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Steve's Hair Loss Blog 4 - New Hair System, New Hairstyle, New Hair Salon

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http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk Hi My name is Steve. I'm a 23 year old musician and I have classic male pattern baldness. It had a vastly negative effect on my self esteem and I kept wearing a hat. I searched the internet for a hair loss solution and quickly found out that most websites were a scam. Then I found Total Cover Plus Hair Systems, who helped me. I find it important to show people my experience to actually show that there is a solution out there and that there are companies who do what they say. Follow me as I'm getting a new Total Cover Plus Hair System. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions. I will happily answer these questions and be as helpful as possible. I will regularly put up new blogs. simply go to www.totalcoverplus.co.uk for more Blogs and more information.
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Text Comments (195)
Richard Mert (3 months ago)
I love you. You’re so handsome
Shaun Kelly (1 year ago)
Why have a hair loss blog? The hair is already lost lol. Call it Steve's already lost hair and wearing a wig blog.
Michael David (1 year ago)
Only a hair transplant is a permanent solution.
WazzyMohawk (1 year ago)
Michael Langley hair transplants fall out and thin over amd over again and you have a huge scar on the back of your head and you run out of donor hair!!!! Hairsystems if done well is the best solution!!!!!
Navjot sodhi (1 year ago)
when skin have sweat,lack of enough air inside is problem to make the scalp dry...head even can't breathe
TotalCoverPlus (1 year ago)
Thank your for your comment. Our hair systems are breathable. This way air can pass through.
Navjot sodhi (1 year ago)
this system makes scalp so soft that skin gets damaged n follicles gets closed...headache is the main problem..we can't wear it for more than hardly 10 or 12hours..
Alesso (1 year ago)
are you guys in bristol or london?
TotalCoverPlus (1 year ago)
We are in London
Kaveh Paymayesh (2 years ago)
cute hairdresser :P
mascottie (2 years ago)
He looks so cute when he gets happy. That's a testimonial to how this system changes your life.
زيد حسن (2 years ago)
hi Is this wig have slots or swim when the water passes to the head, and also the air or not touching the water when the head swims
TotalCoverPlus (2 years ago)
Hi our hair systems are breathable. So it allows air to go through. Small amounts of water in form of moisture will usually pass through when swimming but only very small amounts. Sweat usually evaporates and goes through the hair system too. Please let me know, if you have any further questions. Kind regards
Bint Firm 1882 (2 years ago)
i went on the website and its 149 pound just for a service charge, and then you have to pay around 500 pound just for the wig, i just feel like that is ridicolously over priced for glue on fake hair especially as it only lasts 7 weeks, if you have to pay 550 pound every 7 weeks you might as well save up and get a hair transplant
Bint Firm 1882 (2 years ago)
I want to do this to. Is there any closer to London? And how long does it last till you have to re do it. Do you shower with it ? How much does it cost
TotalCoverPlus (2 years ago)
Hi sorry it has taken a while to reply. For some reason youtube didn't show your question and we only saw just now. Please let us know all of your question about this. Here is an example of a fornatl hair system https://www.instagram.com/p/BJclkFshC2F/ Kind regards
TotalCoverPlus (2 years ago)
At this point it's best if you contact one of our partner salons directly. They can book you in for a free consultation and then give you detailed information for your specific case as they will be able to assess your hair loss properly when they see you. It is difficult to give more details here without having see your hairline.
Bint Firm 1882 (2 years ago)
id like a little bit more information on a piece for the front
TotalCoverPlus (2 years ago)
Sounds like a good plan. Please let me know, if you have any further questions.
Bint Firm 1882 (2 years ago)
all i want is a decent hair line for the front so i can style my hair slicked back an stuff like that that i can't usually do with it receeding, i wouldn't need a full piece as my hair is very thick through the middle crown and back
dilsher Singh (2 years ago)
joelarama (2 years ago)
Oh WOW! I think this system definitely suits you the best in comparison to your other videos. (Others are all fantastic too though obviously) The blend is outstanding and the style and cut really suit you. It's great to see how confident you look now and without sounding too dramatic, I can see how TCP hair systems can really change people's lives...for the better of course! Just incredible.
ayaz kazi (2 years ago)
i want to go for this...is there any thing as such in india...and whats the cost ?
TotalCoverPlus (2 years ago)
Unfortunately our hair systems are currently only available through our partner salons in the UK.
