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Southern Ladies - SNL

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Carolynn (Aidy Bryant), Marilyn (Kate McKinnon), Terrilynn (Leslie Jones), Jerrilyn (Reese Witherspoon) and Nan (Cecily Strong) open up about what's got them down over drinks. [Season 40, 2015] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (660)
Cory Mck (1 day ago)
_like beans in a burrito..._
Mar G (1 day ago)
“i must have been covered with the seed of 100 men” *kate screams* i love my gay wife
Aichell Alvarado (1 day ago)
I I cant with Aydy's hair 😂
Musica Nota (1 day ago)
Well, that's very accurate or funny. Speaking as a Southerner
Cloud Fa11 (2 days ago)
"no rude!" Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Joshua DR (2 days ago)
Biggest plot twist since the 6th sense.
neurofire (3 days ago)
K J (3 days ago)
This skit is abysmal.
Mamaw (4 days ago)
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King Ugly (4 days ago)
Southern accents make me so happy 😂😂😂
Christopher Dorrough (4 days ago)
Of all the SNL ladies, Cecily Strong got the best Southern accent.
doctorwho35 (6 days ago)
3:06 Kate's "Nooooo!" with wide eyes 😂😂😂😂😂
Immortal Kdude (6 days ago)
That skinny blonde lady has a gr8 hairstyle
C C (7 days ago)
cecily is such a goddess of comedy and beauty. love the southern accents
GDI (7 days ago)
Problems getting increasingly worse lol
Robyn Benson (9 days ago)
Lasted 27 seconds.
Mary Crawley (10 days ago)
I’m from Georgia, born and raised and yes some do y’all like these women but I don’t , if I did I wouldn’t be offended at all. I like all these actresses and I think this was Hilarious!😂😅🤣
whichwitchis WHICH? (14 days ago)
Oh god, suddenly I’m back in Texas with my mother and aunts. Spot on.
Taye Nic (17 days ago)
Omg Reese is adorable
Young Infamous (19 days ago)
Reese Witherspoon was soo good in this 😂😂
Shauna Marukelli (20 days ago)
Wow this sneak peak of the next season of Claws looks so good
Ani Zhamkochyan (22 days ago)
I’m sorry, but SNL will never even come close to MadTV
Cactus (22 days ago)
I come from arizona and I can confirm this is so accurate
tammi marking (23 days ago)
I LOVE SNL, but sweet darlin's, bless your hearts, you cannot portray true, refined Southern Ladies. Your accents are weak and fake. Add some Blanche Devereaux to your characters. And add some sweet Gawd and Jeeezus. Only a true Southern girl can portray a true Southern girl.
Cody Orr (24 days ago)
That ending is like m night shamafhfhoeriu level twist
wahiti channel (26 days ago)
the cut!!!
User1_Aiden (26 days ago)
0:28 The Nigga prolly went back too toss the salad😂😂😂
Charlie G (26 days ago)
Would be funnier if it weren't so realistic.
Unicorn Lover (28 days ago)
Merlin is the girl from ghostbusters :o
Unicorn Lover (28 days ago)
wait so is the black gurl
Vered Cookie (28 days ago)
Vered Cookie (28 days ago)
idk why Resse Whiterspoon divorced Ryan Phillippe he's so hot
Gloria Alosio (20 days ago)
He cheated on her with the nanny.
mo mo (30 days ago)
Eduardo Carrochio (1 month ago)
throw out half my shoes - ha!!
Whitfield Palmer (1 month ago)
viceb7 (1 month ago)
😂😂😂 Omg I'm from Texas these accents are too real. Love how natural reeses is
Asli K. (1 month ago)
Does Cecily sounds like sheldons mom 😂 or is it just me?
reallydumbforeal1 (1 month ago)
I wish Kate McKinnon was my horny Southern milf mom.
kim flanagan (1 month ago)
Accurate as a Texan
Sheba Smith (1 month ago)
Well damn hit me with all the Illuminati hand signs . Cast a spell why don’t u.
MeowDraws (1 month ago)
I was at a family gathering and I was watching SNL with my cousin (we had earbuds obviously). I was reading the description and as I was reading I didn't realize I was saying 'Carolynn Marilyn Terrilynn Jerrilyn and N a N' really loudly in a Southern accent. My great aunt thought I was making fun of her,,,
Suzie Q Truth (1 month ago)
this should be a recurring sketch
Ariel Johnson (1 month ago)
Madyson Roberts (1 month ago)
Lets be honest here I have never seen a southern woman drink wine out of a plastic bag 🤢🤢 THAT JUST AINT RIGHT YALL Bless their hearts
WeHaveToWakeUP (1 month ago)
SNL comedy at the highest level!
Kayla Hammann (1 month ago)
Their accents are great.
Veronica V (1 month ago)
Gives me Beyonce 'why don't you love me' vibes
AllEyezOnYanie (1 month ago)
testing (1 month ago)
If this were a real conversation between southern women they wouldnt have a bad thing to say and just try to constantly one up each other with all their blessings.
