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Brand Names - (Official Music Video) GOLD DIGGER SONG

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It’s too EXPENSIVE to be a rapper 😭😭 I can’t afford the Gucci, the Lambos or the Women .. SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/2zb1eTX ITUNES: https://apple.co/2u1UanR THANKS! "M.S Mens Ware" Narellan for allowing us to film in their store! Checkout their rang of men's and women's clothing ! @msmensware Produced By: Take Two Written By: Take Two Edited By: Take Two Filmed By: Nathan Rathsam (Two and a Half Cameras) [SUBSCRIBE & MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW US] Follow Us: Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialmusictaketwo Instagram: @Alwaystaketwo Twitter: @JordanNBrandon2 Snapchat: Jordan-Music & Brandon-Music
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nadio lass (5 months ago)
Seriously you don't afford 'womens' you know you get in a relationship with them 😕 but great work 😊💜
Jayla Thomson (6 months ago)
you guys never disappoint me its like impossible for yous. you are so talented and i hope one day i can meet you because you are bot beautiful people and i love you and your music. when im feeling low i just listen to ur music and it makes me feel so much better so just keep going with this because you have made it so far and so many people rely on you guys we all love you guys
Life Line (8 months ago)
Want to rap with u guys thats my dream you guys inspire me to sing/rap ill be posting vidoes soon thabk you ☺ 🙌🙌🙌
Alicia Mcneill (8 months ago)
Amazing work keep it up you mum would be proud of you xxxxxxxx
Mina Gerges (8 months ago)
Hahaha this is amazing, I love it 😂
Kiya Braxton (8 months ago)
Love it boys x
Shi4nne (8 months ago)
Loving your songs guys
Emily Phu (8 months ago)
yasss this is awesomeee x i love you guys x
stacey michelle (8 months ago)
You guys have amazing voices I have most of your songs in my play list for when I'm cruising. And wait... Nsw? I'm in Australia also that's aweosne 🔥
stacey michelle (8 months ago)
Have you ever thought about travelling? If you did a tour it'd be awesome for you guys to come to Tasmania, nothing exiting like that ever happens in our state and I'd be the first to buy a ticket haha 🔥
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
thanks so much, yes we live in Sydney !
Immm Alexxx (8 months ago)
Ayeee this is sick and I hope to see you two go higher in your career❤
Nathan Parkin (8 months ago)
I miss take twos old stuff when you could hear the emotions in there voices. This new stuff just seems forced
Nathan Parkin (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo You guys have a great singing abilities, songs like this just seems a waste of talent... can't wait to see what you have instore for the future.
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
We like to mix it up you know, sorry you feel this way but we got something deep coming for the next song but we like to have fun along the way on our journey.. I get you like the sad songs but it takes a lot to physically and emotionally open up on a 3min track- after so many original songs it's hard to find the inspiration sometimes but we will write it down when the time is right, if you look back out of the last 8 tracks we've released this year 4 of them have been the more impacting type
Rraine (8 months ago)
ooooo I luv it
Linda Thao (8 months ago)
Nice rapping deep voice Jordan and Brandon woah love it
Melinda Walsh (8 months ago)
You guys are so attractive in wigs.. nah but keep up the good work boys so proud of you.. your mum will be so proud 😻,
Eli Wilson (8 months ago)
Emilia Campbell (8 months ago)
Love this song ❤️❤️
Tasharna Pursell (8 months ago)
Jess Hill (8 months ago)
I love you guys ❤️
Jess Hill (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo your music helps me through everything ❤️ you guys just get me ❤️❤️ if you guys are in Melbourne any time soon please hit me up and I’ll take you on a tour, it’ll mean a lot to meet you guys 💕
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Jess Hill love you ❤️☺️
Tahlia McEwan (8 months ago)
I love this 😂❤️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Tahlia McEwan haha thank you !!
Florence King (8 months ago)
Why do you guys look better than me as girls?? 😭😁 #Jealous 😂😘
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Kay King no way !
Sophia Hardas (8 months ago)
Ytb! This is sick!!
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Sophia Hardas YTB 👌🏻
kiraleigh pierce (8 months ago)
love it boys :)
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
kiraleigh pierce thank you !!
