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HOT Kung-Fu Martial Arts Chinese 2018 ★ Action Movies Full Length English Hollywood

10725 ratings | 4085238 views
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Text Comments (569)
Please Follow Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/luislifon.movies Watch Action Movies Online Free: luislifon.net
Tayyab Shah (3 days ago)
Lhyne Alpha (8 days ago)
Please dont use other picture for clickbait... U use the pic of chuk sa gwang of six flying dragon of korean movie then your caption says it is chinese movie
robin Shekh (18 days ago)
Good move and tnx you
orhyge lecy (27 days ago)
2018 Best Action Movies ,.Great movie thanks,. :-)
Gayour Slasher (28 days ago)
2018 best action movies
Suprianto s2asm (8 hours ago)
Fuck movies.. hate this
Nelurusu Nelurusu (2 days ago)
Traduse in română nu sunt .
Satria Halus (2 days ago)
mohon dong bhsa Indonesia nya
Satria Halus (2 days ago)
ada yg bhsa indonesia nya gak ini yah
Stone cold Austin (3 days ago)
Ini semua poyo
ma ma (3 days ago)
荡气回肠!一 词胜过一切“awesome", "fantastic"....
ma ma (3 days ago)
the movie I want to watch twice.
Xnogenisis (3 days ago)
Sword Master, the title speaks for itself, a movie about an incredible sword dancer.
Delex Vince (3 days ago)
Lin gengxin /wallace hou😘😘😘😘😘
GabbishLee Gifted (4 days ago)
This movie was so dope. I love how they would jump to scenes without all the extra leading story.. idk about everyone else, but I loved that they did that. Other movies have done that but made it confusing. Some how they made it work ✌️🧐 well done
Samuel John (5 days ago)
May i have the music name ? 1:47:08
Kimudu Parasuram (5 days ago)
Carlitos Dalamban (5 days ago)
Wildlife & Nature (7 days ago)
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run down (7 days ago)
Mike Dave Belarma (8 days ago)
idris jalil (9 days ago)
For an action movie there is no action in this one..just crap.
Stana Zdravkovic (10 days ago)
Zssto nema prevod na Srpskom
Josefina Sanchez (10 days ago)
Yes nice one help needy justice
Md Sojib1234 (11 days ago)
X23Evo Gaming (11 days ago)
The film is not English The film has English sub title.
Amar Smith (12 days ago)
I love too watch kine Fu and smoke a Dutch
Formidabil tare
Benny R. Grau (13 days ago)
I loved the movie message and the fact that he attained enlightenment somewhat. He's on his way though. beautiful swordfights. The main character could easily play one armed swordsman. I would love a new version of the saga.
van aizn (14 days ago)
uhhh so that was chuk sa gwang in the cover so I thought it's a clip for.six flying dragons.. hmmmmm
LoveHurt Elley (15 days ago)
watching just now...
feng han (15 days ago)
Thanks for this excellent movie! 喜欢徐克的传统武侠,古龙去了,金庸也去了,哎
May Hon (15 days ago)
This movie is called Sword Master. There is a 1977 movie called Death Duel. Both have different English title but same Chinese title and both are same storyline that base on the book called The Third Master’s Sword. The 1977 version was starring Derek Yee. The 2016 version is directing by Derek Yee.
echo november (10 days ago)
You're spot on! The 1977 one was an excellent piece of art.
Edy Wd (15 days ago)
ini satria paningit is film green
CCPJAYLPHAN1994 (16 days ago)
中国戏就是无法崛起的原因 3:24
Rudy Bunyaw (16 days ago)
i really love chinese movies,,,,,, thank you so much,, thank you thank uyou
lmy hgtm (16 days ago)
chinese movie is the best
TPHVICTIMS (16 days ago)
4:37 is this the actor from the movie Electra?
kuciribena (17 days ago)
Awesome. Good characters
春もみじ (17 days ago)
Great movie.. Thank u for uploading it👌👍❤️☺️
Rshyam Ladvanjari (18 days ago)
Very nice all this kum fu marshal art movie i realy like it and my things kum fu is best our sefty.
dodong loko pwetmalo (18 days ago)
this is the best story.... real man ... nice keep it up... tnxxx for this movie...
LOVE VICTORY MOMOH (19 days ago)
Emma Update s (19 days ago)
Brian Togonon Apolo (20 days ago)
grabe sobrang ganda neto😍😍😍
Evelyn Tingga (20 days ago)
ang ganda ng movie.. i enjoyed much...
Ai (20 days ago)
Like the joker more than the main role..
Ratu Jomblo (22 days ago)
Woow verry" super good👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Linda Smith (22 days ago)
Very good movie!!!
