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Stunning Transformation | Before And After Makeover | #NewMe Ep 03

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Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/bookmystyle We are so excited to be sharing with you the third makeover of our #NewMe makeover series! Meet Daraksha, a shy girl who wished to make her work life all the more exciting by transforming her look and style. BookMyStyle, in collaboration with the celebrity stylists from Kromakay salon, worked through Daraksha's complete transformation. Kromakay is a space where beauty is transformed into art. Curator Kanta Motwani and her team of Creative Hair Artists have successfully styled and designed looks for various A-list film celebrities, top names from the fashion industry and the corporate world. Watch the video as Daraksha gradually transforms her new self. Follow Kromakay Salons & Academy - Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KromakaySalon Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Kromakaysalon Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kromakaysalon To book an appointment at Kromakay Salons & Academy Email: [email protected] You can follow our lovely blogger Loveina on https://www.instagram.com/theloveinablog Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/bookmystyle Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookmystylein Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookmystyle Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookmystyle Don't forget to like, comment & share for more updates!!!
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Text Comments (1703)
TWICE is my religion (14 hours ago)
The hair colour was good but the makeup sucked!! She looked much pretty with her natural look!
Gabriel Baldwin (14 hours ago)
Better before than this terrible change!!!!😱
alan S (1 day ago)
Her skin tone decreased after the makeup.😐😐.they also destroyed her long hair😮😮😒😒
Supriya bhattacharya (3 days ago)
Sadaf Karimi (3 days ago)
Bichare ka gobar kar Diya! What she was ND now what she is!! Poor girl! I can see sadness in her face!
Heleema Muntaj (3 days ago)
very bad i don't like it
Oopsi Daisy (3 days ago)
IDK why she was desperate for transformation... she was beautiful naturally.. now her unnecessary concern of makeover snatched her glow
ADITI (4 days ago)
Her hair looks thinner then before after the makeover.The natural pin straight hair looked amazing!
Ahmed Khan (4 days ago)
Sada Ziyada khobsurat thi pagal in haramiyon k hatey char gai ye moti Randi ne itne khobsurat Baal kharab kar diye
Aziz Fatima (5 days ago)
Oviya Babu (6 days ago)
Everyone even me looks natural beauty with out 💄 makeup 💄
Hari Prasad V (6 days ago)
She was pretty when she didn't wear any makeup ....it looked natural
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Lovely makeoverrr
Awessome makeuppppp
Akanksha Mahour (6 days ago)
Nice look😇 but why they cut such a long hair because if needed they cut the the hair minimum...even she is ok with it but how...🤔😅😅
N.K (6 days ago)
Why cant you hair stylist give a fuller look while maintaining long hair.. internationally long tresses are admired and also do have great volume and styles
Hari Vijays (6 days ago)
Your beauty was in your hair... But u spoiled it... We are not satisfied 😕
Gwen Dawn (7 days ago)
Epic fail, before was so much before, they should have change her clothes
Mame you look so beautiful without makeup also👈😊👍
Pournima Doijad (7 days ago)
Are yaar etne acche bal kyu kt kiye.
Gayathri Kausthubham (8 days ago)
How beautiful hair it was ..shish!
Prakash Sharma (8 days ago)
She looks pretty before makeup according to me atleast
anudhara singh (8 days ago)
Hair cut krne ki keya jrurt thi long curly hair to sbse achhe lgte h
SATT AMIL (8 days ago)
Not good
Nishu Sharma (9 days ago)
Phle apke baal Jada beautiful the .bt as your wish..bt before makup u r Soo beautiful ...
Nishant Singh (9 days ago)
Honestly speaking she much pretty before but yeah she's nice still good luck
sidrah Ali (10 days ago)
A big dislike 👎
Prima (11 days ago)
She looked perfect before just needed a little makeup. They made her look boring.
sahil sharma (11 days ago)
She looks so pretty before makeup Her natural hairstyles looks 100 times better.
Sanju Kaurati (11 days ago)
Long Hair 😟
varthini a (11 days ago)
like a local .....
varthini a (11 days ago)
not a rich look
varthini a (11 days ago)
i don't like it....bad makeup and dress lipstick colour also......
Bon courage (12 days ago)
I am sorry but she was looking better before
dayana paul (12 days ago)
long hair rompa azhaga irunthathu.hair illathavagalukutha athan aruma therium
Ambika Mohit kardam (12 days ago)
bekar lg rhi h...natural beauti thi iske pass...itne sunder baalo ko cutting kra di...bekar sa makeup🙄
Haidar Kazmi (13 days ago)
Ye make over tha it looked much better then before with her long hair
All Father (13 days ago)
Dhokaaaaaaaaa.......!!!!! 😫😭😭 Main yaha par aaya kaise.......?😳 Fuck YouTube recommendations...!😠
Mythili Dhanasekaren (14 days ago)
I feel she was pretty in previous look
Radha Reddy (14 days ago)
I want to see how u people r makeover her but in thus 10 mins video 5 mins of ur speaking getting irritated😡😡😡
Zahra Murtaza (14 days ago)
To be very honest she was looking pretty before...
Aloona Manimangalathu (14 days ago)
Omg now she s looking ugly. Previously she looks so cute and innocent
shobha singh (15 days ago)
To b honest ...she were looking ptreetier before
Jyoti Salevru (15 days ago)
hania khan (15 days ago)
She looks so preety
Darling Castillo (15 days ago)
But I do appreciate your make over ..
