the Phantom Leviathan.
Jerermy Duncombe (3 years ago)
Subnautica I mean
Jerermy Duncombe (3 years ago)
I knew it was subnauctia the first time I heard the mini sub talk XD
Honor Code (3 years ago)
Needs more Narcosis...
Vespertilio Aeternitas (3 years ago)
+Honor Code SOMA
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
+GAme Collector you should update subnautica requirements its now 8GB of ram gtx650 and 3.2Ghz
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Honor Code i will update. now need to find more Narcosis
wittcher Ex (3 years ago)
Where's Deep Black Reloaded, the best of all .
wittcher Ex (3 years ago)
+GAme Collector dunno, i find it fun
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+wittcher Ex Deep black wrost game dude. sorry
Zombie 9221 (3 years ago)
on subnautica why was the jelly ray jumping out of the water? it lives deep so why is it at the surface?
Akiliano (3 years ago)
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
man change list in description
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Basic Survival this list randomized
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
the second game is far sky not deph
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
if this is stranded deep ill kill me i played it half years this is not stranded deep
Acid Shot (3 years ago)
i will :D
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Basic Survival pleas check again
Del boy (3 years ago)
Everblue 2 will always be my favorite, it really does scare the fucking shit out of you.
Del boy (3 years ago)
+GAme Collector Ecco the Dolphin was another game I played, the first everblue, aquanauts holiday and deep water even though it just involves riding a boat I found all the sea monster bosses for different seas interesting, I just loved any games that involved the ocean sadly nothing has came through for ps4 yet
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Del boy do you have another suggestions?
Foxyguy (3 years ago)
aaww man, Soma was an amazing underwater game. also i love subnautica, its the best underwater survival game in my opinion.
Rick Harper (2 years ago)
Foxyguy same
Foxyguy (2 years ago)
+Foxpaw  burf, granted i am not the fighting type, i am the playful gentle fox type. i am domesticated fox foof.
Foxpaw (2 years ago)
+Foxyguy Hhaha, dude you sound so adorable oh my gosh, Well I am a red fox in woods, also pretty darn poofy if I do say so myself. But alas I am more battle hardened, not as soft and poofy but I can put up one hell of a fight
Foxyguy (2 years ago)
+Foxpaw yus, despite my profile pic, i am actually a white arctic foxy, supper poofy in winter. and yes i am very playful wiff humans and stuffs.
Foxpaw (2 years ago)
+Foxyguy Oh, well those paws maybe small and adorable but my fur is an amazing red with fluffiness from the gods. My claws are long and very sharp great for being in the wild. You may be adorable but I am a more outside fox...although I bet you get along better with humans.
Thomas Hitchcock (3 years ago)
subnautica is the best game
Topukuku (1 year ago)
Dennis Groxo (1 year ago)
Subnautica would be the best game if it would have normal optimization for performance
Mayuri Chan (2 years ago)
GAme Collector
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Thomas Hitchcock Did you play other games here?
Orca Man (3 years ago)
What was that third game that they showed
Naughtyrabbit (3 years ago)
+Orca Man read the text and you know
SwangLiao (3 years ago)
Treasures of the Deep (PlayStation - 1997)
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+TiberianLeo this video included windows games only
Jonah Goodrow (3 years ago)
Where is endless ocean
Jonah Goodrow (3 years ago)
+Jorge Gabriel that was never said
Mammuthus Primigenius (3 years ago)
+Jonah Goodrow This is Top Underwater Games for PC. Not WII.
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Jonah Goodrow thanks we will find
Togmeister (3 years ago)
I hope that there are more indie and AAA underwater games. It would be very cool to see some sort of procedural or random system in an underwater game that would generate a height map. Then render a ocean bed, then using a procedural or random system place pieces of coral, weed and other things on the ocean bed or floating around. It would be quite interesting indeed if it was some sort of survival scientific underwater game. Maybe your the last of your alien race and your hibernation pod has crash landed on an ocean planet. Then you have to use tools in the pod like chisels to get metals off the surface and out of rocks. Then you can make technology that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen. Would be quite cool to see a game like this in multiplayer.
Mayuri Chan (2 years ago)
Dlones (3 years ago)
At my opinion Subnautica is the greatest.
Dlones (3 years ago)
+kristian jensen I can't wait to see this game in beta.
Kristian Jensen (3 years ago)
+Dlones me to
Dlones (3 years ago)
Actually by opinion of most players it is.
GAme Collector (3 years ago)
+Dlones lets see
eggelk noone (4 years ago)
wtf dude wheres bioshock
Jonah Goodrow (3 years ago)
I don't really see bioshock as an underwater game, little to no swimming, so not really an underwater game..
xFASTBEAR GAMERx (3 years ago)
Got it, thnks
Calvin Hobbes (3 years ago)
+Freddy Fazbear126 they made subnautica.
xFASTBEAR GAMERx (3 years ago)
+GAme Collector what is uknownworlds entertainment at 03:11 and why do you skip it?
GAme Collector (4 years ago)
+eggelk noone i removed that game in last minute. because its available in another few videos.

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