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Tiger Woods Tour Championship 2018 Round 4 - shot by shot footage

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Text Comments (156)
Khoo (3 hours ago)
The GOAT! Salute Tiger. 80W. Congrats...
Jerry Parker (19 hours ago)
Brooks Koepka! 🏆 🏆
Flat Effect (1 day ago)
I can't believe that the idiot commentators said "we didn't think he'd win again and I don't think Tiger did either". Listen closely jack ass! You guys should know better than anyone. Tiger never has and never will think he can't win. He is the g.o.a.t. putter, the g.o.a.t. under pressure and the g.o.a.t. in mental toughness! Don't ever count him out! or actually go ahead. It will make it that much easier for him to kick everyone's ass and prove even more naysayers wrong!
Texas Swinger (1 day ago)
Freaking Awesome! Can't wait for 2019! The Big Cat is Back!!!!!!!
swkim722 (2 days ago)
Tiger is the GOAT
Jeff Smith (2 days ago)
I’ve watched this fifty times already and every damned time it gets me. I don’t think casual fans realize he was unable to sit, bend, walk, sleep, anything without severe nerve pain. The man literally couldn’t get out of a golf cart at the presidents cup his back was so bad. Athletes just don’t come back from back injuries like his. Only the greatest to ever hold a club could do this.
Jonathan Poto (3 days ago)
It's weird: the scorecard didn't show it, but he was dominant, and the tournament stayed in his control the whole time.
Jill Warner (3 days ago)
Alex Lobeck (3 days ago)
I tear up every time I watch this
R T (6 days ago)
Only Tiger can attract so many crowd. Really missed this roar
Swift chopper (6 days ago)
Jack nicklaus is still the goat!
Anthony Morris (6 days ago)
Wish that Cunt would stop saying ''get in the hole'' annoying Prick.
andry wibowo (7 days ago)
Tiger wood is back
Tyrell Castillo (8 days ago)
He still got it!! Goat!
Dick (11 days ago)
beautiful game thank you Tiger
Craig B (13 days ago)
cucked golf anus lilckers
WiliS S (14 days ago)
this reminds me of whenever tiger plays and is aired on tv... is he the only golfer on the course ??? and I get sick of hearing.. get in the hole.. even from 500 yrds out.
Brandon Seaw (16 days ago)
Tiger the best golfer ever
Clyde Letreta (17 days ago)
When Tiger and Rose hugged at the end of the video, the back of the police officer's cap had the number 980, Sept/80th win! How's that!! Way to go 🐅
晴彦甘利 (17 days ago)
New s (18 days ago)
Your video content is great or I like it Please help me 1000 people subscrible.Thank You!
Mahesh Bishnoi (18 days ago)
Nyc shot
the boss (20 days ago)
I am the only one here who has watched this multiple times because you still can not believe he won?!
Vonik (14 days ago)
Nope!!!! I’ve watched this dozens of times never gets old
Lakeshore Group (16 days ago)
No you are not, no you re not.
Sammie Aldana (20 days ago)
I’ve been playing golf for a while, not even one squirrel is following me!!!
Oliver Christensen (20 days ago)
28.37 is that brodie Smith?
Corek BleedingHollow (22 days ago)
every shot he made: GET IN THE HOLE!! Like shut the fuck up. The Tiger mob today is so fucking annoying...
Lakeshore Group (22 days ago)
Rory at 26:37 living his 12 year old dream!
Lakeshore Group (22 days ago)
Amazing how seasoned pros like Rory who have won majors and accomplished so much instantly become Fanboys in the presence of Tiger when he is doing what he has done for the better part of 15 years!
TheOfficialCMAN (22 days ago)
Mark steinberg fucking picking him up wayyyy to fucking hard, couldve fucked his back up again
Jewel Ridro (23 days ago)
"It's been a long since we've said this. Congratulations Tiger." LET THE TEARS FLOW LIKE THE RIVER OF JORDAN!
bernadine agana (24 days ago)
Oh my GOD!!! I get goosebumps just watching Tiger play...I love this guy! Watch out PGA...HE is BACK!!!
madhav arora (24 days ago)
You had uploaded highlights of Justin Thomas 2017 pga championship upto round 2 front 9... Please upload full highlights
B Slingzz (23 days ago)
I uploaded the back nine as well. Probably blocked in your country. Feel free to upload full highlights yourself.
Hootie (24 days ago)
I started tearing up there near the end. The GOAT is back baby!!!
