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HOW TO GET THE SEA DRAGON! (Roblox AQUAMAN EVENT 2018 - Aquaman: Home Is Calling - Trial of Power)

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Introducing the AQUAMAN EVENT 2018, an event different from the rest! Today, I show you how to get the SEA DRAGON from Aquaman: Home Is Calling in the Trial of Power (Trial 1)!! Hit that LIKE button if you want more ROBLOX! :D TwiistedPandora Fan Group: bit.ly/JoinTheTwiisties The Crew Fan Group: bit.ly/JoinTheCrewNow Subscribe: bit.ly/TheTwiisties Twitter: bit.ly/TwitterPandora Official Shirt: http://bit.ly/2tU2FzN Official Pants: http://bit.ly/2tTsK21 Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2056459358/Aquaman-Home-is-Calling \\ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com ~ Stay Snazzy, Twisties! ~
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Text Comments (424)
Emerton Joseph (16 hours ago)
I thin he made this game because he know about all the event to much
MineJulRBX (17 hours ago)
Nothing resets if you play solo.
Dada Jode (22 hours ago)
Wow he made this video early ...
Genelyn Baco (1 day ago)
When is this event going to end
Herzey Hernandez (2 days ago)
hey,all of ur vidio is great and helping me
Killer Beast (2 days ago)
Zekrom Dominus (3 days ago)
I got swarmed
Jack Griffin (3 days ago)
I've had 53 tries and I cant beat the last robot :(
Xiaoxia Ou (4 days ago)
KOmNdGaMeR (5 days ago)
but what about if i am ban from a game
Rain Castro (5 days ago)
Hi I'm new on you channel
David Mok (5 days ago)
you are not funny just annoying
sefuihreiugh (5 days ago)
IM WEAK and wats wrong with that. boy oh boy i love it when i fall for dat
ritu joshi (6 days ago)
Booga booga
PopzGaming (7 days ago)
Mike when i swing the trident to kill the bots i only can swing 1 time if i want to swing again i have to wait for a few seocnds
Gregory The fox (7 days ago)
i did it solo and it was super dooper hard but i did it.thx man...oh my god
Fox Gamer (7 days ago)
this is veru digficult event
ClarkGamingPlays (7 days ago)
They can't even handle us, not even close. Well they killed ya if u weren't with ur fort it's squad
jon lysander garcia (7 days ago)
my roblox name,xxturtleaccxx
Khaleda Khalum (7 days ago)
Rip mobile users their device is laggy
Steven (7 days ago)
Cringe detector of the comments: wasteland
Jeanne California (7 days ago)
T Tw Twi Twis Twist Twiste Twisted P Pa Pan Pand Pando Pandor Pandora R Ru Rul Rule Rules Rules!
Asriel YT (7 days ago)
I cant play cause im in moboile can somebody give me computer (nope you dont need me to give me a computer)my name is pusheenmagic111 pls help me....
xSXILLEREXx (7 days ago)
Not fury fist furry fist xD
BalloonBoy Gum (8 days ago)
This event sucks!
sharl potagrais (8 days ago)
yay ads 😒
Yuri Thomson (4 days ago)
he's all about the ten minutes, more minutes, more ads, more ads seen (views) more money. He has no actual intention of making original content. If you were to look at his youtube channel, all videos are at least 97.9% beyond 10 minutes. He still needs to make money somehow.
lucca wuwt1ys (8 days ago)
im level 20 ill dab on you boi
joy lopez (8 days ago)
i did it solo...
Hopkinz (8 days ago)
You didn't leave it in the description.
Damian G (8 days ago)
How come there was not a Thanksgiving event Pandora
JamProductions (8 days ago)
I did by myself hardest thing I have ever done :P first part wasn’t hard but big guards were difficult
Gregory The fox (7 days ago)
yes it was
Pranav Prakash (8 days ago)
unnecessary commentary: 99% necessary commentary: 1% not trying to extend the video as long as possible: 0%
Jonathan Silva (8 days ago)
Want to win robux then enter this link the site is 100% reliable https://rocash.com/?ref=109839960253952588909
ThinkWatermelon (9 days ago)
Thx for helping me :)
Bugatti Abed (9 days ago)
Jenna Harwood (9 days ago)
K need this
alexander assante (9 days ago)
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
you mean hard and its not hard
How the heck do you attack so fast... I attack so slowly.
Yee Siew Choo (5 days ago)
I'm guessing it's because he bought that Trident wif robux & it boast ur attacks so that's why his attacks are faster
Rauf Abdullah (8 days ago)
I played it on an i5 core laptop and it was so laggy but it worked great my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Rauf Abdullah (8 days ago)
YBN Purp (9 days ago)
Razor Gaming (9 days ago)
Imma go to my laptop called vaio cost:800,000+$
Namkon Lee (9 days ago)
Oh thanks for sharing because i did not know what to do in that game
CostobliYT ! (9 days ago)
They fight my own kinde
Brinz Sápiđá (9 days ago)
Lool you ugly
Legendary Roblox (10 days ago)
980th like
why i finish it and i not grt the dragon
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
Fxtru (10 days ago)
Fxtru (10 days ago)
It's so annoying, I'm laggy and the hits take forever
Fxtru (8 days ago)
+Donkey Bloxy I wish I could. Sadly I'm unfortunate.
