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Two Guys Noticed These Pipes Sticking Out Of The Ground. They Never Expected This To Be Underneath

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Text Comments (1204)
wendy lebeau (15 hours ago)
I would do that i
Taven Campbell (1 day ago)
Definitely not
Frisk Dremmurr (2 days ago)
Oh my
Thang Dang (2 days ago)
i will call the cops
Ashley Chacon (3 days ago)
I would freak out
Warren Mcinnis (3 days ago)
Heck no
MeshiMellowh (4 days ago)
This is creepy......
schwifty kid (5 days ago)
Wow dont you guys get it İt was a radioactive researching place the multiple doors big doors n stuff it has to be a radioactive researching lab
Scp? :))
Fabian Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Run away
Melanie Holm 2027 (9 days ago)
I would not want to go in there
James Holt (9 days ago)
i agree with the WWII.
tacocat_ studio (10 days ago)
Is this from the movie "the rain"?
Why did they keep walking 8n to the tunnel
Benjamin Lich (12 days ago)
Me: wears a hazmat suit
Kevin O Connor (12 days ago)
I think it’s a mental hospital of some kind
Taylor and Sammy Gacha (12 days ago)
If I found this i would call builders to fix the bunker for animals to live in😊😊😊
The Pegacorn (12 days ago)
#@%&!*@&#%#&@`!*@&@&@*@&!%@&@@&@&*!&!%!*@ really boi, ya just had to spook me like that? It's like 11:30 PM, please start saying something is scary at the beginning, I thought they found treasure or somethin'... 😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel Johnson (13 days ago)
This guys vouce
Littlepandacake Farmer (13 days ago)
Tbh if I found this I'd call my friends over right away with some weapons and the best camera we have so we could video it and put it on YouTube the weapons would be in case... tbh idk about the weapons but I wouldn't go down into an old hole without at least an axe 😐
Sagan (13 days ago)
Take a shot every time he says Hallway
what good bro (14 days ago)
Hell no I won't go even if it says it full of gold
Nylahs world (14 days ago)
No, I would not be brave
Kanasha Mckain (14 days ago)
Awww Hell Naw. Even if I was down there and saw those words, I'd SHIT my pants!!!!!!! That shit was CREEPY!!!!!!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨
sparkles shimer (15 days ago)
No way that's way to scary i ain't goin there😱😱
unicorn MoMo (15 days ago)
If will go I will get scared but if my will go their he would love to go deeper and find out what is their
Jason Monto (15 days ago)
government bunker. cold war era.
Giavanna Provenzano (15 days ago)
Since it WASN'T cold in the tunnels they knew that couldn't be it
bill tarr (15 days ago)
Yeah, I would definitely explore them, but I would take several safety measure and would likely have to come back at another time. You would want an emergency oxygen reserve, a small scuba tank's worth at least, and then meters to check O2 levels and for dangerous fumes you can't smell, as well as several thousand yards of twine to mark where I've been and how to get out, and maybe have a backup system like some spray paint to mark the tunnels. From how they look and such, that looks like it was a Post WW2/Cold War bunker, especially with the Russian/Slavic words on them. Those holes in the wall near the beginning/middle look more like heavy caliber gunshots, which could also explain how that huge metal door was off its hinges. The right charges in the right spots can bust the hinges without doing very much structural damage. I know from being in the military. Now, I could, be wrong on my theory, not saying that is definitely what it is. I'm just tossing out ideas based upon what I see. Even though the stuff may look somewhat modern, it could still be nearly 40 - 60+ years old if well preserved. It is definitely a bunker of some kind by how many archways there are ((which would have been built to withstand heavy bombardment from above)), being of Soviet origin, and it definitely looked like, from the perspective of a soldier, that something went down in there. Like the Wes Germans raided the place. They were likely using the tunnels to spy/gather intelligence and to streamline getting messages back to their commanders. Those kinds of things can be found ALL over Europe, especially in Germany and France.
Gatcha.potato Xo (16 days ago)
All the graffiti was probably just stupid teenagers lmao
Kevin Ludwig (16 days ago)
Yes for sure I'd go in and go back
Alexis Carey (16 days ago)
🏃 run
I wouldve went in their with 30x70 guys which equals 210
Its probably the russian bunker that hitler used for ww2
bshshsbsns sjsgvsbsjs (18 days ago)
I would like to go on an creepy tunnel with my friends
Marley Quintana (18 days ago)
I thinking was a nuclear bunker
Jeremiah Walls (19 days ago)
Hell no
Faith Glaze (19 days ago)
Jk no he's not
Faith Glaze (19 days ago)
Oh god i know what this is. Satan is haunting
2:56 You mean shaytan thats in arabic as in mean devil Edit: 2:59 2:58
That's Hitler's bunker
Ilay Sener (19 days ago)
I would've made one professional U turn and get dafuck outta there
JAMS's Nana (19 days ago)
This is why women live longer.
