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Playboi Carti - Magnolia

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self titled * + very first * + carti season * http://smarturl.it/PlayboiCarti http://www.cashcarti.com Music video by Playboi Carti performing Magnolia. (C) 2017 AWGE/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/ZQvAb8
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Text Comments (48409)
Lil skies?
Alberto De la cruz (5 hours ago)
2022 January anyone??
KruzeyBreeze (5 hours ago)
It literally sounds like he forgot how to speak English
PURPLESQUID5000 (6 hours ago)
0:07 whenever you’re trying to get chips at night and the cabnet creaks
_._youngsavage_._ Rear (10 hours ago)
0:42 when you about to get a whooping
Nerf bastion
The Shrekster (11 hours ago)
I don't know why, but I really want a video or meme where Filthy Frank is doing his Hamster Punishment Life Hack ( from his video "101 Accurate Life Hacks") with the "hide it in my sock" line playing over and over to the beat of the song. And if you don't know, the life hack was where Filthy Frank asked if your hamster was misbehaving and then proceeds to say "Just put it in a nice, long sock!" overenthusiastically and then proceeds to insert a fake (or real, I don't know, I can't remember) hamster into a sock and aggressively beats it by throwing and whacking the sock on solid and hard objects, such as his table.
mangoting 10 (14 hours ago)
2:07 oh shit
STEVEN OLEARY (14 hours ago)
Yo PiReE yOu WaNnA cOmE oUt HeRE?
Andrew Taylor (15 hours ago)
He was born the day 2Pac died.
Dats A Toilet (16 hours ago)
Editor: What type of edits you want? Carti: YES
JERU (16 hours ago)
Shoot out scene is from Belly when Black tried to creep on Nas
Cinzia Cianci (16 hours ago)
in new york i milli rovk you a genius man and my cousin xxxtentacion said so
Ray Smith (16 hours ago)
Prince _gg99 (17 hours ago)
Anyone in NNNovember 2018? Read more
Lilskrt (18 hours ago)
Kendall Holtzman (18 hours ago)
This Sounds So PURDY
Reginald Tha Savage (18 hours ago)
did anyone noticed southside and rowdy rebel in their????
bllunakov (18 hours ago)
Roy purdy anyone?
David Dammann Johansson (20 hours ago)
This is AIDS
Frankboy123 Collier (1 day ago)
listen for shhs 0:59
Lemlon (1 day ago)
0:42 when the belt comes out
ViLed Clan (1 day ago)
Gimme top in my drop top
間回Black亜Out (1 day ago)
Nigga carti said gimme that dr strange
Ballislife Fan (1 day ago)
No nut November anybody?
Matteo Mezzetti (1 day ago)
I came here cause I didn't know who Carti was and now I wish I hadn't. What is this mumble shit
Tunny Bunny (1 day ago)
Anyone else listen to this song before it was released, There used to be a leaked version like 2 years ago but he released it late
THE DARK CHANNEL (1 day ago)
G easy stoll this beat
Diego Patino (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to adopt my parents
POISONIVXX WAV (1 day ago)
Pijus Pavasaris (1 day ago)
2:11 „kill 1 enemy - win 1 teamate“
Bonnie Fluff (1 day ago)
Kakashi Hatake (1 day ago)
Hey Ms.Bourne can pierre come out?
Soy Joshy (1 day ago)
Like if I trick you Read more
CBS_COOKIE (1 day ago)
Everyone wants Pierre to come out but no one cares if he want to stay Inside
Thug Music (1 day ago)
When I first heard of him I though his music is trash but this is amazing
Jake Duffles (1 day ago)
So apparently music equals bird noises
bläzë_ står (1 day ago)
so we not gone talk about how at 1:45 A$AP Rocky is there
superfly plays (1 day ago)
Editor: so, anything in mind? Carti: have you ever played fortnite on 1000 pi- Editor: say no more.
Chris Charisma (1 day ago)
Did you seen NAV!
VRFfictions (1 day ago)
Director: ok mister carti, wich video effects you want for the video? I mean for- Playboi Carti: y e s
BennyBoi (1 day ago)
Ur the goat
Elmangui (1 day ago)
velocidad 1.25 speed 1.25
Skhies YT (2 days ago)
Legend has it that he wasn’t milly rocking in New York it was actually In his socc
Ben Cart Wright (2 days ago)
In the city that never sleeps I perform a special dance move that is transferred and hidden into my leg garments while I am in pursuit of law enforcement also wielding a firearm firing at policemen
Luis G (2 days ago)
Shout out to the goon in the niner gear 1 time
Upbeat cheesex (2 days ago)
All these hoes gonna folk when I drop uh?
