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Cillian Murphy: Peaky Blinders series 4 will be "best yet"

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Cillian Murphy's starring in brand new dramatic war movie, Dunkirk and of course we had to talk about the incredible Peaky Blinders! Report by Lucy Jones. Test
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Text Comments (440)
Sherrill Sim (8 days ago)
Hes so beautiful oh my lord
Smile_With ME (15 days ago)
Omg i Love him so much
Dja Net (22 days ago)
Quel beau gosse .
queen _msrd (26 days ago)
يحلوه ☹❤❤❤❤❤❤
S (26 days ago)
Demet Şener'e benziyor jdjdj
Chelsea slime 123 (29 days ago)
Peaky blinders is my factor l am Irish l am 10 pleases can l see Grakea l dress up as you Tommy Shelby your the best corny ware in til sison 5 cons awt
Belhinani Abdelkhalek (1 month ago)
He looks like an introverter
reggie43 ! (2 months ago)
I feel uncomfortable when i see him out of character,especially with the long hair
Muhammad Abdullah (2 months ago)
peaky blinders remind me of godfather
MyNameIsJeff4 (2 months ago)
peaky fokin' blinders
Your Mother Hubbard (2 months ago)
When has an actor ever said something other then "I think season *blank* will be the best yet"
2 ALY3RBE (3 months ago)
Session 5 🖤🖤🖤
Pedro Capitani (3 months ago)
Elena Origlio (3 months ago)
he is ridiculously good looking. fook
marco riley (3 months ago)
Good lord he smiles???!!!!??!?
Miledith (3 months ago)
We should start a petition to keep Cillian's hair like that or maybe to keep a bit modernized version of it. He looks so good in it.
Bassma Mo (3 months ago)
He looking funny and simple and that's mean he's a greatest actor ever ❤ Tommmmy 😻💕
NadiyaFlorina101 (3 months ago)
How does a person look THIS GOOD? He looks better and better as he ages. He’s gorgeous 😍
armonia500 Chemin (3 months ago)
tu es un être vraiment très mauvais tu m'as enlevé la mémoire pour que je ne poursuive ma relation avec l'homme de me vie, mes parents auraient pu être sauvés de toutes souffrances qu'on leurs faisaient! tu penses que je ne suis qu'un chien un animal domestique!!!!!!!!!!!  comme si je t'appartenais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! après tu as décidé de m'exterminer, !!!!!!!!!!! j'espère que tu vas crever ARRETES DE JOUER AU MEC BIEN TU ES UNE ORDURE comme le disait ta première femme
Der Bierathlet (3 months ago)
Where's his fooking cigarette?
Evelynwashere 1 (3 months ago)
Why am I just watching Peaky Blinders and now am obsessed???? Cillian could have been my husband years ago!!! 😂😂😂
Jamiee (3 months ago)
can’t wait for season 5
ms connolly (3 months ago)
I'll watch anything with cillian in it but this tv series was phenomenal
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill (9 days ago)
Watch breakfast on Pluto!
TBP_ 123 (3 months ago)
He sounds so different to what he sounds like in the series. Cant wait to start season 4
Dylan Young (3 months ago)
Best series in the world *FULL STOP*
Rok Metallica (3 months ago)
I love himm)His eyes so blue))
Alvaro Perrino (4 months ago)
He was right
Maiden Bronze. (4 months ago)
Melanie martisers (4 months ago)
Oooooowwww ssssooooo cccuuuttteee 😍😍😍😍😚
amal c.a (4 months ago)
Reporter:You chose not be in social media. Cillian:Nah I'm too old for that
armonia500 Chemin (4 months ago)
CILLIAN MURPHY IS NOT HUMAN  et tout ça, c'était pour me faire passer pour une pute, cillian murphy m'a faite passer pour une pute à Londres, à Freiburg, à Monaco il disait " avec ces filles là, on attrape des maladies" quelqu'un lui a répondu " vous avez l'air d'en savoir long, vous utilisez beaucoup leurs services?" CILLIAN MURPHY il suffit de le déstabiliser pour le voir apparaitre tel qu'il est un monstre hideux, énormé, poilu, minable! et ça veut gérer le monde!
Samantha Ruck (4 months ago)
This has to be the most beautiful man on the planet
Aeris 127 (4 months ago)
I just love his resting bitchface:)
yuqi (4 months ago)
eiitaaa cara lindo da porr
merve aktay (4 months ago)
saçlarına kurban reyiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Re Chi (4 months ago)
joseph baldwin (4 months ago)
This is the worst tv show i have ever seen
akuuma. - (4 months ago)
لازم ادرس انجليزي
توماس حاتم (4 months ago)
Peaky Blinds 2019 🙏💥💥👌
N M (4 months ago)
Aaaand it was actually the worst season.
Dima Statham (4 months ago)
нихуя не сообразил
Florida Kilos (4 months ago)
I love him so much no one will ever understand, he's so damn hot it's unreal
Santino Jann (5 months ago)
Season 3 is the worst season
Aaron Formanekgibson (5 months ago)
He's actually one my fav actors cuz I'm half Irish living in Ireland and Half czeak and he played in the man with the iron hearth
Pól O'Hare (5 months ago)
i proudly have the same haircut as him, skin fade included
Ghadeer Ali (5 months ago)
ماكو ترجمة ☹
Zoë (5 months ago)
what a fkin angel 🙏🏻
Quoverlord (5 months ago)
Jesus that's how he sounds like in real life? He played Jonathan Crane fantasmically, what a talented actor...
