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Learn the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

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Learn to pray The Lord's Prayer in its original Hebrew language! Word-by-word pronunciation in Hebrew. Visit: http://TheWORDinHEBREW.com to purchase this poster and many other inspiring Hebrew gifts. Learn Hebrew, spread The Word!
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WhiteWolf77 (16 hours ago)
Why do some translations to English say forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors instead of trespasses? Thanks
WOJC Ministries (2 days ago)
Thank you so very much for your taking the time to share this. I am studying the Hebrew Language as of now and decided to learn these words an put them in my own version of a song. I just wanted to share with you so that you know that your work is being used after all these years :) God Bless You! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzT09mHd6O0
Rebecca Olson (7 days ago)
Thank you, i really hope i can memorize it like i do in English God bless
Blue Sky (7 days ago)
Actually, Christ spoke in Aramaic hebrew, here is a link to the prayer and translation https://youtu.be/i8IJOgMVE1Q
chris lawler (13 days ago)
Please pray for my salvation in Hebrew and I'll pray for you I don't speak Hebrew but I want to learn God bless the world
Blue Sky (7 days ago)
Try this https://youtu.be/i8IJOgMVE1Q
moondove blueskys (17 days ago)
Thank you for the pronunciation, im trying to learn bit by bit my ancestors culture and hebrew language. Thank you again .
Shafiqul Abedin (17 days ago)
This is very nice of you to letting me know how to speak and pray on Hebrew language. I born in Muslim family but I love each and every single religion's . I will pray for you and for Israel. Hopefully and if God wants me to be in Israel, I will and pray with you for future reference. Amen. Shafi. USA.
Monica Paye (17 days ago)
I am so grateful for what you are doing. I promised to support you in what you are doing for us. I will tell my friends who are interested. Elohim blessed you.
Yahweh is our Elohim (19 days ago)
Yahweh is our Elohim (19 days ago)
Vivian McAlexander (20 days ago)
Lovely! Thank you for posting!
Ephraim Yasharahla (26 days ago)
The real Hebrew is known as the Lashawan Qadash. This is another form of Hebrew. Look at his prayer in the Paleo- Hebrew,also the real Jews were of tje Tribe of JUDAH that's where the word Jew comes from. The suffix ish means pertaining to or being like. They never called themselves Jewish. SHALAWAM ALL PRAISE'S TO THE MOST HIGH YAHAWA BAHASHEM YAHAWASHI the GOD of YASHARAHLA
Ravi Teja (27 days ago)
Thank you so much
Shafiqul Abedin (1 month ago)
I love each and every single religion's. Because I am a member of the same family. Love each person and be respectful to other people and religion's . God may bless you all. Amen. Shafi. USA.
Blue Sky (7 days ago)
You speak without wisdom and Understanding,
Dario Castaneda (1 month ago)
Thank you!!
Kevin Dell (1 month ago)
I want to learn this prayer fluently
Peggy L. Woods (1 month ago)
million dollars (1 month ago)
momlifewithtelly (1 month ago)
4:40 trying to pronounce that type of 'r' role .. very difficult 😥
The WORD in HEBREW (26 days ago)
It's like gargling water at the back of your throat :-) Put some water in your mouth, tilt your head back and gargle :-)
Shirley Kheng Wy (1 month ago)
Hi Ayelet, Shalom 👍👍👍thank you very much for teaching me hebrew ,appreciate very much that you are teaching slowly syllabus by syllabus.May the GLORIOUS ALMIGHTY FATHER continue to grant you the grace & joy to do this work continually.
Blue Sky (7 days ago)
Prayer in Aramaichebrewas Christ spoke https://youtu.be/i8IJOgMVE1Q
Luke Keene (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your videos. Im trying to find if the English bibles are lost in deception. And coming hear and learning Hebrew I'm gonna soon find out my answer. Because this is the original language supposedly of the bible maybe this one's different in places them some of the verses in the English bible
doug klein (1 month ago)
Why would you want to do Hebrew after you multilated your jesus’s religion.
