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How All Passengers Survived the Miracle on the Hudson | New Flight Simulator 2017 [Ultra Realism]

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Are you prepared for a new age of realism? Feel the reality! When US Airways Flight 1549 loses engine power (bird strike) moments after leaving New York LaGuardia, there's only one option: an emergency landing on the Hudson. Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates: https://instagram.com/theflightchannelyt Follow me on Facebook: https://goo.gl/HA44Zy Buy the hardware that I use: CPU http://amzn.to/2f6pVmc GPU (Graphic Card) http://amzn.to/2vxr5Dh http://amzn.to/2woMLAr (Cheaper, but Good) RAM http://amzn.to/2f6s7Kp MOTHERBOARD http://amzn.to/2eQU7k7 4K MONITOR http://amzn.to/2g8jzql or http://amzn.to/2ghpb1R SSD Hard Drive http://amzn.to/2fQ5ny8 or http://amzn.to/2fQ7GkR http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D (Standard Hard Drive) JOYSTICK http://amzn.to/2lkUszi http://amzn.to/2kjpDuz Note: On this video i am showing X-Plane 11, a new Flight Simulator released in 2017.
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Aaron Singh (3 hours ago)
Hi..may i plz ask if u cud kindly reveal to me the title of the music u r using in your video. Tks.
Tackleberry (11 hours ago)
Qui Vincet (23 hours ago)
Is this x plane 11 or p3d?
Medic83 (1 day ago)
Cpt Sully....a consummate aviator! Well done, sir!
Greebo (2 days ago)
Given that this was one of the best known, and celebrated passenger aircraft incident in history, and the subject of an excellent feature film, I did wonder if you'd do a vid on it. Well, you did a superb job, as usual. Thank you.
Gabriele Ruth (4 days ago)
wow unbelievable
El Maestro67 (5 days ago)
Rocket Power (5 days ago)
why is no one talking about the birds that lost their lives on that day?
Michael Kingsbury (6 days ago)
Very calm pilot. What a solid mind.
Nining Kosad (8 days ago)
Wait The song is like aviation acident clips
Fouzi Abdi Ali (8 days ago)
What a view of Hudson today....little did he know it will be a runway for him soon afterwards😭😭😭😭😭😭
Holly Rockwell (9 days ago)
Nobody ever said "Can't do it." like Capt. Sully and no one ever will again. Short, to the point and terrifying.
Ranim Bill (11 days ago)
Best of your work yet because this story is a true miracle and we love Captain Sully and the Jeff..thank you so much
Dalton G (12 days ago)
This emergency, Colgan Air flight 3407, and Turkish Airways flight 1951 happened within 16 weeks of each other. Colgan crashed nearly a month after the Miracle on the Hudson (it crashed on Feb. 12) and Turkish crashed 13 days after Colgan
What a total, utter complete BAD JOKE. There is no 'Sully'. This 'made for T.V. drama was just that. RESEARCH! Independent and commercial video show a BARGE, EMPTY, being towed less than 50 meters from the plane. YOU CAN SEE THE WAKE all the way back to the wing! ALL NEWS shows ALL PASSENGERS ON THE WINGS! THIS PLANE WAS TOWED IN PLACE, ALL PEOPLE IN THE WATER, ON THE WINGS, THE PILOTS, EVERYBODY, WERE CRISIS ACTORS. Independent journalists cannot find one 'legitimate' pilot at 'Sully's airline who ever HEARD OF this actor! Senior pilots KNOW EACH OTHER! LOOK at the plane on exhibition as the supposed aircraft. NO, I MEAN ZERO DAMAGE. Then look at ANY other aircraft landing on water at that speed as hard as concrete. ITS ALL IN FRONT OF EYES THAT WANT TO SEE!! Remember, CONDEMNATION, BEFORE INVESTIGATION is the HIGHEST FORM OF STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE. ALL YOU SAW CAME THRU A BOX IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!!! WAKE UP FOLKS.
itzamia (14 days ago)
They had the right man for the job that day. Those people were very lucky.
Tom Oakhill (15 days ago)
My first thought on hearing the CVR was OH MY GOD! Can you imagine First Officer Skiles going through the QRH as though it was an on-the-ground training simulation. Reading each step, executing it, and while *knowing* he was about to die. No one survives a commercial passenger jet ditching in the water. Then the ATC's voice sounds as though he does this every single day; completely calm as he finds *three* possible airports, and sets each up for an emergency landing.
Amelia Hewson (17 days ago)
2018 anyone?
DESTINED AGF7 (19 days ago)
Good Pilots 👍
jae bi (20 days ago)
i remembered when we were on bd caught by a bad weather, with heavy rains and thunderstorms.t's too dark and the flight was bumpy.causing the aircraft to descent.we were all scared.praying.one passenger even panicked and one of the crew asked if there was a dr on bd.they decided to pacify the passengers by having a little game to divert our attention.luckily, the pilot and co-pilot landed the aircraft safely.Thank God for these people.Godbless them
Jerald Collins (21 days ago)
Sully himself said that his entire aviation career was a lead-up to that astonishing water landing. Hard to believe its been 10 years this month.
