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New Action Movies 2018 Full Movie English - Super War Action Sci Fi Hollywood Movies Full Length

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILfky7rLNI4 New Action Movies 2018 Full Movie English - Super War Action Sci Fi Hollywood Movies Full Length
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Text Comments (162)
Chaner For Me (13 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6k1ClCn-Rs HOT MOVIES
Csl Kk (12 days ago)
kantharaj muthaiah Muthaiah (29 minutes ago)
A good movie
Ana liza Emoyan (2 hours ago)
Good movie worth to watch ☺☺
hope kikundwa (2 hours ago)
Crazy Heart (3 hours ago)
This is great movie🎬🎥🎦
Geneva Wilson (2 days ago)
It's cool
asep gobres (3 days ago)
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darrin goodbrand (4 days ago)
Good movie . 11,12 Blondie is real hot & haves some nice moves
Kilo Mintoni (4 days ago)
SANG THONG (4 days ago)
kake Alicios (5 days ago)
Nani mwengine husoma comments kwanza kabla a watch?
Jacqueline GG (1 hour ago)
Hahahahahaaaa.....nimejengatabia yan lazima nianze na comments
Hermston Mukusa (1 day ago)
Hehe mimi apa 😁
TL Film (6 days ago)
what is a name on this movie ???
Tharindu madusanka (7 days ago)
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Jahangir Khalifa (7 days ago)
All move Hindi me dow
que bta (7 days ago)
free my dawg
BC M (7 days ago)
volume? geez be nice
Traders Friend (7 days ago)
It is true, you can make a good movie without verbally assaulting people with profanity!
Joe Mama (18 hours ago)
***** off *** stupid ****** Wow!!! You are correct!!!
Lotty Eichelmann (7 days ago)
dulph is with a mop bucket lol!!!
Faetus Osama (7 days ago)
I love this movie
kanye k (3 hours ago)
@faetus Osama OK, I have given the movie to you. So it's yours from now okay
koltia Mcfarlane (7 days ago)
This movie is bad asssssss
Eduardo Raut (7 days ago)
Excellent actions by Chuck, Dolph, and i love Danielle Chucran
Marife Manigos (7 days ago)
Nice movie thanks for uploading
musili muli (7 days ago)
Nice movie
Sanjob Roy (7 days ago)
Marife Manigos (7 days ago)
Yeah im the first comment
June Rosa (8 days ago)
Dolf... Drago I must Break you.
tyson (8 days ago)
Chuck Liddell's accent sounds like he's eating a hamburger while trying to talk!🤣
Aileen Tusi (8 days ago)
Relax and watch your movie action.
maria angel (8 days ago)
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Chris Shamala (7 days ago)
Angel maria you're everywhere ....
Van Bawi Lian (7 days ago)
you put this link under every youtube movie.
Mashahsi BOS (8 days ago)
jellypeppa (8 days ago)
Dulph still going strong
Teddles Peddles (8 days ago)
Good movie 👍👍 thanks for sharing 👍 👍
Leonard Ramirez Jr. (8 days ago)
The movie is called Riot.
Burama Abi (8 days ago)
This is great
Edward Lucky (8 days ago)
doogie Schmoogie (8 days ago)
Why would the Russian ass need to put out a reward to kill stone if he controls the prison. Movie is ridiculous even stupid..
Islam N (8 days ago)
Wow so nice movie. thanks
Daniel Siapno (9 days ago)
one of my favorite hollywood star dulph !!!!
Steve Fortuna (9 days ago)
The screenwriters name is "Spanky". That should tell you all you need to know about whether this movie is worth your time.
Annita aliyah (9 days ago)
Pretty nice 👌
Tyrone Epps (8 days ago)
So r u !!
Exil Ducarmel (9 days ago)
Nice movie love it Dolph Lundgren the best thx for sharing
Maks Don (9 days ago)
Extremely awful movie!
I am Eisha (9 days ago)
Nice movie..full of a action..
sundar .A (9 days ago)
Sound is too low
dominik misio (10 days ago)
Nice movie
Rose Manio (10 days ago)
Nice movie😊😊😊
Frank Rose (10 days ago)
Nice movies
Justus Gachoki (10 days ago)
i was wondering what is happening to Dolph Lundgren
Michele Conley (11 days ago)
Altitude A lose remake of Passenger 67 (2017) I like Chuck Liddell so I'll watch it. You guys get Denies Richards
drainmudvayne27 (11 days ago)
the movie is called riot yw
Bhagwat Prasad Mmehta (11 days ago)
Great ACtion .
kaiya1966 (11 days ago)
That UFC knuckleheads accent was so pathetic I couldn't watch the movie.