TEKKEN KING (24 days ago)
Still good
p lckyr (25 days ago)
Love the fist bump by Roger Maltbie at 32:51
Myriam BOUGRAS (26 days ago)
smart water (26 days ago)
Can you post more of other golfers too?? Brooks Koepa is really fun watching powerful drives
hotmojo1 (28 days ago)
Dad is watching. More to do, pops.
Martin Keith (29 days ago)
I can watch this 50 times it makes me so happy, few people become legends whilst they are still alive.,Tiger is one. The world now knows that there is only one Tiger Woods no one compares to him I hope he goes on to win 5 more majors and be the all time great in the record books. What everyone should remember is Tiger has caused more golf course changes to limit his scoring ability than any other player and the players he competes against are a multiple of what Nicholas faced, in my view he is the greatest already
mdssh m (29 days ago)
Of course . He is the greatest golf in history ever
Brandon Day (30 days ago)
The GOAT is back
PK075 BROCK (30 days ago)
What a come back. Cant wait to see him in action in Melbourne Australia.
Andrew Trizuto (30 days ago)
This is so epic, what a inspiring person setting a firm example to everyone as to what we are all capable of, anything, thank you Tiger
Thomas James (30 days ago)
I believe it is not only Golf that will benefit from this. There will be many people in many different forms of life who will gain hope that they can come back from wherever they have been as well. To Tiger, although my voice will be drowned out by the many hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, congratulations. It is not just for the win, it is not only for one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, but for even trying in the first place. You have given hope to many people all around the world that they too might be able to achieve their goal or dream. Some may start another business, some may also try a comeback in their chosen sport, and to others it might be simply being a family again or just to walk again, or perhaps even to decide to live. To all of us who didnt believe in the good fight any more, I thank you for giving at least some the hope that it is possible and to at least try. I am in awe at the way you have battled through your challenges to achieve this "possibly the greatest win of your career", more so than any of the other 79 wins. Finally I thank you for giving at least one person the hope that "it" is possible, and that is something you just cant put a prize, or price, on. Trophies, money, even a green jacket does not compare to getting hope and belief back.
Oliver Wilson (3 days ago)
Thomas James just
Deepak Jnr (25 days ago)
Absolutely agree James! you are spot on.
afvro75 (30 days ago)
two quick corrections: Tiger's settlement with his ex-wife was $100 MM not $700MM + as it was stated on this video and on his comeback win at the Tour Championship he took home $4MM + if you include his fedexcup winnings of $ 3MM 2nd place prize. On the other gossip stuff I don't know. Interesting though.
Lorna Addison Addison (30 days ago)
Take that one ...Greg and Jack ....l
Lorna Addison Addison (30 days ago)
The first Time I cried even with the WIN...it was an experience I am thankful to be alive to see it..
Lorna Addison Addison (1 month ago)
I’ve been very angry over the years with the Commentary from some Commentators on Tiger’s Play so I devised my own way of tuning them out very simple watch the Play on Mute...
Kirtus Lorett (1 month ago)
Tiger is back! Side note, why do people scream get in the hole off a par 5 tee??Seriously annoying
Rick Heras (1 day ago)
Yes....it is
Kevin Guenette (1 month ago)
6:58 security dude took it so hard.
Joseph Dendas (1 month ago)
Why do people say it’s in the hole it’s sooo stupid
McCord Grice (1 month ago)
just watching out for those new guys from Barstool/Fore Play
Captpicard (1 month ago)
Perfect Tiger video😁😁, no other golfer’s shot, he wins the tournament. G.O.A.T. his talent deserves a career to end with 100+wins and 20 Majors. He’s simply the best golf has ever seen.
Chester (1 month ago)
I guess this is the ultimate Tiger Fanboy site.  Since I am not one, BYE!
Rick Heras (1 day ago)
B Slingzz (1 month ago)
Tre1 M (1 month ago)
7:08-7:10 hahaha too funny Tiger congrats on your win!
Biondi Ungser Won (1 month ago)
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MegaStan316 (1 month ago)
Yep congrats tiger sign of a true champion there great win nice to have ya back out there teaching them young pups a few lessons
Brandon Yoon (1 month ago)
I am so proud of me cuz I was there I ve seen the all the resurrection of the TIGER KRRRR!!!
hedwegg (1 month ago)
Hey, Slingzz...Nothing personal but where are the Videos on [Dustin Johnson]. (1) He's won a PGA Tournament 9 times out of the last ten (10) years. (2) His average drive is 314 yards. (3) He's #1 in Birdees! (4) He's #2 in Eagles. Point: You must be kidding to omit any videos on Dustin Johnson. Let's hear from Slingzz! PS: I subscribed to your channel! Amen. [Check out my Facebook Site].
