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Ocean Warrior first sea travel (HD+)

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Ocean Warrior, sea travel, Sea Shepert, Quelle: Ocean Warrior: Welcome Aboard the Maiden Voyage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KCOY_2w0u4 Sea Shepherd
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Text Comments (210)
Jimson brown (1 month ago)
Fossil fueled?
armed dane (1 month ago)
Boat was given by the Dutch lottery !! Thx to all that bought a ticket ✌️
Puset Georges (2 months ago)
BANZAÏ ! A l'ABORDAGE Tonnerre de BREST ! De tout coeur avec Sea Sherperd !
stef B (4 months ago)
Go Sea Shepherd
jasmijn ariel (5 months ago)
100 dislikes from the yushin maru crews!
William Kowalski (6 months ago)
I need you guys at Green piece to help me get my fleet of ships going just to clean the Oceans and stop that radiation from leaking in to the Pacific other wise you wont have any whales left to save only dead ones.So please help me get at least 4 trawlers of good ocean size and a cargo ship to carry the trash back to shore for processing other then that we need to stop all that radiation from leaking a wall of lead in the sea wall and water brake and build in from there and out from there Panels of lead wall slats in a track driven in to the bed rock and panels dropped in to place after with rubber seals for water tight  and bury everything around that place at least a 3 quarter mile of surrounding dirt lead garbage and with all the buildings around theres the dumping materiel for land fill and then they can build all the tanks for water storage instead of dumping it in to the ocean and killing the Pacific and the world all at the same time when we can stop it and try befor were to late waiting for them to open there wallets when they should have been open already.
Was für ein geiler Zerstörer
dario Zarak (8 months ago)
Duit greate job pirates.
dario Zarak (8 months ago)
Greeneyed Gemini (9 months ago)
Bob Dan (9 months ago)
They need to take it to Canada during the seal hunt.
pete ryan (10 months ago)
What a piece of shit , coastal boat at best the southern ocean will destroy it
ramesh anand (11 months ago)
Incredible ship. She’s a proper beast.
Joe (1 year ago)
Finally! Now you just need a fleet of those ships.
dm sim (1 year ago)
How "ugliness" tends to rear its head when it comes to defending ANY living creature that is unable to defend itself against man's own greed & profit !! Sometimes you have to fight 🔥 with 🔥!!.🌊🚢🐋🐬🐟
Mary A (1 year ago)
William best (1 year ago)
Gee-wiz it's time for the CWIS!
Wade Harrison (1 year ago)
Anchor(windlass?) support will be first thing broken when they ram another ship-should be aft of the bow!.
neblitude (1 year ago)
Need deck-mounted .50 cal.
tom thompson (1 year ago)
brand new artificial reef
Terry Carter (1 year ago)
Get a submarine and sink the whalers they will have to prove who did it. They are greedy bastards who think they have the god given right to kill our beautiful whales for capital gain.
Bob Dan (9 months ago)
Terry Carter that does not make for good tv
nice ship
dam1041960 (1 year ago)
Take it to court and fight there. You Will / are going to get killed at sea. Why?
dam1041960 (1 year ago)
And some will hire S.O.F's and take out that boat. If You Keep "fIng" with them...
Squirrel Darling (1 year ago)
The thing looks like a battleship!
gureno19 (1 year ago)
Saw this bad girl in Darwin last year. Looks awesome in the flesh
Ton Arends (1 year ago)
give 'm hell
Jodi ST. (1 year ago)
the near extinct whale by today, it is because of whale hunting in last century and by today oil industry.
I’m all for the whales, but sometimes these guys go to far. If you board their ship expect to get fucked up
Seagulls Scs (1 year ago)
Tony Hines (1 year ago)
Love it, great ship, great cause, kick ass guys!
mike force (1 year ago)
those dolphins are mocking you. "you are still slow and clumsy....what don't you get?".
Gigaboost (8 months ago)
They can't drive Full speed all the time, it's not worth it, because the engine is more economical if you don't let the engine turn so high in a minute. If you don't get that or have not done any research, please shut up.
countteddy (1 year ago)
Go  seashepard.....my great grandchildren will thankyou ........
dannyboytravels (1 year ago)
Cool boat; cool music.