Jess Speake (8 months ago)
Absolutely Love It Boys Couldnt Be More Prouder & Happier 4 You Guys Love You ❤💙 Xx
Jess Speake (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo 💜💛❤
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Jess Speake thank you, appreciate your continuous support ❤️
kelly devenport (8 months ago)
💖💖💖 love it 😍
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Thanks love ❤️
Kay (8 months ago)
i wish i was as pretty as the girls in this video😂❤ great video and song
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Kay trust me, you are WAY more prettier then these girls 😁👌🏻
Emma Willcox (8 months ago)
honestly Jordan your beats impress me every time! so proud of guys I hope you know I truly do mean it. love your stuff xxx
Linda Thao (2 months ago)
Emma Willcox I love your beautiful name omg
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Emma Willcox aw thank you so much! It’s was so cheesy to make for a change I enjoyed it
Renee Gilbert (8 months ago)
Love the song.
Renee Gilbert (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo your welcome ❤️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Renee Gilbert thank you lovely ❤️
Renee Doyle (8 months ago)
Love this ❤️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Renee Doyle thank you lovely
Sophie Woods (8 months ago)
I love this so much, also love you both so much!!💓💓
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Sophie Woods ❤️❤️😂 thank you so much
Sarah Louise (8 months ago)
I adore you guys sm ahhhh miss u !!
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Sarah Louise awwww thank you ! We’re always hereeee
Elanna Maree (8 months ago)
Fucking love xxx come to Melbourne love you guys xx
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
kristen kelly-laverick (8 months ago)
Omg I love it guys xx 😘😘❤❤💕💕
kristen kelly-laverick (8 months ago)
Your welcome guys I love the music you guys make xoxox
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
kristen kelly-laverick thank you lovely
Shaytana Vincent (8 months ago)
This is a really good song good job boys👌🏽😍💛
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Shaytana Vincent thank you 😂😂😂❤️🙏🏻
Emily Sarcia (8 months ago)
Jordan does great as a girl, great music video and song boys was a good laugh 😂❤️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Emily Sarcia hahaha thank you ! A lot of imitating Brandon has payed off my acting experience as a female
Jennifer Wall (8 months ago)
OMG I LOVE THIS❤️ I’m kinda late I got busy baby sitting ❤️ love you boys
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Jennifer Wall thank you ! Don’t show the kids 😂😩
Amanda Scott (8 months ago)
Love it
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Amanda Scott thanks ❤️
Monique Brown (8 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣 yessss this is amazing #brokelife
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Monique Brown thank you 😘😘
jemma butler (8 months ago)
Love it can't wait for the next one
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
jemma butler we working on it already 🔥
Tennille Dryden (8 months ago)
Finally back on youtube and u guys got your self's twin girlfriends lmao jk
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Tennille Dryden finally hey!
Michelle Whitehead (8 months ago)
HAHA i love this so much this reminds me of my ex he always wanted everything 😂❤
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Michelle Whitehead hahahahaha 😂😂
Shakira Roarty (8 months ago)
I love it 😍 it's funny too 💙😂
Shakira Roarty (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo yep comedy and rap 😂💙
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Shakira Roarty thank you ! Comedy and Rap 😍
Anna Ryan (8 months ago)
Yessss this is soooo good this has put the biggest smile on my face this is so amazing I Iove you both you did so good xx ♥️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Anna Ryan thank you so much 😂
Alana Cox (8 months ago)
Loved it! Would be a good looking girl though 😭😂
Alana Cox (8 months ago)
Not necessarily 😂 did a good job on the song
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Alana Cox hahha isn’t that a bad thing
Megan Craig (8 months ago)
Haha this is awesome! #brokelife
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Megan Craig yeeeeeeh girl 😂😅
Tristan coutts (8 months ago)
I love it
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Tristan coutts thank you !
Micaela Muscat (8 months ago)
love the song boys <3 <3
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Micaela Muscat thank you so much 😘
Jade Johnson (8 months ago)
Omg so amazing 😍😍
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Jade Johnson thank you lovely
Ashleigh Hogg (8 months ago)
😍😍😍 love it another great song ❤️❤️
Ashleigh Hogg (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo already done ❤️❤️
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Ashleigh Hogg appreciate it ! Make sure you download and stream on Spotify :)
Corina Becker (8 months ago)
I love this!! This is so good!! You's are amazing like always!! Love love this so much!! 💕💕💕💕😀
Corina Becker (8 months ago)
AlwaysTakeTwo anytime!! So much love! 💕😀
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Corina Becker you’re amazing thank you
joanna vincent (8 months ago)
😍 loves it😍
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
joanna vincent thank you !
Corie Dowie (8 months ago)
Absolutely love it 😍
AlwaysTakeTwo (8 months ago)
Corie Dowie thank you ! 😁💦

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