BC M (7 days ago)
tell him that!
lion Nmezu (11 days ago)
na so my man
Mark Lawrence (11 days ago)
Wow excellent movie needed part two
David Idemudia (11 days ago)
nice movie so interesting
Jerrypon delapena (11 days ago)
dolf is awesome actor,
Talal Amar (11 days ago)
شكرا علي ماتقدمونه من افلام رائعة
Efrain Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Why is this in Germine is this a an English movie or a germine movie?
Cipriano Cily (11 days ago)
Cool this movie👌✌
This movie is so good 👍 thanks for uplod
Eni Pautu (11 days ago)
Wht is the name of dis movie?
Joe Mama (18 hours ago)
Son of the mask
drainmudvayne27 (11 days ago)
Eni Pautu (11 days ago)
Wow,,! My hero dolph ludgren😊
Kate Mwari (11 days ago)
Nice movie, thanks for upload
Samuel Osas (11 days ago)
Nice movie
Carmi Duenas (11 days ago)
nice movie
Jan Bruun Andersen (11 days ago)
Good movie - if you are 13 years old.
Vergie Gonzaludo (11 days ago)
Nice move wow
Nikulas Sphirro (11 days ago)
He knocked down 3 Prison guards and just walk away like that?no repercussions?unbelie ably stupid!!!
marz&gsw Lilan (11 days ago)
Very nice movie 😍
Khan Khan (11 days ago)
I like it
dan uifi (12 days ago)
what is a name on this movie ?
dan uifi (5 hours ago)
Thank s for all whith much respect +Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith (5 hours ago)
dan uifi can probably find all his movies on here, unless they're in Hindi.
dan uifi (11 days ago)
Thank s for all whith much respect +drainmudvayne27
drainmudvayne27 (11 days ago)
PRIMEVAL WEASEL (12 days ago)
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Jason J (12 days ago)
Chuck Le Dell is still looks sporty
Divine Pecklove (12 days ago)
So very nice movie,Dolph Lungren is the cleaner
Michael Hollier (12 days ago)
Wwe was in Saudi Arabia not in jail or same?
OutLawStar (12 days ago)
Great movie. Thank you. Also, what is the name of the movie please???
jeremiah Pao (12 days ago)
Among the most useless film
Teddles Peddles (8 days ago)
Your an IDIOT 🦂
Jane jane (12 days ago)
I wish i could fight like you girl.
marz&gsw Lilan (11 days ago)
Wish granted 😁 Im giving u my power😅
Zhilan Donovan (12 days ago)
Russians they sound scary the way they talk..Love this movie though
Cody Burtch (3 hours ago)
Try growing up with them it's even scarier
J.D. Maya (12 days ago)
George Gardipee (12 days ago)
Well whoever said Dolph Lundgren is in this I don't see him.. oops he's the scared janitor inmate. But Chuck Liddell, former light heavy weight UFC champion, is as well... Good movie nonetheless. Ty👍
Nelson Mcdance (9 days ago)
the janitor Dolp Lundgren
gnomespace (11 days ago)
He's the inmate with the mop.
Richard A. Valdes (12 days ago)
Good movie.....watch Chuck Ridell as an actor.
Gisbert Walilio (12 days ago)
Action one!!
bluewolf412002 (12 days ago)
Eduardo Raut (7 days ago)
hahahahahahah! watch it again..
Gary McClellan (12 days ago)
Good flick
DD826 (12 days ago)
how did security identify him with the mask on? lol
mef12727 (11 days ago)
Word phrases at entrance
steven Hammond (12 days ago)
Chuck liddle awesome
steven Hammond (12 days ago)
Movie name please somebody :)
drainmudvayne27 (11 days ago)
Jackie Ketra (12 days ago)
Nice movie
californyaeh (12 days ago)
Me No likee .. 20:59 I'm off..!!!
californyaeh (12 days ago)
Eat my shit ... You waste of a used trashed condom...!
Vipers Venom (12 days ago)
Good!! Then STFU n just go away!!
moving away (12 days ago)
Good movie. Name of flick is Riot
izi singer (12 days ago)
Filme Germane
Chrisdeleza Gisulga (12 days ago)
Nice movie
Chrisdeleza Gisulga: Hi
Chrisdeleza Gisulga (12 days ago)
3rd time I watching with other2 title's😂😂😂😂
mlopez6179 (12 days ago)
Siphathisiwe Phathie (12 days ago)
wow good.....
Roger Balcer (12 days ago)
What part of when the shooting starts drop to the ground and crawl to cover don't those stupid civilians understand ! And shut the F up screaming doesn't help !
Who is thre same like what I'm doing bfre watching movies.....#readingfirst
Ax Martel (12 days ago)
Why doesn't he close the door of the isolation room?
Chanda Rivera (12 days ago)
Rowel Linas (12 days ago)

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