Molly Hunter (1 month ago)
I could’ve watched 3 more hours of just this
Matthew Dix (1 month ago)
Sorry No good Liberals SNL
A. Stri (1 month ago)
How about SNL release stuff on youtube so canadians can see it...hey lorne? Remember us lorne? The country of your birth lorne? It pisses me off that we get regulated like this and dont tell me its canada or youtube doing it. Fix this shit lorne.
Rohanna Francis (1 month ago)
pantslizard (1 month ago)
...not really funny... :>/
Tierra Rochelle (1 month ago)
“Carolyn wassup” 😂😂
This Happy Nest (1 month ago)
This is not what southern women talk about.
Clare Doherty (1 month ago)
Totally loved all their little stories lol
riplclip129 SCS (1 month ago)
Love at the end when they forgot they were robbing the house
gotthatflava20 (1 month ago)
"And suddenly the Persian carpet i'm standin on yanks out from under me, rolls me up like beans in a burrito, and tosses me right through our brand new Pella windas!"... "Well those are nice!"... "Not anymore thanks to that demon!"
Charlie Damcevski (1 month ago)
LiKe BeAnS iN a BuRrItO
Batty Lennon (1 month ago)
Oh my word
Theresa Heywood (2 months ago)
What a load of rubbish,& that’s meant to be comedy.
Belle Bullard (2 months ago)
im not even mad 😂
Parker Nolan (2 months ago)
I'm from Texas and my family loves Castle. My ears perked up when she said that.
Laughing Emoji (2 months ago)
Did u see his penis in the torso pic cause I didn’t understand it alot
Nick Divoria (2 months ago)
Kate going NOOOOOOOOOO is a whole mood and a half
Andrew (2 months ago)
Kate at 3:05 was hilarious
Eden Müllen (2 months ago)
*Georgia Girl has entered the chat*
Bender Rodriguez (2 months ago)
She has a demon in her house!!😆
Ramses Shadow (2 months ago)
The hairstyles xD
Johnny Boy (2 months ago)
Carolyn’s hair I’m FUCKING SCREAMING
Lisa Lane (2 months ago)
Born, raised and lived my whole life in Alabama. What is this and where did you get these stereotypes from? This isn't even remotely close to make good comedy. Go watch S*** Southern Women Say, here on YouTube. That crap is funny! Way funnier than this mess of who knows what.
lucy's underground (2 months ago)
Toasters flyin all around
RandomLiving (2 months ago)
Kate my queen
Tamyah Copeland (2 months ago)
Not funny🤔😐
Diana Dobson (2 months ago)
Southern Ladies
Quinton Brooks (2 months ago)
Why is this actually my family
melody knightly (2 months ago)
This just reminded me of blanch forum "golden girls"
lily kate (2 months ago)
My mom and her friends:
Damjan Plamenac (2 months ago)
Every Sharp Objects episode.
BlackBirdSinging47 (2 months ago)
Now I can't stop saying "oh foot!" 😂 As a native Texan, a lot of this was eerily accurate.
blinkuh (2 months ago)
the big hair oh my gawd akskdlf
Wilhelmina D (2 months ago)
Is it me or does Reese Witherspoon resemble a young Grace Zabriskie? Really similar facial expressions, IMO.
Havanna Sunn (2 months ago)
"Pranked by a sperm bank." Aren't we all. Am I right, ladies???
Sarah Chippendale (2 months ago)
This is how The Real Housewives of Dallas Should be like!!
Nicholas Bennett (2 months ago)
These accents
J. Lee (2 months ago)
SNL just isn't funny anymore.
lucien hill (2 months ago)
"He went back on purpose"😂😂
Larry V C D (2 months ago)
Did she say "Im gone dance til August and then throw out half my shoes
CJ official (2 months ago)
southerners will never sit with a black woman
Space Child (2 months ago)
Kate’s hair looks good???
Daniel Holland (2 months ago)
Robyn MARKOW (2 months ago)
Their hair is as big as their problems..
Gerdy Yamaguchi (2 months ago)
What kind of Southern accent is "beans in a buhrittto":)
fawkes2013 (2 months ago)
As someone who grew up in south carolina, i can confirm this is basically every other dinner party
Becca Koch (2 months ago)
reece witherspoon is most definitely every mom in south carolina
John Sargeant (2 months ago)
im originally from LI, NY- when i moved to NC my sister began working with a girl named charlene- her sister's name was marlene, and her mother's name was carlene. no s**t................ welcome to the south
lorelai macintosh (2 months ago)
u p s t a i r s m o m
Mark H (2 months ago)
Sometimes Kate is so sexy... I do not know why
walej (2 months ago)
Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was born in New Orleans and raised in Tennessee.
Jeff Silverberg (3 months ago)
SNL just getting less and less funny.

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