Ahmawan Issachar (1 month ago)
It's not hebrew it's Yiddish. True hebrew is paleo hebrew
Shafiqul Abedin (1 month ago)
I born in Muslim family but I love each and every single religion's . I will pray for you. Thanks. Shafi love you. Houston. TX. USA.
darrion cole (1 month ago)
thank beautiful prayer I just refound Judaism thanks
Eve Vonsky (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for creating this video! ❤
KoKo (2 months ago)
Thank You 😊
DeVora Cohen (2 months ago)
Why is forever "leholmay" and not "leolam vaed"?
The WORD in HEBREW (1 month ago)
Both "Leolam Vaed" and "Leolmay olamim" means "forever and ever". they can be used interchangeably and emphasis one another.
King Brown (2 months ago)
Thank you
Son of abraham (2 months ago)
Thank you ,Vey much!!
Fabio Guedes (2 months ago)
I always want to know how to pray this prayer in Hebrew, this is just a present from heaven! Halleluyah! Todah Rabah Ayelet.
Blue Sky (7 days ago)
Prayer in Aramaic hebrew as Christ taught , different from today a hebrew and different from kjv https://youtu.be/i8IJOgMVE1Q
Aline (2 months ago)
It's something bad If I wrote the way it s pronounced in a notebook to learn how to spell and then pray? Not even english is my native language, when I pray, I pray in my native language but I also want to try to pray in hebrew and to start to learn this language. It s ok?
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
Of course :-) It's what in your heart that counts. Not the words you say :-)
Steve Wallace (2 months ago)
Are you reading the original writings from the Hebrew, or are reading a English version in Hebrew?
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
Glad I was able to help :-) God bless!
Steve Wallace (2 months ago)
The WORD in HEBREW . It does. And I thank you for your response back to me. Have a good evening.
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
Well, Many (including myself) believe that Yeshua originally taught this prayer in Hebrew, not in Greek or Aramaic. Hebrew has always been the language used for praying in the Jewish world, as well as at the time of Yeshua (Jesus). Although the street language was Aramaic & Greek, the Jews, including Yeshua and His disciples, prayed in Hebrew. So, I believe that the original language of The Lord's Prayer is Hebrew and that is why I am teaching this prayer in Hebrew. Hope it makes sense?
Steve Wallace (2 months ago)
I guess what I am asking , is if you picked up an american bible and read The Lords Prayer in Hebrew, it would not actually read the same as you reading it from the original Hebrew , Aramaic or Greek would it. I would like for you to read it from the original ,so I could hear what Jesus actually read and said. PLEASE let me make it clear, this is not for argument sake. Please hear my heart. I know what I read in English translations is not what was written in The Original because of translations of words, But I do know God has given us His Word in English that we can understand Him. I hope this is making sense. I really do thank you for your response back to me. I hope you have a good day.
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
Hebrew is my first language, so yes, I am reading the Hebrew. The transliteration is for those learning Hebrew.
Hani Saleban (2 months ago)
Thank you so much sister ❤️💕👋🙏
Alain Arnaud (2 months ago)
Great video, thank you. I am not a believer. I think that this prayer was made up by early christians based on a jewish prayer. If so, what would that original jewish prayer be? Thank you!
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
This prayer was taught by Yeshua (Jesus) to His Jewish disciples over 2,000 years ago. It's a JEWISH prayer :-)
Azaryah Raphael (2 months ago)
makes more sense in Hebrew. there are certain words that can't be translated into English. the only thing that can be done is get it as close as possible.
Anni C (2 months ago)
As soon as I heard the prayer in Hebrew I began krying as if it was my native language. Thank you for teaching us word per word. New subskriber. 😇
Watcher Nephilim (2 months ago)
Yeshua Hanotzri V 'melekh Hayehudim
Edgar McDoniel (3 months ago)
Todah rabah!!! Thanks so much for sharing this teaching of the prayer that our Master Yeshua taught to his students! I have been using the physical poster of this prayer which I purchased from you to practice and memorize this beautiful prayer. It has been many months but praise to the Most High, I have succeeded! When I read now, I only read the Hebrew letters, not the transliteration. However, I don't even have to read anymore! I can pray this prayer (and by praying, I mean singing... not just reciting) from memory! I am so excited about this! Thank you so much!!!
