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PPE for Ground Men for Tree Service or Arborist Trade

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This is a general set-up for groundsmen who work temporary for a tree company or just some of what is needed or required to be safe on a job site. Take care of your guys they will take care of you. As a rule everyone gets new gloves but once they enter the glove pool, so to speak, anyone can use them as the need may be but the climber gets preference.
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Mic Mucky (1 month ago)
All junk that gear need get some proper protection like stihl gloves helmet with ear defenders and face shield class 2 trousers and boots I got haix protector and stihl jacket and trousers u can't buy new legs or hearing or a life
Barb Owens (2 years ago)
shute where you located I'll come work every day lol I work for chippewa tree service we bust ass I'm talking down 60ft trees in 40 mins and clean area. my boss says we got best ground crew in Michigan and my boss works for the city also
TreeBoi4Life (2 years ago)
Y'all getting it thats for sure and I'm out of NC and there are great crews down this way too its just hard to always find guys who connect and get the job done and like mentioned most never stick it out or work might ge slow on the boss end and you can't hold on to guys in a situation like that.
Christian Reiller (2 years ago)
Definitely a helpful video man, thank you!  I start my new job with Nelson's Tree Service on Monday as a groundsman, so I'm trying to find out as much information as I can!  Any tips feel free to write me back on here, thanks bro and stay safe out there!
TreeBoi4Life (2 years ago)
Thanks Christian and Congrats on the new job and I have one more video that might help you more in case you have not seen it already and here is a link. I hope it helps but the main thing is to be safe out there and bring yourself plenty of food and water for those especially hot days. https://youtu.be/rAt51J8IWYY
Kody Lester (3 years ago)
What kind of gloves would you prefer for running a woodchipper as a groundsman 
TreeBoi4Life (3 years ago)
+Kody Lester  I would recommend the nitrile style or as in the vid the blue and wht ones because they are a tighter fit and don't tend to snag as much. I normally get mine from Lowes and they are pretty much $1 a pair which come in 5 and 10 dollar packs.
TreeBoi4Life (5 years ago)
The arm is fine "thanxx" and thanks for subbing.
RiseFromTheConcrete (5 years ago)
check e-bay for used work pants. you can find dickies, red kap, ect. you can get 5 for $20. they sell them in lots from 1 to 100.
TreeBoi4Life (4 years ago)
I will check them out. Thx.
zapblam (5 years ago)
you give your crew your old sweaty gloves?
thanxx (5 years ago)
hows your arm mate?

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