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X-Men Origins WOLVERINE~Burn It To The Ground

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AH! its X-Men Origins staring Hugh Jackman as the super sexy Wolverine! Here's to the great movies! X-Men Origins, a rather recent phenomenon, was directed by Gavin Hood. Song is Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback from their new CD Dark Horse. Them and WMG own the copyright. This is one of my FIRST clips_clips_to_music, and my FIRST EVER available on youtube. Enjoy. Star. Comment. ♥♥♥
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Text Comments (24)
Kyamuran Hatib (1 month ago)
My name is wolverine mutant
Kyamuran Hatib (25 days ago)
Mooitje G (1 year ago)
alsome!😎 Thanks for making this video!😊
Emanuel Carr (1 year ago)
How do you make these?
elementalfairyspirit (3 years ago)
THanks for the comments and likes, everyone! Unfortunately I made this YEARS ago when youtube video quality was piss poor, lol. I could try to make a better quality one, someday :)
misti leathers (4 years ago)
Wolverine is da best
Jennifer Vaughn (5 years ago)
Nice vid. Uh Wolverine already has a girl so watch out. . She is the jealous type. XD
kathaline stone (6 years ago)
wolverines my man find ur own! ggggrrrrrrrrrrr
Sando Conan (6 years ago)
Wolverine is the best of the best :)
FoxDemon15 (6 years ago)
Can you remake this into better quality? as it is now its AWSOME more so then others with the song because you matched the clips perfectly with the song Think how it would be in HD HD = BADASS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Vincent Gibson (6 years ago)
can u remake this, maybe use different scenes and some hd quality.
vampmanh (7 years ago)
all hail to alberta
Caly James (7 years ago)
Perfect timing at 0:33 XD <3
michael jones (8 years ago)
welcome to monday night raw!!!!!,,,,im your host michael cole along with jerry the king lawler . lol
Das Ümilaut (8 years ago)
@elementalfairyspirit I'm not going to lie, the blurrienes actually adds to the video. It has the air of a true action scene, where a millions things are happening at once and all you want to do is join in and kick some ass. This is great!
Kent Nelson (8 years ago)
this is an awesome video between my favorite hero and my favorite singer good job elementalfairyspirit
Das Ümilaut (8 years ago)
@GamerGuy249 There is a scene in the comics where Wolverine is burned down to his Adamantium skeleton. We learn then, that as long as his brain is intact, he can regenerate.
БелыйВолк (8 years ago)
Yay Raw theme lol
AnRhia13 (8 years ago)
Love the song, I <3 nickleback and wolverine and this is perfect! :D Thanks, favorited and subscribed to you!
SpectrasIliad (9 years ago)
@gh3rockzzV2 He could die, like in X2 how he killed the other one like him with the long fingernails. you just have to inject more adamantium to kill him.
GamerGuy249 (9 years ago)
wait, can wolverine die
Loganator47 (9 years ago)
Puuuuuh!!! *sweat* So many Logan...my heart`s racing!!! Great job.
Zak TheGamer (9 years ago)
well cool vid!!!!!
juan pelos (9 years ago)
i love this super hero this is my favorite 1

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