Cristian Camilo Uribe (2 days ago)
Como se llama el productor de este beat??
Tlatoani Skrt (2 days ago)
What is the song in the intro?
Alexander Jackson (2 days ago)
Dead music..
Ras Johnson (2 days ago)
What’s the song in the beginning 😭😭😭
thatguywithapotato O (2 days ago)
These lyrics dont deserve subtitles
Legendas M&L (2 days ago)
Alexander Johnson (2 days ago)
Some guy shot up my school Now he running from the cop
Rhonda the Rhino (2 days ago)
jëгëmy 2416snvx (2 days ago)
en lo modo pro Bv
CAPA (2 days ago)
Yo pierre come out here?
CAPA (2 days ago)
In new york I milly rock
jëгëmy 2416snvx (2 days ago)
Gian pierre come out here? HAAAA :D
Daniel John (2 days ago)
😎✌️💫🌎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥This song is Hot,🔥🔥🔥
Josh M. (2 days ago)
Somebody should make a version of him just breathing in this video
Andres Eraso (2 days ago)
1:09 A$AP Rocky 1:11 Nav
Don Joox (2 days ago)
Nolove 100 (2 days ago)
Wok wok wok!
Solitario Espabilado (2 days ago)
William FTN. (2 days ago)
Into song??
Snapchat anyone
NatePlex (3 days ago)
Legend says Pierre still hasn’t come out yet.
Sharon Foat (3 days ago)
🦄🖕 Fack you
Freddie Valley (3 days ago)
cuz i run they blocc, thas mean tuffffffff
When your mom makes a cake
Booty Warrior (3 days ago)
I thought this would be at 1 bill by now
Janice Morales (3 days ago)
Wuff wuff wuff wuff 😂
Green Bean Bros (3 days ago)
Mumble rap
David (3 days ago)
0:03 Those are some titties right?
0000_ Awesome (3 days ago)
the lupa (3 days ago)
0:15 блять заебался вк чекать
j j (3 days ago)
Was that ski in the car
fckwrld (3 days ago)
My favorite part 0:00 - 3:24
Simon Daughtry (3 days ago)
Magnolia - 80m views Gucci gang - 900m views Brain - wtf
shawn goh (3 days ago)
I like to turn up to shit that I can't even understand
KAN Gladiator (3 days ago)
Editor:what effects you want? Carti: YES
D Flemz (3 days ago)
Who’s watching in November 2018????
hope bagels (3 days ago)
was his editor high?
TV Rigid (3 days ago)
Like pretty much everything today, only the beat is decent But even that is a sample from good og shit Today's "rap" is pathetic & so are these dumb little kids
Weo Fuzile (4 days ago)
Weo Fuzile (4 days ago)
I'm no "skrr skrr lame" but I love CARTI
Tyrelle Walker (4 days ago)
What’s the song playing in the beginning?
Tyrelle Walker (4 days ago)
Weo Fuzile preciate it fam bam 💪🏾👌🏾
Weo Fuzile (4 days ago)
+Tyrelle Walker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8Jjpaytmqk
Tyrelle Walker (4 days ago)
Weo Fuzile it didn’t pop up on Apple Music
Weo Fuzile (4 days ago)
check on pierre's tracks
OG GANG (4 days ago)
Omg thats the one Fortnite Dance!!!
[catalyst] (4 days ago)
i have epilepsy i almost died watching this
OBJ TV (4 days ago)
jake devadason (4 days ago)
When your producer eats too many beans at the studio😂
gaming with Alexander (4 days ago)
Lil Supreme (4 days ago)
producer: what effects you want Playboicarti:yes
Nana kuzi (4 days ago)
In new york I _______________
Weo Fuzile (4 days ago)
thundacat hoe (4 days ago)
bellastellajewelry.com ⌚
Massimo Mora (4 days ago)
Ion Bosnea (4 days ago)
NahueelOmg (4 days ago)
0:00 ro 0:05 what song is that
Faith Wright (4 days ago)
Who's still here 2018🤔
Stanley Nelli (4 days ago)
Jay-z ??
ìkkí (5 days ago)

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