James Vignali (1 year ago)
Native People Love UNCLOS II And I Do too! Save the Whales! Support Ratification of UNCLOS II.
littlefarmer32 (1 year ago)
That’s awesome, keep up the good work,, saving the fishes
Mordredh (1 year ago)
looks like a war ship :)
Paul Mahy (1 year ago)
Not convinced by the Damen ship. Props very close to surface for coping with Southern ocean seas, They'll be overspeeding and shutting down alot. Hope they've got a shit load of ballast drawing 4m or less. In a flat sea at speed she is ridiculously wet, like to see footage of her at speed in some weather.
ShootNWeld Dean (1 year ago)
Beautiful ship, protect our oceans and the creatures in it! Peace!
J Bolo (1 year ago)
I love whales, but i hate these people more than i love the whales. Which is why i kill every whale i see.
Rakib al hasan (1 year ago)
very crazy
Rakib al hasan (1 year ago)
Fred van Viegen (1 year ago)
I like Sea Shepherd and their way of taking action very much!!! However, when I follow their actions on tv I must say I see a lot of amateuristic things happening. This would actually be normal, because the ever changing crew consists largely of volunteers, but sometimes the staff is also being amateuristic, while the others are not. It's a shame then, that when the others detect that and say something about it there's no way of consulting this in a normal manner. And before you all say that the staff/captain is the boss and that's the hiarchie on a ship; I know that!! But then the staff must be professional and still be able to communicate and not let their ego prevail!
Austin Friedner (1 year ago)
Coming to a shitshow near you. Got to love those whale whores
R32 (1 year ago)
I hope this ship sinks too that would be funny
shawn eldridge (1 year ago)
We're just about in 2018 we're not that far from the new year. and I was just wondering is there going to be any new episodes anytime soon of ocean Warriors. The shows pretty good + it's a decent show & the fact that is they protect the sea creatures or sea animals from poachers.
Jack Hawke (1 year ago)
Nice Ship
Russell Wright (1 year ago)
Youall are going to get somebody killed.
Amachetay Cybo (1 year ago)
ill make a billionaire dollars with cryptocurrency and buy u guys a goddam navy BABY WOOOOO
Peter Grundy (1 year ago)
Don’t sink it
Vera Garcia (1 year ago)
yeeeehaaaaaaa! sooo proud go get em
Jim Ronsivalli (1 year ago)
The color of the vessel changed quite a bit. It looks more like a US Navy vessel. Was this done purposely and if so, what a great idea!
JohnBoyDeere (1 year ago)
Soon be be visiting with Davy Jones, har, har, har!
Tim Henry (1 year ago)
Not bad. Imagine they sink it...
Stephane Groulx (1 year ago)
Just enough room for a 16" turret lol
Brian Dickinson (1 year ago)
Rick Uyeda (1 year ago)
2008 - Total Revenue was $35M. Employee Compensation was $16M. 2010 - Total Revenue was about this same at $35M. Employee compensation rose to $18M. From 5 executives to 10, an increase of 100%. Executives salaries rose from $417K to $881K, an increase of 111%.
Rick Uyeda (1 year ago)
$9.3M. What a waste of money!
Carl Clark (1 year ago)
The Japanese need to be stopped by direct action and by stealth.
Graeme Glen (1 year ago)
What a machine: Very interesting how she got financed. Read a bit about her here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MY_Ocean_Warrior
Paul Adams (1 year ago)
You dont have a chance against Japan :)
Harikarikillboy2174 (1 year ago)
A Japanese friend said that whale tastes just like chicken.
Matthew Christopher (1 year ago)
Why don't they go after the real criminals? Like the hundreds of chinese trawlers illegally fishing all over the place? A couple japanese whalers killing a few whales is not hurting anything other than the feelings of these guys.
tevin sewell (1 year ago)
Matthew Christopher dude fishes are more numerous than whales bro
Rip L (1 year ago)
Matthew Christopher Your a fool.
Kyle W (1 year ago)
Matthew Christopher well they are going after all forms of poaching the ocean. And killing 400-700 whales a year isn’t a couple lol.