Ilsah Ahmed (21 days ago)
Actually, it’s not really a “miracle”. The best, experienced pilots, (even God), helped them to survive. But either way, nice! =D
Ilsah Ahmed (21 days ago)
Damn I think I was at NYC that time, ( I WAS BORN IN 2004). I moved to MN. Hearing about that. This is the best aviation, emergency landing ever. 👌🏻
Donald Storm (22 days ago)
Captain sullenberger a hero a true pilot excellent pilot co-pilot excellent no lives lost the miracle on the Hudson.
Samantha Greenstein (22 days ago)
RIP Birds
allstar2bpro CH (25 days ago)
My dad was on this flight just went to a memorial
Jason Bourne (26 days ago)
God Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Sully
Cito Browne (26 days ago)
10 years have passed since the Miracle on the Hudson River
sp lee (26 days ago)
This plane crash hurts my feelings
sp lee (26 days ago)
Thanks to sully my hero
EternalSushi (27 days ago)
Might be a dumb question, but what kept it from sinking fast like the landings in the ocean? Was it their slow descent?
kaimenyi vivian (28 days ago)
Am glad everyone survived.
dvferyance (28 days ago)
WTC was not there in 2009.
2011Mraym (28 days ago)
10 years has passed since this miracle /feat. Hope all the 155 passengers and the crew are doing fine with their lives .
Ken Soopen (1 month ago)
you never land a plane nose up with passengers onboard this could've turned out very bad had the plane broke up. he was damn lucky
Dyl's FS (1 month ago)
Lol today is exactly 10 years... All hail Sully
Mark Bonham (1 month ago)
Now this is the kind of reaction you want from a flight crew. Size up situation, make clear cut quick decision and then execute plan without panic. God bless you Sully!
Schpankme Verimuch (1 month ago)
Jackson Pilot (1 month ago)
Cars at airport ,’) :)
Like Wow (1 month ago)
"Flight 1549 what runway do you need to land?" "Negative I think we are going into the Hudson. Or how about Teterboro?" "Sure no problem head to Teterboro" "Okay, we are going into the Hudson" "You also have Runway X at Tereboro" "Negative we are in the Hudson" "Flight 1549, you have available Runway X at Teterboro head west etc" "We are landing in the Hudson" "Flight 1549 you have available..." "DUDE ARE YOU F*****G DEAF WE ARE LANDING IN THE HUDSON".
Lisa Lentile (1 month ago)
God bless you Sully co pilots and passengers
burak demirci (1 month ago)
Thank you for those amazing videos. Keep up the good work.
gravy boat (1 month ago)
Does anybody else think sully was too cool ? I mean ATC guy wasn't really informed with enough vigour that the plane was definitely going in the river. I would of thought it would be like mayday mayday where ditching in the river repeat ......
fffourtwenty (1 month ago)
WOW that's some badass flying
shuramagic1979 (1 month ago)
Почему отказал одинешенек движок ведь у него отказала 2 мотора а ни 1
Pierre-Luc Boulet (1 month ago)
😁😄Yay the miracle of the Hudson!!!
Pierre-Luc Boulet (1 month ago)
But it’s sad at the same time 😥
Juliano Bassetto (1 month ago)
Sully could be in AF447. Everybody would be alive today.
Matt Cairns (1 month ago)
With all due respect to this crew, landings with no available power to all engines had been accomplished several times before without the fanfare. This accident just happened to be recorded for the public to see.
Cal Ven (1 month ago)
Watching this only 12 days before the 10th anniversary of the accident. Wow, I cannot believe it's already been 10 years.
chimchim boo (1 month ago)
We are very lucky that planes have better quality these days otherwise crashes would be very common
Pamela Perry (1 month ago)
What a great video and pilot.
Retard (1 month ago)
Sully saying "unable" still gives me chills...
Murkish (1 month ago)
i think there is a book about this, *Highest Duty* by the legend Sully himself.
DrBDiesel Frenzy (1 month ago)
It would be helpful if you expanded the acronyms the first time you use them. I had to look up APU.
Owen 88 (1 month ago)
Where is the birds
Doug Mammaro (1 month ago)
I have the movie.
Bill j (1 month ago)
Captain Sully: What a view of the Hudson today! First officer: Yeah. Captain Sully: Let's go look at it up close!
lilmissbloodbath89 (1 month ago)
I don't understand how Capt Sully can walk with the weight of his ginormous testicles. For real, he's so humble about the whole thing. He's incredible!
Paul Meyers (1 month ago)
Man. I hate music being forced on me.