Hebrews5:12 (2 months ago)
Beautiful. God bless you for this sweet treat.💗
Hopes and Dreams (3 months ago)
Thank You for this video. I woke up this morning with the Lord's prayer in my heart which I love very much and was looking up songs on U tube and came across this, and now I can learn to say it in Hebrew, is even better, thank you Yeshua, my favourite prayer of all time again and again and it means so much. I love the word, sanctified be, yeet - ka- DESH your name, Sheem-KHA. Thank you The Word In Hebrew, The Lord Bless you.
Dimpsha Media (3 months ago)
Is it amen or amein
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
In Hebrew, it's ah-MEN
ArleneJDavid (3 months ago)
Thank you Jesus. Thank you for making this video and God bless you. The closer I grow to Christ and my faith,the more I want to learn. I will practise this everyday. ❤️🙏🏾
SIAN HENRY (3 months ago)
Thank you very much I enjoy it I look forward into see more videos where you going to teach me more about the Hebrew language
W Cashmere (3 months ago)
Which is more resistance to sun light the Eco print or the V.! print I wanted to have the Lord's prayer frame up But my house is super sunny everything faded out. I really enjoy your teaching it helps me to pronounce the words correctly.Much thanks.
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
I would not recommend exposing any of the posters to constant sun light/heat.
Lux Diamond (3 months ago)
So Beautiful ❤️🙏🏻 I loved praying it in Hebrew !!
Angela Hibbard (3 months ago)
ta-he -da how you say thank you again sister and I cant thank you enough being sewn in Babylon unfortunately im fluent in Babylon language lol …….soooooo very grateful for this and other videos im about to watch
The WORD in HEBREW (2 months ago)
toe-DAH :-)
basha vn (3 months ago)
sister i am indian after our prayer we use to say psalm 103L1,2 so please help me to learn this verse as The Lord's prayer
stevie wonders (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this <3
Pedro Martinelli (3 months ago)
A 139 ateos y racistas no les gusta Que se vayan a Irán. Pendejos.
Dawn H (3 months ago)
6:24-26 to have this prayed over, this full meaning of Be Gracious To Me is like having shared the best secret with the best friend you’ll ever want to have for all time, there is nothing like this and it is a limitless treasure that oddly becomes closer to you the more of it you give sha-LOM SHAM
Dawn H (3 months ago)
Thank you for your effort and the extra effort in the syllobol parts of speech. I am not familiar with this phonetics phrasing, although it works well I am thinking for the purpose of learning quickly more accurately and yes, we want The Lords Prayer to be as it has been originally, not extra, not missing, not mistakes without a correction her-ger or GUR like tiger.
hungry worm (4 months ago)
hi ayelet, thank so much, God bless your effort.
Share-and-Care Society (4 months ago)
שבת שלום, praise Jesus you put so much heart into this. Hebrew is difficult coming from germanic kjv english (american) and must be really challenging to find texts remaining from 1st CE. Thank you so much I've been studying a few months with verbs & phrases, and have memorized the alphabet. Your lesson is such a blessing. שלום.😚
SuperBORG26 (4 months ago)
Awesome, todah rabah
Julio Cesar Franco (4 months ago)
rman drums (4 months ago)
Thank you. You speak our Lords language beautifully!!
Stephen Ngure (4 months ago)
Am grateful to hear the prayer in Jesus dialect
Jonathan Soko (4 months ago)
koine greek, not modern greek. The koine greek that Jesus spoke and read aswell was quite different from modern greek
Shing Wang (4 months ago)
Thank you! 👍😃
Lelend Fromherz (4 months ago)
Jancy Mathew (4 months ago)
And plz do one video on the ten commandments plz
Jancy Mathew (4 months ago)
Hey Aylet can you do one video on the hebrew rosary? Plzz
elis (4 months ago)
Thankyou so much...
reddog9401 (5 months ago)
thank you so much
Lam boo (5 months ago)
Thank you yahweh peace
Warahoon Apache (5 months ago)
Thank you for your video
JerusalemBlue Princess (5 months ago)
The HaTikvah? do you teach it?.
The WORD in HEBREW (5 months ago)
Not yet... But will keep in mind for the future :-)
Cody Vidal (5 months ago)
Thank you very much and God bless you.
Dennis J Isreal (5 months ago)
Why do you use Amen Instead of Amein?
Dennis J Isreal (5 months ago)
The WORD in HEBREW Ah mein😘
The WORD in HEBREW (5 months ago)
Because I speak Hebrew, LOL :-) It is pronounced ah-MEN.