John Ball (1 year ago)
You white people are the ones who is killing the animals and fish and here you are trying to catch Japanese catching whales ,what a bully! Who is killing the elephants in Africa? Who killed the buffalo`s? Have you seen the fishing practices in Florida??? Are you aware of the big fishing boats in the USA??? Jesus fucking christ you dot have to go all the way to Antartica to catch poachers, you`re all dumb and fake! bully!
Getthefuckoffmylawn (1 year ago)
I wonder what that costs?
Mike Jenkins (1 year ago)
It's very sad and disgusting that Australia is the only country dealing with those sick Japanese Whalers you go see Shepherd you got my support all the way
jasmijn ariel (5 months ago)
Haha they do nothing, the land with the most respect for sea shepherds actions is the netherlands! Cause they sail under their flag
Listen Boy (11 months ago)
Teddy Tretyakov-badkov Talking about yourself? You're probably right.
idiot, sad, pathetic retarded idiot.
Paul Jowers (1 year ago)
Congratulations Guys! many people support you from Uk
Carmel Pule' (1 year ago)
That warrior is moving fast and I estimate it is approaching 32 knots. Not exactly a beautiful ship but one with a purpose, and it would be ploughing not riding those waves easily . Was that color chosen to be mistaken for the Japanese fishing fleet?
Rakib al hasan (1 year ago)
Very nice.
vita redit (1 year ago)
Go Ocean Warrior and Sea Shepherd we are proud of you! Stay Strong! never give up! Keep up the great fight!
vita redit (1 year ago)
Go Sea Shepherd on-board of Ocean Warrior! Oceans Warrior will terrorize the shameful whalers of Japan and the degenerates of Faroes!
Stian Olsen (1 year ago)
I dont Now Why you guys attack our whale ships in Norway. I have seen that SEA shepheard have Been many times in Lofoten. And nearly all of that trips sea shepheard and Greenpeace have been taken by the coastguard.
Bodil Strömdahl (6 months ago)
99 % av Jordens befolkning avskyr och hatar Valmördare. Nu vet du.
Krane Videographie (1 year ago)
Research before you say something in the net.
De Selby (1 year ago)
I'm working with the Japanese to help shut down the Sea Shepherd terrorists and put these criminals in jail.
Krane Videographie (1 year ago)
We are also for your children and grandchildren on the oceans.
iTRY_ Mash (1 year ago)
22 japanese dickheads disliked this hahaha
Renepascal STO (1 year ago)
the whalers will hate this ship
Renepascal STO (1 year ago)
Sea Shepard
De Film Fabriek (1 year ago)
Oh 43 now i thik the crew of the boats have joined
iTRY_ Mash (1 year ago)
22 japanese dickheads disliked this hahaha
John Carter (1 year ago)
Way to go guys !! Let's drop a H-bomb on their women and children since we are morally superior !! And on the way home let's grab a calf slit it's throat and have a little veal !! The only episode of whale wars I ever watched was when the Faggie snotty nose kids got in trouble for getting drunk, what a joke !'
Robert Blackford (1 year ago)
Oh another ship they will use to ram other ships on the high seas and then lie about it. These people are terrorists.
Luca Mellor (1 year ago)
"Breaking every maritime law on the high seas", OK seeing as you are clearly an expert on this subject please elaborate
Kyle W (1 year ago)
Robert Blackford “bombs” lol. Do I find them hypocritical at times when talking about the Japanese’s whalers aggression towards them? Yes. But most collisions were caused by the whalers trying to get them away from the factory ship so they could kill whales which is the truth. Sea shepherd would be going in a straight line then the whalers would cut in front of them trailing lines and sea shepherd wouldn’t move and the whalers would hit them. The whalers will always spin it in their favor but I laugh because sea shepherd has the full story documented not just the 3 seconds before the collision. Love the ending to your comment lol. “Maybe if I include that If he doesn’t agree with me he isn’t smart and that will Shane his mind.”
