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Behind The Scenes - Fashion/Lookbook Photoshoot

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The guys from Drewski by Heeny got in touch on Monday with urgency in their voices, another shoot had gone wrong and they had to get the images out there ASAP. By Friday morning we were in the studio and getting it underway. While we didn't have a huge amount of scope for creative input on this one, we still managed to deviate from the typical all white pure background and go for something a little more raw. I'm not a fan of clinical imagery, and luckily once I got to explaining my ideas the client was happy to go with me. We had some fun at the end and everyone involved loved the final product. Here's how we shot it, make sure you check out Drewski by Heeny's S/S14 product drop as soon as it's available! Noel @NoelMack_ www.noelmackfilms.co.uk
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MrSchlag (2 years ago)
omg I love you channel ! I subscribed , could you sub me too? I would love and it means a lot , have a great year and a lot of sucess

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