AYEM8 (2 years ago)
Happy people smile just look at that grin it's incredible
Nathan Taylor (3 years ago)
This place still open? haha
Declan Kamis (3 years ago)
When's the Leeds one opening as I've emailed you guys countless times and still awaiting a reply or a phone call
Declan Kamis (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus does the Leeds salon open this weekend?
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
It's not Phil, but I'll check with him.
Declan Kamis (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus OK. Thank you. Is this Phil btw? If so did you get my email regarding the discussion we had about the Manchester salon?
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+Declan Kamis In principle that shouldn't be a problem. I'll send you an email as soon as they're ready to take bookings and then we can see if they have another customer who wouldn't mind having you watching while they get their system applied.
Declan Kamis (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus [email protected] Spoke to Phil but haven't heard anything in a while. Looking forward to it opening. At chance I can go and view someone having it done? Thanks
bigbennie96 (3 years ago)
So Cool I totally wanna get this done!
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+bigbennie96 It's very easy. Just check the list of salons on our website (http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk/salon-location.php), contact the one that's closest to you and arrange a free consultation. It'll give you the opportunity to see our system first hand and ask any questions you might have before you make up your mind. There is no obligation to buy anything.
donald lo (3 years ago)
do you have to preorder the hair?
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+donald lo If it's your first time then you need to come to a partner salon for the initial consultation. They will then order the system for you and it will arrive within 2 weeks. But once we have your details we can simply order the system in advance so that it's ready for your next appointment.
Ewelina Dobruszek (3 years ago)
really bad blending
giovanni brito (3 years ago)
very impressively two thumbs up!
rafael lenciano (3 years ago)
so nice never be noticed good job!! to the hair styIist
REYMARTZ (3 years ago)
Its like day and night.  Very good result  congrats!  I'm thinking about getting a system.
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+REYMARTZ “REYMARTZHD” HD That's great to hear! If you have any questions or there is anything we can help you with just send us an email: info[at]totalcoverplus[dot]co[dot]uk
REYMARTZ (3 years ago)
Without hair system  girlfriend chances are REALY slim... WITH system 100% you would get a girlfriend.
REYMARTZ (2 years ago)
Many girls prefer you look nice and handsome instead of a bald looking sociopath murderer lol!
Danial (3 years ago)
Jayden Tan (3 years ago)
where can i do this?
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+Jayden Tan Once it's been applied at the salon it stays on your head for around 7 weeks without having to be removed. Swimming, running or strong wind are not normally a problem. However, in general the longevity of the hair system depends on many factors, such as body chemistry and lifestyle. Therefore it is very difficult to make a judgement based only on your lifestyle. There is a chance that the amout of sweat and your very active lifestyle might affect the bond. However you can easily touch up the system yourself. In this case it would maybe require some extra maintenance by yourself. In terms of body chemistry, factors such as your acidity levels of the sweat, the oiliness of your skin etc. can affect the bond, too. As you can see it depends very much on your personal circumstances. There are some customers that use our hair systems for up to 16 weeks and others that get a new one much more regularly. It is important to us that you get an insight into how it all works so that you can make a decision based on the facts. Therefore in terms of longevity we can only give guidelines.
Jayden Tan (3 years ago)
how long do i need to change a new one?
Jayden Tan (3 years ago)
do i needa take it off all the time?and what bout swmming ,running,strong wind blow,sweating a lot?i do a lot of exercise
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+Jayden Tan We have salons across the UK: http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk/salon-location.php
Nerf family Uk (3 years ago)
Ruleo They didn't see him before as he was always wearing a hat !
David Woods (3 years ago)
Can anyone tell me whats steve surname is please
David Woods (3 years ago)
Ok kwel thanks, But if u cud iv left u guys a message on face book if u have a look at it for me when.u have a chance wud be great thanks for replying to me :)
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
@David Woods To protect Steve's privacy we can't reveal his surname. If you would like to contact him feel free to send us a message (http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk/contact.php) and we will pass it on to him.
RuleofFive (4 years ago)
I would think if your band mates had seen you bald before they would know you're wearing a hair piece at this point?  I think they're being polite.... BTW this lady gave you a really good haircut/styling.....
.well , they always cuts a lounge to another always using the right measures will have a result , always good WHAT depends even cut and face model , it has much more seems to have been good.
Cynthia Keeman (4 years ago)
Looks good
my tv ma (4 years ago)
hair poblem call me 009466544205...boha qatar
my tv ma (4 years ago)
plzz call 0097466544205
Miles Cumminski (4 years ago)
best haircut yet!
