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Mega Man & Bass (5C): Ground Man [CD Collection]

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These CDs really rock... because that's where they're stashed this time! [CD Numbers Collected & Songs Used] 075: Uranus' Stage - Mega Man V (GB) 051: Burst Man's Stage - Mega Man 7 091: Got Beat - Mega Man IV (GB) 055: Shade Man's Stage - Mega Man 7 093: Helmet & Big Eddie's - Mega Man 7 017: Needle Man's Stage - Mega Man 3 078: Sunstar Battle - Mega Man V (GB) 013: Crash Man's Stage - Mega Man 2 027: Drill Man's Stage - Mega Man 4 Complete Works 028: Pharaoh Man's Stage - Mega Man 4 Complete Works 059: Sword Man's Stage - Mega Man 8 035: Stone Man's Stage - Mega Man 5 Complete Works 084: Boss Battle - Mega Man & Bass
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Text Comments (24)
Beat _talks!?_
Dededelicious (4 months ago)
“Go on a diet, Megaman.” Robots don’t eat right?
Well, considering Shade Man likes tomato juice, one would have to assume these ones do.
David R. (4 months ago)
"I hate sand." -Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Ground Man
I Remember Nothing. (10 months ago)
Ground Man: Dislikes "Coarse thing" Quote: "I hate sand." Are we sure Groundy is actually a robot and not a certain cyborg from a galaxy far, far away in disguise?
HECTOR GONZALEZ (8 months ago)
Ground Man is Anakin Spywalker
I Remember Nothing. (10 months ago)
"Then you are lost!"
suchiuomizu (10 months ago)
From my point of view Dr Light is evil!
Or thunder bolt Cause it's invincible
Tiago Alarcon (1 year ago)
i cant find Sword's man CD
Bean1227 (1 year ago)
There's a small room with a red stone statue in it that leads to the spike column room, but if you look closely, there's also a gray statue on the floor on the right. If you shoot that one, there's a ladder to climb down that takes you to the lower path.
Alexworld (1 year ago)
You can also grab Crash Man's CD by using Lightnig Bolt to destroy the statues, and as it comes up, time another Lightnig Bolt attack to use invincibility frames to pass through the spike column.
Richard Dong (1 year ago)
Wouldn't you also find it out of place how Burst Man and Beat's discs are in Ground Man's stage?
jerryteacup (2 years ago)
Ground Man CD... I'll go and say it: That's poor level design right there! Same goes for the Quick Man CD on Dynamo Man's stage.
Victor wall (2 years ago)
i can´t find the 59 cd
Bean1227 (2 years ago)
Instead of shooting the red statue that leads to the spike columns, look on the floor near it for a gray statue. Shoot it to unveil a ladder you can climb down. That's where the lower split path and two CDs are.
Rosie Deacon (3 years ago)
The translations for the SNES version... wow xD
Chaos Gengar (5 years ago)
I lost it when I saw Stone Man's Japanese bio. Love seeing stuff before it's translated. I play the SNES version.
Planche4653 (5 years ago)
Ugh, that last CD. Hate hate hate how they set that up, almost thought it was glitched the first time I played this till I figured out you'd have to do some considerable pre-emptive shooting, worse defending Rush. On another note, the screen height issue in the GBA version really shows up here, since you'd have to be playing as Bass to even see the ladder while in the SNES version it was visible just from running by, and there's already enough blind/leap of faith CD locations as it is.
WHO PLAY IN THIS VIDEO? I wanna know how this person get the No. 84 CD... IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH IT!!!
VGjoe (5 years ago)
Stone Man's quote amuses me for some reason :P btw, nice "YEAH!" back there
MythrilMan (5 years ago)
Auto's description: An invention nerd At that point, there was no hope for my lungs.
Bryce (5 years ago)
This video helped me so much! Thankss
chingoku z (5 years ago)
the snes version is best

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