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Sony DSC-QX100 Lens Style Camera Long Term Review

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My long term impressions of Sony's zany lens camera! Thanks everyone for clicking the Like button and subscribing! :) ● See my channel for the things I recommend the most. https://www.youtube.com/user/lachlanlikesathing twitter: http://twitter.com/lachlikesathing Notice of Fair Use: All graphics and visual elements in these videos are used for identification and commentary purposes as provided for under United States Copyright Law. http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html The graphics and visual elements are used to identify products and to support observations made about the products featured in the video. They are of sufficient resolution for identification but lower resolution than the original graphics. Copies made from them will be of inferior quality, unsuitable as artwork on pirate versions or other uses that would compete with the commercial purpose of the original artwork. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for under US Copyright Law. http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html
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Justin Ari Arka (3 days ago)
Hi just want to ask..for the audio receiving..is it from the sony lense or from the smartphone? If we use the external Mic..is it better sound right?
Jeffrey Jones (1 year ago)
BTW, I thought it was a dumb concept at first and immediately thought I'd sell it on Ebay -- until I saw the quality of the pictures. I dind't use it for nearly a year.
Jeffrey Jones (1 year ago)
You're right. I won mine from the SyFy channel. I love it, but I wouldn't buy it. I would definitely consider the RX-100 now.
is it good for kids or moving photography
AL- MAHDI Academy (1 year ago)
sir did it work with appo-a37 sir what is the price of this can it available second hand to me
Iluxman (2 years ago)
failed! you definitely do not know what is the review!
mister.slade (2 years ago)
Dat Rainbow Dash figure in the background.
sugoroku (3 years ago)
@lachlanlikesathing where did you get your desk from?
aluisious (3 years ago)
Interesting review and views regarding the phone upgrade vs interesting photography tool. Feedback...I didn't come to watch your video because I'm a subscriber. I came to watch because I was looking for QX100 reviews. Don't lead with commentary about your hair cut...people looking for the review content don't care. If you want to add that to the video, put it in at the end.
Loouis Low (3 years ago)
I use XPERIA pair with QX30, both battery life is really long stamina. No comment, just amazing of these products.
FighterFlash (3 years ago)
Have you tried this with the camera360 app? What IPhone were you using?
Carpediem06 (3 years ago)
Good point; get the best device for the situation, and if at an event, and the battery is done, because of this .. well
tweetybui (4 years ago)
That was a great review, I found your thoughts quite helpful. How do you feel about the battery life of the product itself?
Hank g (4 years ago)
You need to stop playing with your hair every minute like a teenage girl. 
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
at 5:55... that's because you bought yourself a iPhone. they don't have NFC (the version 6 and 6+ have NFC but not sure if sony has released an update to the Playmemories App that makes it work on iPhone 6 yet).... at 6:25... once again... you desided to buy a iPhone, i used my QX10 (same type of battery in camera and wifi as the QX100) with my 2yr old Xperia S (it also has NFC) and there the battery on my phone does not drain out fast... so here we can ask ourself something... is it because of the camera or simple because a bad phone its connected to (talking hardware not software) at 7:25... when i bought the QX10 i had a Xperia S smartphone, it had a 8mp camera with very little digital zoom. i got the QX10, it has 18.2mp and 10x optical zoom.... i did not just think of the QX camera as the first or second thing you talked about but rather both combined. i wanted a upgraded camera but i did not want to buy a crazy ass expensive new phone with just more megapixels... i wanted better optics as well and once i found this camera i just thought, "i have to try it out". I also like to take pictures and share online and wanted to take even better pictures than my phone allowed me to take while not going all out pro camera!, ....sure digital zoom is okey but the best zoom imo is optical so thats why i wanted the QX10 over the QX100 (even if i knew the QX100 was better on other areas but it just costed soo much around january 2013.) at 11:20... this is after all sonys first attempt at this kind of product (a clip on camera to smartdevices)... and the first type of camera like this (to my knowledge as im writing this)... so keeping that in mind i'd say they have done a mighty good job all in all as it's the first gen camera lens.... and recently the QX30 and the QX1 (im getting it as soon as sony release it in my country) and it will include a pop-up flash, RAW support and so on. i have already seen videos of people, attaching it to rigs on quad-copters, front of cars, fishing rods. (talking about diffrent QX cameras but thats just a few things to put it on) i personally believe the QX-series of cameras (10, 100, 30 and 1) is more of a plan to take pictures camera rather than a "implusive picture" product. if times a factor i will just break out my phone and take a picture or two, but if the weather is nice and im going somewhere like to a park or something i can make sure to connect it just before i arrive at the place so i can take some seriously nice pictures.
