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Disconnected Undercut - Popular Slick Back Hairstyle Tutorial By BluMaan - Mens Hair 2018

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Disconnected Undercut : Popular Slick Back Hairstyle Tutorial By BluMaan - Mens Hair 2018 . Yo what's going down guys so today's video I have a special guest and friend BluMaan who's showing us a slick back hairstyle with a disconnected undercut, his channel is linked in the description box along with links to his new products. So yeah his men's undercut really does compliment his Mens slick back hairstyle. So aswell as this video being a Mens slick back tutorial I hope this gives you inspiration to potentially get a Mens undercut hairstyle as a undercut hairstyle is very popular. His new product will really help you get a Mens slick back if you desire one, if you've enjoyed the video today and want to give me any feedback comment below. Hope you guys liked the Mens undercut tutorial / slick back tutorial . UPDATE! POMADE IS NOW FOR SALE AT https://blumaan.com SUBSCRIBE TO BluMaan - https://www.youtube.com/user/joeisblu Buy his products from https://blumaan.com Follow Blumaan on Social Media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/BluMaan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blumaan/ - HELP GET JAKE DANIELS TO 100K - LETS GET THIS VIDEO 500 LIKES Follow My Social Media Twitter : https://twitter.com/jake_danielss Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jakedanielsworld/ Snapchat : JakeSmith91r
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Text Comments (510)
Krisztián Hauser (4 days ago)
Amazing! U can go to the club to suck some cocks!
Sulthan Adha (10 days ago)
this guy look like oliver sykes
Raul Martinez (15 days ago)
Now I see why you put your hair to the side.
velnias (15 days ago)
my hair just splits in the middle
Siddheya Balkawade (16 days ago)
If you guys didn't notice jack looks and sounds like mr.beast what do you guys think?
Cameron Barrett (14 days ago)
Do you mean Joe? If you do then yes he kinda does
Moncai (17 days ago)
i asked my barber for a low fade and the dumbass gave me a high and tight so it looked like shit because my hair is wavy and thick as hell, so i've been trying to train my hair to lay back with a hat and it's working a little
Debabrot Chutia (20 days ago)
My hair always only down ward 😟😟😟
Jordan Blem (24 days ago)
I like your hair at 2:11
CliMacs (25 days ago)
2:32 CM punk hair
Fathing (29 days ago)
Has no one noticed the sides of his hair grew back back at the end of the video ?
Nugget K5 (1 month ago)
The guy with the plaid looks like he would dance like bazzi not a compliment I'm sorry
Chris Mcmahon (1 month ago)
Like johnny depp and geazy had baby
H10 VLOGS (1 month ago)
How long does your hair have to be for this hairstyle ?
WilliamRhey VLOGS (1 month ago)
Whats the name of that haircut? ASAP
Samuel Bulletproof (1 month ago)
0:13 Goddamn he's hot
Jacky L (1 month ago)
how do you prevent your hair from splitting down the middle? my boyfriend's hair will stayed slicked back for a while then throughout the day it will spilt down in the middle.
Kutta Kyte (2 months ago)
I can comb back my ass hair and pubic hair
Andy Arellano (2 months ago)
What does he get on the sides of his haircut?
PJ Dexter (2 months ago)
He went from being gay, to being straight, amazing what a hair style can do.
DH_Artist (2 months ago)
But BluMaan, it’s not disconnected if your sides have length to them.....
eijgnaw (2 months ago)
Kashif Khan (2 months ago)
I can finally say that I have been here since the start
Mr Yeknod (2 months ago)
appears in my recommended as soon as the hairdresser fucks up and makes my hair way too short
Devin Michael Roberts (2 months ago)
Whats the point the second you step out into the wind that hair is going to look nasty looking. Hair styles like that never work unless you naturally have hair that tends to move backward.
