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UNDERDOG Cartoon Intro

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Richard Garcia (1 month ago)
There's no need for beer. Bitter beer is here!
Michael Ziggiotto (4 months ago)
My favorite cartoon to this day!
St alin (5 months ago)
I from Scrubs, is very funny
Burak Fb (5 months ago)
Gabriela Woodard (6 months ago)
Never seen this...
Sultanaqa Rehimli (6 months ago)
ilk izlədiyim cizgi film bu idi
Cynthia Pickett (7 months ago)
WTF was Disney thinking when they released that live-action turd to theaters in 2003?
Mauricio Mesa (7 months ago)
the complete series is on dvd
James Campbell (7 months ago)
"When Polly's in trouble I am not slow its hip hip hip and away I go". " The secret compartment in my ring I fill with a Underdog super energy pill".
Jenna Herkert (8 months ago)
I'm a huge fan of Underdog, and this theme song is stuck in my head! Love it!!
slapshot1997 (8 months ago)
Hector Leon (9 months ago)
Just watching JD springing to action while this song is being sung in the background :)
Juice Man (9 months ago)
Super Bowl Champion Eagles bought me here!
Ruben Delgadillo (9 months ago)
Underdog was tearing up Sweet Polly Purebread!
Edward Robitson (9 months ago)
Hurting no kids no volenece just plan trying to grow up as a kid in 2018 inoncence
Edward Robitson (9 months ago)
Simple the best cartoons ever made growing up in the 60s and 70s edward jr 56years old love it no killing murder science outa here hurts kids trying to grow up safely 2018
Maverick 1 (9 months ago)
This Was An Anthem If You Were A Kid In The 60's & 70's🎶😃
Edward Robitson (10 months ago)
The best no more needs to be said just simply the best cartoon in the world
R.O. T.A (11 months ago)
Butthole surfers brought me here!
Arthur Cabral (11 months ago)
In 2017 whales are on the endangered list, and will inevitably go extinct because Iceland and Japan are still hunting down and slaughtering the last remaining pods. In 1965 Underdog was fighting whales at the bottom of the sea, there is a big pile of them illustrated on the cartoon show. - How times change.
KittyPouncer (1 year ago)
Funny: I watched this all the time as a kid but I have no memory of the theme! All I remember is "There's no need to fear; Underdog is here!"
spalf8664 (1 year ago)
The best cartoon intro ever. Listen to the falsetto in the background, it's awesome!
Mert Erbay (1 year ago)
I am Turkish and it'd was published at D Çocuk channel. I'd was loved this cartoon when I was child. It was one of my marvelous cartoons in my childhood.
douglas howard (1 year ago)
we need under dog to go to washington
Brian Jones (1 year ago)
underdog ain't nuthin to fuck wit
gamera (1 year ago)
I heard this thanks to scrubs
hollyTM (1 year ago)
Why hasn't this been remixed yet
robert shepherd (1 year ago)
i liked the movie version 10 years ago originally this was when i was defending it over inuyasha cause of how they used profanity on japanese cartoons which is good over ty$on king on dailymotion great balls of fire is good cause of uswa
PenguinCustoms (1 year ago)
Michael Meyers (1 year ago)
Stolen DIRECTLY from the 51:40 point of the Nutcracker.  The dirty bastards never gave Tchaikovsky credit.  SICKENING
Hemrecet (1 year ago)
Çocukluğumun çizgi filmiydi. Aradan yıllar geçmiş. Çok duygulandım.
Hemrecet (6 months ago)
Bu çizgifilm türkiyede çok az biliniyor kime sorsam kimse bilmiyor. Friends dizisinin 10. Sezon 6. Bölüm 21. Dakikasinda geçince cok heycanlandim djajdkakd
Ergülü Begik (1 year ago)
Hemrecet aynen benimde bide saymın vardı😂😂
Joseph Martinez (1 year ago)
I watched this as a kid, I love it.
Kurt Kauffman (1 year ago)
I did too!
The Dream (2 years ago)
Ronney Zamora (2 years ago)
jpringle1979 (2 years ago)
Sounds like 60's western style music
Your Local Broadcast (2 years ago)
I thought the intro was fake, sounds like a trap beat, lol!
sam jones (2 years ago)
never fear underdog is here!!!!!
