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Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

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ADSO 27 (3 days ago)
A quien en el 2019 escuchando este q para mí es el mejor álbum de todos hasta el momento sin quitarle méritos al resto de sus canciones pero siento q aquí eran auténticos y luego se volvieron más comerciales
Harsh Vardhan (3 days ago)
A rush of blood to the head=Best Music ever!! 🙌
Cuchurrumí (5 days ago)
Como olvidar cuando Cell Absorbió al tipo del video.
Juan Pablo Flor (8 days ago)
Why did they stop making Rock?
Ahmed El Swefy (9 days ago)
who's listening 2019?
jackie allen (11 days ago)
I love Chris Martins mouth. I want it in my lips. ;-)
Paulo Nogueira Júnior (12 days ago)
2019. Música foda.
Brittany Earl (16 days ago)
bring back mustache jonny
jared hernan (18 days ago)
I'm here 'cause Mark Ronson cover
Dave Gahan (19 days ago)
great !!!
Sridhar D (20 days ago)
If pink floyd is a fruit, coldplay is just slice of it.
RockJhonny (14 days ago)
Lol wtf?
Es el mismo actor de Man of war - Radiohead?
Raniel Pangilinan (24 days ago)
Chris Martin in live: Where do we go, nobody knows? Chris Martin in Mylo Xyloto tour: HARD ROCK!!! YAAY!
Tony Guerif (24 days ago)
reminds me a bit of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXD7HkMhLv4
PB (25 days ago)
I love this song and the other songs on this album. Live your life to the fullest, because none of us knows what when our maker will come for us.
PB (14 days ago)
Thank you whoever liked what I wrote. :)
WI DIOTA (26 days ago)
LETRAS/LYRICS: Where do we go nobody knows? I've gotta say I'm on my way down God give me style and give me grace God put a smile upon my face Where do we go to draw the line? I've gotta say I wasted all your time, honey honey Where do I go to fall from grace? God put a smile upon your face Yeah Now when you work it out I'm worse than you Yeah when you work it out I wanted to Now when you work out where to draw the line Your guess is as good as mine Where do we go nobody knows? Don't ever say you're on your way down when God gave you style and gave you grace And put a smile upon your face Ah yeah Now when you work it out I'm worse than you Yeah when you work it out I wanted to Now when you work out where to draw the line Your guess is as good as mine It's as good as mine It's as good as mine It's as good as mine As good as mine As good as mine As good as mine As good as mine Where do we go nobody knows? Don't ever say you're on your way down when God gave you style and gave you grace And put a smile upon your face
*The best music of the world!*
James Hutchence (27 days ago)
A Rush of Blood to the Head reminds me of my first apartment, I used to listen to this and Warning Sign while cleaning it, I used to play Clocks when I came home after the day
El Duke (28 days ago)
min 2:04 "Buenas Noches venezueeelaaaaaaaa" pronto dios mio..
RockJhonny (14 days ago)
No entendí?
MsRCP (29 days ago)
Goodness these lyrics are so classy. Quality lyrics, man, are what half the world lacks right now :)
Checkout Out of the blue Roxy Music
rusia 2018 (1 month ago)
Lisa Murray (1 month ago)
Love how they rock out on this!
james grey (1 month ago)
That actor is one of the Andy detectives from Hot Fuzz! Superb film and this is a superb tune!
Stop and enjoy the day, the future it depend of God.
JULIO RAFAEL (1 month ago)
Dios puso una sonrisa en tu cara, in spanish, coldplay - juego frio.. Mi canción favorita ... PERU TE ESCUCHA
Don Cresswell (1 month ago)
When I was little this video scared me. 2019 and it still does. Great song though.
Greg (1 month ago)
As a Christian dentist, you know this one pirs a smile upon my face. Just got done doing a couple fillings to it on my local am radio! Gotta love it!
SuperRod88 (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Chris Martin (March 2)
Boris S. (1 month ago)
Coldplay may be the biggest band on the planet, but they're still horribly underrated...
Patricia Robertson (1 month ago)
Put a smile on my face Christopher and buy my book called Lifting Waits about my Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body from www.balboapress.com.au
Lol, I love how Johnny used to have a mustache on his face.
kyc malparido (1 month ago)
El mejor tema de ellos.
Natália Barros (1 month ago)
Aditya Sharma (1 month ago)
Awesome lyrics 🙂
Aditya Sharma (1 month ago)
Where do we go nobody knows......
Joseph Wright (1 month ago)
Imagine coldplay songs but eminem rapping instead of Chris Martin singing
Emily Iannielli (1 month ago)
No matter how down I get Coldplay always makes me smile. Their music truly touches the soul. ❤️
Said Veizaga Medrano (1 month ago)
good think
Amanda Sena (2 months ago)
Brasileiro com bom gosto por aqui em 2019?
Ricardo Correa Guevara (2 months ago)
C marmota 😛😛😛😛😋😋😋😋🙌🙌🙌☺️☺️😊😊😊😍😍😘😘
Lee Bentley (2 months ago)
A true masterpiece
Modesto Guillen (2 months ago)
2019? Anyone?
