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5 Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Footage Caught On Camera

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hey guys, here are 5 Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Footage Caught On Camera, i hope you all enjoyed this video. It is a part 2 to come of my most popular videos and i really enjoyed making it, so if you want to see more videos of this nature them let me know, thanks a lot guys :) EDIT: For some reason the title for number 5. never showed up! so here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAmn4pxIclc sorry about that, i was certain i put it in :/ Video music video music: Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/ ) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 outro music by Myuuji outro made by southerncanni 5 SCARIEST DEEP SEA DIVER FOOTAGE CAUGHT ON CAMERA
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Text Comments (6144)
Jade 44 (7 hours ago)
U don’t understand how much I love u for putting in a jump scare counter
gwyneth chloe gilana (8 hours ago)
The thumbnail is haunting
Elias Selestewa (9 hours ago)
12.99$ a pillow
Coretta Hattereaux (12 hours ago)
Cannonballs...am I mistaken in my understanding that the powder was loaded separately and the cannonball was merely a projectile? Not like artillery shells. Please clarify. I don’t want to accidentally blow myself up playing with my cannonballs.
Likedbymany (14 hours ago)
Is it just me or was the narrator talking slower than normal? 😂😂
Uber Owl (22 hours ago)
The thumbnail part is at 7:15 and the footage turns out to be fake. I give this a CBR (Clickbait Rating) of 3.5/5 You’re welcome
Kayla Ray (1 day ago)
Ok did that look like a stroller with a chain around before the women ? If that’s real I hope the person call the police
Abu Qurrah (1 day ago)
I really hate thumbnail images that aren't in the actual video.
Sierra Warnick (1 day ago)
Tge dead lady scared me very bably i peed my pants
Haley (1 day ago)
Thank you for putting a warning before the jumpscare. Geez I hate them... 😰
Ronnie 2k (1 day ago)
Aren't cannon balls just a big iron ball? So technically it can't explode it fires into ships that smash it
Ty H (1 day ago)
Wait I thought cannonballs were just hunks of metal?
ItsCryztalWolf (3 days ago)
The *_Jump Scare_* Scared me •~•
This Shit is what makes me sleep with my parents at 13
Boyt0k (3 days ago)
how tf a cannon ball scary
Michael Ziter (3 days ago)
Clickbait thumbnail
Mitsua Yushi (3 days ago)
Black Magic (3 days ago)
I found a mermaid skull off the coast of Grenada. Bright yellow hair was attached to it, and the remaining skin felt like plastic. It had a strange word imprinted on it: “Mattel.” I still feel goosebumps when I think about it.
Jalen Turner (3 days ago)
*thinks it’s a murder weapon* Puts hands ALL over it *then turns it in for finger prints*
Likedbymany (14 hours ago)
Lmaoo right!
Voorhees Terminator (4 days ago)
7Ahilles (4 days ago)
divers are Deep under "woooaa" wtf is this ? water ?:D
I thought cannon balls were ballistic weapons. They don’t explode but cause a force that feels like it.
armykiller96 (5 days ago)
cannon balls only explode in movies. they may break apart when hit hard making it seem as a explosion but they don't at all.
Nate (6 days ago)
This is the dumbest fuckin video I have ever seen
James Smith (6 days ago)
What is wrong with the dude talking
Not Yoshikage kire (6 days ago)
“Top 5 Scariest deep sea footage caught on camera” *starts video with a dude diving in a lake* nigga what
Philippine 001 (6 days ago)
The earthquake in Batangas it hurt my butt
Mark Black (7 days ago)
Um cannon balls are just huge balls of metal they aren't anything like modern day bullets nor do they contain gunpowder nor explode think about it a cannon gets stuffed with gun powder then they place the metal ball in they light a wick or fuse and when it reaches the gun power it ignites the gun powder causing an explosion that launches the ball through the air. How then could you fire an exploding metal cannon ball. You can't.. I hate it how do many you tube experts blurt out words they think sound good and make sense when its obvious to anyone of reasonable intelligence that the so called educated you tuber doesn't even understand what they are talking about. . Fail bro
flame wolf gaming 334 (7 days ago)
I pooped my pants on the bonus
MELEX (7 days ago)
The jumpscare count ruins the last one for me :(
Santa Tyran (7 days ago)
I just thought cannon balls hurt you not explode
Shahoto Yimchunger (7 days ago)
Shit dat woman scared da hell out of me😌😬
Kyla Burns (8 days ago)
click bait at its finest
Steve Rivas (8 days ago)
So much dislikes
Cole Itnyre (8 days ago)
Cannonballs don’t explode
leo jr guzman (8 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the thumbnail And so did you
Fr1z (8 days ago)
5:53 put subtitles
mike will (8 days ago)
If i was that diver n that sht was real I would’ve had a heart attack when i saw that woman.
Cleitoys (8 days ago)
Who else came here for the thumbnail?
Mohamed Abdulla (9 days ago)
"The guy was extremely lucky" And extremely stupid, mate your much too polite
Blacky Chan (9 days ago)
Fake and GAY!
Bryan Smith (9 days ago)
That dude finds guns all the time. Great channel
Bobcatslime 7186 (9 days ago)
HazyHills (9 days ago)
#2 - Exploding cannonballs were hollow iron balls filled with gunpowder, fit with a fuse and lit before they were placed in a cannon and shot toward the enemy target. While often seen in movies, the exploding variety was less common than solid round shot made of stone or cast iron, due to difficulty in timing the explosion and impact, according to Notre Dame Magazine.
toma nic (10 days ago)
That shark would eaten him sooner or later
toma nic (10 days ago)
Oh yeah im sure the shark knows when hes got a gun on him and shark arent bears they dont run cuz you stood yur ground
07:20 shit
Kaiwalya Khairnar (10 days ago)
Hey no 1 was very much dangerous I watched this video at 3 47 am night wow
Yash Roasting Show (10 days ago)
That last bonus one creeped me !