Nicholas Daw (2 years ago)
it'd be dope of this show got a pilot just off pitching the intro
voicetube (2 years ago)
Strange thought… I bet I was probably wearing underwear when the dude was singing this song in the recording studio back in the 60s… Like I said, strange thought.
grecia alejandra cv (2 years ago)
under dog :3
Chairman Meow (2 years ago)
The backround vocals are amazing
Quaalude Charlie (2 years ago)
My Childhood :) QC
sai76 (2 years ago)
The Underdog Lady brought me here.
Ilove TheJetsons (2 years ago)
I remember this.
Daryl Sandlin (2 years ago)
Loved this show as a kid in the 70's. Great memories.
Daryl Sandlin (1 year ago)
Not sure, I'll have to Google that. It was so cool when I was a kid!
Barbi Button (1 year ago)
Daryl Sandlin i was trying to remember if it started in late 60's or 70's (early 70's?
Evez Beadz (2 years ago)
Ummmm, J! Thank jYou
Evez Beadz (2 years ago)
Omg J
Oliver Boon (2 years ago)
Your Local Broadcast (2 years ago)
lol, why?
Oliver Boon (2 years ago)
That is extremely funny,good and awsome
James Pipe (2 years ago)
UNDERDOG Cartoon Intro
SidJustice1 (2 years ago)
The theme really goes apeshit 0:24 👊🏻
James Pipe (2 years ago)
Published on Jan 29, 2016
Lesson Met (2 years ago)
For such a goofy character, Underdog has a kick ass intro
tsartodd (2 years ago)
Underdog ain't nothin ta fuck wit.
Blue Lotus (2 years ago)
This intro goes hard. I'm not gonna lie!
dredaylarue (2 years ago)
+Wake N Bake wu tang sampled it in there song aint nothing to f#%k with
Heloisa Linda (2 years ago)
l'm love Underdog 😍😘💖
Josephine Miller (2 years ago)
I don't remember that opening.
Marvin Thayer (2 years ago)
+Josephine Miller There are three different openings if I remember correctly.
senojelyk (3 years ago)
0:11 That guy has got an axe! Never noticed that when I was a kid.
rayssonation (3 years ago)
THE UNDERDOG SHOW premiere as part of NBC's Saturday Morning cartoon line up on October 3, 1964. The show's sponsor was the General Mills Corporation(Cheerios). NBC ran the original 26 episodes until 1967. NBC along with CBS aired it in repeats until 1973. NBC ran the original episodes all 26 from 1964-1967. Repeats ran from 1967-1969. Then CBS picked it up in repeats from 1969 until 1973.
Danny Hill (1 year ago)
this is the way recall it as well: to CBS in the fall of 1966, keeping the same 9:30 a.m. ET time period....
rayssonation (1 year ago)
In fact a total of 124 episodes were produced. NBC aired the original 52 episodes of the series from October 3, 1964 until January 8, 1966. Then on September 17, 1966 it moved to CBS where it aired 40 episodes of the series ended with the last original episode on March 4, 1967. After that it was in repeats until 1973.
Barbi Button (1 year ago)
rayssonation ty for that info btw
Barbi Button (1 year ago)
rayssonation ty... I had thought that we watch this when I lived in Baltimore as a kid in the sixties but somebody else said it was early seventies
Kurt Kauffman (3 years ago)
+rayssonation Wrong there,Corrections: It was on NBC from 1964 to 1966,Then on CBS during the 1966-67 TV Season.From 1968 to 1970,& finally during the 1972-73 TV Season,NBC aired reruns of THE UNDERDOG SHOW from both of the Networks.
Showbiz CEC (3 years ago)
Meh, Peabody would have been better for the animatronic show....
Farah (3 years ago)
i dont like mighty mouse i like UNDERDOG
Farah (3 years ago)
not mighty mouse
Farah (3 years ago)
my brother like underdog
Kayla Patton (3 years ago)
I love underdog
Kurt Kauffman (3 years ago)
+Kayla Patton I do too!,Grew up seeing all Episodes as a Youngster.
diggie72 (3 years ago)
Chris Ronson (3 years ago)
Makes me nostalgic for Sunday morning cartoons... classic theme song!
huhnoname (3 years ago)
Thank You I grew up with Him as Well :-)
TERESA ELLIOTT (3 years ago)
Wally Cox was great in anything he did
wjrasmussen666 (3 years ago)
You should hear the scrubs version of this!
wjrasmussen666 (3 years ago)
+henriandco didn't believe you need to reply to me to give that information as I had obviously heard the scrubs version...
henriandco (3 years ago)
+wjrasmussen666 in order to be nice
wjrasmussen666 (3 years ago)
+henriandco why would I thank you?
