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The World's Most Powerful Laptop!

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Dave2D unboxing and review of the Predator 21X - The Epic $9000 gaming laptop from Acer. The Cheaper Predator - http://amzn.to/2oC8Rbl Blue SSD - http://amzn.to/2kKatOh Predator 15 / 17 Review - https://youtu.be/hJZM6i32MZ0 Music Credits: Fili - Sunset Follow me: http://twitter.com/Dave2D http://www.instagram.com/Dave2D
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Dave Lee (1 year ago)
I went a bit off the books for this video. Hope you guys still enjoyed it =) Thanks for the support 2D fam! If you’re wondering why I played Overwatch and not some other more graphically demanding game. It’s because I’ve been trying to get into top 500 in Overwatch this season and I straight up find my aim being thrown off when I switch games. I’ve become an Overwatch snob. I’m such a loser. LULZ.
Aaron Wolfenbarger (20 hours ago)
So your showing it because to own one means your a pretentious ass or something? My gaming system cost much LESS and still has a great refresh rate and I can add to it whatever I want to while your limited. No seriously I have 13 drive bays 2 hot swaps and I can sticky tack a SSD anywhere else I might want to and for 20 bucks I can use a standard pci slot to add more storage. I can also add more video cards If I want and more ram and m.2, I can upgrade mother boards chips ram and all that and you CANT! So what do you have? An expensive lap top that was obsolete right as you opened the box and the ONLY thing you paid for really is bragging rights and that makes you a pretentious ass that has such an empty life he fills it up with things that cant gratify himself so he thinks hey Ill post it and get mad props that way and I came along to piss on that idea because Im an asshole that believes value is better than expenditure. Hollow pursuits how pitiful. I actually feel sorry for you.
Zulaiha Rizvik (7 days ago)
What’s the weight??
Bombiel (10 days ago)
dell som lepsze
Vycka FLEX (11 days ago)
Wtf you speak lithuanian p.s. I am from LTU
All Mid (17 days ago)
kaça aldın mk
Sandra cuvillier (6 minutes ago)
ce pc est tres beaux
魏 李 (1 hour ago)
i am chinese
J 77 (2 hours ago)
Dislikes are from Alienware fanboys.
PREORTOR acer 9000$
Nuzaihan Abd Rani (3 hours ago)
is it 4k display
Santosh Nair (7 hours ago)
they shouldn't call it a laptop if it is big enough to crush your legs!!!
jujufactory (7 hours ago)
It it were small I could understand why it might cost 9 thousand. However... this is big. And a large heavy laptop looses its key advantage which is mobility. A large laptop is like a slow rachecar.... pointless.
Camilo Torres (9 hours ago)
you pc gamer is very good
Fathy Garav (9 hours ago)
Y todo eso para ver porno
Emre (10 hours ago)
Pistol Whipped gaming (10 hours ago)
i payed 17$ for my laptop
LulusPlannerlife Gmz (11 hours ago)
wowzers! im inlove is it worth the price? omg i was excited when you were going step by step! thanks for sharing
KING OF GAMES (12 hours ago)
He said only 9,000 $
Hayan Agüero (15 hours ago)
OMG 9000 dollar = 162.000 LE egyption pound so ... if have thats money i will married XD ^_^
the dude (21 hours ago)
Purchasing a 9k laptop to use for on-line shoot em up gaming will officially push you three steps farther away from ever getting laid.
IsaacYupi (22 hours ago)
omg 🤩
Janaka Gunasekara (23 hours ago)
well bro
朱奇正 (1 day ago)
Dr.Sadhana Gaykar (1 day ago)
Weight n keyboard 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
itelligence (1 day ago)
i bet it runs roblox at 2fps
Hackemate (1 day ago)
Es una "supercomputadora" que tarda 10 minutos en encender. Una basur4
peaple du knot berlieve this my laptop is buy far thee most powerdfull.
Ruck Bogers (1 day ago)
prehistoric in 2 years... and unusable due to its weight :)
DxpeHero KeepIt100 (1 day ago)
Yooo… This dude just said its only $9000 lol
godonlyknows13 (1 day ago)
I feel like laptops fill an ever shrinking niche market. Moreover, they tend to be for suckers if you dont fit into that tight niche, as you can usually get more for less money in a desktop.
Thaw Zin (1 day ago)
You know you rich af when you spent 9k on a laptop and uses MacBook as a mousepad haha...
This is a tank not a laptop
really awesome
new choice (1 day ago)
احمد , ترجمتك زبالة و كلها اخطاء لو عندي وقت كان عدلتها
new choice (1 day ago)
for be honestly its look great laptop
new choice (1 day ago)
Micky Green (1 day ago)
The CPU has already been exceeded. 9000 dollars thrown away.
steve Gemer (1 day ago)
CatCraft959 (1 day ago)
When you buy a laptop and get a PC...
Nick Caverson (1 day ago)
But can it run crysis?
que gosta de canal... gosto do meu pau
eu gosto
MsStrser (1 day ago)
вздор для придурков
Ascend RaZoD (1 day ago)
ses meme pas en francais tg connard
도망자토스 (2 days ago)
Too heavy to carry outside... Desktop would be better
яєвєl яєвєl (2 days ago)
how much does this cost
saji bazzz (2 days ago)
What f***** laptop
super GAMER (2 days ago)
Gamora: what it cost Dave lee : everything Lol
Gyan Prakash (2 days ago)
This lapi can hack everything
مستخدم جديد (2 days ago)
RAM DDR4-2400 !!!
saeed givaki (2 days ago)
دوستی از جنس آتش
AJAL GAMING (2 days ago)
kenapa judulnya bahasa indonesia ??? insinya bahasa inggris ??
