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Handwriting Analysis

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Graphologist Andrea McNichol teaches about the science of graphology (handwriting analysis). For more info about Andrea's teaching DVDs, how to get her UCLA handwriting analysis course on video, visit http://www.brainprints.com
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Mac intoSser (9 months ago)
Andrea McNichol seems like a lot of fun... she has a wonderful way of conveying stuff in a no-nonsense way and displaying a brilliant sense of humour at the same time... and it all flows... she hasn’t got a single stuffy molecule in her body and there is never a dull moment. She’s reminds me of the ‘favourite teacher’ in school that everybody likes and where everybody is likely to do well. She burns for her thing and is very passionate. No doubt that attitude rubs off in class.
Izzy Gee (20 days ago)
So neat, makes me want to be in her class!!! 😁
XRemARx (1 month ago)
Wow what a great teacher..... Too bad I don’t see that often.
Bruce Junker (2 months ago)
what does it mean doctors all chicken scratch?
Diana Tutt (2 months ago)
Any idiot could figure this out.
Valerie Jewell (2 months ago)
Cursive is six feet under, sweetie, this froma leftie......
DzyMsLizzy (3 months ago)
BUT---I often 'squiggle' and can't read my own writing when I need to transcribe notes for later, because it is difficult for me to write quickly enough and still keep up with what else is being said while I'm trying to write the last thing that was said. It doesn't mean I'm devious! The so-called "secretive" O is how we were taught to make an upper case O in grade school! So you're saying that everyone who make their Os as they were taught are suddenly "secretive?" BS! Also---penmanship going downhill--minus having lined paper, I just don't have a good eye or kinesthetic sense, and my writing tends to go downhill even if I'm in a great mood! I don't believe these studies are necessarily reliable indicators of personallity.
i woman (3 months ago)
i would like to take the doodle test but the video does not give the instructions for the viewers.
chino cochino (4 months ago)
Bunch of thoughtless sheep....You can think how to write and usually we attempt to either imitate or create our own handwriting...nothing wrong with it. This and all “grafologists” tend to influence people of what they believe relates to lines and feelings...most is bullshit and bias
Gary Rosson (7 months ago)
My grapholigist told me i was the antichrist!!!!!!!
MGTOW (7 months ago)
A Excellent Video.. Highly Recommended..Thank You Very Much For Sharing.. Very, Very Interesting..
Carmel Pule' (7 months ago)
Wetting the finger with one's mouth at 11:20 to do the doodle test, is not expected to be done by anyone, let alone a public speaking lady!
dehypno tize (7 months ago)
I want part 2 -.-
Bettie Russo (8 months ago)
With this ill educated millineal's do not even know how to write. What about the fact that the writer just learned their handwriting in the fifties or sixtie's? My mother had wonderful handwriting, and I learned from her. It was the "Denielial script, and the Spensarian script" All the cursive letters are connected and in one fluid line. The "O's" in them are always slightly open at the top if they are made correctly. My mother was as honest as the Achangel and had beautiful, flowing, flowery look. It does not mean she was a dishonest cerialkiller. Good handwriting requires practice and skill. Shoot, the school system now graduates people with a degree that are illiterate ! I think EVERY PERSON should be taught how to write.
רבקה (2 months ago)
Over time if I don't write for awhile, my handwriting changes.
Storm Springfield (5 months ago)
Bettie Russo Strong words from a person who spelt millennial, archangel and serial killer wrong
PlugMartian (10 months ago)
This is actually a little scary. I was taught to put loops on my "ovals" and to use loops on the beginning of my capital N and M. So according to her I'm some kind of pathological liar because of how I was taught to write. Scary.
רבקה (2 months ago)
Yup. All law abiding people are now felons in her mind.
lavinder11 (4 months ago)
She said the stab is a mark of a liar. The loops you describe are stylistic.
Anannya Saikia (10 months ago)
PlugMartian exactly what's going on in my mind.. o with a loop is how i was taught to write an o too. i am confused.
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
The only time I doodle is on the phone.
