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**BIG WIN** Secrets of Forests Max Bet $10 Bonus ** SLOT LOVER **

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Text Comments (33)
babykaidos123 (1 year ago)
most i won is 180 on this game
SLot Lover (1 year ago)
Yeah this game has limited wins but sometimes this could surprise you sometime.
Casual Dreamer (1 year ago)
I play this game from time to time, usually when I'm way up, but the money burst slots and the wms slots such as kronos,king of Africa, Amazon queen treat me pretty good.
Vanessa Garcia (2 years ago)
not really big win on 10dollars! I won 10grand on a 9 dollar bet!
SLot Lover (2 years ago)
I agree to you that it was not a big win for that kinda bet, It was posted on Last October, almost a year ago. Please check out some latest videos, if they would say big win, they would have it too... Apologies for deceiving title and your 4 minutes for watching this :) Thanks for stopping by.
Jennifer Goodwin (2 years ago)
Your wins always seem so wonderful -- until I look at the size of your bets. LOL Isn't it scary to risk almost $10 a spin on cascading reels? You are either a brave man or a rich one I think. : ) Enjoy your 36x reward.
SLot Lover (2 years ago)
haha, this game works different cause of the cascading, the payout is not as much but for other games where the payout is higher at the time of bonus, they usually suck up your money while regular play, this one takes a long time with the same amount of money in regular play. I mean to say all games are made different, its just a choice. I use to like it before, not anymore....
justess martin (2 years ago)
I have played this game for years but have never gotten the bonus. Glad to see how it plays out when you get it. This game always eats my money so I have to get off the machine and go try something else. Glad you won on it!
SLot Lover (2 years ago)
In the bonus of this game, the bonus symbols turns into wilds which makes it pay more.
RAIHANA 996 (2 years ago)
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Robert Greenhouse (2 years ago)
not too bad, but for $9.90 should have been higher. I subscribed. Thanks for sharing
SLot Lover (2 years ago)
+Robert Greenhouse Thanks for the sub, about this game, as i tell other people too this doesnt pay as much becasue of its feature to respin after every win.
Ken Gomber (3 years ago)
Great run and win.....
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+gombek69 Thanks
frank mathis (3 years ago)
Anyone ever notice how many of the smallest ones hit and hardly any of the premium symbols, and we think it's great, but at 10.00 a pop that's a nothing hit, really it's just nothing. Of course I'm glad for something, but man look at what it could've been. And should've been for in 10 spins which could happen in just about a minute of time it's a hundred bucks a minute damn near.
Rus S. (7 months ago)
You are right, with bet = $10 it is very moderate win. I played that machine in Reno, Nevada and the pay out was not good. You have to put hundreds of dollars in to get something back. Of you may be lucky if someone did that right before you came.
SLot Lover (2 years ago)
You are dam right, this could potentially pay more but i have seen in these kinda games, when you raise the bet to 8 dollars or more, the premium symbols usually do not show up
L. G (3 years ago)
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+Lisa Garza yeah different places have different max bet. thanks for watching. Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obLDUlYYepU&list=PLJ5I-ueVPymSGiaMrcOJEwKC90wOiC2zf
Xenia: The Game (3 years ago)
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+Asa Steppings cause even though it doesnt pay big but it keep paying frequently, so with the small hits it keeps paying on its way, its worth playing...
Asa Steppings (3 years ago)
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+dimitriosfl I know its not alot but this game with this bet usually dont pay this much
Jofman Tovar (3 years ago)
for a 10$ bet this is a normal win.still good congrats
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+Jofman Tovar yeah u r right but for this game, considering my past experiences, I would consider this one a big win.
mkr128 (3 years ago)
Very good win for this game. A big congrats to you from mommy. Mkr1
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+mkr128 thanks :)
Matthew J (3 years ago)
36x your bet. Wow what a "big win"
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+Matthew J As i was earlier telling one of my friends, if you play enough, you know that for this machine, 36x is kinda big win :)
Imarriedvictornewman (3 years ago)
Fantastic run congrats big bet paid off😃
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+Imarriedvictornewman thanks
AloneSlotHits (3 years ago)
Great win! Very entertaining bonus to watch. Thanks.
SLot Lover (3 years ago)
+AloneSlotHits thanks for watching :)

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