Generoso Abiul (23 days ago)
Loved it ! Nice movie 👍👍👍👍
watchoutwhat (23 days ago)
Aguer Mathiek (24 days ago)
I have big trust in theirs commends.
redfullpack (25 days ago)
慕容秋荻在小说其实比影片更狠毒手辣 除了她,其他古龙小说有还有很多可怕的疯颠女人 花白鳳, 丁白云,移花大宫主邀月。 由爱变恨,由恨变疯 古龙小说警训 =千万千万不能得罪痴情女人!
mo yuan (10 days ago)
……不应该是男人的锅么?到头来怪别人痴情了。 好逻辑。
BornBeyond (25 days ago)
1:00:20 That moment you know you fkd up
agus cahyono (26 days ago)
Apik movies....
Feibai Zhu (28 days ago)
1:00:00 is so hilarious ,lmao
flame phoenix (28 days ago)
damn that mess up he killed that pretty woman i am mad
Momar Dris jr. (28 days ago)
Parveen Chauhan (28 days ago)
main pictures
Lazy (28 days ago)
Why did he have to kill him at the end?
LaTashia J (28 days ago)
This movie is amazing! The sword fights were great. Not to mention the MC’s!!
Mei Feng (29 days ago)
Cesar Diaz (30 days ago)
It's perfect...thank you 😊✌
Earl Brannan (30 days ago)
Good movie!
Tumusifu Michealine (1 month ago)
Thanks for uploading this movie this is my best action movie i really love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
James Pasanting (1 month ago)
Nice movie guys..
Scotty miller (1 month ago)
Death Duel, another Great flik!!
Abdul halim mirza uae (1 month ago)
Good. Movie...😈
Abdul halim mirza uae (1 month ago)
Quốc Dũng Trần (1 month ago)
A Aziza (1 month ago)
9:50 where's the other shadows for those trees lol.
Ludwig Henry Lamptey (1 month ago)
This is my second time of watching this movie
栾公林 (1 month ago)
racquel trinidad (1 month ago)
Very nice...
GetOutoFHere Mate! (1 month ago)
Who lives by the sword die by the sword 😧 that's why u need bullets it's faster to die! 😂😂😂
mee (1 month ago)
He should not have died...
LostInPA (1 month ago)
This was great.
Lalhruaial Ceekayz (1 month ago)
Nice movie...whos with me 😉
phil phil (1 month ago)
It was the chinese tragedy.they were the mutual genocide..so shame and pityful .
phil phil (1 month ago)
The scum greedy chinese were living in the hypocrisy.
Lazy Gamer (1 month ago)
Can u recommend some downloadable chinese movies?
Nena Dizone (1 month ago)
Nice movie
Yang Xu (1 month ago)
Best movie ever It had a confusing start and then everything came together. wow great movie. very touching
Jb (1 month ago)
This is extraordinary, entertaining, lovely and packed with romance,actions and swords flying and kcking. Loved it and enjoyed much. Its really great😘😘😘😘😘😘
ronald fousek (1 month ago)
good movie.
92ND_SUPREME _ (1 month ago)
0:56:40 So true.
Fresh jean Donaire (1 month ago)
I love this so much.
LIFE NEWS (1 month ago)
does it have second part
LIFE NEWS (1 month ago)
does it have second part
u0ng lam (1 month ago)
San Miguel (1 month ago)
for those who read comments first before watching, this movie is good and great story.
Aminoding Limpao (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. This is a money-worth movie. The plot is unpredictable, the themes are timely and the craftmanship of the movie is highly well-done. Thank you again.
花枝陳 (1 month ago)
greymoon2 (1 month ago)
Brilliant piece of Chinese artistry about human struggles between good and evil, which sometimes gets tangled with the power of love, and the pursuit of honor versus the determination to seek righteous nobility. Nice work.
Chau Nguyen (1 month ago)
chinese sword play movies like to always invoke all the high Confucius values. Now only if these values are practiced by China today.
Dakkari Ammon (1 month ago)
Kung Fu Madness (1 month ago)
Guys, I got a huge collection of classic kung go on my channel. Check it out.
Steven Hendricks (1 month ago)
Any movies in English
Scott Summers (1 month ago)
A very silly movie they just don't make em like they used to...!!!
Lechanthung Odyuo (1 month ago)
I love this movie..I should have to say this best movie for me..only the legendary would use a sword like that...n yeah at the ending love the music. .mp3 music name plzz.?
Aaron Huneycutt (1 month ago)
great movie from start to finish.
mick mick (1 month ago)
Some time can’t hear the voice
Aries Cruda (1 month ago)
Thank you nice movie,😚😁😁😁
ariel celeste (1 month ago)
Many thanks to you uploader, and also the YouTube, thanks for sharing the movies, nice and good quality.
Derrick Big Walker (1 month ago)
Wow, the story of my life!!!

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