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
I wonder how speedwriting fits in to this? I'm learning speedwriting, I love it! But it's the only cursive I do..
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
What about print writing though? I don't usually write in cursive
3506Dodge (1 year ago)
It's almost all women!
Priyadarshan Nag (1 year ago)
I love her 😍😄
Anna Paulikonis (1 year ago)
Miss I beg to differ with you. I was taught cursive writing in grade school and thats the way we were taught how to write an O.
Brittnayy D (9 months ago)
i dont have loops in my os when i write cursive. the connector is on the outside for me
Anannya Saikia (10 months ago)
Anna Paulikonis exactly. so now if i am suspected for a crime and my handwriting is analysed they will take me for a liar just because that's how i was taught 😁😁😂
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
yes that's how the o is taught in cursive
Mark Feil (1 year ago)
Why in the world isn't this admissible in courts in the US???
רבקה (2 months ago)
+mspixiedust100 Not so. I'm studying these people just to purpose flip my handwriting to prove them wrong. 😘
Happy Honey (3 months ago)
+mspixiedust100 It can also be wildly inaccurate
mspixiedust100 (8 months ago)
+mikerossscuba There's actually basis behind it. It can be pretty accurate.
mikerossscuba (8 months ago)
'Cuz it's unreliable and speculative.
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
Because different experts vary slightly.
Kabo Lesego Puso (2 years ago)
I doodled a pencil sharpener first then a flower in a pot for the second image. I'm weird.
Annabelle Beckwith (6 months ago)
ha! Good one. I drew a cat in the first block; so according to Ms. McNichol I apparently think I'm a cat. As for you, Kabo, do you find yourself covered with lead and wood shavings from time to time? (not so sure what that flower in a pot for the next block would indicate, though!)
Trish C (2 years ago)
Is that Missy?!
Morgan Elise (2 years ago)
I made the second one a penis. Awkward.... But I think she primed my mind by saying "the first thing that comes to mind, even if you say eww." Hahaha
Riverdeepnwide (3 months ago)
Hey Morgan, I'm going for a coffee at Tim's, c'mon along. ❤️
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
Faye Kwatch (2 years ago)
Who else is from Mr. Metford?
holohulolo (2 years ago)
I personally believe that it's true that you can tell something about a person. But I think it's impossible to tell a person's personality through it, because I notice how they can easily change from time to time. If anything, it would reflect that person's emotions at the time of the writing. Then again it may not be accurate because of how the writings are demanded, and the reason the person was writing it. I believe it reflects the mind, at the time of writing. Much like how our voice changes depending on how we feel and react during a conversation.
whisperingsage (3 years ago)
I learned in an autism class that doodling helps children (yes even not autistic ones) solidify the lecture and help it anchor in their minds. In church I used to hand out coloring books an and paper for the kids as we no longer had a children's church as a separate entity. We had some amazingly smart kids come out of the adult class.
רבקה (2 months ago)
I doodle when I'm deep in thought and trying to figure out something.
whisperingsage (3 years ago)
Ms. McNichol, my mom turned me on to you years ago- I am flabbergasted at adults who can't read or write cursive. It appears to be the rule of school now. How is this affecting this graphology art?
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
What country??
narsplace (3 years ago)
+whisperingsage nothing, it would not change a thing, at all. Think about it English witting is only about 600 to 700 years yet there have been ideas of graphology long before that. Chinese writing as a lot on Graphology as well. So not just with English and or just cursive writing changers quickly but the brain does not.
Brian Yach (3 years ago)
I have read one of her books.  It was very awesome. I'd love to get her dvd set.
dksta2346 (4 years ago)
I have been doing this since 1975.  It works and you can not hide from me.  I had a coworker challenge me by coming up with the same analysis of another coworker's personallity.  My response to him was "you are missing the point.  I could do this by looking at her handwriting and never seeing her in person.  You know I'm right but you know her from working with her everyday.  This it the first time I've ever spoken to her." The lectures are short and can't include much needed information but what she said is correct.  Read her resume.
