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The Deep Sea Dragon Kesho Hint - Path Of Fire Story Playthrough Part 10

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Gewreid (10 months ago)
What confuses me about this cutscene is that it seems to suggest that Glint and the Forgotten were alive at the time when two elder dragons are dead simultaneously and glint's legacy is about fixing that. But wasn't Glint dead for a while when we killed Zhaitan? Did she foresee it despite in another instance implying she cant see past her death? It kinda stings but watching your playtrough the feeling intensifies that the closer you look at the (pof) story, the more it falls apart...
jana (11 months ago)
quitee sure thats kralk bro
M Oe (11 months ago)
@WoodenPotatoes 2 its a food(magic) pyramid. And the elder dragons are at the top of the food pyramid.
Vitomir Maricic (1 year ago)
diving stuff kick ass. Cool.
Popoill1 (1 year ago)
I have got an interesting explanation for the blue pyramid in cinematic! What if, what we see in the cinematic IS actually (the blue top pyramid) a representation of "Deep sea dragon" that was killed (the pyramid shattered). Then we can see that it destabilised Tyria's magic (at this moment the ones who killed the elder dragon realised what consequences it brings up, so they brought the idea about replacing this void spot with another entity. And in my opinion this "new entity" is right now our Steve/Bubbles.) So what if all of this (killing an elder dragon) already happened in past? It would explane how the narrator of the cinematic knows what will happen when the dragon dies and what have to be done to keep magic balanced. PS: I think that the main goal in our story in GW2 will be to find entities who can replace all elder dragons.
joyela aeuvunya (1 year ago)
2:22:00 ~ what that actually is is the eternal alchemy, the black circles are not other eggs but are planet's in tyria's solar system, the pyramid is part of the eternal alchemy, but is shown here because of the significance at that moment in time of the pyramid in the crystal desert. that is the eternal alchemy of the universe we are seeing, remember we saw it before near and in omadd's machine...
kleinesdaisukii (1 year ago)
On the topic of being an early adopter in MMOs: It’s not always bad ... I actually preordered GW2 and I really liked the first weeks, probably the most fun I had in the game ever.
PanBelacqua (1 year ago)
I think the pyramids are metaphorical. The dragons, or the entities that will replace them, are at the top. It's a sort of top-down ruling system.
PanBelacqua (1 year ago)
I think that the "at the same time" line is about Zhaitan and Mordremoth both being removed from the system at the same time - not removed as in the point-at-which-they-were-removed, but the time during which they spent not-in-the-system. Zhaitan and Mordremoth have both been removed from the system, and are missing simultaneously.
Vitomir Maricic (1 year ago)
underwater topics are my favs. Cool.
PanBelacqua (1 year ago)
20, here.
Steve Ross (1 year ago)
Do an image search on Kralk - it looks nothing like that dragon.  Kralk is all triangles and angles, with a giant nose and chin. This new bluey-purpley dragon is different.
Elliot Grey (1 year ago)
2:17:10 a very pleased 🥔 potato
EffettoKirlian (1 year ago)
Well well, guess what: the Octahedron is also apparent at the Rata Novus Command Center, around the Asura gate connecting to the Elder Dragons Research Lab!
MyuNeptune (1 year ago)
The quality armor line is worse than the violets one. :P
Shizanketsuga (1 year ago)
I am quite sure that they _did_ drop plenty of hints that these powerful entities like gods and dragons have weaknesses that directly relate to one of their strengths. Zhaitans strength was him being "decentralised" to the point that his undead minions provided eyes with which to see and mouths with which to eat, which we targeted to make him vulnerable to a direct attack. Mordremoth had this hive mind with which he basically "became" the jungle with all his minions around, but this mind is exactly where we killed him. Balthasar, the god of war and fire, falls to his own instrument of war and fire. And now we know that the dragon who crystallises everything he meets is vulnerable to resonance frequencies. At this rate I would not be surprised if Steve Bubbles could be drowned or something like that. ;)
Gewreid (10 months ago)
There also was a scene in the edge of destiny book where eye shoots a destroyer champion with his own arrow to kill him or something like that. Dont quite have the details in mind or the book at hand right now. But then in season three they suddenly say that jormag is primordus weakness...
Mike Broome (1 year ago)
The reason I disagree with woodenpotatoes comments early in the video is because there is such a variety of activities that you can do in Guild Wars 2. Marketing to casuals who can grow into pros I think works here. And there is sooo much content that doesn't require you to grow in skill (especially if you've got a friend with you to explore) that end game means you can make your choice!
keith loveless (1 year ago)
its okay WP your audience demographic isn't just 14-18 year olds. I myself am an avid fan of your channel and twitch and I came from 1986. So do not despair my man, just keep up the fantastic work my dude!
Leukaust (1 year ago)
I still don't get why it would necessarily be the Deep Sea dragon, could someone explain me ? :^(
VenamGaming (1 year ago)
to make you feel better im 28 years old and its 4:05 AM when im watching this lol
VenamGaming (1 year ago)
are you wearing a monocle or a scouter from dbz
VenamGaming (1 year ago)
Maethen Dias (1 year ago)
first :3 on a snidenote... watching this makes me want to play guildwars 2 again... havent PLAYED the game in months

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