İlhan Karaca (5 months ago)
Cillian Murphy great actor..... As good as Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich.
x.r olx (5 months ago)
By order fo peaky blinders
his eyes 💛💛💛💛
butterboyemil (5 months ago)
its so weird hearing him speak irish :P'
Michael De Santa TOWNLEY (5 months ago)
My fav. Actor- Benedict Cumberbatch and Cillian Murphy.
John Hencock (6 months ago)
season 2 was the best
Crossed Bones (6 months ago)
Interviewer: How's it going? Cilian: Good how are you? Interviewer: How emotional has this whole thing been? Great answer to such a simple question!
Metecan ERDÖNMEZ (6 months ago)
RafasEuo13 (6 months ago)
Now that I have finished season 4,I can easily say that season 4 was indeed the best,which is awesome
BrandonPrive1432 (6 months ago)
Christopher Nolan take 2? What you talking about he’s been in tons of Nolan’s films
H S (6 months ago)
Sasashimi (6 months ago)
Amazing eyes!!!
Venüs Z (7 months ago)
When i heard his real accent I couldn’t believe the accent he did on peaky blinders he is talented as fuck
kemo alaa (7 months ago)
it is the last season????
Gavin Page (2 months ago)
Season 5, 6, 7 and a movie confirmed
BTS بنات وبس (7 months ago)
عربي لايك🇸🇦❤❤.
Jamie the great (7 months ago)
Too busy listening to Noel to understand what's going on this interview
ARMAN Raeisi (7 months ago)
Thomas fucking shelby 😍😍😍
Hamza Yamin (7 months ago)
1:53 His voice kinda had me dead
يسعد امك
نؤةس ٧صزصز (8 months ago)
احبك ياخي عربي لايك.🔥🌚
Mina Nasralla (8 months ago)
All I see is Thomas fooking Shelby
Atharva Mahajan (8 months ago)
I finished season 4 10 minutes ago and I think it's safe to say that it definitely was 'the best yet'. Show keeps getting more brilliant with every season and now I simply can NOT wait for season 5.
Sean Craven (8 months ago)
I respect him more for not being on social media! It is such a waste of time. Except YouTube !!
Ahmed Altrad (8 months ago)
whats happend to the fucking deep voice shit its fucked up by order of the peaky foooocking blinders
Ann Harris (8 months ago)
i love peaky an tommy Shelby cant wait for a new season
Ango Goblogian (8 months ago)
People....killing people.
Paul Stark (8 months ago)
Where is Billy fookin Kimber?
Nicola Christine (8 months ago)
He is fucking gorgeous 😍😝🔥
sarah mccoy (8 months ago)
Shawn A86 (8 months ago)
When she asks about social media: "I'm too old for that." Hahaha, no you're not. "Yeah." Hahaha, that was perfect. Fuck Facebook and Twitter and all that bullshit.
DoggieNYC (8 months ago)
It wasn't the best, it was the worst. But still pretty fucking good.
PoePea Gaming (8 months ago)
The geezer is so chill and down to earth.
armonia500 Chemin (9 months ago)
"toute la laideur de ton âme, est tombée sur ton visage"
Dawson Trask (9 months ago)
I fucking love Cillian, hes such a great underrated actor. No one appreciates him at all, and he does such an amazing job playing Tommy shelby .
Gizmoooo007 (9 months ago)
Lose the accent Thomas
crazypolite (9 months ago)
I never cared for this guy in Batman, but then I saw Peaky Blinders and my opinion of him as an actor took a 180 degree turn.. GREAT series and fantastic cast all around
MrLeny (9 months ago)
Hiç Türk yok mu lan?
Story Time Chats (9 months ago)
I'm 11 years old and i really really LOVE PEAKY BLINDERS SO MUCH #Tommy4life
Shanti Zsch (9 months ago)
sorry its a no from me
sir you Can't do that (9 months ago)
Something off about this show .. i like it and i don’t like it can’t tell why
armonia500 Chemin (9 months ago)
he is a monster!
armonia500 Chemin (9 months ago)
Cillian Murphy, il raconte partout que vous êtes une pute...", cet ex fiancé trouve trop dégradant d'avoir eu une petite amie violée alors non seulement il m'avait abandonnée mais en plus il me fait passer pour une prostitué BRUNO le nom français de CILLIAN MURPHY j'en ris maintenant mais à l'époque je croyais en ton amour parce que moi j'étais sincère je t'aimais de toute mon âme je ne savais pas que tu pouvais mentir que je n'étais qu'un investissement pour toi
Kimberly Holland (9 months ago)
Is there going to be season five of PB? Hope so
So in love....
Naamah Gray (10 months ago)
His eyes😍✨
ben (10 months ago)
Syd (10 months ago)
THE GOAT. Wish he had social medias to follow him.
mthenn (10 months ago)
Why does his head look overwhelmingly enormous.
El americas (8 months ago)
Kosmos Sounds lol why all actors
Kosmos Sounds (9 months ago)
all actors have big heads
chitalo ans (10 months ago)
CSL Gaming&Vlogs (10 months ago)
Cillian is my name
Hema Malik (10 months ago)
I started watching Peaky Blinders like three days ago and I've literally just caught up on all the episodes. He wasn't wrong - season 4 is amazing! AND HE IS THE CUTEST!

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