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5 Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Footage Caught On Camera

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hey guys, here are 5 Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Footage Caught On Camera, i hope you all enjoyed this video. It is a part 2 to come of my most popular videos and i really enjoyed making it, so if you want to see more videos of this nature them let me know, thanks a lot guys :) EDIT: For some reason the title for number 5. never showed up! so here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAmn4pxIclc sorry about that, i was certain i put it in :/ Video music video music: Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/ ) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 outro music by Myuuji outro made by southerncanni 5 SCARIEST DEEP SEA DIVER FOOTAGE CAUGHT ON CAMERA
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Text Comments (5469)
LaTajOfficial (7 hours ago)
Am I the only one who never noticed a jump scare warning
Edrin Avendano (12 hours ago)
Oh my gosh once i was thinking i said why is there a jumpscare and a number and i got jumpscared i go to my mom and closes the video
Kasen Miller (18 hours ago)
bonus scared the poop out of me
Megan Every (1 day ago)
Yasss Dallmyd
tender meat (1 day ago)
why almost every top 10 vid with British narrators filled with a lying ass clickbait
Bob Smithies (1 day ago)
The last one is fake of course.
How was the first one scary?!?
Jordin Swinimer (1 day ago)
i dont think cannonballs explode im pretty sure the 2nd story is about a mine js
Ian Robertson (2 days ago)
Cannon balls are made of 100% iron So how can they bloody explode ??
Unlicensed Memes (2 days ago)
I thought that cannon balls were always solid however i did some googling and it turns out they had created or just started using explosive cannon ball rounds in the civil war!
Brian Armstrong (2 days ago)
Cannon balls don’t explode, they are solid iron, no explosive in it
the truth (2 days ago)
if its a real cannon ball it will not explode. Any power loaded projectile would have plug with a fuse on it. Do people really not know any kind of common since. I mean its not something I wouldnt think needs any kind of thought, I mean you really think that cannon balls are like modern day missiles with explosive tips. Common man use your brain just alittle bit for literally 1 second, it doesnt take a degree to know that cannon balls do not explode sure they made a few balls that are a rarity that have a big plug in it. But 99% of real canon balls are solid lead.
mc10456 (2 days ago)
Arie Ratliff (2 days ago)
Why did the woman in the water have a Nike logo on her forehead?
Eìnstein Brain (3 days ago)
Austin VanCleve (3 days ago)
the bonuses video at the end with the woman you can see she has her eyes open and is holding on that blue flattie thing with I think she is using to breathe I think but that was a jump scar twice when I saw it and she looks alive to when you pause the video
Austin VanCleve (3 days ago)
and she is moving and always looking at the camera and like I said she was moving it looked real but it also looked fake to
Austin VanCleve (3 days ago)
oh and she is looking at the camera and she is smilling
ivanruthercosil cosil (3 days ago)
Edi wow!
YouDontKnowMe (3 days ago)
Eventho the last one was fake. Keep in mind that this happens quite often when they are looking for a body in a river.
ItStHeEnD TV (3 days ago)
Lmao cannon balls have no powder in them! They are solid... so makes no sense imo
metch (5 days ago)
this sucks
10ft Long Schlong (5 days ago)
Grab your fish and chips ladies and gentlement! Just by staying at the comments
Ze Gamers (5 days ago)
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Rogent X (5 days ago)
I think the footage of divers going through the MS Estonia was spooky because the fact nearly 900 people died in it, flesh was floating around and at least two bodies were seen in the footage.
Hadron Wolf (6 days ago)
cannon balls, don't explode though?
Metroyoung (6 days ago)
Brought to you by Nike
slehc yo (7 days ago)
I would love to explore the sea but I'm terrible swimmer & get out of breath fast :(
Ruby Skull (7 days ago)
What is that music in the beginning?
Isaak Aguilar (8 days ago)
Brady M (8 days ago)
I appreciate the warning
iSeeYou13 adam (8 days ago)
When he found the pistol...omg it was so scary....fuck you,change the title!
epic school vlogs (8 days ago)
They should have swam to the side of the current so they could go around it and swim back up.
Ryan Ebañez (9 days ago)
Batangas Philippines.
Breccon Golding (9 days ago)
I have it paused on three secs before the jump scare what do I do
Ahmad Syazwan (10 days ago)
Ahand 28 (10 days ago)
I thought I had seen the dumbest video but then I watched this garbage. Thanks for wasting my time.
al katraz (10 days ago)
I bet you that scary ass lady kneels during the national anthem :D
Charles Everett (10 days ago)
That thumbnail tho...
Homo EconomicusX (10 days ago)
what a bullshit ..
Pucks4Fun 2 (11 days ago)
The title of this video is extremely misleading. Not a single one of these should be considered Top 5 scariest. #CLICKBAIT
First Name Last Name (11 days ago)
Man the first one left me with nightmares
DaJoker808 (12 days ago)
You don’t get the bens while freediving . That deep. He was fine
Metal Mania (12 days ago)
Wow he found a gun....omg..it is so scary ...what a lame video man.
YungFizziksBMX (12 days ago)
4:50 oh yeah cuzz a shark knows what a spear gun is, 😂
Paul Calies (12 days ago)
Canonballs do not explode with out being shot from a fucking canon and hitting something hard.