Alexandre Lobo (4 years ago)
What's an average price on something like this? How many times a year does it have to be replaced? When it's styled with product, how do you wash it out to be styled again?
TotalCoverPlus (4 years ago)
@Alexandre Lobo We charge £299 per hair system, although we also offer saver deals for regular customers: http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk/prices.html We usually recommend that customers exchange their hair system at least every 7 weeks. However it depends very much on your lifestyle and body chemistry how long the hair system will actually last. Some customer can make it last longer than others. The system stays on your head all the time, so when you use a styling product you can simply have a shower to wash it out. However, not all styling products are suitable for this system. Anything that contains oil or alcohol can affect the bond and wax products are often very strong, meaning they put a lot of tension on the hair. Hair spray or water-based gels are ideal, but our stylists can also give you more detailed advice on specific products.
Super Wig Maker (4 years ago)
So he gets a new everytime? Why not reuse the old system again, it didn't seem worn or anything
Super Wig Maker (4 years ago)
@TotalCoverPlus Thanks for the information
TotalCoverPlus (4 years ago)
We charge £299 per hair system, although we also offer saver deals for regular customers. http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk/prices.html
Super Wig Maker (4 years ago)
@TotalCoverPlus Well as a wig maker I totally understand. you don't have any lace inside the system (engulfed into the thin skin thing) thus you have no knots to hold the hair and this makes it more realistic yet less durable. It does make sense, how much on average would one of these cost? A general price for a toupee.
TotalCoverPlus (4 years ago)
@Super Wig Maker The issue is with the way the systems are made. To make them look more realistic the hairs aren't knotted into the artificial skin but just threaded through (v-loop). This means that through the strain of daily use (washing, brushing, styling etc) hairs fall out over time, which eventually becomes noticeable. In addition, if you want to reapply it, you first need to remove and clean the system to get rid of any traces of old bond on the artificial skin. During the cleaning process the system can easily get damaged (small tears in the skin, more hair falling out). So overall it is easier and safer to exchange the system rather than reuse it.
no hassle (4 years ago)
Robert Valdes (4 years ago)
Omg this is amazing!!!
THE SPARTAN BARBER (4 years ago)
I'm a barber..... I work with men's hair for over 50 hours a week..... Let me assure you, his hair does not look convincing..... If you want to have someone's old hair clued to your head for a whole month, well that's your choice....Just shave it off.... Waste of money
Cherry (4 years ago)
@Wildfox01 I agree.   There is no reason a anyone needs to be bald if they don't want to.   I think his hair does look convincing, but if he learned to care for  it himself, he could extend the life of the system to at least 4 months.    They don't have to be tossed every month. 
Rex makepeace (4 years ago)
I disagree, his hair system looks convincing enough and I thought the lady did a good job. Not everyone looks good bald. 
05w (4 years ago)
Looks wiggy to me. Too much density in some areas, his sides look bad. Steve's haircut here looks much better>>: Steve's Hair Loss Blog 6 - My Total Cover Plus Hair System Q&A 
David Fletcher (4 years ago)
Question: Is it real hair used in the systems?  Q2: is it a liquid adhesive or tape? Q3: What's the approximate cost for the hair stylist to attach it and cut it in?
JOHN SMITH (5 years ago)
Question for you Steve as someone who is also considering one of these. Have you got a girlfriend or gotten one since getting the system? at what point do you break it to her that you know, it isn't real? That would be a horrific fear of mine. 
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Hi John, When I met my girlfriend I have already had my hair system. So she didn't know about it. I felt that the longer I didn't tell her about it the more I felt like I was lying. This put me in a bit of a difficult situation. But after being with her for a few months I knew that she was the right one for me. When I told her and explained everything, she was understanding and actually amazed. I imagined it to be very difficult but I sometimes think that in my mind I make it a bigger thing than it actually is. My girlfriend was so cool about it. So as long as she is the right one for you I don't think that it would be an issue.
Alexandra Potter (5 years ago)
Amazing the result. Steve looks so Indie with his new hair and sweater.
MITHOON ANGADI (5 years ago)
Which base is this?and what are the specs please...
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Hi it is a Total Cover Plus Air Active Skin base that is 0.015mm thin.