Great review, thanks! However can I ask you (I'm deadly serious) where can I buy the top you have on?!
Ash Jackson (4 years ago)
The Sony DSC-QX100 is large and takes a "long time" to set up and shoot? BS. You are so coddled and have completely ZERO concept of what a heavy camera actually is. I carried a Linhof 6x9CM film camera and shot with it for years, weighed 6.4 lbs, plus additional lenses. I also shot with a Horseman 4x5 inch field camera - film camera. Try that if you want to say your camera is "large" or takes a "long time" to set up plus your Bogen 6021 tripod & 3047 head, or your Gitzo Reporter tripod with an Arca-Swiss Mono-Ball QR head (that costs twice as much as your Sony DSC-QR100 camera). HA! Anyway,any good photographer (who shoots something other than sports) will tell you that slowing down your photography will increase your compositional strength. You will shoot better images if you slow down and actually really look at what you are seeing and what is really there. Good review, but you need a sense of historical perspective. I suggest you find a Pentax 6x7cm film camera and shoot with it for a week or two, and then reconsider a photographic tool like the DSC-QX100.  
Greg Cook (1 year ago)
"When I was a boy...We carried daguerrotype machines uphill in a snowstorm! Both Ways!" Give the kid a break, man. It's a good review. One of the best I've seen on this camera.
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
+Ash Jackson ok
Guilherme Vicentim (4 years ago)
Is  this better with Xperia z1 / z2 ?
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
it's easier to use with a smartdevice that has NFC (can be found under settings on android, go to "more" under wifi network and there it should be, NFC can from there be turned on or off) to connect and start the camera and app simple turn your NFC on and hold the NFC logo on your phone to the cameras NFC logo and the camera should power up and the smartphones app and wifi will auto launch, connecting in a ffew seconds.
Alexandre Maranhao (4 years ago)
+lachlanlikesathing hey man, I bough an ipod touch for 3 things, photos/music/casual games. Do you think in my case this gadgets would be Nice?, cause I would not lote my cel Phone, would still have it even for quick photos, and would get a "good camera", what is you opinion about it?
Alexandre Maranhao (4 years ago)
+lachlanlikesathing hey man, I bough an ipod touch for 3 things, photos/music/casual games. Do you think in my case this gadgets would be Nice?, cause I would not lote my cel Phone, would still have it even for quick photos, and would get a "good camera", what is you opinion about it?
MichaelDee360 (4 years ago)
Great review Lachlan - I see the price as dropped to around 150 (US). You may have said this but how good is the video quality? I was intrigued at the idea of using it for product unboxings etc.  Thanks
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
+Quinten Ghysels the Z2 has a much smaller sensor, sure they are both just over 20mp, but sensor size and optict counts when it comes to picture qualities, i have a Z2 and the smaller QX10 and during summer i usually find myself taking pictures out in the nature or in the city using the QX10 rather than the Z2 camera :P sure, its less megapixels BUT its a bigger sensor and better optics so the picture quality really become much better imo (ohhh and the QX10 has a optical 10x zoom and its reeeaaaalllyy fun to play with)
Quinten Ghysels (4 years ago)
+Quinten Ghysels also, there is quite a big difference between the 2 devices. Any chance any one can tell me if there is a big difference between this device and the 20.7mp camera of my Xperia Z2 ? :)
Quinten Ghysels (4 years ago)
+lachlanlikesathing i think he is wrong, there is also a QX10 wich actually is arround 150€ here in Belgium.  The QX100 is still at 399€ .
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Geez 150? Well for $150 I think it's a great deal. I've used it for my videos and it's as good as any of the other cameras I have really.
AJ Johari (4 years ago)
i definately would get these for the macro since cell phones macro suks. I work with jewelry and for me it would be easier to snap and have the pic in my phone and then send it to facebook or send it via email to my clients. Would you recomend this product for just the macro photos? is it comparable the macros to a standard point and shoot or better? 
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
+AJ Johari Macro is good but if all you want to do is macro it would be cheaper and you'd get better images out of some kind of mirrorless camera + macro lens (like say the A5000 + 30mm Macro). Otherwise the M3 is a good all rounder!
TheQsanity (4 years ago)
We have very similar hair. Have you ever considered a contour, comb over, or pompadour?
TheQsanity (4 years ago)
+lachlanlikesathing Nah, just as much effort as you put in ;) Just put a little product in your hair (I recommend wax or pomade) and you'll get heads turning. So much resource here on YouTube :P
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
those all sound like they involve effort
med icine (4 years ago)
i recomend 35mm sensor, because lenses are made for it.
med icine (4 years ago)
4m not only sensor, lens also
Andrew Woodford (4 years ago)
Hair looks good! I agree that the lighting was much better in your other place, hopefully you can get a little more light.