Hector Mendoza (2 months ago)
ur the best bro
Ami-e Imran (2 months ago)
wow 😍
Danny Strunk (2 months ago)
How can I comb this haircut without a dryer?
dariela rz (3 months ago)
i didn’t know it was that hard to get your hair like this lmao i love it my crush has this hairstyle haha
dariela rz (3 months ago)
g eazy invented
Jose Gomez (3 months ago)
#ThisIsForTheLadies 😂
fitness is fashion (3 months ago)
fitness is fashion (3 months ago)
HoLee Fok (3 months ago)
yo hairline mad ugly tho
ElChepe488 (3 months ago)
Dude i'd kill for hair like that😭😭😭
JustForYoutube Watching (3 months ago)
is jake gay?.....
Sean O'neal (3 months ago)
How to you get that much volume on top?
Eli Zuber (1 month ago)
Sean O'neal it’s his natural hair
John Nike (4 months ago)
Hair slicked is a risk of damaging your hair means hair loss
Magical Law (3 months ago)
WTF Then why have I Not lost it yet.Did it at least 500 Times.Im 27 now
Lucas (4 months ago)
Did you seriously edit the title and description to have 2018 in it? I just looked up something for 2018 and it says 2016, are you serious right now...
Lucas (3 months ago)
Welp, not really meaning to judge, I can understand it's not easy being a YouTuber, especially full time. I just found it a bit weird, since this is the first time I see it. Good luck with the channel though, the video is good. Sounds to me more like you are being defensive due to insecurities and other reasons, but what do I know, I only studied psychology a few years.
Jake Daniels (4 months ago)
Yes its called competing to get views and being determined to succeed in running a youtube channel.
Beltran2004 (4 months ago)
ty eres (4 months ago)
Thumbs up, but I'm waaaaaay too lazy to bother putting so much work in it
Wehrmacht kubizek (4 months ago)
How do you deal with the cowlicks
Carlos Galicia (4 months ago)
King of Hairstyle is Luca Fersko bro
Dank Lambsta (4 months ago)
Lol I just grab a cap and leave it for whole till it’s slicked back nice video tho always entertaining!
Samuel B (4 months ago)
I do my hair like that too. But then I hop on the free way on the way to the party with the windows down and it all fucks up.
Jacob Marquez (4 months ago)
Do you guys know a product that you recommend for slicked back hair ? I need a product that will keep my hair in place because I play sports and when I sweat my hair goes out of place.
Jacob Marquez I know this is a very late reply, but if this helps buy some Pomade and after applying add some hairspray and it should look pretty good.
Leo Music art and magic (4 months ago)
Astro Jay (4 months ago)
Joe looks like Handsome Squidward
Sameer Bishi (4 months ago)
Osm for hair
Lowkeey Alexz (4 months ago)
Would a comb over haircut work w this or no
Noah Stanley (5 months ago)
Is the line or side part on the right or the left?
Jed Dcosta (3 months ago)
Joe’s hairline __ — __
MrKarolosGreen (5 months ago)
Johnny Bravo
Superficial (5 months ago)
I wish I could get my hair to look like that :L
Bryan Arellano (5 months ago)
Does that work for 12 to 13 year olds
Pantelas (5 months ago)
I got my slick back done because i had short to slightly medium hair but when it comes to your top of your hair (fringe) most barbers screw this part, despite I told meine to do not really cut the top.He told me that he just cut a little bit of the top to make the hairstyle look nice but I told him not to.What is your opinion guys?
Matthew kornman (5 months ago)
I'll be honest I have never felt as gay as I have while watching this video.
Joshua Sheppard (3 months ago)
Matthew kornman how tf is this gay? are you actually retarded? this is a hairstyle tutorial for guys who dont wanna look like shit, this isnt them sucking each others dick its them teaching you how to style your hair smh
Big V ! (5 months ago)
2 of the hottest boys
Spluttery Gull6 (5 months ago)
How long is your hair?
AJ S (5 months ago)
This is ridiculous. I can get this look in under 10 minutes using American Crew Liquid Wax and TAFT Glued hold number 6. TAFT is sold at grocery stores and malls and American Crew I got at the barber.
