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Two Guys Noticed These Pipes Sticking Out Of The Ground. They Never Expected This To Be Underneath

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Two men in Germany were out exploring the fields when they found two pipes sticking up from the ground in the middle of nowhere. What they discovered is nothing short of amazing. source : https://www.buzznick.com source : https://www.sliptalk.com OUR Website : http://www.dduknow.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/know.of Twitter : https://twitter.com/Did_You_Know_of Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dduknow For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] #did_you_know #trending_stories #viral_stories #inspiring #trending #buzz
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Text Comments (58)
David Garofil (6 days ago)
It might be a ww2 base
Greyson Blacklock (6 months ago)
SN1CK3R I make Remixes (6 months ago)
Probably an old bunker used by the soviets after or during ww2 seems more likely to be after unless they had occupied the bunker from germans in we2
ABushInDisguise (6 months ago)
It's just a vault my bois.
Antony Dick (6 months ago)
My god you and your videos are soooooooo boring...
Eye Ball (6 months ago)
So what is it then ?? .. only half a story lol .... Some of the lettering seemed Russian but this bunker system was found in Germany ?? 🤔 .... Don't believe everything you are told people lol 😎
Anthony579 (6 months ago)
During the cold war, East Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union, so it is very likely that this is a real Soviet bunker found in Germany.
WorstVid exe (6 months ago)
2:40 i know Its not a face, But it kinda looks like one Just look at that White and ghost looking shit!!
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
some sort of top secret chemical testing plant I'd say
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
SHARE BELOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS KIDS..... but...but I don't have any.... !!!...grandma and aunt florence it is then.....lol:)
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
SHARE BELOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS KIDS..... but...but I don't have any.... !!!...grandma and aunt florence it is then.....lol:)
SUH DUDE (6 months ago)
I'd renovate the place if I was the owner of the land.
Henry Radley (6 months ago)
uh share it?!!! Tell me where it issss!!!!
Leigha Brown (6 months ago)
Anyone know where this is at in Germany?
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
Adam Davis hmm verry verrrry accurate....either you're pranking her or you're deeply involved.....mwahaha
Adam Davis (6 months ago)
near Erlangen-Höchstadt, 90562, Germany
Sky Jacjson (6 months ago)
why does that make me think of project rise?
Stethacan Thus (6 months ago)
"The lock was broken so they couldn't get trapped inside" - Aha! -- Pranksters could still come along with a new lock and seal them permanently inside before running away. They missed a great opportunity for a prank!
Andre niki (6 months ago)
thats not a prank its homicide
ItsLegitBoi IDk (6 months ago)
keep it up great video
Republic Of Itasca (6 months ago)
WW 2 bunker
Julie Baker (6 months ago)
This is a rerun.
Velcro Shoes (6 months ago)
At 4:49 i don't see anything that resembles a crouching/ sitting man
Luke Smith (6 months ago)
The pile of ruble in the left corner probably looked like a guy when they didn’t have the light on it.
Velcro Shoes (6 months ago)
Shrade Evans (6 months ago)
Ouuu reupload sir? Why?
kjre jn (6 months ago)
So does anyone know what this place used to be and what it's called
Dominic Riccardi (6 months ago)
kjre jn idk man
kjre jn (6 months ago)
+Alex King thank you
Alex King (6 months ago)
its called simply "thehaunted bunker" (translated to english) and its used (PROBABLY) as scientists bunker.
Костас Че (6 months ago)
Перевод класс))) Включать (ется) дистанционно - перевели будто "держись подальше"=))))
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
Костас Че AHA!!! proof this is is Soviet union torture chamber!!!:-)lol
Костас Че (6 months ago)
Старый бомбарь?)
Костас Че (6 months ago)
It's Russian bomb shelter) Nothing sinister)) It looks scary, but it is abandoned =))
Stephen Key (6 months ago)
Tuning Fork Marine Russians conversing.....mmm...very SINISTER....can't understand a word they're saying but still..... verrrrrry SINISTER....:-):-):-)
busted knuckle garage (6 months ago)
что прикольно, что все по русски... в Германии....
raouf maalim (6 months ago)
Landon Waisner (6 months ago)
This is a repost
Stewart Ellis (6 months ago)
How depressingly Soviet
Bilakshan Purohit (6 months ago)
I know that
cherry21 brown (6 months ago)
Love your video, very informative and interesting 😊😊😊
Buggy Landa (6 months ago)
Only 2 comments now
Jeremy Gudege (6 months ago)
me 3
Aaliyah Temo Hartnett (6 months ago)
First plz like my comment
destiny killer (6 months ago)
Seeming you ask nicely one like for you

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