Dominique Weber (4 years ago)
Also: 10k!!!!!!! Congrats, you deserve it
Dominique Weber (4 years ago)
50% less hair haha brilliant! Looks pretty good ;)
Mick ice (4 years ago)
From your footage the picture quality is top quality stuff, it is a cool idea hopefully it grows into something truly amazing in the future.
João Miguel Gomes (4 years ago)
Lachlan jarhead please!
João Miguel Gomes (4 years ago)
I used the Justin Bieber hair cut until I was 15. One day my brother asked me if I wanted to shave my hair. I did it and never looked back, your head feels so light! It's a good time for you to do that, it's buzz cut season! (Forgot that it's winter in Australia sorry)
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Now that's just going too far!
PhearzMeh (4 years ago)
Haircut looks quite good. Seems like a lot less work to take care of too!
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
I never take care of my hair lol. I don't use any hair gel (headphone no no) and I don't usually even blowdry it. I only have these assymetrical haircuts because they look okay without me doing anything with them XD
TimeWatcher (4 years ago)
As always another great video, probably the most comprehensive review on the QX I have seen. I agree with Sekundaattori you are also my favorite youtuber. Keep up the good work, your getting better and better with each review. The hair looks great makes you look cuter then you already are hehe
Bilal Belagam (4 years ago)
Easily the most insightful review of this camera on the entirety of YouTube. Never thought to look at it outside of the perspective being sold through Sony's initial marketing.
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
To be fair, some of the initial ads did kind of hint that you could use the QX100 in all kinds of ways. http://youtu.be/0TWh3EvSZ_0 But the first commercials implied that the whole thing could be used a whole lot more spontaneously than you'd actually use it (unless you are a really patient kind of person).
Amodh Naik (4 years ago)
this camera is good for portable use like you said, totally agree that it wouldn't be a smartphone camera upgrade. also you might wanna use soft lights rather than the window light cause the sun wouldn't know when to come out of the cloud and over expose your video :P new haircut is looking good btw :D
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
SEK (4 years ago)
I think you are the best product reviewer on youtube, and I really mean it. You deserve so much more subscribers, keep it up!
Aventanario (1 year ago)
lachlanlikesathing is the QX Series still worth buying today in 2017. I kept deciding between this and the Canon 24mm STM Lens. (Cause I have a Canon EOS 650D)
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Thanks, I appreciate it :)
Timothy Tasmin (4 years ago)
You should close the window and have an external light so you don't have half of your body in underexposed and the other half blown out.
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Totally, I'm aware that that is happening repeatedly as soon as it hits 11am haha. The thing is it's a small place and setting up the light can be a bit frustrating...
Byukk (4 years ago)
Your hair's defiantly on my "hair wishlist." It'll take me forever to grow it out ):
Rafal G (4 years ago)
According to Wired it would take only 200 pictures before battery runs out ( http://www.wired.com/2014/05/sony-qx100/ ) I wonder what's the performance when you shoot video? (at first glance seems like a good portable camera for vlogging). 
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Agh I should have mentioned that. Battery life isn't absolutely fantastic. Needed to get a spare battery. The RX100MK3 should be an amazing camera for vlogging because the LCD articulates 180 degrees to allow for selfies.
kazzemg (4 years ago)
Like the shorter cut a lot more. The hair drooping and you arranging it 20 times in every video made me go crazy haha Also, w2c hoodie?
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Oh! I bought this hoodie many many years ago at General Pants. It's 'Insight'? http://www.insight51.com.au/
kazzemg (4 years ago)
w2c= want to see...what brand's hoodie is it?
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Haha thanks. w2c?
VeeDees (4 years ago)
Haircut looks great.
On A studentbudget (4 years ago)
haha "don't click the dislike button if you don't like it"  Any recommendation on a new starter camera for video?
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
+On A studentbudget I'm only really familiar with Sony, but here's where I'd start if I specifically wanted a camera for self produced videos. QX100 @ $498 is flexible with phone control. If you can afford more, get an NEX-3N with a SEL30M35 macro lens. Will get you a good camera and can frame shots with the 180 degree selfie LCD. If you can afford more, wait for the RX100 MK3. That will have the selfie LCD and the flexibility of the QX100. Basically perfect. That would be enough to start. Remember you probably want macro capability if you are doing product reviews.
On A studentbudget (4 years ago)
just for reviews on my channel (i reviewed the xs and the m100s a while back), taking a couple of birthday videos and what not really like i find my current camera is a bit fuzzy when recording. pictures its doable but not really anything to write home about
lachlanlikesathing (4 years ago)
Hmm define starter? What kind of video also?

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