SlinkyKat (3 years ago)
The lawyers, love it
henriandco (3 years ago)
+wjrasmussen666 yeah S01E23 thank me later
Big R (3 years ago)
Underdog relied on PEDs for his power. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
the movie was much beater then the show.
sd02231 (1 year ago)
Jose Eduardo Enrique Cariño No.
TheRoidemortetfleur (3 years ago)
when cartoon channels started to appear. I was all excited by the prospect of seeing these oldies but goodies. Nope just cheap sketches and a couple of goodies repeated endlessly. Such a shame. Most of these goodies were before vhs and if you missed an episode on it's given time slot you are SOL.
never like under dog hes too corny and it wuz borning really?
Kurt Kauffman (4 years ago)
Underdog turns 50 on 10/3/2014.
Kathleen Phillips (4 years ago)
Kathleen Phillips (4 years ago)
SonicCam04 (4 years ago)
am i the only one who watched the movie and then found this?
Someone Somewhere (4 years ago)
It's a pretty old cartoon so probably not. I grew up with the carton...man I'm old lol
Gameking (4 years ago)
No,  me too.
BlinkinFirefly (4 years ago)
So...this is really weird....almost every morning I wake up to this song stuck in my head! I have NO idea why!?!?!?!
Nic M. (6 months ago)
Because its a good freakin' song
Reaper Slasher (1 year ago)
BlinkinFirefly same with me
Mark Dweyer (1 year ago)
Maybe you are hearing "underpants."
Barbi Button (1 year ago)
D Ryuuga lol
Jimmie Thedford (3 years ago)
Your a fan, maybe I can save the day for you
Kurt Kauffman (4 years ago)
R.I.P. Wally Cox,He dubbed Underdog's V/O.
Kurt Kauffman (4 years ago)
I grew up with that show as a youngster in the early to mid 1970's.
Kathleen Phillips (4 years ago)
Tennessee tuxedo
whiterabbit75 (4 years ago)
This intro really puts you in the mind of those old black and white TV serials.
Gary Hawkins (4 years ago)
I loved watching Underdog on Saturday mornings.  He was my hero!!  LOL   
David Johnson (4 years ago)
wu-tang clan aint nothing to f**k with used this sample  
Dutch (4 years ago)
I loved Underdog.
David Daviski (4 years ago)
Undoubtedly one of the coolest theme songs of any cartoon from any era.
MordocKraxus (4 years ago)
Underdog is my second favourite character from childhood. First is Goku :)
Benjamin Reaves (4 years ago)
Thanks DrClaw
Nexuscraft (4 years ago)
Like if Nikki brought you here
Marlon Jackson (4 years ago)
Very good cartoon
Jennifer Gross (4 years ago)
I from scrubs and wanted to hear    it agean
TheExpertNovice (4 years ago)
There's no need to fear! Underdog is here! when criminals in this world appear  and break the laws that they should fear  and frighten all who see or hear  the cry goes up both far and near  for Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! speed of lightning, roar of thunder  fighting all who rob or plunder  Underdog. Underdog! when in this world the headlines read  of those whose hearts are filled with greed  who rob and steal from those who need  to right this wrong with blinding speed  goes Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! speed of lightning, roar of thunder  fighting all who rob or plunder  Underdog. Underdog!
Kirk Moore (1 month ago)
Send Underdog to the White House and remove the vermin currently infested in there!
Brian (2 months ago)
TheExpertNovice the words to that song are actually pretty awesome.
Dr. Hugh Bumazz (4 years ago)
I remember him  He and Casper were my favorites
GrnXnham (4 years ago)
Underdog vs Overcat--one of the classic superhero battles!
Kurt Kauffman (4 years ago)
Indeed!,they are one of them.
Death By Karma Gaming (4 years ago)
one of the few last good shows before all this crap tv shows
Steve McQuiggan (4 years ago)
Thank god for Nick at Nite!!!
Jada Ward (4 years ago)
Who else got here from the Reebok commercial?
Jean O'Boyle (4 years ago)
Me too. Also loved the show as a kid.
leandar (4 years ago)
Me! But I also was a Underdog fan as a boy.  Oh heck, still am!!
Bill Boguniecki (4 years ago)
Me - but I do love Underdog - had to show my kids because they have no idea who he is sadly 
missdarkeyes (4 years ago)
Not gonna lie, that Reebok commercial brought me here!

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