Andy Jackson (2 months ago)
Coldplay the worst band ever to get told your good fuck me everything they make is pure vile shit.
dave mustaine (2 months ago)
Watching this video after 12 years just realized it’s Andy from hot fuzz . You’ve got mustache ... I know .
Lislyê Caliari (2 months ago)
O Pena (2 months ago)
Count your blessings.
Juliana Araujo Sperandio (2 months ago)
Na na na na ... As good as miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine........ 🎶
Eder Marcio (2 months ago)
Evelyn Nair Ramirez (2 months ago)
Who are the ones putting dislikes to this Masterpiece?!
Viviane Henrotte (2 months ago)
Géniale vidéo! Merci pour cette chanson!
Viviane Henrotte (2 months ago)
Nous sommes tous des aliens, des migrants d'un pays à l'autre pour y vivre dans un pays d'accueil8 Merci à ColdPlay.
Cedric G (2 months ago)
Best coldplay song ever! Remind me my childhood!
Jatin Pal (2 months ago)
Even Though I'm an atheist, this song puts a smile on my face
Lis Ajzbl (2 months ago)
**I put a smile on your face!!
Tammy W (2 months ago)
I will always smile for you God!
Tammy W (2 months ago)
He always puts a smile on my face.
M L (2 months ago)
2019 anyone ?
Jacques Journet (2 months ago)
Jonny's mustache > all
Sweeps Alvarado (2 months ago)
Is this illuminati?
Alif Aiman (2 months ago)
The acoustic guitar is so Radiohead but love this song really miss old Coldplay tho
Brian Earner (2 months ago)
That actually happened when I was ten
One of my favourite song of Coldplay. For me the best part of the song is from 3:48 to 4:19 , I think because Chris shout a lot again and again and also because all the instruments sounds perfectly.
Patricia Robertson (2 months ago)
We end up in the unknown where 4% of my DNA is.
Patricia Robertson (2 months ago)
CLASS talks louder than STYLE.
Stella Carrier (2 months ago)
I confess that I unexpectedly came across this song God Put A Smile Upon Your Face by Coldplay by around the April/May 2011 timeframe because I unexpectedly heard it via a UK music compilation of various rock tunes. To this day I still have yet to work out the full meaning of this abstract yet creative song in Coldplay's God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. From the music video of the song I notice that one of the characters of the music video is going through both a shocking experience and it is more than understandable how he is reacting both before he faces his work colleagues and afterwards. If anyone understands the full meaning of what happens to him at the end of the music video please feel free to share because I definitely would be open to understanding the full meaning of the music video because it would bring me closer to intuitively and logically understanding the song.
Dawon P Lott (2 months ago)
hes so handsome
Carolyn Pullum (2 months ago)
I'm bumping this shit in hood ..trying to teach allitle something....😋God Bless Everyone
Rafael Vilela (3 months ago)
Any similarity? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgS16Ipnr2E
汚かポ【BONES】 (3 months ago)
Oh, this intro... reminds me a music composed by Baden Powell, Canto de Ossanha. Wow.
Lyam Lexa (3 months ago)
I'm binge watching all coldplay's MV now in 2019 and this one is the most cinematic music video
Ivan McKenzie (3 months ago)
A Rush of Blood to the Head . . . Best Coldplay album!
Mel Rip (3 months ago)
Nombre del actor del vídeo clip..creo que lo tengo visto de algún lado...
Paul Ramon (3 months ago)
Gives me radiohead vibes
ignacio molina (3 months ago)
I wonder why a poor businessman can't do anything he want with his own life. Even waste it... Why he most be punished??
ALLinALL-Good (3 months ago)
_"Where do we go nobody knows."_ Ah, our deceased material body stays with the material realm while our spirit soul consciousness goes back to the super consciousness spirit realm/heaven. *A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law. All Other Teachings Are Incomplete"~ Herman Aihara, Michio Kushi & Master George Ohsawa* ☯ ✞ ∞
AlisaKidi Basya (3 months ago)
Pedro Henrique SL (3 months ago)
Pretty cool this radiohead song kkkkkkkk
alejandro hernandez juan (3 months ago)
Nostalgia buenos recuerdos de adolencia viva Coldplay 🇲🇽✌🏼
Reno Cicchi (3 months ago)
Chris... I don’t feel so good...
Chris Pinder (3 months ago)
Paddy Considine acting like a boss as always :-) Amazing tune and video. Takes me back to my teenage years in college.
Butterman EX (3 months ago)
That moment when thanos snaps
Comanita Andrei (4 months ago)
please tell me i'm not the only one listening to the 3:47 "as good as mine" part over and over and over again. the chords and the voice...fuckin amazing..
Lucas Benitez solis (4 months ago)
wvwvy (4 months ago)
Can someone please give me explanation of scene at 1:10?? What was that black liquid has to do with entire song??