Seth Cole (19 days ago)
What the fuck did they find?
Blake Farquhar (20 days ago)
It ww2 tunnels
Blake Farquhar (20 days ago)
Yes I would be brave
Bs Eazyclips (21 days ago)
That’s fair scary
Rainier Cantos (21 days ago)
No and stay the hell away from it
Alexzander Bearor (21 days ago)
i would go in and make my kingdom
THE HERO (22 days ago)
If I was there I would say “ WHERE IS MR.HITLER!!!!!”
Twisted (23 days ago)
I'm still waiting for Paul Harvey to speak up ----- and now for the rest of the story
XxSniperShotYTxX (23 days ago)
I would poop myself
Kevin Speed (24 days ago)
WistfulJocko (24 days ago)
Once I see the I love you satan sign I'm praying to God and running out
Koriii Gee (25 days ago)
Dakota Danielle (25 days ago)
How was that “amazing”?
Jared Nyakundi (25 days ago)
I'm brave enough to go inside
Erik Knudsen (26 days ago)
I would freak out and run away
GAVIN FRANEY (27 days ago)
I wouldn't go in there coz maybe the vemones spider there
Elan Jamarolin (27 days ago)
Addie Stine (27 days ago)
Tyrel Peters (28 days ago)
I thought something creepy was going to be down there like dead bodies
Jorge Miranda (28 days ago)
I think it was a mental asylum
Nsnci Love (29 days ago)
Yes i would haave gone in the tunnels
BITCOIN SATOSHI (29 days ago)
BITCOIN SATOSHI (29 days ago)
Jackson Harris (29 days ago)
If I found a tunnel system my exact words would be fuck this shit I’m out
SillyZoZo (29 days ago)
2:36 Выход means Exit Incase you didn’t know. I speak Russian btw I think Russian people lived there
Makeda Kenyatta (30 days ago)
Not focking me nah
Martine Martinesen (30 days ago)
I would have wait for more friends too come and then go inside
Liu Lisa (30 days ago)
I would run as fast as possible
Kaganata Ice (30 days ago)
PUBG bunker
James Dekker (1 month ago)
The people before them were probably devil worshipers
StanleyPlayz (1 month ago)
how that was amazing when u are panicking
Robotic Kiddo (1 month ago)
ya made in ww2
Robert Wilk (1 month ago)
bendy and the ink machine
Kian YT (1 month ago)
This reminds me of a stronghold in Minecraft
Jokemon_master Colton (1 month ago)
I would go down and look around the corners and then I'd call the police
Krash 444 (1 month ago)
They should of had the police cone
pondman6161 (1 month ago)
This might have been a bunker
I live god not the 👿
Gacha Tiger (1 month ago)
Plus just WHY would you carry a crowbar, but I think it could of been a mental hospital which was abandoned and that might explain the doorways for dangerous people
Galaxypon3 Rbx?? (1 month ago)
I cant believe that is is 4 hours long you could just say whats under the 2 pipes easyyyy
XxSmasherxX (1 month ago)
4:06 Heck no I probably would have gotten trapped or killed
Alpha killer Killer (1 month ago)
All I can tell you I’m not going in ther alon
da Mobile gamer (1 month ago)
Crap I'd run out of there faster than a cheetah running for there life
Ryland Smith (1 month ago)
You said pipes
Foxy Gaming (1 month ago)
I think it was an old Nazi bunker!
Babysister Galaxy (1 month ago)
Your right
I say something was being kept down there
My life as Christine (1 month ago)
Count how many times he says pipe or pipes PS pretty sure it was 5 times probably 😐
BBroAwesome (1 month ago)
Bruh id freak
MeLifeWith Me! (1 month ago)
When I clicked the like it turned from 9.5k to 9.6k
C A L E B M (1 month ago)
As a kid never even though I love to fight for my family and friends
Kimberly Dalton (1 month ago)
If i seen dim tunels i wod piss my pants
king Lamarr (1 month ago)
I would have called the police
Wth it reminds me of Pewdiepie playing Powerdrill massacre 😥😰😥
It might be build in the World War cus then people wouldnt die and that defenetly is a hiding spot
ROBLOX GAMER (1 month ago)
What’s so cool about that place
Apollo Gamez (1 month ago)
Christ after the cursive graffiti I would have just booked it to the door

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