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
Get a new computer you will not lag
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
then make your graphics be low not annoying
Az3ri1x (10 days ago)
30,000 viewer...
Snipersnake 123533 (10 days ago)
How do you punch them alot of times I only do one hit I'm on PC
Pro_InvincibleInky560 (10 days ago)
Swordburst 3??? But With water
Pro_InvincibleInky560 (10 days ago)
And powers...Nani?
How do you get pearls
Tahira Suleman (11 days ago)
catiy unicorn (11 days ago)
I was a dumb XD i played solo edit: it was soo hard to do it solo
Ilham Nazmul (5 days ago)
catiy unicorn I did it solo and it was hard so I did it as a team
Allu Podolyan (11 days ago)
Allu Podolyan (11 days ago)
1000000000000000000000 likes= 7771888828281QA items
Luke smith (11 days ago)
I hate how he talkes to us like babys
Ahmad Ariz (11 days ago)
Thanks Mike!
happy weed (11 days ago)
Mike please friend me on Roblox and username is ajeaddy
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
Camelo Valdez (11 days ago)
I Already Got It But I Still Wanna Watch How Twisted Got It
KreekCraf t (11 days ago)
Is it on catalog lmao
Han Lin (11 days ago)
I can’t kill any thing on mobile this sux
TheCreeperKing (11 days ago)
nice tetorial and it is possible solo because I did it solo
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
Danger Apple (11 days ago)
y'know ur the only person i get help getting new event items i only watch ur "how to get :event item'' videos not other channel videos of people showing how to get event items! i only watch ur 'how to get" event item videos! cuz ur vids r so nice u can explain it so nicely
Gacha Gamer (11 days ago)
The droid not moving forward to me and they just stand still..
Ebuka Noah Ifezue (11 days ago)
syoniz zai (11 days ago)
i did this all alone
Donkey Bloxy (9 days ago)
Jonathan Gonzalez (11 days ago)
And the video of bilionaire simulator??
TheDesGamer (11 days ago)
I was one of the first to get the first relic
KingProKnight Gamer (11 days ago)
Arbiter 617 (11 days ago)
Do a vid on billionaire Simulator
Harith Hew (11 days ago)
I did it with 2 players including me
Aileen Ranera (11 days ago)
Why is the portal thing not on mine
ThePerfectoBrotherz8 (11 days ago)
Oh, TwiistedPandora! You’re the best! I subscribed AND hit the notification bell after I saw this video! This ACTUALLY helped me get the Sea Dragon! Please give this Comment a heart, you’re awesome!
Shinystar 222 (11 days ago)
Ya i got it, by team work
Untouched Sky (11 days ago)
How did you attack the robots with your trident so accurately
Fnaf Plush Stories (10 days ago)
JOY ISH SOYOUNGSZ (11 days ago)
buy fire wkjdjejd bla bla bla i think
Anderson Aguilar (11 days ago)
XxDarkNightxX Night (11 days ago)
I friended u Pandora
Rebecca Harpe Serrano (11 days ago)
Dum game wont work
Fnaf Plush Stories (10 days ago)
ARSE. It works if you are on PC.
Erica Corazon (11 days ago)
New update on bee swarm simulator
That's not aquaman
OOFY 111 (12 days ago)
Twist tomorrow there a new game for aquaman
laykean teoh (12 days ago)
Legend never die
i use robuxforfree.website for ez robux
Fnaf Plush Stories (10 days ago)
Christine Chan (12 days ago)
may i ask, how do you attack in the game?
NoobieGamer Chan (12 days ago)
It's hard uwu I'mma just not get it
Al media (12 days ago)
arwind jay tofuu (12 days ago)
arwind jay tofuu (12 days ago)
Wrong send sorry
Luca Guarrera (12 days ago)
"Tip" Pressing "C" on your keyboard will put you in shift lock
Tropiical Chucks (12 days ago)
I Think They Made This Event Too Hard :c
Vũ Nguyễn Minh (12 days ago)
Sea horn lol
Zuhayr (12 days ago)
My tips to level up is to fight the robots that are around 2-4 levels higher than yours. Especially when you reach level 15 because it takes super long to farm on normal robots, but you can fight level 18 and level 20 as a level 15 and easily defeat them, with the benefits of increasing your level
Rawgem 53 (12 days ago)
Is everybody already forgetting about the Ducktales event? COMPARE THE EVENTS BOIS!
Gabriel Osei-Tutu (11 days ago)
And the Ready Player One EVENT.
KrystalArtz (12 days ago)
This doesn't seem too hard. *if my computer was not brokrn-_-*
Jesus Ruiz (12 days ago)
I already have the sea dragón and it is a wepon but a Huge one
LANSKY (12 days ago)
How you attack so fast? Me it gets 5 seconds to attack again
Fnaf Plush Stories (10 days ago)
Laggy on mobile
Mohammed 6044423368 (12 days ago)
thank you !
Jack roblox (12 days ago)
add me my roblox name heart_catalex
Jack roblox (12 days ago)
add me my roblox name heart_catalex
Xrax 7567 (12 days ago)
Rip mobile user :(
Fnaf Plush Stories (10 days ago)
Ò_Ó (12 days ago)
Hyped for the next game! 👍

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