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Cinematic Film Look on a Budget

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How to shoot video with a cheap camera, and not much equipment. Main Video: https://youtu.be/p5M61JeMCyY Gear Used: Canon T5i (T3i is discontinued): http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/945049-REG/canon_8595b001_eos_rebel_t5i_dslr.html/BI/20071/KBID/13815 Rode VideoMic: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1152351-REG/rode_videomic_pro_r_videomic_pro_with_lyre.html/BI/20071/KBID/13815 Tripod: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/896847-REG/Benro_a1573fs2_A1573F_SERS_1_AL.html/BI/20071/KBID/13815 Host and Creator - Simon Cade Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off: http://dslrguide.tv/filmconvert (I earn a commission from purchases ^^) WEBSITE: http://dslrguide.tv TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/dslrguidance INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cadevisuals ALL EQUIPMENT: http://dslrguide.tv/mygear CONTACT: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2186)
Kururezu (1 day ago)
Why are your shots still look so good and without noise even in low light conditions? How do you manage this with a Canon T5i? I look forward to your response
Kururezu (1 day ago)
I'm getting a total Submarine (2010) feel with the whole feel of the video and your voice lolololol
Off Beat (1 day ago)
Your voice and your accent are calming. Subscribed.
Cate 59 (5 days ago)
So many emotions!
Stan (7 days ago)
What lens do you use
gugo prosto (8 days ago)
I have no idea what are you talking about because I'm not interested in it. But your voice. It's amazing
Jim .t (8 days ago)
Dogme 95??
Sarah Ennis (8 days ago)
This is like amsr but way better
Davis Schina (9 days ago)
Wow. Now I just need a Camera.
Hayden Brown (9 days ago)
This video is so peaceful and informational wow
Three Times Dot Org (10 days ago)
Thanks mate!
Axel Abidh (11 days ago)
Why it is so called DSLRguide here ? It should be DIRECTORguide
Saprina Panday (12 days ago)
this is such an awesome channel and you're so helpful! Thank you!
Ayesha Sha Sha! (15 days ago)
Absolutely loved this! So informative, and what a soothing voice! Love how this was filmed!
Mel Torrefranca (17 days ago)
Brilliant video. Thank you for all these tips! I never thought of film in such a way before.
Darshini G (20 days ago)
Why is he soo serious !? Loved the content tho 👍
توعية TV (21 days ago)
شكرا لك
better Dallas (22 days ago)
His voice is very calming until u notice his pauses which triggered me to the max
MiraYasmn (22 days ago)
I love your voice, not only is it calming but it’s also smooth. The information is amazing and direct!
Scriptor 20 (25 days ago)
Nice tips thx 👍🏻
laura 1 (26 days ago)
Metrical GT (26 days ago)
You sound like the yes theory
Emily Heyboer (26 days ago)
10/10 would love to spend a whole day just talking to you. Your view on life is refreshing and brilliant
Jean 666 (29 days ago)
noor plays (1 month ago)
His voice cured my depression
BRAVE OUFFICIEL (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/QcuZ9040Nfo ❤
ジューシー (1 month ago)
this video is so eye - opening. you film makers are truly amazing.
TunioMir (1 month ago)
It's free real-estate
Farid Mustofa (1 month ago)
You should get more subs
Tiffany Rose (1 month ago)
This was a perfect summarized video understanding the different pieces of filming cinematically. Well done!
John Benson (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this. I dont even have a camera.
Harley Putt (1 month ago)
Gentle voice ..
Zoltán Dévény (1 month ago)
Valaki kérlek csináljon magyar feliratot!!!
Kyle Rowland (1 month ago)
The calmest voice I've ever heard.
Natally Vitoria (1 month ago)
Whats is this music?
mabbohabb (1 month ago)
wtf man im so fucking inspired right now to film something...
TheClassyOx (1 month ago)
"The main character is eating an apple to look like even more of an asshole. *DING*"
Jainam Here (1 month ago)
You nailed it !
Thea Ra Vlogs (1 month ago)
That's great !! thank you
ReWheelsLive (1 month ago)
Такой красивенький
Joseph Docherty (1 month ago)
I thought you was British? You spelt 'colour' as 'color'.
Kari T (1 month ago)
Very valuable and informative thank you☺
Tyra High (1 month ago)
umer Ali (1 month ago)
i appriciate i am learning from u :)
lost boy (1 month ago)
I just remembered something in my film class, don't ever forget to used the rules of miss en scene...
유넹 (1 month ago)
한국어 자막 있길래 켜봤는데 번역 상태가..ㅜ
Xtrech (1 month ago)
Gonna be truthful didn't look cinematic for me
Sapphire ASMR (1 month ago)
Bravo. Your voice is soothing.
DezzDox (2 months ago)
Just 2018 scrolling through don’t mind me
Faar OnTour (2 months ago)
great tutorial!
lion Roar (2 months ago)
Its all about content no matter how beautiful the film looks
Anwr Odeh (2 months ago)
The VO is amazing ! Which mic do u use!?
Ana Karen (2 months ago)
Uhhhhh hello !
