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SHOT PUT Rotational Technique The 6 phases by D.POPPE .m4v

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The 6 technical phases of the throws serie continues with this new video from Didier POPPE to show the different phases of the rotational shot put using exclusive videos from Jacko GILL , Reese HOFFA and Adam NELSON . Three different variations of the rotational technique. A great document for Coaches and Athletes.
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Emma Kibbey (2 years ago)
you have to enter from the back of the ring...so technically nelson's 2nd throw doesn't count
Jesse Iese (1 year ago)
false you do not actually need to enter through the back of the circle only to exit
Darrell Youngblood (1 year ago)
I think this is just practice, and who tf cares.
Moon Wee (2 years ago)
is Jacko Gill throw foul? cause from the slow motion, the ball is on his collar bone and not behind ear or neck side?
jim hogg (7 months ago)
As long as it doesn't go behind the plane of the shoulders it's legal . .
Emma Kibbey (2 years ago)
no it can be there
swdhj (4 years ago)
You could argue that the emphasis or key on the second phase is "position" rather than motion.
123456RaulMorales (4 years ago)
For left handed shot putters: 1-Preparation Phase:from choosing the implement to the starting position   2-(preliminary speed phase(Entry): from the starting position(left) to the end of the right foot pivot. 3-Building Momentum Phase(Drive).From right foot pivot to left foot landing,left foot moves faster than implement. 4 Transfer Phase(Power Position):from left foot landing to right shoulder opening through "Power Position" with a wide right leg(Apply forces to the thrower). 5 Delivery Phase: from right shoulder opening to implement leaving the hand(Apply forces to the implement). 6 Recovery phase:from implement leaving the hand to balanced position in the circle
Christine Henson (3 years ago)
Same here thank you!
FRAY (4 years ago)
thanks :) lefty here
Brea Phillips (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot this really helped:)
Seth Ball (5 years ago)
Changing Alot this season due to this video, thank-you.
Diabetic Sloth (6 years ago)
This video is revolutionary. i had no idea that the implement moves with the thrower! this is truly a breakthrough in sports science.
Nigel Patberry (6 years ago)
By far the very best video I've seen. Since I'm self taught I'm gonna have to relearn a lot of stuff based on this video cause every other one sucked XD
Lightnin Hopkins (6 years ago)
oh yeah, I had no idea what was going on until I found this masterpiece. The world of shotputting is going to be much easier now that we all have this supreme study of technique. And the athletes used in the video were the perfect examples. I cant think of another video in any sport that has so classically taught a motor skill. Kinesiology students and teachers around the world will be flabbergasted at the immensity of this revolutionary video. How can we ever thank you enough?
Douglas Moorer (7 years ago)
Wow this really helped thank you..
Jimmy Rustler (7 years ago)
This really helped me a lot, thanks!
70footer (7 years ago)
very informative video Didier....love it , best I have seen .
ambassador158 (8 years ago)
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