Brian Yach (3 years ago)
+dksta2346 - I read one of Andrea's books. It was awesome. I read it twice and learned just enough info to get general understandings from someone's writings. One person didn't believe me, so I had them write a little something on a paper and I told them things they never told anybody. They were blown away. I find this subject fascinating.
Insider Art Teachers (4 years ago)
Great presentation.  I can't stand the chalk on blackboard. Cats don't write but they paint likenesses.
Wendy Mcreynollds (4 years ago)
and what if ...say... you have to sign your name roughly 100 times/day?
Elane Horhi (5 years ago)
Thank you for the helpful video.  These days though, nobody writes anymore.  Everything is being typed using computers.  How can we analyze writings when they are being typed?  Thanks.
Jim Cullen (4 years ago)
Any such analysis would be just as accurate as this graphology. That is to say, not accurate at all.
kathberry8 (5 years ago)
..I think those with bad clues in their handwriting are the very ones who say they don't think graphology is valid ,(but they know it is)...
Mathew Thomas K. (4 years ago)
+Jim Cullen I'm sorry, but there are several studies which demonstrate its validity. 1) Binet, A. (1907).  Crucial experiments in graphology.  Philosophical Review, 64, 22-40. 2) Crumbaugh, J.C., & Stockholm, E. (1977).  Validation of graphoanalysis by “global” or “holistic” method. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 44, 403-410. 3) Drory, A. (1986).  Graphology and job performance:  a validation study. In B. Nevo (ed.).  Scientific aspects of graphology.  Springfield, IL:  Thomas. 4) Eysenck, H. (1945).  Graphological analysis and psychiatry:  An experimental study.  British Journal of Psychology, 35, 70-81.  5) Lemke, E., & Kirchner, J. (1971).  A multivariate study of handwriting, intelligence and personality correlates.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 35, 584 – 592. 6) Lewinson, T., & Zubin, J., (1944). Handwriting Analysis. King’s Crown Press. 2nd Ed. 7) Linton, H., Epstein, L., & Hartford, H. (1962).  Personality and perceptual correlates of primary beginning strokes in handwriting. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 15, 159-170. 8) Nevo, B. (1989).  Validation of graphology though use of a matching method based on ranking. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 69, 1331-1336. 9) Oosthuizen, S. (1990). Graphology as predictor of academic achievement. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 71, 715-721 10) Riggio, R.E., Lippa, R., & Salinas, C. (1990).  The display of personality in expressive movement.  Journal of Research in Personality, 24, 16-31. 11) Satow, R., & Rector, J. (1995).  Using gestalt graphology to identify entrepreneurial leadership.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 81, 263-270. 12) Sonnemann, U., & Kerman, J.P. (1962).  Handwriting analysis—a valid selection tool.  Personnel, 39, 8-14. 13) Van Rooij, J.J.F., & Hazelzet, A.M. (1997).  Graphologists’ assessment of extraversion compared with assessment by means of a psychological test. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 85, 919-28. 14) Wellingham-Jones, P. (1989).  Evaluation of the handwriting of successful women through the Roman-Staempfli Psychogram.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 69, 999-1010. 15) Williams, M., Berg-Cross, G., & Berg-Cross, L. (1977).  Handwriting characteristics and their relationship to Eysenck’s Extraversion-Introversion and Kagan’s Impulsivity-Reflectivity dimensions.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 41, 291-298. There are many more...
Jim Cullen (4 years ago)
+kathberry8 you believe that these scientific experiments are flawed? Did you even bother to check on *any* of their methodologies?
kathberry8 (4 years ago)
+Jim Cullen...I reiterate.. 
Jim Cullen (4 years ago)
Hate to break it to you, but graphology isn't valid. There have been numerous scientific studies to that effect. See: *  "Illusory Correlations in Graphological Inference", Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 6 (4): 336–348 *  "Lockowandte, Oskar Present status of the investigation of handwriting psychology as a diagnostic method", Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology (6): 4–5. * Nevo, B Scientific Aspects Of Graphology: A Handbook Springfield, IL: Thomas: 1986 *  "Graphology and Personality: Another Failure to Validate Graphological Analysis.", Personality and Individual Differences 8 (3): 433–435 Among many others.
ddstar (5 years ago)
That's because most europians are liars.
david quirk (5 years ago)
Techne (5 years ago)
This is so stupid, really just testament to the fact people were as dumb in the past as they are now...