Robert Blackford (1 year ago)
That's bullshit. If these ecoterrorists didn't place their boats on a collision course with the Japanese whalers there would've been no collision. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any sympathy for the Japanese wailers, but these Marxist ecoterrorists Or breaking every maritime law on the high seas. If they were not there trying to throw their bombs at the Japanese ships or entangle there propellers a writers, all of which is illegal, this never would've happened. Please be intellectually honest enough to admit that
Kyle W (1 year ago)
Robert Blackford 98% of the collisions at sea were caused by the whalers though. If you actually watch videos that arnt just short snippets from the whalers would see the whole story
VancouverCanucksRock (1 year ago)
I hope it has a huge Harpoon on it's Bow to thrust into the Poaching Bastards Hull's
Hakapik (1 year ago)
Nice boat but no match for the fishing ships that will ram it to the bottom of the ocean.
Archibald Tuttle (1 year ago)
Why not sink the whalers in their harbors in Japan?
Jim Morgan (7 months ago)
Archibald Tuttle Duuuurrrr
Rick Cruz (1 year ago)
Archibald Tuttle because that would make it an international incident That's when the good guys government gets involved and those friendlies suspected get deported to the bad guys side
Hunter Onnen (1 year ago)
because more illegal.
GILLES ALAIN (1 year ago)
Bravo à Sea Shepherd. Bravo pour ce combat. La chasse à la baleine industrielle comme le font illégalement les japonais, cela ne devrait plus exister. C'est juste monstrueux, c'est une horreur. Ces animaux sont en voie de disparition. Sea Shepherd a raison, il faut arrêter ce massacre.
Rena Smith (1 year ago)
Beauitful . Thanks for all you do.
Vinoth raja (1 year ago)
its quiet small when compared to shonan
prince sumangil (1 year ago)
3 ship stratigy
prince sumangil (1 year ago)
The Ady Gil was sanked by a shonan maru numer 2
The Communist (1 year ago)
Dmitriy Krylov (1 year ago)
Nice engine room!
Mick F (1 year ago)
Right on time to kick ass! Get um guys. 👍
VikingNation81 (1 year ago)
Send it to Norway. We wil sink it :)
Orin R (8 months ago)
Yeah, those sad low IQ fuckers that actually produce something for society. Everyone should make a living pushing paper around. Then the world would be awesome. Oh, and did you mean "They are" or "They`re". You should atleast learn to spell before talking other peoples IQ down. Best Regards Fisherman with higher IQ than yours, you entitled piece of shit scum.
samkom33 (1 year ago)
Fred van Viegen,,, Why are you mixing IQ in to a pai?? its not my fault you missd the joke,,, a shepards pai is grounded sheep meat and spice and some mix in say carrots onion and cower it with masd potatos..... i have never made a pai out of human meat. even if the sea shepard bandits deserve to be hangd for their crimes. hehe
Fred van Viegen (1 year ago)
samkom33 fisherman and peasants... there the same everywhere, always in search for IQ, hehe
samkom33 (1 year ago)
its been a while since i had shepards pai... hehe
Trigger_Warning (1 year ago)
I hope these racist Terrorist assholes get sank with a torpedo.
John Stark (1 year ago)
Trigger_Warning I'd rather see them get some 5" shells. Give Navy and coast guard gunners some practice 😂
Yushiro Shihoin (1 year ago)
Trigger_Warning how are the racist they are holding the Japanese to the exact same laws that everyone else has held to even China and Saudi Arabia countries that are very very corrupt still hold to this law
next stop Australia time to go fight some Japanese Whalers
Oliver Kalamata (2 years ago)
Anybody like whale meat? It's phenominal!
Jim Morgan (7 months ago)
Oliver Kalamata Taste like ass, and not good ass.
Bob Dan (9 months ago)
It’s a little chewy
USS ENTERPRISE (1 year ago)
Oliver Kalamata It's good with a shot of Jack Daniels.
Mordredh (1 year ago)
I like to "scientific research" the Japanese Race. Is there a quota? I mean there must be enough living Japanese out there, and I promise I only Kill mature males and females.
samkom33 (1 year ago)
whale meat is ok but not my favorite.... whale meat withouth gravy and spice taste like shit..... ore as 1 friend said,,, old bullmeat that taste like bad fish oil. hehe
convair9 (2 years ago)
Paul Watson makes recall what a bad actor and liar he is, like when he claimed he was shot but saved by his toy badge, you are following a fool
Capt Watson was and is a hero. You are just a fake news moron.
