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1 hour beautiful hidden beach video viewed from sea cave - relaxing nature video HD 1080P

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Beautiful secluded beach scene surrounded by towering cliffs and a wild ocean... golden sand, big ocean waves, sea birds and fresh sea air. Just what the doctor ordered. The scene was filmed from the entrance to a shallow sea cave/ledge so some sounds are altered/amplified a little. The high cliffs surrounding the beach also add some character to the sound experienced there. I filmed this just after sunrise at Diaz Beach, Cape Point (Cape of Good Hope) South Africa. The area's other name is The Cape of Storms which it often lives up to with very strong wind blowing almost year-round. It's a rugged windswept landscape with some of the highest sea cliffs in the world. Cape Point is one of my favorite places to visit because of it's dramatic landscapes and rugged beauty. I plan to film quite a few more scenes here so if you like this one, let me know and I will make a plan to get out there again soon. Suggestion: Enjoy these videos when you have the time, and even when you're busy. I love playing them in the background while I cook, read, study or do other chores. I find it very relaxing as I imagine living next to the sea. Many people also like to fall asleep to nature sounds, or watch videos like this before going to sleep to help them relax. You could also play these while meditating... nature sounds and scenes like this one are great to watch or listen to as a meditation aid. This one has it all... stunning ocean waves curling, breaking and crashing with great sounds of the ocean. You will also hear other nature sounds, especially if you have a good sound system or listen with quality earphones. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did filming it. Consider subscribing if you want to be notified when I upload new ocean and nature scenes. I also welcome comments and please do recommend my videos to your friends and family if you think they might like them too! :) Thanks so much for your support if you have already! If you would like to contribute financially to my project, you can do so by visiting Peaceful Scenes' Patreon page: http://patreon.com/peacefulscenes Alternatively, there is a Paypal donate button on my channel banner and about page. All contributions will be used for equipment upgrades and travel/filming expenses. Thanks for your support, in whatever form it may be. Jonathan :) © Copyright - All rights reserved.
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Text Comments (42)
Alice K (2 months ago)
Beautiful..Thanks so much for this!!
Andjela Mex (2 months ago)
This is perfect!
Patrick Bateman (7 months ago)
Good shit dude.
Peaceful Scenes (7 months ago)
Thanks. :)
Steve Sacra (7 months ago)
Good shot not many like it" ☀🌊
Peaceful Scenes (7 months ago)
Thanks Steve! :)
TWOTANKFRANK (7 months ago)
Ok f u for the end of the video I thought I broke my screen....... GG....,
Piko Loves Olivia (11 months ago)
How I would love to go surfing in this breathtaking beach!m😝😆😄😊😺😻🐱🛳🌅⛵🍸🏝🏖
Sean Duck (1 year ago)
Looks like laguna, thousand steps
Psych Man (1 year ago)
Used to run around these beaches when I was young living in Calif. Now I'm in the middle of the U.S... Iowa. It's got it's pluses but not as beautiful as this. Sure glad I bought a wide screen... it's almost like being there... or looking out a window and seeing it . Thank you so much for the download.
Meresortsitar (1 year ago)
This is so relaxing even without sound, watching it at work :)
Toni Cordova (2 years ago)
This is paradise! I can only imagine all the beautiful beaches in Africa. Excellent video and sound. Thank you so much!
Mark Socha (2 years ago)
Reminds me of my trip to the big island of Hawaii a few years ago. We heard the sea like this all night long from our hotel windows.
Tinkerbel Sayer (2 years ago)
The rush of a wave, sweeping over its moist sand, The absolute of knowing....."we're at the promise land". Hmmm, hazy days.....
HearThis (2 years ago)
love it
Charlie Forrest (2 years ago)
Is it alright if I use a short 10 second part of this for a video?
Psych Man (1 year ago)
Hey Ya: How do you download just a small portion of a vid? I only know how to download the whole thing with Video DownloadHelper. Is there a certain app that lets you do that? Thanks.
Emma Bidwell (2 years ago)
Yes I love this,best part of the day at sunrise nice and fresh, I love to watch the sunrise and then meditate, you are very lucky having the ocean at your doorstep
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
Sunrise is lovely with everything being so fresh and the light bright and sparkly but also delicate. Wish I could capture the light better just before dawn though... sometimes the sky lights up in the most beautiful colours but it's too dim to film without a camera with a wider aperture. Will keep in mind when I upgrade my camera.
Mind Relaxing Music (2 years ago)
So beautiful!!
Bev J (2 years ago)
This is one of the places on my bucket list...Thank you!
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
It's a great place to visit. You would love exploring the Cape peninsula if you enjoy the ocean and mountains. Awesome wild flowers and birds too, especially in winter and spring. Thanks for your comment. :)
CarinaStargate (2 years ago)
Where is this filmed? It's lovely.
Arko Chakraborty (2 years ago)
thanks for the one time who shared such a serene location
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
Sorry such a late reply. I don't always spot all the notifications. It's filmed near Cape Point, Cape Peninsula National Park, South Africa. Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
Ann Wagner (2 years ago)
I miss the California coast! Stuck in the Arizona desert. Thanks for sharing these peaceful scenes. <3 <3 <3
Handsome Nature (3 years ago)
you as well. lovely scene !
Indria Salim (3 years ago)
This is the kind of beach video I enjoy the most.
Indria Salim (3 years ago)
+Peaceful Scenes Thank you for your response. To me, people who upload incredible, positive videos in the youtube are the rich ones - rich and giving! All I can do to acknowledge/ appreciate is clicking the thumb up, and sharing it to the social media, e.g. google +
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Indria Salim I will keep that in mind... :)
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Indria Salim yes I noticed that most of my videos with a lot of water movement need to run at 1080P to look good on a big monitor. Ocean scenes don't compress well unfortunately so needs fast internet as you say. Luckily the average bandwidth seems to be improving globally. Hope it gets cheaper for more people to enjoy.
Indria Salim (3 years ago)
+Indria Salim Just some input, people using limited internet access quota will be reluctant to open it though. It needs broadband internet of at least some 3MBp above :-)
Mystic Investigations (3 years ago)
This is where Mermaids often come ashore during full Moon's.
RevBiker Big D (3 years ago)
Not only peaceful, but a living picture on a big screen TV. Great to have this playing in the background. :-)
RevBiker Big D (3 years ago)
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Rev Big D thanks for your feedback. :) Glad you found it peaceful.
Steve Goyne (3 years ago)
highly underrated / viewed channel. some really great reocrdings here. well done, and thanks!
Samadhijunkie (3 years ago)
+Steve Goyne Totally Agree
Slava tartaras (3 years ago)
hope to be there some time ... (thanks to author! video realy helps)
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Slava tartaras thanks so much for your feedback. :) Hope you do visit South Africa some time. You will love it!
Samadhijunkie (3 years ago)
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Samadhijunkie thanks! So glad you like it and thanks again for all your support. :)

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