Anna Rivas (5 years ago)
this is awful! I wrote a sample out, and it didn't describe me one bit... Don't believe this please
koekons (5 years ago)
that heavy "t" just looks lazy and sloppy to me. my letters drag when I'm feeling too lazy to write properly. This is a bunch of bollocks. Damn lady pisses me off too. she treats her class like a bunch of retards.
רבקה (2 months ago)
I'm the same way too. And when I'm feeling creative to write stories, I use italics style calligraphy as my handwriting. If my hand starts cramping, I start leaning down. If I'm really feeling creative, I write by flipping my loops around. I turn my writing into art.
shweta singh (5 years ago)
your SIGNATURE shows that you are independent person .but for actual analysis post the scaaned copy of your signature
shweta singh (5 years ago)
hi..according to graphology a person who write in print wants to hide thing from other and they dont want other people to know how they are as a person .they like to remain enigma.
Happy Honey (3 months ago)
Or it could be that their writing is mostly illegible and their printing is far easier to read
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
Cursive feels awkward to me.
mspixiedust100 (11 months ago)
Wow, really? I've always written in print!!
James Smith (5 years ago)
Xerox? my god woman!
pavan kumar (6 years ago)
can we get the continution for doodle test??? if yes, where can we get it? plz post d link.. and also please post the links on graphology............
seadawg93 (6 years ago)
The printing could show a certain level of secretiveness and being in a hurry, but ultimately it just doesn't show anything because most traits need cursive writing. The shorthand name could mean a lot or nothing, it depends on the traits shown, the letters used and the whole gestalt.
robbiedaug (6 years ago)
I only print my words. I don't use connected letters in my words. When i print, i use the exact same font as what you see, here, in this comment. I only sign my name and for that i don't use real letters, i use a "short hand" version of my my name. What does that mean?
John Guy (6 years ago)
This is amazing! I caught a whole punch of lies before the video was even finished.
gullreefclub (6 years ago)
Hate to tell her the Oval test about loops and stabs is stupid I was taught to put a loop in my O just look at Palmer method of writing and as for the doodle test I have seen it before and taken it her answers for what is the most common answer is hardly the most common answer it like looking at ink blots As far as corrections and mistakes with the way most people spell & write (penmanship) today 90 percent of what is hand written is full of mistakes I take her statements with a grain of salt
theborn1967 (6 years ago)
you misunderstood her mate ,, she just said handwriting can reveal intelligence,, she did not say people with good handwriting are more intelligent
jennifer hightower (6 years ago)
Ninth Tome (6 years ago)
Looks pretty simple actually.
carsten (6 years ago)
the way i write with piss on snow correlates with my wisdom
David Schell (6 years ago)
Does the lady know Palmer Penmanship because it does look like semi -angular cursive David nz,
Hakim H. (6 years ago)
Ah so all my professors are retarded! Great! How the hell did i miss this one!
XRemARx (1 month ago)
Hakim H. All of my professors are retarded as well
professional-mothering (7 years ago)
I would have turned the circle into a wedding ring.
Flows234 (7 years ago)
She talks to the class as they are, retarded overgrown morons..
Flows234 (7 years ago)
This shit is retarded.
zarehara (7 years ago)
the stabbing of ovals is insignificant. thatțs how we're taught to write in school in europe!! that's the "beautiful" handwriting.
majawow (7 years ago)
overly styled writing is the bluffer! true
littlemikey1954 (7 years ago)
@gairabad There are good books and bad ones. M. L. Bunker taught his students NOT to "learn and remember", but to "learn, prove what you learned and then remember what you proved"
Jeremy vince (7 years ago)
the 30 dislikes are the ones that found out they're crazy
lifeofanidiot (7 years ago)
And yes, we're pretty far off lol
lifeofanidiot (7 years ago)
@LaSalviaBodysurf Yeah, but little changes stop at a certain point. This was already proven, but it was suppressed.