The Communist (1 year ago)
well it was a 22. LR bullet it cant go through shit even if it was plastic it wouldnt harm him
gaspard combes (2 years ago)
Great presentation! and very impressive ship! Sea Shepherd you could be proud of your new vessel anti-whalers, anti-poachers, anti-killers. Ocean Warrior will save thousands lives!!!
Pierre Roche (2 years ago)
Great ship! a true warrior of the Oceans! than you dutch people!
voicezero (2 years ago)
They just fail to mention they got the money for the boat from trafficking drugs
william briscoe (1 year ago)
you sir are an idiot
Why, why invent Trump-like lies like your own - you are EVIL.
Vera Garcia (1 year ago)
hahahahahaha........ are these the same police that illegally detained sea shepherd crew haahahah police reports don't lie? hahahahaha you must be on the drugs you claim were trafficked I think loser
voicezero (1 year ago)
the police reports don't lie
faze lynx anime (1 year ago)
hahahah seriously no 😕😒😑
CaptRon817 (2 years ago)
I totally agree with your message but, I also totally disagree with your method. May I suggest that you take the money that you're using to buy boats and spend that money in international courts. What they are doing is illegal already and existing laws are being ignored. But, what you are doing is illegal too and you are just as much in the wrong as the whalers. Fight them in court to enforce laws that are in place to protect the whales. Enough international pressure on governments like Japan to stop this practice would be effective and everybody would be a winner.
Ganesh Shetty (3 months ago)
What makes you think that efforts on that front aren't underway. Unless, you mean to say pump in more money so that someone else gets rich in the name of law enforcement expenditure. The point is, whatever the verdict someone has to enforce the law. Btw the verdict is out there its just the enforcement which is missing.
aserta (1 year ago)
That was done and Japan didn't care. For all the honor they profess to have, they are some of the most dishonorable and sick fucks around. WW2 was proof of that, their actions in China, torture, rape, death, these sick fucks would make SS troops blush with some of the stuff they pulled THAT to this day, they still don't have the guts to admit to. And no, i don't care for China either, but at least they didn't play spear the baby with your bayonet-game.
How uninformed you are - IF the courts were effective all those brave people would not have been out in the harsh waters trying to save whales, sharks etc. You are living in ding dong world (p.s. I work with courts a lot - they specialize in equivocation, delays, delays and ever-greater costs & more delays).
Mordredh (1 year ago)
>"Enough international pressure ... WOULD!!! be effective" Agreed. But until this happens fight them!
P W (1 year ago)
CaptRon817 you really believe in Santa Claus ? Becuase if you think the courts are effectively going to stop illegal whaling then make sure your not on the naughty list. Morally Sea shepherd's have the upper hand . Legally Japan has upper hand . What do we give into ? . Personally speaking, for the last 10,000 years if you want something you take it by force. That's what our goverments do. I say hit em hard and hopefully soon someone will end the Illegal practice of Japanese whaling .
Charles Andrews (2 years ago)
chechatonga (2 years ago)
A country with subs will torpedo it .....lol
josten korteling (1 year ago)
chechatonga nah dont think zo, beceause almost all countrys are against whale fishing
Yushiro Shihoin (1 year ago)
chechatonga and piss off Aussies bad idea they'll send all they're snakes into you're country
faze lynx anime (1 year ago)
dick move
Jc Marine (2 years ago)
No good fight is an easy road.Exempt ?Blasting the ocean clean of reefsKilling whales.. SS..want another crew member ?I'll.give up my successful business for a few years.you guys got balls and are figting the right fightUnlike half.these armchair opinionated jackass's...You gotta stand for somethingOr.your going to fall for anything.
Tim Paszkiewicz (2 years ago)
Might look nice. But won't stop a 50 cal. Under international law. You attack or try to disable another ship. You're a pirate.
dam1041960 (11 months ago)
You are a Pirate. You breaking the law is not the way also. You use/work with the law. Video the law breaking and report them. WTO.
Listen Boy (11 months ago)
They might be pirates but at least they're doing something to save the whales.
Neonil Alves (1 year ago)
Nicholas Camp o
dam1041960 (1 year ago)
A 50bmg api round would go thru. And set her a fire.
Mike Ashburn (1 year ago)
That's sorta the point

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