Gothems Joker (5 months ago)
Thank you 🙏🏽 all praises to the most high.
William B Monsegur (5 months ago)
Shalom aleichem Ayelet. Thank you for sharing the Lord's prayer in modern Hebrew. The Peshitta version translated into Hebrew is different from modern Hebrew. Which I understand was the Hebrew spoken in the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I like your translation because it is easy to follow. Christ, who is God over all, Forever praise! Amen. Shalom
Sungam WOO (5 months ago)
Toda raba. God bless you! Sincerely, with love from Korea, Chris Woo.
I asked our father Yahuah in the name of Yahusha to help me with this and I learned it fluently within an hour. I can't do it without reading it yet thoug. Liked and subscribed. Praise be to God!!
Jagapati Babu (5 months ago)
Thank you sister. God bless you abundantly.
Jafet Methuselah (5 months ago)
Would love if you could do some videos on Paleo Hebrew... would be awesome !
Rayford Dean (5 months ago)
Shalom I thank you so much
MrKarpovy (5 months ago)
May all Gods bless you!
The sentences flow right to left; but does each word get read right to left or left to right?
The WORD in HEBREW (5 months ago)
Just the English transliteration :-) The Hebrew goes from right-to-left.
M S (6 months ago)
Its hard for me like Spanish. please be patient with me.
denica govender (6 months ago)
im hindu but this was really nice to learn the Lords prayer in hebrew and i loved how you explained it
Patricia Owens (6 months ago)
Phyllis Posey (6 months ago)
Thank You :)
Abijah Law (7 months ago)
i would like to learn more shalom
Joanne Davis (7 months ago)
Thank you, Ayelet, for taking the time to make this video! With this and the poster, I am now able to say and sing The Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew. I thank God for you. Joanne
Rachael Kahn (7 months ago)
Thank You for this video! It's awesome!
Ana Maria Dominguez (7 months ago)
Unfortunately, the print is to small for me to be able to read it.
amos rizwan (7 months ago)
Greetings ma'am I'm really happy to reach this channel. There is a request from me please can you post a video on the last seven words of Jesus on the Cross in Hebrew pronunciation and English translation
The WORD in HEBREW (6 months ago)
I believe Yeshua's last words on the cross were in Aramaic...
bauerserves (7 months ago)
I have recently felt the need in spirit to pray in the Lords language. I know the words to hundreds of songs from the radio and media based distractions and couldn't say one word in Hebrew or quote many scriptures quite honestly and I I am trying to correct my spirit in Praise and thank you 4 helping me
lenka pesch (6 months ago)
אלוהים יברך אותך. Thank you! I'm learning Hebrew too, love this language since always but it took me long time to finally try learning it.this video is awesome😍❤❤❤
Cas idk (7 months ago)
Thank you! This was awesome!
Michael Miner (7 months ago)
Thank you. I am inspired and eager to learn this.
Billy Swearengin (7 months ago)
My name is billy say a prayer of salvation for me
Ezequiel Vierma (7 months ago)
Thank you for your wonderful videos. Would it be possible that you do the normal speed reading again at the end providing at the same time the bigger text like in the slow versions? Thanks again.
Fun Tyme (7 months ago)
bless and thanku
love nhzwill (8 months ago)
Thank you for this video..will practice daily.
Jean Guerrier (8 months ago)
Taffillaht Ha'Adon The LRD/YHWH's Prayer
Angelo White (8 months ago)
That was wonderful! Thank you So much. I really feel, as if the Words I have read with you has Given me power! And is feeding My soul. And it feels, totally amazing! Teach me more. I feel the Lord, in my chest, and in My stomach, and in my soul.
Stara Salem (8 months ago)
Thank you so much. It feels wonderful to have prayed in the correct language.
Disco Girl84 (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! In times of strife the Lords Prayer is my go to. I love this! ❤️ thanks again 😊
Vicky Tilghman (8 months ago)
Thank you for Hebrew prayer
LifeWithExpression (8 months ago)
This is wonderful! Thank u for putting these up. Sometimes people teach hebrew too fast. I could keep up for the most part. I have to learn how to roll my r's better. :) thanks for teaching us!! Bless you sister!

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