Sierra Rodriquez (12 days ago)
I love that he cited his resources and fact checked this stuff. It's honestly refreshing in this day and age.
Jakub Sky (13 days ago)
Change Your name to that guy Who tried to Get views
Kenny B352 (13 days ago)
I’m no cannon ball expert but I thought cannon balls were just Metal balls shot as a projectile? I was unaware that they are explosive?
Nikolai Szép (13 days ago)
cannonballs are made of solid metal, they dont explode, lol, what a muppet.
Yeah, not scary at all. Quit YT pls
Xhylyn Gwen (14 days ago)
Philippines 👍🇵🇭
HFD Shrimp (14 days ago)
That bonus video made me regret it
Shawn Eaton (14 days ago)
That's DALLYMD watch the guy all the time I am not going to count how many guns that guy has found and turned into the police.. among the dozens.. even fully automatic weapons.
Tastyink (15 days ago)
7:20 scares me everytime
Autumn Chan (15 days ago)
I didn't even know cannon balls could explode
Leon Baradat (16 days ago)
Thank you for calling out a fake! Too often this sort of stuff is passed off as real and just believed by people.
Trashsuo (16 days ago)
Trashsuo (16 days ago)
Trashsuo (16 days ago)
NawDowl (17 days ago)
ppl need to understand that sharks aren't mindless killing machines, in fact we always say that sharks are terrible creatures because they kill humans or attack us, over 100 million sharks r killed everyday and a total of 6 - 7 people are killed by sharks every year, now which seems worse
Xx_nathanael_ xX (17 days ago)
Ocean man Take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand
Justin Mart (17 days ago)
Why would the dumbass touch the gun and get his finger prints all over it?
Adnan Madjad (18 days ago)
7:20 shit I'm shocked
Jordan Rocha (18 days ago)
Nah dude last one was a Nike commercial.
Pauldamo (18 days ago)
cannonballs are usually solid balls,the ones that exploded were hollow filled with powder and had a wick that had to be lit before being shot out of a cannon.
JERRY tm (19 days ago)
Feanor Fingolfin (19 days ago)
Your voice is creepier than anything on here Mr. Hannibal.
Fahad Fahad (20 days ago)
The background pic looks so scray 😂😵😱😂
Diether Ignacio (20 days ago)
I almost threw my phone!
Jake Curtis (20 days ago)
Cannon balls explode.New to me .how can old steel balls explode
Eve The Demon Crescent (20 days ago)
The last one almost made me shit my knickers
odessey KAYN (21 days ago)
coming from thumbnail
Kiko Miko (21 days ago)
Jennifer Reding (21 days ago)
Please don't mislead with the title!
RMCF (21 days ago)
there is no corpse video clickbait
Yoshi the Plush (21 days ago)
You say 2.2 mil but its 2.3 mil lol
Rasplin (22 days ago)
"DEEP SEA DIVER..." A river is not deep sea diving
iBlxshyy (22 days ago)
The water earthquake was actually a movement of the ocean and the air binders
Beta Guedes Cummins (22 days ago)
The first one I know him I watch him
Grace In Space (22 days ago)
couldn't watch the video because i cant stand the way you talk
Lyric Venom (22 days ago)
I'm scared and hiding in the comments section. 😭
smiley biscuit (22 days ago)
Nigga cannonball don't explode, it consist only iron so it could wreck whatever it hits and definitely not explosion use otherwise how you plan to launch it with a cannon?
Dylon Jones (22 days ago)
Anyone else watching at 11:30?
Charles Everett (10 days ago)
I am!
W.D Gaster 2.0 (22 days ago)
I've heard that in The Sirena Deep, the ground is alive. From those who've survived down there, they say that the only thing you can hear down there is unnatural moaning.
Mark Pantoja (22 days ago)
Fuck you
ProArthur1738 (23 days ago)
This isnt deep sea😠
Worst Painter (23 days ago)
What’s The Title Of The Dead Body Under Water?
Charlie D (23 days ago)
whats the jump scare?
Lexi Kendall (23 days ago)
*breath in* *breath out* (trying not to have a panic attack) that last one i am never going in the ocean ever again
Lafe Denton (24 days ago)
Lafe Denton (24 days ago)
So the first video is scary....How? He finds a rusty Lorician pistol in river. Ohhhhhhoooo ahhhhaahhaa the horror the horror. Oh the humanity!
Chris Doering (24 days ago)
You dumb fuck... cannon balls are just metal balls they dont explode
Loading Please wait (25 days ago)
Cannonballs are not explosive 😂😂 they are just like a really big bullet
Dj&LexieChannel _ (25 days ago)
Glitch (25 days ago)
7:22 “suprise mother******
Robert Pamoti (25 days ago)
the close up ad is such a kill joy!
Dylan Berry (26 days ago)
I always thought cannon balls were basically just large bullets. I didn’t know they actually exploded, neat
shannon brault (26 days ago)
he sounds very nervous...
Steven C (27 days ago)
Snorkelling in rivers inst deep sea diving you shit face.
The Joker (27 days ago)
if i was the guy at nr. 5 i would have kept the gun.
Ysabella Frances (27 days ago)
Where's the fucking lady in a cover? Fucking clickbait!

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