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How to Travel on a Budget

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Tired of NOT going anywhere? I share my best travel on a budget tips here: http://thebudgetnistablog.com/2014/best-travel-tips/ Super Budgetnista t-shirt available here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/thebudgetnista/
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Text Comments (16)
TheEdible Spa (3 months ago)
What if you dont fly, do this still apply?
Aircraft Elevation (1 year ago)
you're from newark, I am too. thank you for being such a inspiration and knowledge guide!
jazzy j (1 year ago)
AirBnb is my thing! & my mom and I always use Groupon for small trips and food. 😊
Jasmine Monet X (1 year ago)
great tips, not alot of people do not think about train anymore.
Sharon Smith (2 years ago)
Yes, I live in E.O. New Jersey. Wow-I sure would like to come to one of your seminars. Thanks for the inspiration and Tips!
The Budgetnista (8 months ago)
I'd love to have you join my facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/LIVERICHER/
Michael Flowers Jr (2 years ago)
Hi. What are your top 5 favorite places that you've been?
Komzy's Gaming (3 years ago)
True talk
chevy velle (3 years ago)
@The Budgetnista I am from Jersey City and would love to utilize your services for budget and credit help.Please let me know do you offer these services thanx
Saul Oathman (3 years ago)
Hmm - I just stumbled upon this video - wasn't really looking for budgeting tips XD. But nice and clear explanations though kudos tiffany.
Daring Soul (3 years ago)
Thanks you for the tips! Will apply it👍🏾
la'kenya tam (3 years ago)
Saul Oathman (3 years ago)
+la'kenya tam Yaassss gurl!
The Budgetnista (3 years ago)
+la'kenya tam :)
Tangeria Miller (3 years ago)
Awesome tips. Thanks for sharing
The Budgetnista (3 years ago)
+Tangeria Miller You're welcome!

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