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KSP: Sea Dragon launch at sea, TEST

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Text Comments (27)
The sides are boosters too
Edwin Robert (7 months ago)
No moar boosters needed
Micha Grill (8 months ago)
I NEED THAT MOD 😄😄😃😃😃😆😆😆
Meow Warrior (9 months ago)
What is the thing that was on the bottom of the sea dragon?
uwu (8 months ago)
Victorbrine Cassini really?
Meow Warrior (8 months ago)
Thx I wasn't sure what is was
Victorbrine Cassini (8 months ago)
A ballast. It is used to sink the rocket and put it upright in the water
nunchuckerz (1 year ago)
seems a more fuel effieciant way to launch, if you could do it 50 meters benieth the water and let it float up and gain momentum.
Jeff Vader (8 months ago)
^That is exactly what would happen, if the engine was fired that deep under water, the rocket plume will under-expand, which can actually make the engine explode. The energy gained from buoyancy would be negligible anyway.
mao zadong (1 year ago)
nunchuckerz probably would have problems with water pressure interfering with the rocket booster if that deep underwater.
Yustas (1 year ago)
was the engine on the real thing supposed to be vectored?! because that thing seems awfully big and heavy to swivel around
The four wings on it should house their own rockets that are used to steer it.
CountArtha (1 year ago)
Yeah, exhaust vanes seems like a MUCH better idea.
samanli2014 (1 year ago)
RIP thousands of fish. .:(
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
I don't think fish exist in this game.
Allusion Doze (1 year ago)
Engine flame needs to be much longer
The Robot Soldier (11 months ago)
One mile
ROCKAT (1 year ago)
And needs more boosters
anh da đen (1 year ago)
no wonder why it was shorter than mah dicc
RiotAlliance (1 year ago)
Spudmiester 1mile exactly
Spudmiester (1 year ago)
Nearly a mile long in fact!
aman gill (1 year ago)
is this some kinda vidrogame
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Jamesminicooper (5 months ago)
Really? *i couldn’t tell!*
Povl Besser (1 year ago)
Yes. It has a pretty intense learning curve that never seems to end. I have played it probably around 600-700 hours and I'm still learning about it. Upon the base game, there are tons of mods you can add which may alter difficulty, increase visual immersion, focus on aeronautics rather than space and so on and so forth... Give it a look on steam!
George Russell Music (1 year ago)
aman gill its called Kerbal space program (KSP). It's an amazing game!
The Droplett (2 years ago)
where is the enitre video for launch?

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