R. Maj. (5 years ago)
I am not balding.My hair is great, with good volume.But the hair stylist Karen so so hot and sexy mature woman.Karen i love you.:)))You are very beauty!!!!!!!:))
Simon charnley (5 years ago)
Hi where is the nearest salon in cumbria please
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
The nearest salon for you would be the Liverpool salon. It is Envy Hair and Beauty. It is the salon from the video above. All the best
Patrick Bouchot (5 years ago)
Hi, I'm kinda bald, mainly the "crown" since my 30s, and I always keep it shaved or only few mm because that's suits me best; I've always been told been "shaved" suits me very well, however, as a teen I always like to change looks, I had great hair, very dark and wavy and I have to say I miss the alternative, the change, etc; I did not see any informations about salt and pepper hair (which is my color now since i'm 35)  How does it work for grey hair? Do you provide this color? I live in Paris but comes quite often to London; do you need several appointments before the actual setting of the piece?  Thanks for your answers;  it looks good from here I might give it a go ;)
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
@Patrick Bouchot  Basically it is almots like getting a new hair cut every so and so often. I is like the normal interval that most people have between two hair cuts. However the most important thing is that you think that this is something for you. If it is something for you then it will give you a superb quality of life. So you should definitely take your time and think about it. Also please feel free to ask, if you have any further questions. All the best,
Patrick Bouchot (5 years ago)
Thank you for your reply. I've to think about pratical this can be (for appointments, renewal etc.) Thank you
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Hi "Salt and Pepper" is not a porblem at all, we can match any hair colour and any mix grey hair. We usually need a consultation appointment to assess your hair loss situation in order to provide you with the perfect solution. Thereafter we would book you in for the application appointment. So to begin with you would need two appointments. Please let us know, if you have any further questions. Alll the best,
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
@james H: Please go to the Total Cover Plus website for the price details. All the best,
Ahmed Khan (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus what happen next if he take bath or just try to wash a head and after how long to get same process like replacement.
For all (3 years ago)
@TotalCoverPlus Perfect. Thanks
TotalCoverPlus (3 years ago)
+For all Yes, our hair systems are made from real human hair (the only exception are our grey hair systems, they are made using a mix of real and synthetic hair to achieve a realistic look). And you can definitely go swimming while wearing a hair system (as you can see in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=681pSKjwnuE).
For all (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus thanks for the videos. it looks good solution. my queries please 1- is it natural hair? 2- can you go the beach or swimming poll and swim there? thanks
J K (3 years ago)
+TotalCoverPlus Open one in Mumbai or Delhi, you'll make a killing. Population 22 Million and 13 M respectively and full of filthy rich bastards
James H (5 years ago)
My god, I'm soooooo going to get this done! Is it expensive?
nemnem nemenm (5 years ago)
can u blow dry it and flat iron it and can u use it if u still have hair on top
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Yes, you can blow dry it. It depends very much on how much/little hair you have on your head.... All the best
cathex (5 years ago)
Does anyone have any estimates as to how many men use this kind of system? I like the idea and am very impressed with what it achieves, but don't think I could deal with the dependency and having to have it renewed every 3 to 7 weeks.
chauve83 (5 years ago)
Steve, you look so handsome as MPB young man. maybe one day you will put out the hairsystem. You also look handsome with your hairsystem. FreD
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Hi, you would need to come to one of our salons. That's all.
fabrozio89 (5 years ago)
iìm from italy, what can i do to get this system?
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
You can grow a beard prior to getting the hair system and when you will get the hair system you shave the beard off. That way people will concentrate more on the beard than on the hair.
ruelguitar2k (5 years ago)
nice, but everyone knows i'm balding and they will be shocked if i use this lol but i'm in asia so i guess i should just shave my head lol.
Mods & Tweaks (5 years ago)
That should bring a lot of confidence in him whether at work, parties, sports (swimming), venues, meetings. Nice one.
iadf (5 years ago)
looks good man
iadf (5 years ago)
he's in a band
DE51B0Y (5 years ago)
Looks good
RyanInLA (5 years ago)
this is the best look for you. short and a little flat seems more natural.
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
Hi unfortunately we don't have any salons/clinics in Canada.
with_love (5 years ago)
Hi steve! do you have clinic here in canada? i badly need that product.
paul stubbs (5 years ago)
Hey had one of these systems from Karen at Envy Hair & Beauty, Great lady, Very friendly and gave me a great haircut what more would you want,,,and knocks years off you! best thing i have ever done! thanks
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
We didn't remove any comment, unless it was spam.
Kemper Max (5 years ago)
i was forced to shave my head because of this system... its a shame but just doesnt look real.. i mean the guy in the video is fake, his name isnt even steve lol
Carl McSwankie (6 days ago)
What do you mean you were forced to shave your head. Hair system never pull out your real hair... LOL
Kemper Max (5 years ago)
trust me mate they can't. had one and people noticed! lol
Kemper Max (5 years ago)
why did you remove my comment?