Jolly Good YASH (2 months ago)
What's the Text / Font at 1:34 ?
Tainted Knight (2 months ago)
Just put it in a 2:35:1 aspect ratio
AUTOGOL (2 months ago)
Gracias. Me ayudó mucho. Thanks. This video helped me.
TheBritishMewtwo (2 months ago)
3:54 that is Lincoln mental asylum I think
djhurray (2 months ago)
Fantastic video!
R. Trianisa (2 months ago)
This vid is beautiful. And the way you inform your subscriber is soo calm and understandable. I'm about to start making my very first amateur cinematic film. This vid will definitely helps me a lot. Thanks for the tip!
朝日 (2 months ago)
You have a Very soothing voice ❤️
Stacy Chmykhalov (2 months ago)
your voice is very soothing for an English person. lol
lindsay maxey (2 months ago)
ur voice literally made me cum
Kimo Dakchiyo (2 months ago)
This was so mesmerizing. The camera shots, the instructor himself and the music. I have never paid any attention to any other filmmaking videos as much as this one - I watched the whole video. Thanks.
Iwantalovelyheart (2 months ago)
I have the cannon t3i but cannot get it to record for more than just a few seconds. Have you had this problem? Do you have a solution?
I like his voice
DayDreaming ent. (3 months ago)
Anyone know the music he was using
Wall flower (3 months ago)
As if YouTube knew that I wanted to do a short movie, thanks for recommending
Alisha Sparkle (3 months ago)
The best video
Geovanna Nobrega (3 months ago)
Thank you! Amazing vídeo
Rafael Morel (3 months ago)
Make asmr videos ur voice is so damn sexy and relaxing
Jouse Rotela (3 months ago)
El contenido es muy bueno, pero por lo que veo, a diferencia de los demás, a mi me molesta la forma de hablar del narrador.
Hermish Wagner (3 months ago)
I'm boutta kiss yo dad for making u
Ali RaZa (3 months ago)
Hey man, Why r u not uploding videos?? Why?
Mary Sunde (3 months ago)
Natural light is always best. We are all on a budget but I can do it better for less.
Awaz Anjing (3 months ago)
Same Apple still u r eating in all footage for long time pal...
keeh heron (3 months ago)
I’m really glad I found your channel! Super relaxing voice, sub! ☺️
ClaireProbably (3 months ago)
What a cutie
Nishandx De Zoysa (4 months ago)
One small question , What is the lens you use and how did you manage low iso settings to minimize noise. ? ( coz you are limited to what ever natural light you have )
megh malhaar (4 months ago)
I'm a new subscriber. Last night I watched ur 1st video and now 2nd. I immediately subscribed. Ur way of explaining things is incredibly and I love ur vocals. I think u should try as voice actor. 👍
Jake Jadormio (4 months ago)
I love it so much
paul phoenix (4 months ago)
Amazingly magnetic video. Is the sycronosity with the staccato in your voice and the music deliberate? It lends a poetic edge to the whole video, it's great. I like to think that you can teach people to be creative and to understand nuance, but from my experience people either have it or they don't.
antonio De La Cruz (4 months ago)
Good job brother!!
Lee Art (4 months ago)
Can u like speak up
Drew Evans (4 months ago)
You spelt Colour wrong
seth d (4 months ago)
i really want to get into film making, and i feel like starting with music videos is a great start, i want to make a video for the song "yes im changing" by tame impala, i have a couple ideas down, but im having trouble finalizing everything, if anyone has any tips or could help me that would be very appriciated. dm me on instagram @seth1dungan0210.
BAP Project (4 months ago)
I don't undestaint:(
Xian Estrada (4 months ago)
Do you even blink?✌🏻
Leah Wilton (4 months ago)
I'm not a film maker. I don't have a YouTube channel. I don't even particularly like watching movies but this video was super interesting. Time and time again, I enjoy watching knowledgable people discuss the ins and outs of the art they are passionate about, even if I have no interest in it. All that to say, keep it up man. You're doing good stuff.
Miki Lore (4 months ago)
Trying to achieve "cinematic look" with a digital stuff is like pretending having sex just watching porn online...
Ray Croxton (4 months ago)
MuDIL kAbIr (4 months ago)
this guy is a wizard !!!!
Abhirup smash (4 months ago)
I like to your videos often but I never subscribed you before .this video is the reason of being your subscriber
Fathan Sulaeman (4 months ago)
Thnks fir ur video. Btw, what is ur wall design called, i looking for something like that.
Kjartan The Viking (4 months ago)
I bought a T3i after I watch this video. I adore it. Still suck at using it though.
Mayengan Channel (4 months ago)
Maen maen ke chanel saya
lol lol (5 months ago)
What font are you using?
DOPE SOCIETY (5 months ago)
I am making the best videos with this video software http://bit.ly/2z6OEoU
Buffalo Bill (5 months ago)
When you can’t afford a camera with that kind of quality
Smokedship (5 months ago)
Amazing Video! Im using Nikon D3300 for video and the shots look really grainy! Could you give me some suggestions as to how this can be improved?
Jean Marccos (5 months ago)
whats your lens?

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