B Slingzz (1 month ago)
Love you pal. Maybe DJ will make the list soon.
hedwegg (1 month ago)
Great choice, my friend.
B Slingzz (1 month ago)
1. I have a limited time to make videos 2. Judging by my numbers the people want to see Tiger in my limited time to put up videos 3. It's my choice.
Richard ter Veen (1 month ago)
Did not bring tears to my eyes ..... I thought of his ex-wife .....how quickly people forget
Richard ter Veen (9 days ago)
Jim Stark hahaha ... your answer says it all, it explains the downfall of human decency in your country ..... president leading by example ....women treated like shit .... education education ....and by the way, do not worry about my thinking capacities ... your answer proved to me that you are in the minor league if it comes to intellectual skills
Rosie Williams (9 days ago)
people don't forget, some just don't want to relive bad times, they like to move on .
Jim Stark (1 month ago)
Richard ter Veen - lol, dickhead do you know how stupid you sound??? His "ex-wife' was a nobody "Nanny" when she met Tiger Woods. The bitch is now a multi-millionaire, and did very little to earn it. His ex-wife is no "victim,' anymore than all the other ex-wives and ex-husbands that result from America's 50% divorce rate. You are a fuggin' whining idiot and a liar. How could you have "thought of his ex-wife," when you can't even think? You busted yourself, clown.
Adrian Avila (1 month ago)
First win in 5 years unreal. Love it
gdub454 (1 month ago)
This was just great...and the scene at 18 with the hordes of people following Tiger gave me chills and was just awesome...Arnies Army has nothing on Tigers Army...that was just incredible
Maurice Lowe (1 month ago)
33:00 Some people will never learn.
Jim Coyle (5 days ago)
+Maurice Lowe Been a long time. Couple of names, Ann Hathaway, Seth Myers, Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin, Bon Jovi, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon, Meryl Streep, Also 32 more dating keeping very private lives. 1st 9, 1/2 R Married . Do not put down the BLUE COLLAR WORKER. Will kick your ASS like a rich F*** ER We r all the same dont mess with UTUBE Guys like yourself Maurice & Cast. UTUBE is FAKE your comments Suck. There's one guy that takes his JOB SERIOUS !!! I SALUTE TO U B. SLINGZZ , U Care about your fellow Bros. The People & UTUBE. U Tought me Well . Thank U SIR Making a Career With SPORTS , 👍 🥃 🌴
Maurice Lowe (28 days ago)
+Jim Coyle Definitely don't want to be Tiger. I would take his money though. Who wouldn't? As far as his choice of women, name me any wealthy non-black who married or even dated an average person of color. I'll wait. The closest I have seen is Chloe Green who dated Jeremy Meeks. The white daughter of billionaires who was dating the half black ex-con. Tom Brady married a super model. Tiger who's worth more than Brady married a nanny. That would be the equivalent of Brady marrying Lecretia from the hood. Would you be saying that you are happy that he found true love or would you be questioning his sanity?
Jim Coyle (28 days ago)
+Maurice Lowe Than why is he with her than Maurice and why r u speaking for him , he is a man that made a great comeback in all aspects of life a better man now than before more great ful& appreciative of what he has, and about breathing the same air as he your dribbling shit out of your ass and wipe your chin it's all over the place , I'm starting to think u want to be with him, this comment made u look not worthy The regular marijane middle class 40,000 a yr hard working girl is more appreciative of the little things that makes a strong loving woman , She is no different than the high profiled million $ baby, 1 more thing your comment to him is like striking out If TW reads this your dirt,
Maurice Lowe (28 days ago)
I saw a report that Tiger is worth $720 million whereas his girlfriend MADE $40,000 last year. Also, hasn't he had enough issues involving Caucasian females. He definitely does not want a Black female and would not permit one making 40k to even breathe the same air as him. Tiger is quick to hype his Asian side. Why not get an Asian female? Ice skater Michelle Kwan wanted him years ago but Tiger paid her no mind. I guess she was too dark for him. There are plenty of Asian golfers on the LPGA circuit. Also, look up long driver champ Troy Mullins. Tiger have taken several photos with her. She's not girlfriend material?
