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Cillian Murphy: Peaky Blinders series 4 will be "best yet"

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Cillian Murphy's starring in brand new dramatic war movie, Dunkirk and of course we had to talk about the incredible Peaky Blinders! Report by Lucy Jones. Test
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Text Comments (664)
حمزة باكير (1 day ago)
Toome sulbe 😍😘🤗
Sensei (2 days ago)
Shii i aint gay but look at him
zakaria haimouche (2 days ago)
What the fuck i can't find the french torrent, i love english i don't like british english, but i like british living by the way
Tara Dissaa (3 days ago)
Aurora Boreal (4 days ago)
❤️ Bello bellazo
العنود Nöd (4 days ago)
في الثانيه ٤كانه قال والله
Call Me Mirko (4 days ago)
If only the same could've been said for GoT season 8
TurtleBean (5 days ago)
Related to Cillian Murphy. Just sayin
Sajjad Hossain (5 days ago)
S4 was the best indeed 💟
Hey Love (6 days ago)
he’s mesmerizing
فيلم جامد# (13 days ago)
البيكي بلايندرز 😂❤❤❤
Eslam Sadek زرقهم
Sir Mooosey (15 days ago)
Season 5???
Fatimah (16 days ago)
Urrggg he’s so peng
Ahmed Khalil (17 days ago)
This video was brought to you by order of the PEAKY FOOKIN BLINDERS.
Marcio Dodo (19 days ago)
Is t batman begins
Ana Souza (20 days ago)
Lautaro Garcia (21 days ago)
Thomas te amooooo ❤❤
من يحب توماس لايك
PIERRE PACES (25 days ago)
Bro stay with this haircut, you look so freeeeesh
H A19 (26 days ago)
He's make a great bond villain
The Batman Channel (27 days ago)
is that dr crane?
ronaldo neymar (27 days ago)
Thomas Shelby we need s5😒
AKSHAY SHARMA (28 days ago)
Bring this reporter to Brahingam By orders of peaky fookin blinders !!! 😕😕
nobody nobody (1 month ago)
Reporter:how are you? Cillian:good, how are you? Reporter:how emotional has this whole thing been? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Bobik (1 month ago)
острые козырьки
cualquier csm (1 month ago)
I love this guy
asmin miray (1 month ago)
Hiçbir şey anlamadım ama mimiklerine bittim
CLAW๛ sahil (1 month ago)
Peaky blinders is the best show ever.best best best
armonia500 Chemin (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Em9RkRxDcQ&t=123s cillian Murphy is an extraterrial monster he eats fresh human cells!
katy lemos (1 month ago)
Andrei Joseph (1 month ago)
I thought he’s talking about peaky blinders until he said “I was holding my breath for the whole movie “..
Lery C. (1 month ago)
If i were her I probably got fired because I would have stolen a kiss from him.
Gabriel Anthony (1 month ago)
I wait
Star Sand (1 month ago)
I did see his movie once with lucy in one of the romantic movies.....now seeing him this matured acting...i think his evolution should also be credited more or less to christopher nolan.
Mia Jaksic (1 month ago)
Cillian....soooo great actor....can play anything....
HamXa Malik (1 month ago)
He should've worn cap mannnnnn
Elizabeth Figueroa (1 month ago)
Lo amoooooooo😍 ... I love Tommy 😍😍😍 que empiece yaaaaaa....
D Ó (1 month ago)
Salve dos BR porra vc é foda
Ricky Kaul (1 month ago)
By Order of the Peaky Fookin' Blinders
Edward Peñero (1 month ago)
love this series hahaha
نور ادم (1 month ago)
He is my fuckn good actor.. I like Thomas shelby. Well done man
Pranav Grover (1 month ago)
What the background music?
Pranav Grover (1 month ago)
@Abdullah Hussain Thankyou so much, man ⭐
Abdullah Hussain (1 month ago)
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Everybody's on the run Tune
Miguel Banana (1 month ago)
Yall see Tommy Shelby, but all I see is Arthur Shelby my favorite??😆
Christopher Moore (1 month ago)
Lana Rhodes
Macedonia MKD (1 month ago)
Tommy where is your cigarette ?
Yvzcn Club (1 month ago)
kral ya
Krazy Kite (1 month ago)
Wonder why he wasn’t on Game of Thrones!
Bom seriado
Palwasha khan (1 month ago)
He is the best I mean I cant take him out of your mind
Maykol Alvarez (1 month ago)
Cilian is seriously probably the most underrated actor of all time.
