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Japanese Kimono - how to put on a bird-style obi .AVI

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How to put the obi on the kimono, how to make an obi in the shape of a bird, Japanese culture
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Leila Witherspoon (2 years ago)
what the name of style of the blue one called ?
Derthlin (1 year ago)
otaiko ;)
Ivory Feather (2 years ago)
EDIT: i think its also known as the fukuro obi?
Ivory Feather (2 years ago)
i think its called the 'drum knot' but i think it may be called 'niijudaiko' in japanese which translates as 'double fold' obi (i think). hope this helps! Ivory.
Lady Cham (3 years ago)
This style is only for younger women, right? Older women wear the fukuro-obi?
Derthlin (1 year ago)
This is actually a fukuro obi, there is also other types as the nagoya obi, they're different in formality but not in age, as the furisode kimono for example. Furisode is only for unmarried woman. Also you can see a difference in the way they tie the obiage, when you are single it shows more, but when you're married is hidden under the obi. I hope this helps.
Seawaterwitch Mira (5 years ago)
Thank you for the video tutorial, you are helping me a lot :) :hug:

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