Darling Castillo (15 days ago)
I think simple make up for her is already enough to look her more gorgeous and beautiful.. Yeah hair transformation is what she needed.. Coloring her hair and trim.
Shikha Chauhan (15 days ago)
She looked better earlier
siddiq leo (16 days ago)
It's sucks.. She so pretty before..
hd gaming (16 days ago)
she was pretty before
Revathy Sundar (16 days ago)
She looked much better without make up
Payal Koli (16 days ago)
Ye kroma ni troma h.... 😡😡😡......... Vo kitni sundrrr lg rhi thi phle... Itne pyaare baal kaat daale uske😭😭😭
Sona Priya (16 days ago)
I need a makeover too how to contact u
Jenu Jenifer (16 days ago)
im sirry to say this...she is sooo cute before...
Akanksha Arya (17 days ago)
Kya bakwaas makeover hai pehle acchi lg rhi thi 🤔
roziana matnor (17 days ago)
Kening host tu,nk kemna tu....
Aarati Pandit (17 days ago)
BlueMoon Builds (17 days ago)
Still prettier than me in the before pic
Yogita Dewangan (18 days ago)
Really very pretty makeup... Lovely
komalaravi reddy (18 days ago)
She is looking gorgeous
Shaji Maxi (18 days ago)
She was more beautiful before makeover.
Deepak Kumar (19 days ago)
Long hair bhi nice the
Aisah Kamarudzaman (19 days ago)
She looks older now
Ayur Info (19 days ago)
She look better before makeover... sad to see her in short hair...
boys over flowers (19 days ago)
But really,how often should you shampoo your hair?
Emma (20 days ago)
Congrats .now she looks like all makeup ghosts do . She looked so gorgeous before naturally ...sigh 😩
Lavi Chaukiker (20 days ago)
Fahad Ali (20 days ago)
These fancy barbers must be heavy on the pocket.. 🤔
Vasanth Vassu (20 days ago)
Before look is good than after
Nutan Thakur (20 days ago)
They has just spoiled the natural beauty of girl with that bad haircut and poor makeup. Moreover selected wardrobe was a total disaster. I think with indian ethnic kurtis, saree, or indowestern styles, she would look more classy and elegant.
Ro Ma (20 days ago)
You ruined her hair... Totally ruined!!
julia sahu (21 days ago)
Much better after. 👏👏👏
rimsha khan (21 days ago)
They just makeup and give her hair cut where is skin treatment?
Carolina Santos Santos (21 days ago)
Pq contou o cabelo dela não ficou muito bom não , mas ele tá linda
ANANTHAN A.S (21 days ago)
This is seriously funny 😂 thanks urvasi madam for making her look like a rotten tomatoe that's painted
Abeer Ali (21 days ago)
Omg I’m shocked too I don’t call this a makeover your beautiful u didn’t need all this I felt bad when they cut ur beautiful hair 😡
Ari Ruuu (21 days ago)
And this was professional makeover?? She looked much better before lol
INVISIBLE WOMAN (22 days ago)
Um.....should have kept her the way she was
Joseph Khan (22 days ago)
she lives at just behind my house.....
PriyaRocking (22 days ago)
To be honest she is looking like a 30+ after the makeover. She looked far more beautiful and younger before the makeover
Jinx (22 days ago)
U made her look really old
Fidyanti Yumna MA (22 days ago)
I think the make up must give more cheerful colour for her b'coz she look gloomy? That's what I think 😂
Priya Priya (22 days ago)
Normally.. Before she was look beautiful.... But after makeup she lose totally failed
Spread Truth (22 days ago)
Learnt a lesson: Never Ever Cut your long hair If it's damaged or looking unhealthy go for good nourishment But Never Ever Cut your hair!
Johnedelman De Belen (22 days ago)
wtf is dat nothing happen
Roohi Kamil (23 days ago)
bichari ke itne sundar baal uda diye,😒😒😒😡😡😡😡
Tarin Sinthia (23 days ago)
She was looking better before 😒
Archana Gomango (23 days ago)
She is very beautiful before....I think this is a major fail...
Sonia Fajra (23 days ago)
i also having a long hair...but i would'nt cut my hair for any reasons...becouse i luv my natural hair😍
anaysa anaysa (23 days ago)
Ravi Kumar Tiwari (24 days ago)
My thumb down for the whole act, it was a disaster
Preeti Yadav (24 days ago)
She looks the same...only lost her long pretty hair
Farheen Anjum (24 days ago)
Orr sara look khrab kr dia ideot 😒😒😒
narry charishma (24 days ago)
She looks good before her long hair was so beautiful even though thin like my hair these people in the name of makeover they cut most of the hair .starting she said volume hair then y the hell she reduced her hair length
Pia Singh (24 days ago)
Nice but she pretty before 🙂... And that in long hairs.. There was no need to cut her hairs... They were looking soooo good on her.. 💯
Analiza Guillermo (24 days ago)
She look classy and pretty after her makeover❤
Rushadha Rushi (24 days ago)
i like before look
Ritu mam u looking to much good
varlaxmi ghate (25 days ago)
To be very honest she was looking pretty before
Bhawna Chopra (25 days ago)
Phle zyda Sundar lag RI thi abh to or Kali lag RI h

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