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WORLD RANK 2017 | TOP 21 Richest Countries - Highest GDP Per Capita Income in the World 2017

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2017 Wealthiest Countries in the World based on Purchasing Power Parity of GDP Per Capita. GDP per capita (PPP based) is gross domestic product converted to international dollars using purchasing power parity rates and divided by total population. An international dollar has the same purchasing power over GDP as a U.S. dollar has in the United States. WORLD'S TOP 21 RICHEST COUNTRIES 2017 | based on Purchasing Power Parity GDP per capita ------------------- World richest countries in 2017 Highest gdp per capita Per capita gdf 2017 Asian economy 2017 Strongest country in the world Country with highest gdp Gdp per capita 2017 Gdp per capita ppp 2017 Gdp per capita Gdp per capita ppp Rich people World economy Richest countries 2017 Rich countries 2017 US economy Germany economy 2017 WorldBank forecast World growth forecast Forecast 2017 Richest countries in the world Wealthiest countries gdp per capita ppp Wealthiest countries gdp per capital ppp 2017 India per capita ppp Gdp per capita ranking 2017 World countries economy 2017 Purchasing power by country Purchasing power Purchasing power 2017 Highest gross domestic product cities per capita What is gdp ppp Gross domestic product ppp Gross domestic product ppp 2017 Gross domestic product 2017
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Text Comments (11)
Christina Cordova (7 months ago)
USA is the richest
timka timka (2 months ago)
Fuck usa
Kostadin Hadjidinev (5 months ago)
@Christina Cordova richest country when it comes how much the 4-5 guys at the top of the hierarchy have not how much each person has on average. Also USA has debts. Europeans are richer than Americans.
brave heart (5 months ago)
who have debts 21 trillion not rich
Actar (6 months ago)
@Fixturesc its useless, dont even try anymore
Fixturesc (7 months ago)
@Christina Cordova Yes in terms of it's GDP, not GDP per capita. GDP per capita is how much the average person that lives there makes. In this case luxembourg makes the most in europe because of it's low population but rich economy. If you are talking about the GDP of a country america is the richest but not in GDP per capita which is what this video is about.
BBB TV (7 months ago)

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