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Joni Septimo (20 days ago)
😂😂😂😂don't mess up with Asian!!!
breathing below (21 days ago)
It’s not Russians and Asians, it’s just Russians. White people aren’t the only race in Russia
xander cage (3 months ago)
If it would be russian vs indian 😈
Frankie Sum (3 months ago)
White girls want them so badly
BALOCH (3 months ago)
Lochan Yolmo (3 months ago)
Nice wing chung style my asian brother proud to be Asian that man asked for it
ThatOneDumb Gamer (4 months ago)
Am I the only Asian in the comments ??
e eno (9 months ago)
that troll escape LOL
Asian teamwork spirit confirmed
Bek Mashrapov (1 year ago)
Наши Кыргызы! Знай наших.
Merpopa (1 year ago)
asian style
Ein Hacker-Typ (2 years ago)
Tip: To be precise, the asians were Mongolians. Previously, the Russian dude punched the Asian guy many times in another video. On this one, just before he punches him again, his friends stand up for him to beat him out. The racism in Russia need to stop...
clayton (2 months ago)
I didn’t no that Mongolians where Asian oh wait they fuckin are !!!
Frankie Sum (3 months ago)
White Russians hate and are salty of yellow men, common sense
lol lol (3 months ago)
They are khalimaks
Ein Hacker-Typ ubekistan not mongol they speak rusian too
Boruto Uzumaki (2 years ago)
all Asians are we help each other asians
Kasilyas S (2 years ago)
Typical russian fascism
Hey Boi (2 years ago)
is this the subway in moscow?
Kasilyas S (2 years ago)
YK F (2 years ago)
Arrogant Russian people, you are also Asian !
+Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano Punks like you are beaten to death in my country. You Europeans are slave-minded people, vassals, wretched losers. Weaklings.
+Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano Oh, great you're probably a Serbian invader living in Bosnia. You're even bigger scum on planet Earth, useless, all you do is drink and never contributed anything. Bunch of losers, murderers.
+Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano Fuck your nasty Europe. Russians know how filthy most of you Europeans are. The Russians are Slavic people.
+Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano Russians are SLAVIC people, not European. Europeans are vile and disgusting creatures, who created Nazis, genocide and both World Wars, it is also known for it's dark ages and backward minded people and the fact that it was corrupt ever since it's existence. Russians are SLAVIC people, the best people in existence. Russia had constant wars with Europeans and has constantly been invaded, abused by European filth always having negative opinion about Russia. That's why Russia has become strong to deal with filthy European vassal minded weaklings. Long Live the Slavic nation of Russia!
Aaer Sseefr (14 days ago)
+Pičku materinu jebem hejterima takoreći lagano no Europe is not as same in breeds but the in the Caucasoid race which seem little bit global so that is one thing but you and other should not speak about Europe as one nation or one special place which is not Europe is in fact part of Asia
lonbites (3 years ago)
fuck all you ugly ass russians
Natalia G (2 years ago)
Sayonarax1 (3 years ago)
Dam that asian guy threw some concentrated punches. If only he was buff, and he seems kinda like he could be a boxer.
Ой ой встал вступиться за дружка из племени "бухое быдло". Блеать вся Россия такая по-ужасному тупящие безмозглые быдло!
DeregulatedEnergy (4 years ago)
Ha ha ha fuckin china town
Natalia G (2 years ago)
+Mr.GiVti cyka
xFadeHD (4 years ago)
Dayum (5 years ago)
mr twinkle toes there at the end

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