Maykol Alvarez (1 month ago)
The 4th was the best.
wolves7. (1 month ago)
Season 1 is the best
Thomas Shelby ❤️
H horan (1 month ago)
Damn, i only see tomas shelby, i think he would scare me if i see him in the street, it is so fucking weird cuz tomas shelby looks exactly his personality
داي DAe (1 month ago)
شكد احبك 😍
"Real historical event "
frog pig (1 month ago)
Cillian has served in two world wars
Nicole Vanoirbeek (1 month ago)
Potatoe Spud (2 months ago)
who the fuck told him that haircut was a good idea. goddam. we cant all look like colin farrell i guess. stcik to your long hair dude.
Atatürk (2 months ago)
DEAN (2 months ago)
I look like him who wants pumped
Beritan Mutlu (2 months ago)
Kurdish ✌✌😎😎
Esse é o cara. Explendido ator. Série impressionante.
avin mohanza (2 months ago)
calm as you like
Martins Danisevics (2 months ago)
Tom walked, all screamed.. :D
Martins Danisevics (2 months ago)
is he gonna shoot her?
akash narjinary (2 months ago)
Give me a focking wesky
Giuseppina Curiale (2 months ago)
beurk!!! il est laid!
ringoBOY 07 (2 months ago)
М Острые козырки
Filip Bodi (2 months ago)
Have you ever loved an actor from a movie or a show so much that you wanted him to be like that in real life ?
ikolo o (1 month ago)
Balkan News (2 months ago)
Already broken
KinginThe North (2 months ago)
Is it me or does his head seem like a vase that’s been smashed into a million pieces and then been put togetha by an orse
DARK LORD (2 months ago)
Like by order of the peaky blinders
Chuwmuma Mark (2 months ago)
I love this guy
EditMeThatVideo (2 months ago)
I tough his name was Thomas Shelby WTF xd
lukonawesome (2 months ago)
Scare Crow
Federico Allegretti (2 months ago)
Funny how he's in a formal occasion and still he's less elegant than him in the movie
Mkzed (2 months ago)
where is his cig ?
nasser alahbabi (2 months ago)
الف تحيه لك
Subhan Mughal (2 months ago)
Peaky blinders is awesomee❤❤😘🤩🤩🤩😍😍
geo last (3 months ago)
Don't mess with the peaky blinders😎😎
Jay X (3 months ago)
Wtf 1920 and they got phones!!! Oh wait
okruch 28 (3 months ago)
Thomasie Shelby czekam na 5 cześć:) najlepszy serial jaki do tej pory ogladalem...
Frank Iloff (3 months ago)
This guy Thomas Shelby, must of talk to Marty Mcfly to go the the future.😂😂
Mert (3 months ago)
FOOOOOOOOooooooookiiin Blindeeers
Iluvfrenchfries (3 months ago)
Well ur not to old to be my sugar daddy
Jay Pharaoh (3 months ago)
this mans 42 lookin like he just earned his diploma... god I hope I age well
0NKX - (3 months ago)
عربي لايك
أكرم آل حسيني (3 months ago)
أكرم آل حسيني (3 months ago)
Asim Giri (3 months ago)
Wow Mr. Thomas Shelby looks soo much like Cillian Murphy.
Ziad Aljoker (4 months ago)
انت افجر شخصيه في المسلسل بحبك فشخ انطباعك في المسلسل طبع عليا ههه
Lucky Malangwani (4 months ago)
I thought he had this natural thick irish sounding accent? He practiced it for the show. Damn this guy's hell of a talent!
virtues (4 months ago)
Just finished. Best fucking show ever
JOjo S Babu (4 months ago)
Peaky blinders haircut✌️✌️
Golden Intentions (4 months ago)
Beautiful. I love that show and I have a really short attention span so don’t usually watch TV series. It’s a winner. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who has not watched it yet. Warning: you will undoubtedly develop an intense crush and slight obsession with this man.❤️
Not LusTT (4 months ago)
glad to be tommy shelbys little brother😂
Anakonda Sever (4 months ago)
Adam yakışıklı değil güzell güzelll You know what i mean??
Elephant protector (4 months ago)
I was at Cillians 40th birthday in the village of leap in County Cork,I got lots of photos with him.
Lalrem Chhungi (4 months ago)
Natalia dormer kissed Jenifer lawrence tho

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