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Pamela Anderson Takes us Back in Time | Playmates!

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Browse Shows: http://bit.ly/Zdq6Su Watch Now: http://bit.ly/Zdqe4k Playboy's Playmate Pamela Anderson takes us behind the scenes on her first ever Playmate shoot.
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Paul Carroll (7 months ago)
Who was prettier Pamela, Anna Nicole or Jenny McCarthy ? Pammie all day long for me
ShadowNightghost86 (7 months ago)
Pamela Anderson in her prime!!
Alex Crosse (9 months ago)
I don't find nothing special about her looks, I saw much better looking Go-Go dancers when I went to Bucharest and Prague, just local girls dancing behind a glass showcase at then entrance of a night bar.. much better bodies much better everything really.
Big Sean (2 years ago)
She was probably one of the most beautiful girls in the world, ever when she was young from 18 to 26
Kel GS (2 years ago)
She actually changed her look at went more natural as of late and looks really good again, ecspecally for a 50 year old.
Taylor Ehrhard (2 years ago)
Sexy Pam!!!!
Diego (2 years ago)
oh myyy ggooooshhhh!!!!
December Leigh (3 years ago)
She was so much prettier before all the plastic surgery.
December Leigh (3 years ago)
+Laurelindo I totally agree. I've seen her from her first Playboy, 1st boob job, 2nd boob job, I didn't count them, but there is a Playboy video of her & in that video you can see the change, it's a pretty old video. She was a stunning natural beauty.
Laurelindo (3 years ago)
+December Leigh This is the reason why Pamela Anderson used to be one of the hottest girls in the world. A lot of people seem to only be familiar with the way she looked after all the plastic surgery and consider her "overrated" because of that, but she seriously was a bombshell when she had her natural look.
Lizard Queen (4 years ago)
damn.....sad what happened to her beauty.
December Leigh (3 years ago)
+james dean It's called plastic surgery & it doesn't come to us all. Some women her age actually look real & age well.
Kelli Erin (5 years ago)
23 here
Big Daddy in da Caddy (11 months ago)
Bgirl291 (5 years ago)
Ken Honey also shot Dorothy Stratten test shots He was the Vancouver recruiter
likeavirgin87 (6 years ago)
WoW! She looks amazingly perfect here!!
Big Daddy in da Caddy (11 months ago)
likeavirgin87 😘 we need 2 hook up
Amber Sym (6 years ago)
I love young Pammy!!
Boy Davis (6 years ago)
She was so young! I have chosen a very appropriate star!
Jonathan Mark Te (6 years ago)
I almost couldn't recognize her.

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