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Sony ILCE-QX1L Lens Style Camera at photokina 2014

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Here's a look at the Sony ILCE-QX1L, a camera that looks like a lens! Use it with your cellphone or as is. For more updates from photokina 2014, visit https://www.betterphotography.in/photokina-2014
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Kumar Jhuremalani (4 years ago)
Nice. Though whoever is speaking should know facts first. Sony QX lenses were released a year back not 'recently'. Also you've failed to mentioned that these lenses have no displays. You should have actually paired it with your phone and used it. Would have been more of a video & hands-on so that people who don't know what this technology is can actually see it from you.  Please send somebody who knows a lot more about camera news overall (not canon/nikon only) to photokina next time. 

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