LaSalviaBodysurf (7 years ago)
@lifeofanidiot about that alien thing, we can only prove that something exists, we cant prove that something doesnt. Little changes in a big time = huge change. We went a bit far from the handwriting topic..
lifeofanidiot (7 years ago)
@LaSalviaBodysurf See, evolution is a theory supported by other theories, which have been debunked. See, a living thing CAN NOT change beyond a certain point. This is a FACT we learned from the Agricultural experiments at the University of Wisconson in 1894. IT was covered up because it stepped on the toes of the evolutionist's little theory. Did you know they also tried covering up the discovery of the living Coelocanth? Good thing the media got to it first, or we'd think it's still extinct...
lifeofanidiot (7 years ago)
@LaSalviaBodysurf That'd own me if I were a creationist. :| But see, there's a problem: that's no more proof for evolution than it is for Aliens coming down and bonding our chromosomes. :|
LaSalviaBodysurf (7 years ago)
@lifeofanidiot /watch?v=dK3O6KYPmEw&feature=related ohh yes baby, you just got served.
LaSalviaBodysurf (7 years ago)
@lifeofanidiot most stupid comment ever. Are you a creacionist ? LOL
Don Julio (7 years ago)
by looking at your G's in hand writing, they can tell that u masterbate alot, hahaahah!!! 95% of u looked at your G's your all gay haha :D
lifeofanidiot (7 years ago)
I read all of the comments in this video about it being bullshit and Imagination: Yet, I see nobody saying this on videos about evolution. It's the same shit. Graphology: All you have are letters on the board. You don't know what they were thinking/feeling when they were writing, let alone if they were mad or sad. Evolution: All you have are bones in the ground. You don't know if that animal had babies, let alone if it had babies different from itself.
thetruthisoutthere32 (7 years ago)
This is science that she is teaching? Labeling something as science adds so much more credibility to an activity, especially if you are trying to sell snake oil. Well, I'm convinced! Evidence of this type is an infallible as DNA. I know! Why don't we use this type of conjecture to predict behavioral characteristics and give the government the ability to lock someone up without having been charged with or convicted of any crime. Best of all it can't be challenged as it lacks hard numbers.
BhuvaneshB (7 years ago)
@metalmike83 So I guess my IQ has gone down in the past decade, because my handwriting has gotten worse? :)
ninuchi (8 years ago)
@metalmike83 If u read her book..the neater you write the worse it is. It shows too much control over urself without any self expression....
Painnnnful (8 years ago)
@metalmike83 No, it doesn't go that straightforward... It has more to it...
iughioo (8 years ago)
@metalmike83 No, that's not true. The intelligence is not shown by the neatness of the handwriting. There are other signs to direct to the power of the mind. In fact, neatness may reveal that the person is methodical and characterized by clarity in thinking which might not necessarily be a deep or fast one.
strawberryseason (8 years ago)
@SaganAppreciationSoc Do you consider all of psychology then to be a pseudoscience? Handwriting is similar to other types of body language. Our handwriting is determined by our brains, not by our hands. There is a connection between the brain and the body, this idea is not new.
strawberryseason (8 years ago)
@metalmike83 Graphology has at least as much validity as the Rorschach Ink Blot test or the Thematic Apperception Test. Neither of those widely used psychological tests have passed the scientific evidence test. Neither Freud's theories nor Erikson's stages are falsifiable, yet they are still taught in your psychology classes.
ObeyBunny (8 years ago)
Oh, no fair! I wanted to see what the rest of my doodles mean!
Krazyk007x2 (8 years ago)
I make a LOT of mistakes when I write, always have. I don't think I'm any more or less honest than the average person. The problem is, my brain thinks the words way faster than I can possibly write them. This leads to constant misspellings and writing the wrong words in the wrong places. Hell, I did it a few times writing this comment.
