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North Sea Marine Life 1280x720 HD

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Underwater video of animals in the North Sea produced on behalf of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for their website.
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Text Comments (12)
Richard Gray (4 months ago)
Really nice film
Wizardinq (1 year ago)
why am i here
Kaul Watson (2 years ago)
Now i must go local diveing. SCOTLAND
bm mani kanta (3 years ago)
Andy Jackson (4 years ago)
Thanks - I have lots more stuff on my vimeo channel https://vimeo.com/subseatv/videos I've now followed you on Facebook - you can also find me there under subseatv.
Tine de Jong (5 years ago)
great film . thank you very much
NATUREmag (6 years ago)
So amazing video and sea life - wow! Thank you so much Andy! Happy weekend!
jam2music (7 years ago)
our earth is amazing! Beautiful footage.
Hans van 't Woud (7 years ago)
Great vid! Only the breathing is a bit annoying once you realize it is not actual part of the footage
RUDRESH y (1 year ago)
Hans van 't Woud and and
GBPaddling (9 years ago)
Can't beleive no one has rated this! 5 star all the way,I go sea kayaking more now,but videos like ths make me wanna go and get my tanks re-tested! Superb.
RUDRESH y (1 year ago)

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