Jim Coyle (28 days ago)
glad to c TW, with someone that was not born with a silver spoon in there mouth,
Vince McMahon (1 month ago)
Elmo Blatch (1 month ago)
I don't even think Horschel's mom was rooting for him.
Bigo Live Beauties (1 month ago)
Great! Tks for video
MS Rock (1 month ago)
26:35 Rory McIlroy will remember this for the rest of his life .
gemmint (7 days ago)
Tiger Woods the greatest spectacle on Earth
Piub (1 month ago)
in the hole dumbfuck idiot american! hate you wannna anihiliate youi f u un derstand that word
김정오 (1 month ago)
I witnessed the greatest comeback of all time in person. I will proudly remember being there for the rest of my life. thanks tiger my man. keep it up
PurpleReign 27 (2 days ago)
Me too! I was at the 18th green and Molinari gave me his ball
Jim Coyle (27 days ago)
+김정오 I will be cing him in 2019 Thank u , for your advice
김정오 (29 days ago)
+Jim Coyle I did follow tiger all the way. actually, more than 70% of galleries did. I would recommend you do the same. he is so legend. sadly we might have only few years to see him live
Jim Coyle (4 days ago)
Before my time I need to c Tiger Woods Live And I will walk all the way with him , Tapeing every shot. RORY Will Make 2019 well worth it . BET On IT. T. WOODS WAS HIS MENTOUR GOD MADE SURE HE WALKED HIS CHILD HOOD DREAM WITH WOODS. ON THE WALK OF GLORY. RORY IS CHARGED HE NOW NO'S THE TRUE FEELING. LEGEND REBORN GOOSE PIMPLES ⛳ GIVE HIM A 👍s UP
Jim Coyle (5 days ago)
Tiger Woods put the electrifying power back in the game of golf, He brings excitement to another level , Fans can't get enough for what T, W, brought to the golf world, He is like a god He will bring the best out of u , And make u a believer, He is magnetic, Tigers best is yet to come He will be the all time record holder , Coming Soon, RATED , XXX NO AGE LIMIT.!!!!!!!! THE SHOW IS BACK THE ( GOAT ) .Sorry JACK your time (GOAT ) His Time ( THE GOAT ) 🥃🌴
Jesusa Baltazar (1 month ago)
Tiger tiger 🐅 fantastic golf 🏌️
valentino (1 month ago)
congratulations tiger. great comeback
Aberfoyle Samson (1 month ago)
Ma Nigga!!
Jerry Smith (23 days ago)
You have absolutely no class. Nor does Marty Warner. We do not call you names. Grow up.
Marty Warner (1 month ago)
Tim Dillard (1 month ago)
B Slingzz, I watch every video you put out and I have failed to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to entertain us all!
DeadlyDanDaMan (1 month ago)
Now imagine the absolute pandemonium if he wins the next Masters...it'll be insane. I honestly didn't realize how much Tiger really meant to the world of golf until now. It NEEDS him.
peartfaldo (1 month ago)
No Tiger==NO golf
Marty Warner (1 month ago)
+Ryan Grimes ... I love him like a younger Brother if he was but him as a Golfer most definitely. Tiger makes the game cool... I grew up in Auckland New Zealand, Golf was reserved for Old White Folks, it was what it was. Even our own Michael Campbell hardly got a mention until he lead the 95 Open after the 3rd day and Graig Perks winning the Players, Frank Nobilo giving The Masters the leaders a fright and then Michael winning the US OPEN a few years back, and not forgetting Bob Charles.but other than that .. Tiger is Golf atm.
Ryan Grimes (1 month ago)
+Marty Warner Hey somebody that loves him as much as I do . Refreshing to hear !
Marty Warner (6 days ago)
Not just the Golfing World but the Whole World ... more famous than Jesus in my opinion... been watching this Mans game over 20 years and this game ranks as one of most precise shots I've seen from any of his games... Bring on the GRAND SLAM...he'll be amongst the Gods most definitely... Not that he isn't already...
suny123boy1 (1 month ago)
Where have you been the past 15 years?
Ange Gooner (1 month ago)
Misses his first fairway on 4 and Roger says " it looked like that started right where he was aiming" I mean seriously, do they not know how stupid that sounds? Tiger has been relentlessly hitting killer fades into the middle of the fairway with his driver and now we are led to believe that A) he either has no idea where he is aiming or B) He suddenly decides to play for a draw when he has been bullet proof all week with the fade.
June Lee (1 month ago)
Real Emperor
Keith Thompson (1 month ago)
Tiger is golf , without tiger golf is sad and dreary . He has brought so much excitement to the game like no one else and even his detractors knows this .