Jalooogs Bonjing (10 days ago)
l'astronome discount (11 days ago)
The great white shark wouldve not evem tried to harm him; sharks arnt dangerous
Cannon balls don't explode you idiot. They're solid chunks of metal.
Anthony Esposito (11 days ago)
Cannon balls don't explode just giant hunks of metal to damage personal or ships
asamusicdude (10 days ago)
Anthony Esposito thats what i was Thinking too
Ukram Yusupov (12 days ago)
My screen cracked from the woman and her bum as jump scaring act
Elegant Waster Innit (13 days ago)
Cannonballs aren't explosive, you numpty
Kriswixx (14 days ago)
cannonball is not dangerous. its not a grenade. it doesn't have powder inside. the powder was ignited in the tube like a car piston. its just metal ball. no danger. carry on.
Zimo CASTLE RAIDER (14 days ago)
Bru but 7:17 omg i would freak out its so scary
William Piedra (14 days ago)
I thought this was gonna be a scary video worst vid🤦‍♂️
Violent Rainbow (15 days ago)
**Stands in a puddle** Look everyone I'm deep sea diving apparently!
BlueFireJack (15 days ago)
unda da sea..
diesel (15 days ago)
A Canon ball is not filled with anything..otherwise how would u fire it out of the canon without it exploding....it’s solid steal ...
Sumit Vijaykumar (15 days ago)
how did she able to wear lenses underwater that would be fucked up if those lenese rolled behind eyes.
Joseph Chavarria (16 days ago)
I'm pretty sure cannon balls don't explode...
Brend De Vries (16 days ago)
A cannonball that explodes... wel sure
Chr1sthegoat Gaming (16 days ago)
Who still got scared who said it was a jump scare
Pooch's PC Pandemic (16 days ago)
The first one wasn't scary by any means. Not sure why this made it into the list
Game roblox Boy 1134 (16 days ago)
Diver: hmm who’s that Creature or human: HEY YOU! DO YOU KNOW THE WIFI PASSWORD!?!? Diver: oh it’s 6657389 Creature or human: THANKS! Diver: mkay bye.
Mob100 (16 days ago)
Good thing the last one is fake
Paul Butler (16 days ago)
You're an idiot... Canon balls don't explode. It's a solid Ball of steel.
ZFF HK (16 days ago)
Wow a gun is very scary
Matea Blaszyk (17 days ago)
The way he ends the words😂😂
07:21 what was that lady doing down there
Thee Deeeno Man (17 days ago)
OH MY GOD A PISTOL IN THE WATER THAT’S THE SCARIEST THING I’VE EVER SCENE! Come on dude really that’s probably the least scary thing I could thing of off the top of my head.
kilogram (17 days ago)
Lol i was diving once with my girlfriend when 2 shark attack me we swimmed away in a wreck ship and found 1milion dollar coins we take them to my yacht and i defeat sharks
Jonh Smith (17 days ago)
Ohhh.... I don't know if it's true so l put it in the end of the video but also as a thumbnail.... CLICKBATE AGAIN!!!
owo number 1 (17 days ago)
You almost sound like Chills
Randy Hudson (17 days ago)
Holy crap the great white made me break out in a cold sweat
keegan Kernazitskas (17 days ago)
The shark wood have Ben hert
Dave Brittain (17 days ago)
This is a stupid video! Only one thing is scary and it is the great white. How is finding a gun scary? "Whew I found a gun in a river man I will not sleep tonight!"
Ugi Ocean (17 days ago)
So who was the lady?
welshpete12 (18 days ago)
A shark would not know that you were pointing a spear gun at it . And I do not think that was a great white !
LancsLad (18 days ago)
Why do....you....talk....with...gaps
William Thomas Ramey (18 days ago)
Can't say I find anything creepy about any of these, but they are somewhat interesting. As for the earthquake clip, that would actually be one of the safest places to be during a quake. Quakes themselves don't injure or kill, it's things collapsing on people and tsunamis that do the damage. Obviously there are no buildings nearby to collapse on the diver and he doesn't have to worry about being swept out to sea by a tsunami.
NeoFusion (19 days ago)
The image doesn’t even look that scary
Charly VonDy (19 days ago)
Omg The preview is so scary
Lil Ocean_23 (20 days ago)
I Love Him For Preparing Us For The Jump Scre
Emeyly Triana (20 days ago)
the heck .. scare me out
Shon M. Oddshow (21 days ago)
7:20 for thumbnail
_ xZackXFrostx _ (21 days ago)
Lmao I dare some one to pause that shit on the women's face and look into her eyes and soul.
Stevie A (21 days ago)
that woman in the water frightened the shit outa me.
Coolio123 Ayy (21 days ago)
2019 anyone?
DJ Pug (22 days ago)
5 meters is not "deep sea"
Mystery Bag (22 days ago)
0:54 eggstremely cold water.
andrew cruz (24 days ago)
How is this scary
loud american (24 days ago)
Your video is fucking awful! It is full of inaccurate information and bullshit stories.
4IM ScorpionKing (24 days ago)
Get a new Youtube name m8
Brittany Voss (24 days ago)
Cannon balls don't explode you must be thinking of something else
Astros Braves (25 days ago)
i can't breathe
Kid Gamer (25 days ago)
7:20 thank me later
zComplex1 (25 days ago)
Only thing scary is this niggas accent Lol

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