Evaldo bass (2 days ago)
olooooko bicho pc da Nasa
GAME_KRALI (2 days ago)
BoDziO Błodaaa (2 days ago)
It's realy nice but it didnt look like amazing laptop it look like the oldest first computer ;P
Gianni Palma (3 days ago)
console is better for play videogames
Sanjeev Kamboj (3 days ago)
Which model is this???
kids toon (3 days ago)
Maza aagya yaar kya laptop hai . #hindicool
Ishan Koundal (3 days ago)
Please give review on lenovo u41-70 core i3
Hati April (3 days ago)
Can it run Solitaire ?
luky vel (3 days ago)
Ti si Čech ??
Wojtasfortnitestream (3 days ago)
Lemmingmeister (3 days ago)
Is not the purpose of a laptop to be mobile? For this heavy part you need a handcart .. so definitely missed purpose ...
Guilherme Faria (4 days ago)
This is not a laptop!
Gita Kafle (4 days ago)
Thats it ! Im selling my house
s (4 days ago)
Thanks for all information
Video-Game Installer (4 days ago)
Gaming laptop that need alot of electricity 40 celsius Old laptop that need a little of electricity 100+ celsius
Qiu Hong (4 days ago)
Oh your fuck
Aakash Mally (4 days ago)
5:49 gaming with a macbook xD
yana terzieva (4 days ago)
وداعا لكل الكريمات الكاذبة الحل الأكيد لمشكل قضيب صغير أو قذف السريع أو ضعف الانتصاب الحل أصبح ممكن مع الدكتور مصطفى المالكي الخبير في الأعضاء التناسلية للاستفادة من المنتج يرجى الاتصال على الواتساب 00212689611487 خلطة رجال الصحراء هو منتج طبيعي وكل مكوناته طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ ولا يتسبب أي أثار جانيه امن تماما. خلطة رجال الصحراء هو العلاج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل زبناء اللذين استعملوه كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء فوائد كريم رجال الصحراء 1-يعمل على تكبير القضيب 2-مفيد لي تأخير القذف 3-يساعد على لانتصاب لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل... نحن نرسل المنتج لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم
Mr. Goldentortle (4 days ago)
Who actually bought this honestly
Eben Hartawan (4 days ago)
caRCe _playZ (4 days ago)
I will throw my new gaming laptop right now to lava
Vijay Goel (4 days ago)
How much is it cost can you tell me
Sensei (4 days ago)
"definitely have to do this to your keyboard" spells ass, lmfao
Ramapati Yadav (5 days ago)
what is the price of this laptop
Mohammed Hyder (5 days ago)
And Awsome Laptop .
Mohammed Hyder (5 days ago)
Dave, what is your Profession and monthly income ???????
zenal ariief (5 days ago)
wow amazing laptop
elomp3s (5 days ago)
10 years from now, this laptop would look like those big ass black and white tv
Guzman Chavez (5 days ago)
mama no entiedndo inlges ayudame maita
Dominic Motekaitis (5 days ago)
Now why would they put the world's worst OS on the worlds best laptop??
fabianrex 26 (5 days ago)
ya hay core i9 y quiere sorprender con una i7 con ran y gtx me parece potente pero no creo la mas poderosa
AX P (5 days ago)
there are some much more powerful & expensive laptops...
Dani o g Ipa (5 days ago)
Can i Get one?
CHICKEN WINGS (5 days ago)
A lamborghini cx
Noorsyam Effendi (5 days ago)
mantep nih laptop buat minecraft setting ultra
Louis Roi (6 days ago)
The processor is not soo good. Like shit, when you see two 1080 and 64 gb ram. ...
Sean Hung (6 days ago)
Deadpool (6 days ago)
its not Monster Semruk S7 better then this laptop
Uncle Pennywise (6 days ago)
Acer can't stop surprising me with their stupidity. Who's gonna buy that "laptop" ? Seriously we're not in 1950 anymore, if you want to commercialize a computer you better not make it a fucking dinosaur lmao bunch of idiots.
aparece el titulo español y en realidad es de ingles
alia go (6 days ago)
well, at least the keyboard is finally on the right place.
iYcK GT (6 days ago)
1 Dollar = 5.32 Turk Liraas 9000 Dollar = 404 Not Found error
iYcK GT (1 hour ago)
bu yorum neden tuttu lan neyse burdan kamilin aq
Muhammad Bayu (9 hours ago)
$1 = Rp. 14000 IDR $9000 = :(
Ray Doo (9 hours ago)
$9000= 48,218TL
Şevket Ceylan (20 hours ago)
Lan neden bahsediyonuz bende daha pcyi bırak laptop bile yok :D
itelligence (1 day ago)
its 45000 i think
clinton chime (6 days ago)
This is so cool
Antonio Lukačić (6 days ago)
What the fuck is that shit you were playing on that laptom
Şahin Düz (6 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQVBsSk5l3M … rica etsem çaldığım ''İSTİKLAL MARŞINI'' beğenirmisiniz
jin shin (6 days ago)
what is the name of this laptop?
TRUE GAMER (6 days ago)
Try Grand theft auto V on this thing
BATTLE NOOB (6 days ago)
Martín Oyarzo (7 days ago)
Te corre hasta la paja

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