Kemper Max (5 years ago)
It's all lies I'm afraid guys.... Had one form here and was very disappointed I had one because of a receding hairline I would always try and hide... I had it for about a week and it was very itchy and lifted after every shower!!!! Do yourselves a favour an dont get one! I shaved my head a week after having it an i hate it but it is better than a wig! Also it is detectable you can see the skin on the hairline... Don't bother guys!
grincher2006 (5 years ago)
The old system looked fine, but the new system is really nice. Stylist did a fabulous job here
Timothy Kwambe (5 years ago)
Steve is a legend, I can't wait to get my system. I've always had good thick hair, up until I was 27. I'm 30 now, and its clear that in a couple of years the top of my head will be bald. I don't suite being bald, and a hair transplant for me at this stage would cost 30 grand, plus you need further transplants every few years, again, which costs 5 grand or more. These systems just. show how far things have moved on.
Alyasiry87 (5 years ago)
you look awesome . i can see the happiness on your face . good for you mate
dantex2010 (5 years ago)
I am dying waiting for some hair stylist professional bring that system to Costa Rica, Like others I am in shock every time I see this guy getting a new system. Amazing
TotalCoverPlus (5 years ago)
All the materials that we use are tested and are not harmufl to the human health.
MrCastvall (5 years ago)
Hi! :) if there is some dandruff, adhesives and the material does not damage the scalp?
TheBaah88 (5 years ago)
baldness would actually suit him well if he shaved the sides and back especially if he wore a black suit and a red tie lol. i do wish it would suit me but i have a weird shaped head, bloody genetics
Muhammad Shakeel (6 years ago)
simply fantastic!!!
Mods & Tweaks (6 years ago)
Hair system looks nice. It can fool anyone.
Tina (6 years ago)
It looks nice.
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
some people simply can't, as it has such a huge impact on their lives.
grimsplague (6 years ago)
why not shave your head and embrace being bald
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a bad experience with another company. At Total Cover Plus we believe that is important that you have full freedom and full contol regarding your hair system. In order to provide you with the best hair system we would need to see you and assess your hair loss situation. Please feel free to ask, if you have any questions.
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi Afidon what hair system did you use. We are not in Singapore located and therefore could only provide our service in the UK.
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi Unfortunately we don't have any salons near Norwich, yet. The closest salon for you would be in London. However soon we will have salons nearer to you. We have different price options. Please check the Total Cover Plus webiste for details. Best regards
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Yes we will have a new video soon
Gevo Syndicate (6 years ago)
Will there be Any new videos Coming Soon ?
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
This was done at the Liverpool salon (Envy Hair and Beauty) For more info in the salon, please go to the Total Cover Plus website. Best regards
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi Steve will do a blog about this soon. Generally hair gel can be used to style the hair. Our system is breathable and therefore sweat doesn't matter.
Gevo Syndicate (6 years ago)
Hi In What salon was this system fitted, She done a really good cut and fitting?
MUKUL MCOOL (6 years ago)
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi there wouldn't be an issue. We use a special medical bond. Your body chemistry plays an important role in how long the bond will last. So for some people the adhesion lasts for more than 8 weeks for others not as long. Please feel free to ask, if you have further questions.
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi It depends a lot on your lifestyle and body chemsitry. The more gently you treat your hair, the longer it will look great. We always say that it lasts for up to 7 weeks, but we also have a lot of customers that use the hair systems for 12-15 weeks. With the "Pay-As-You-Go" Deal we give you complete freedom and cotrol. You should only get a system when you believe that it is time. The 12 Month Saver Deal is good if you get a hair system on a regular basis as it allows you to save a lot.
Shovel (6 years ago)
How long could you wear a system on the "pay as you go" offer before seeing problems? also what type of problems where there be?
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
It's just the lighting
Giulio Tombari (6 years ago)
why is the girl yellow?
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
We don't have any videos yet. But soon we will have one.
TotalCoverPlus (6 years ago)
Hi, yes we also offer full head systems. They are as natural as our normal systems.
noel byrne (6 years ago)
no they cant tell idiot .looks great.you look like you will be needing this too very soon, so shut up.how incentitive.you are. jesus give the geezer a break.
Ian Brooke (6 years ago)
i have to disagree i think it looks completely natural and i would never know in a million years it was not his own hair if i didnt see this video

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