Jon Myers (1 month ago)
Nerves of steel. Sully pretty much knew what he was gonna have to do just after those engines cut out. He was on a mission. Both men real pros, and you gotta give credit to the guy in the tower and the crew in the plane. Also everyone that came to the rescue in the water that day. Everyone was doing their job that day.... except for the birds. :/ Goes to show that sometimes it just isn't your day to go yet. Glad to know that the plane is in a musem. They should build a monument right there in the river lol! Thanks for doing a video on this one man. Thumbs up.
j9 Phoenix (1 month ago)
I don't need to say what has been said so many times but Sully - you so rock. And it is the most amazing display of courage and calm and care for those in your charge.
swasle (1 month ago)
Love the actual radio communication, did I here someone call air control an Idiot?
Cool kid playz (1 month ago)
Brace brace brace heads down stay down! Lol
Cool kid playz (1 month ago)
This is almost exactly how it was in the movie did the flight channel watch sully I watched sully it is good
Nobilangelo Ceramalus (1 month ago)
Pilot hurrah! is the opposite end of the universe to pilot error. Sully got everything right. Hurrah!
Kawaii_ WolfiYeet (1 month ago)
Captian:What a view of the Hudson today! Me:Wanna close up?
kjl (1 month ago)
one of few simulations on your channel where both the captain and first officer have over 15,000 hours of flight time
John Schofield (1 month ago)
Capt Sully was a pilot in World War II downing German and Japanese aircraft wherever he flew.
joco2k (1 month ago)
This super experienced pilot was so calm to the point of disbelief!! 😳 How incredibly lucky the passengers were to have him in the cockpit to make split second decisions!
Roberto Xynn (1 month ago)
The graphs are really nice. Nice job dude.
starclassic21 (1 month ago)
Captain Sully: "my aircraft." What a boss.
Daniel Wise (1 month ago)
Hopefully a pilot can reply, but I'm curious because of the lack of dialogue between the captain and 1st officer, as you learn and fly do you some how turn off the fear, and just accept that if any number of random occurrences happen, you will not be able to come troll that plane.
The crash was because of bird strike.
E. D. (2 months ago)
This was an amazing incident I have never heard before in my life.
Marvin Ballard (2 months ago)
Im amazed how these pilots stay so calm. Excellent video.
Kenneth (2 months ago)
If only they had an emergency solid rocket booster (or JATO).
Mg Plays (2 months ago)
Wait. The plane had crashed in the Hudson then why so many boats have to be involved with one big aircraft
Itz_Yummynoodle noodle (2 months ago)
Well we don't need dislikes for these awesome videos Plz Like
Rajko Radulović (2 months ago)
6:22 R.I.P
Weesky (2 months ago)
Damn, when the captain said to the passengers "brace for impact" I wonder how many of them thought their lives would end but miracle happened.
Apit 'Joe' Petrozza (2 months ago)
This is the perfect emergency landing I ever seen..
Jamal Al Al Galaa (2 months ago)
Thank you cap sully you are the best pilot in history GOD BLESS YOU
Kyline Gudy (2 months ago)
planes now don't need runways
wilmz cañada (2 months ago)
Sub to sub guys comment like my video ang I'll do the same
Jahaan Master (2 months ago)
I was on this plane
First Last (2 months ago)
Pavel Drumev (2 months ago)
I always wondered how could Sully land this plane with such enormous balls he has....
Jerald Collins (21 days ago)
His balls made great flotation devices, and that is why nobody died.
Supreme Gamer (1 month ago)
There was no another choice.....They had to land in river...it was a do or die condition.......I dont think he had that much of fear control, but i rather say he was extremely calm...which made him think more logical.... truly captain must be having a fear of death but he didn't expressed it by the calmness of him.....Great Job sully!
Thank you sully you are the best pilot in the history of aviation.
Worldwide news like this occured
RJ xxx (2 months ago)
By God's grace and mercy do you know him ♥
julia (2 months ago)
my grandma was on that flight, thank you sully.
Mathilde J (2 months ago)
If you haven't watched the movie Sully yet I highly recommend you to do it because it's amazingly brilliant
DsYkX Plays games (2 months ago)
Yesterday: The crash Today: Sully is not a pilot Tomorrow: Protests outside FAA headquarters
Vijayakrishnan K K (2 months ago)
Love from India :)
Diamond Logistics (2 months ago)
In this day and age with all the technology is it really asking too much of the engine manufacturer to design a mesh or some type of guard to keep a flock of birds from taking down a passenger jet full of people for Christ sakes? We can land a rover on mars but we cant figure out how to stop birds from destroying a jet engine..
anuj varma (2 months ago)
This pilot has got the best decision making skills. Not saying this because he decided to land on river, but he decided to stand for immediate minimum recovery in crisis that resulted in total recovery. Nobel decision making prize should be given to him✍
Kenny G Choonit (2 months ago)
This got to be the greatest happy ending of all time
Faizal Labuan (2 months ago)
Thanks to God.He save the aircraft through captain sully..from that incident,i realised that life is too short to be wasted.
Ayu Hapsari (2 months ago)
its like Garuda Indonesia that landed in Bengawan Solo river
Jiselle Concepcion (2 months ago)
what a good decision for emergency landing at the river to avoid fire in the land also thinking people in the ground. good job captain sully! i hope all pilots had the same positive thoughts like you. you deserve a rewards!

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