N2CUA (9 years ago)
@apolloniavitelli yeah ... I have her book .. and in it .. she does state that her book is based on a particular writing style and that what we are taught in school affects it .. However, if we have enough of a sample to determine the style, then you can take that into account when you analyse .. Not an "exact" science .. but has proven useful more than not. Regardless of some peoples unsubstantiated comments. ( not yours )
N2CUA (9 years ago)
I have used it at work to catch a liar .. Worked for me .. Used it a a party .. four people ... four lies .. found them all .. wow ... pretty impressive for a pseudoscience .. Perhaps you are just to closed minded ...
N2CUA (9 years ago)
@SaganAppreciationSoc IF that is the case .. then OH YEAH! for pseudoscience.. Cuz it has caught many a criminal ..
olemortenm (9 years ago)
@robingervais7 So you're implying that I should ignore everything I disagree with? Judge things without giving it a chance? That's not being very fair, and considering I called it a pseudoscience the very least I could do is give it the benefit of the doubt and watch the video.
olemortenm (9 years ago)
Just another pathetic pseudoscience. I honestly feel sad when I think about that fact that there are still people who believe in stuff like this.
Dejan (9 years ago)
I draw a dick on my doodle test...hehe.
Thisisnotmyrealname8 (9 years ago)
For what it's worth it is interesting to look at Barack Obama's signature considering the stabbing O.
Fulgore (9 years ago)
interesting,i am sure there is some truth to this,but this is just promotional material hence explaining its over simplification for example flamboyant writing could be an indicator of creativity/artistic rather than being a " con-artist".
BDUFFS (9 years ago)
I agree.
HoracePL (9 years ago)
its nordic if you mean this letter "Ø" In Denmark and Norway we have those letters as "Æ,Ø,Å"
רבקה (2 months ago)
æ is also in old English plus a lot of us use the slash in 0 and 7 to differentiate between O and 1.
ObeyBunny (9 years ago)
Hey! No fair! I wanted to see what all of those doodles meant! What does the diagnal one mean?
sn4tchflick (9 years ago)
most empirical studies fail to show the validity claimed by its supporters. Graphology is now generally considered a pseudoscience
Zelda Reben (10 years ago)
Why isn't there any ...NEW graphologist videos? I wanna be a graphologist when i grow up plz thnk u bi
John Cioffi (10 years ago)
She's pulling back and disguising that turkey neck. Gobble, Gobble
bagelfanatic (10 years ago)
Lol 3:37-3:39..
ineedalink (10 years ago)
I have the wierdest handwriting. Even in print... I go over my letters alot but I don't know why... I'm not lying, it's just a habit I have... and if I write, I realize I have a stabbed O and I wasn't lying about what I was writing... does it just mean I have a guilty mind or what? I don't write in cursive that much but in my opinion my cursive is very plain and sucks... all of these type of analyzing sciences say I get into detail well... but in my opinion I suck with detail. Maybe I'm strange
fielsjd (10 years ago)
No. It doesn't work for people who write in print or in cursive.
Adahn5 (11 years ago)
"It will affect the way you feel" ? "I've been in the field for more than 40 years"? What field is that? Voodoo? Psychology? And if you say teaching, then I suggest you go back to whatever university you graduated from, and ask for your money back. - Let the girl change her handwriting, it's her deal. Work with a profession, please.
Angelo Arriola (11 years ago)
Your previous learning experience on how to write letters doesn't matter. Here's the reason: Even though you are taught how to write letters properly, your handwriting CHANGES over time. And of course, graphologists will require a person to WRITE, and not to type on a keyboard!! They will also, most likely, require a person to write in cursive form and not in print.
BlackMasterJoe89 (11 years ago)
the teacher has a great personality, wish i had more teachers like that, maybe I would retain more!!!
Sheila Lowe (11 years ago)
Graphology is far from dead. People will always have to use handwriting for some applications. I'm wondering where you learned to write if, indeed, you were taught to make a stabbing circle in ovals. That's a system I've never heard of, and I've been in the field for more than 40 years.

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