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Part 4: Behind the Brand Moisture Love, Best one yet!!

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www.moisturelove.com Enjoy a 4 part video series chronicling the story behind how Jeannell Darden fell in love with beauty and ultimately decided to create Moisture Love. This video talks about her first brand Coco Curls, and how she got the courage to start! Be sure to come back weekly for the remaining videos! I'd love to hear about how and why you created your companies, what inspires you to do what you do, or if you can relate to my story, please comment below 💙💙💙 As always, shop our amazing products at www.moisturelove.com Music by JeauxSmeaux https://soundcloud.com/jeauxsmeaux
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Stacey G (1 year ago)
I love your videos and hearing the background on why you started making your products. Thanks for the encouragement at the end of your video for those like me that have a passion, but not sure if it can become a reality.
ZitaRose (1 year ago)
Absolutely love the story behind these great products! So inspiring 💜

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