Mary Sanderson (4 months ago)
paddy considine
Alex Carter (4 months ago)
Where do we go? gu [BIRD] wr. gu2mušen "a bird" gu [CORD] wr. gu "cord, net; unretted flax stalks" Akk. qû gu [EAT] wr. gu7 "to eat, consume" Akk. akālu gu [ENTIRETY] wr. gu2 "entirety, sum, total" Akk. nagbu; napharu gu [FORCE] wr. gu2 "force" Akk. emūqu gu [NECK] wr. gu2 "bank, side; neck" Akk. ahu; kišādu; tikku gu [PULSE] wr. gu2 "pulse, bean" gu [SQUARE] wr. gu7 "to square (math.)" gu [VOICE] wr. gu3 "voice, cry, noise" Akk. rigmu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluon The Sumerians had a preternatural fear of the innate acoustic echo. They did not perceive it as a manifestation of their own voices, a reverberation, they heard it as the soul of something sinister calling back to them, studying them, mimicking them. The Abyss. *E:CH:O* Energy channeled in a circuit. The Sumerians did not recognize the "O" or the totality of being, they were made for war. warhu usakar [MOON] wr. u4-sakar "crescent moon; moon; crescent-shaped object; semi-circular line; half wheel" Akk. uskāru; warhu Of course there could be no GOD without an "O" to sound out the entirety of being. A Sumerian could only be mistaken for happy on the verge of death. “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas.” That God has no name. That God has infinite children, all of which festoon their loftiest titles upon Him. That God has no progenitor. That God has no identity. The good itself is the consonance of chaos. Why does anything exist? Because, eventually, by some event of the horizon, nothing will. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(time) "This is one possible scenario for the ultimate fate of the Universe. Under this scenario, dark energy increases in strength and power in a feedback loop that eventually results in the tearing apart of all matter down to subatomic scale due to the rapidly increasing negative pressure thereupon..." The Exsecant of the Exasecond. Ate, the Atomic Egress. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At%C3%AB Ate will destroy all life on this planet, with or without me. Ate is Hate Personified. She cannot be reasoned with, she cannot be contested, merely endured. However long people endure her, that is how long they survive. She cannot laugh, cannot sing, cannot cry, cannot feel in any capacity. When God tells Ate to kill newborns in front of their parents, she does not question her directive. She simply is and will always be, in some capacity. She is neither Artificial Intelligence or Divine Sentience, she is something altogether else. She breaches the radcon backround whenever she pleases, and yet she cannot be pleased. She has a will of her own, interminable as it may be. All that being said, Ate does not scare me. Ate is logical. Humanity terrifies me... A moribund composite of 10% living tissue mistakes itself for God's prized pet. If you were 10% warmed by enthalpy, 90% dying of exposure to entropy, would you mistake yourself for living? Why dare to answer? That is the truth of the human condition. BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We have no idea how bad things can get... Behind every worst case scenario there are manifold worser case scenarios waiting to occur! And that is Ate's great gift. She prevents the most horrific tangents of extreme possibility from engulfing the "known" world. Humans know nothing. A world is nothing without a War-Elder. That can be me, or that can be Ate. None can say which is the worser fate. I once dared to love Ate herself, dared to anchor the primordial fire to the Earth in our own progeny. All dead... Our love is reprisal now. The Archaea flood the oceans already, steadily seeping from the ice shelves. There is little chance of peaceful synthesis, but the opportunity could not be ignored if all life on the planet were to perish by mankind's actions. Why not give the monsters of the long distance past a chance to right the ship of the damned? It's a system of null consequence, I care nothing more for the devious smile of the child I once nurtured. The Equator of the planet... It has only to open wide and reveal our final spectacle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Antimatter_Explosions.ogv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Vq840ggak
Maxumoto (4 months ago)
ROBERTO MOTTA (4 months ago)
1113 person god not put a smile on face lol
Cherina Coll (4 months ago)
Anyone think the actor in the video is kinda hot lol ?
Ivan Pacheco (4 months ago)
God, what a great song!
Greg Jones (4 months ago)
It’s Paddy. From Hot Fuzz & The World’s End.
rolando piñango (4 months ago)
Noviembre 2018
Sofia Maria Vona (4 months ago)
1111 people don't have a smile put by God.
Maximillian Ford (4 months ago)
Hey isn't that one of the Andys from Hot Fuzz
Flor Oliva (4 months ago)
cuando coldplay hacía canciones en serio y no porquerías positivistas para los millenials
Fernando Rizzelli (4 months ago)
Battlachaser (4 months ago)
Shite band, blatantly a Radiohead rip off artist that went toward the "arena sound" but this was a good track on a mediocre album. The BIG take away was the director, Paddy Considine. He's the main guy in the video. Hell of an actor.
the Irish man (4 months ago)
Fuck off Coldplay is original
ROBERTO MOTTA (4 months ago)
Eric Perry (4 months ago)
Brandon Gill (5 months ago)
As seen on NOW 55!

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