Ryan Pearce (5 months ago)
About 7 inches of hair lol to much, get yourself 4-5 inches it looks fire
crazchicken gaming (5 months ago)
What is it gel, grease
Ziltex Nation (6 months ago)
My hair falls to the side help.?
Sarah Lawrence (6 months ago)
U look gay
Sunep Lkr (6 months ago)
WasteLandWarrior (6 months ago)
What happens if your hair sticks out on the side
Zawad Arian (6 months ago)
Alberto Moreno
The Odd Dish (6 months ago)
Dat jagged hairline tho
Hamza Hussain (6 months ago)
Pigeot looking fresh
RoboSnitch MegaRabbit (6 months ago)
Italian mobster
Dusan Abaz (7 months ago)
Joe you are the king
Jesse P (7 months ago)
Wow men these days.😂 Goofy guys
ZionBDR (8 months ago)
What’s the best way to be able to train your hair to go back like this!?
Khuslen Mangush (8 months ago)
That hairline though
SSJG (8 months ago)
Keep in mind that for this shit to look good, you need: 1. Hair needs to be long enough on top. If there is not enough length, which is common, the hair will stand up too stiff. 2. The finer the hair the better. And honestly if you have coarse hair, it's difficult and the products to use are very different. With Fine hair you can basically use anything to slick the hair back (hell even with nothing but water it works). With thicker hair, you have to use a tough product whether its a gel, a wax, or a pomade (and all with high grade hold not light hold). Otherwise the hair will look like a mess on top. The guy in the video has absolutely perfect hair, and thats misleading because it makes one think that anything is possible for anyone. The reality is very different.
Ivan Fulton (8 months ago)
I thought I saw BluMaan in the thumbnail
LazyLunatic (8 months ago)
Parkour CH (8 months ago)
Captain america haircut in infinity wat ???
Last Gaurdian (9 months ago)
did you guys make out?
James McClaren (9 months ago)
I bet I know what they use for extra hold...
Oukei thecancer (9 months ago)
I cant do a hairstyle like this fuck my hair
Zaid BoomBoomPow (9 months ago)
that bluman guy, he's very good looking.. he can just sit there and do nothing, i will just watch him all day lol
Bandoolero (9 months ago)
is it a straight thing to do as guys to apply eyeliners on the eyelash?
John Maynard Ubando (9 months ago)
Basically looks like any other hairstyle he does
ksynko (9 months ago)
His hair line goes like this _---_
Ryan Reynolds (8 months ago)
ksynko then that is a good hairline
Ben Smith (9 months ago)
How long did it take to grow your hair this long ?
Extra Ordinary (9 months ago)
My hair naturally has too much volume so it's hard for me to have any type of slick back, I have to do alot to make it straight and thin. Man I want your hair lmao.
My hair just curls or breaks off. It doesnt stay low like that pisses me off.
Alex Sof' Bilionis (10 months ago)
But will it stay put after an hour?
Bow hello (10 months ago)
Too bad my hair is only to the eyes
Macky Suson (10 months ago)
What an amazing share this is! It's so great to see this video and I can't wait to create mine one day! Thank you again and have a wonderful day!
Esther Meerman (10 months ago)
Ween you put your vingers to it it will look ugly as hell
Classic Society (10 months ago)
dude not jared leto or popular slick... lmao sure enough i only know it as ''jake gyllenhaal'' look tho
funny videos (10 months ago)
how much it takes to make to hair length as you
Adam El (10 months ago)
So u put product in, blowdry with product in, then add more product? How does that not cook the bejesus out of your hair?
Chester Fox (10 months ago)
can you do this without pre styling product and have the same effect?
A B R A H A N V (11 months ago)
Dope I have slick back hair
Shockwave 3444 (11 months ago)
No way it was just one day later he didnt even have a fade anymore
JaMill Mga Baog (11 months ago)
Can i get that slick back my hair is short
Hoxto licious (11 months ago)
Gaming With Box Speaks for itself, retard...
RR (11 months ago)
U just earned a sub
coobi (11 months ago)
that is not disconnected

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