Ikaika Maleko (1 month ago)
Go Tiger, woohoo!
Pēteris Rakuls (1 month ago)
Thank You for posting those videos!
Polli Flo (1 month ago)
Thank you for uploading this piece of history 👍👍👍👍 thank you so much from Bavaria 🏌️‍♂️😘
Robert Hok (1 month ago)
He inspired the human lives. I can't get enough out of his plays.
Rob Smith (1 month ago)
The perfect ending to an amazing season!
Blade Raid (1 month ago)
True Champion
Blade Raid (1 month ago)
Tiger Woods is Golf
Aayush Shrut (1 month ago)
Bless you!
O. G. (1 month ago)
No matter what they say in 1997 or 2018... Those roars have to mess with all of them. Whether its Ernie Els or Justin Thomas....Results are the same....at least when he's in full flight.
Tim Dillard (1 month ago)
See that putter over there? It's won 13 major's! Too cool!
Tim Dillard (5 days ago)
+Jim Beam me too! I think it was a Scotty Cameron! I think!
Jim Coyle (5 days ago)
+Jim Beam He Had Accuracy problems. lost feeling . Used new arrowdianamic putter. Thee Other is gone in the trophy cabinet
Jim Beam (5 days ago)
Still wonder why tiger never went back to the first putter that he used to won his first master 🤔
Francis Mwanzia (6 days ago)
Jim Coyle (30 days ago)
Touch it " & I will break your Legs Probly Tiger & Caddies has touched that 100,000,000 + putter A Honor
David Aura (1 month ago)
Tears to my eyes
TheReady500 (1 month ago)
Ethan Osmar Golf (1 month ago)
TheReady500 follow CTG tiger woods on twitter live play by play when he is playing every shot
TheReady500 (1 month ago)
Marie Taylor (1 month ago)
I am ready for next April. Now!
Jim Tensing (1 month ago)
Nice opening signature B.S.!
KETCH (1 month ago)
When tiger almost punches a cop in the face as hes fist bumping someone as he walks off the green at 18. 32:49
Isis OSIRIS (1 month ago)
It is beautiful to see Tiger winnng again. He is still the man. Thankjou B Slingzz, from New Zealand
James Jefferson (1 day ago)
Thank you for uploading the walk up 18!!!! It was so surreal to watch!! Takes you back to the ‘97 Western Open😀
amlnet49 (30 days ago)
James Jefferson and if you’ve really been a Tiger nerd from the beginning it really takes you back to the 97 Western Open. The first time a crowd followed Tiger up 18.
Justin Kang (1 month ago)
What a comeback for the greatest golfer in history! Brought tears to my eyes to see tiger get emotional like that😄😊😢 many more to come!!
Jerry Parker (19 hours ago)
Get a napkin and wipe that Tiger jizz off your chin!
Antonio de la torre (14 days ago)
Justin diario montañes Kang diario montañes esquelas
Jerry Smith (23 days ago)
+Aberfoyle Samson apparently you lack intelligence and social skills. Can't top this.
Justin Kang (23 days ago)
+Aberfoyle Samson nah bro
James OBoyle (25 days ago)
Aberfoyle Samson nope.
peartfaldo (1 month ago)
30:38  get used to that picture;-)  Theres more to come!!!
Marty Warner (1 month ago)
... Been plenty already but yes another 4 Majors wouldn't be half bad.
Muhammad Alvin (1 month ago)
B Slingzz, can you do like Tiger Woods 2015 Wyndham Championship Round 1,2,3 and 4, 2015 Greenbrier Classic Round 1,2,3 and 4, 2015 Quicken Loans National Round 1,2,3 and 4 ,2016 Hero World Challenge Round 1,2,3 and 4 and 2017 Hero World Challenge Round 1,2,3 and 4.
Marie Taylor (1 month ago)
Join the PGA video, and you can see all of Tiger's plays.
Aayush Shrut (1 month ago)
+dhsilv2 burn xD
dhsilv2 (1 month ago)
Mhuammad - would you be willing to clean my bathroom and kitchen once a week for the next year? I don't pay, but it would be really nice.
Muhammad Alvin (1 month ago)
+B Slingzz , I know but I want to see theTiger Woods when he was back in 2015 and 2016. I haven't seen him the shot by shot footage at all during his 2015 and 2016 Hero World Challenge
B Slingzz (1 month ago)
I just started recording in 2018

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