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Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : How to Analyze Handwriting in Signatures

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Learn how to analyze a person's hand-written signature in this free handwriting analysis video series from our graphology expert. Expert: Carmen Lynne Bio: Carmen Lynne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been in private practice since January 2007 assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reducti Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
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Text Comments (57)
Siddarth Sharma (11 months ago)
What you mean by dot understand signature ?
TripleTeddy Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm 1 year old when this was posted 😂
K. Ganesan Ganesan (1 year ago)
hand writing issue already settled during 1960 .don't violate accepted matter. Are you in money vending business?
Twayabullah Mohammadi (2 years ago)
tayabullah name signatures make
Frost (2 years ago)
This signature analysis holds as much water as polygraph tests do in courts. Total non-sense. Most people develop their signature in elementary school, way before they develop into adulthood. The notion behind signature blocks reflecting personality is total hogwash. Just a bunch of scam artists out there attempting to grab money from big business. Just to further prove my point, Adolf Hitler had "good looking" signature, although we all know there was no good in him.
saan majumder (3 years ago)
whikle practising signature in copy can i slightly move my copy so that i can write in practice signature in ascending order
Curtis Ritz (1 year ago)
saan majumder
Sheetal Soni (3 years ago)
can you tell me the name of the book you are referring to. since I have a book but the one you are referring has in depth knowledge. please disclose the name of your book.
eng.Ahmed Emad Nada (3 years ago)
i need signature to my name my name : Ahmed Emad Nada
Kartike Khandelwal (3 years ago)
made up , unscientific , ruddy ol grandma gone too far with guesswork.
Junior C (1 year ago)
Kartike Khandelwal its not made search up graphology because this is what it is called
DD Allin (3 years ago)
I'm Fishdogpigsquirrel (4 years ago)
Graphology is just as factual as astrology.
Jose Pajares (4 years ago)
Lmaoooo she made all this shit up! Impressive.
Junior C (1 year ago)
she didnt people do study this subject
midnightclever (4 years ago)
she said a side ways dollar sign means that they are concerned with money. but if there are not from the US then the the dollar sign would not be so prevailent that the would become conditioned like that....so....where is she getting all this from... i think its a little bogus. just a little. at least. although i know graphology can be legitimate
GRXVITY Music (4 years ago)
So basically you just make up whatever the fuck you want
Jared Miller (5 years ago)
what a load of shit, just making up bullshit.
shadowstorm114 (5 years ago)
Dis is bullshit
DragonsREpic (5 years ago)
damn i know what science is and this isn't science, this is trolling
Christina Wells (5 years ago)
"Wow" people don't hate, you didnt pay for her program it is sitting here for FREE. To kindly help you along your way..lol Geeesh
IamAnonymous DeX (6 years ago)
I use the same dollar sign, and trust me, I am not involved at all with gaining money. :D But, I must admit, the underscore ego thing I am guilty of, and it makes sense. And I also sign my artwork differently than I do my name. If I feel it is important, I sign it differently, so there is something to this, just need to work out cogs and kinks IMHO.
Robert Buell (6 years ago)
lady the last signature made no sense crossed OUT! LOL terrible
callowaymotorcompany (6 years ago)
handwriting analysis isnt bullshit just because one broad is making things up
Grace Fredrickson (6 years ago)
She's kind of making fun of people and judging them
Federico Concas (7 years ago)
Is she an astrologist, a seer or something like that? Because this is total bullshit!
Junior C (1 year ago)
Federico Concas its not people do study this its called graphology
Rocknalldatime99 (7 years ago)
this video is completely ??????????
peace4aIl (7 years ago)
I personally do not find this to be scientific or accurate :S It seems to be a load of .......................
TRUTHSPEAKER (7 years ago)
Pseudoscience at it's best!!
TRUTHSPEAKER (7 years ago)
More hocus pocus...LOL.
Mohini Lakhani (8 years ago)
This is bullshit.
Joy H (8 years ago)
Or maybe they did the ""dollar sign"" coz it's pretty.
hooligan2005 (8 years ago)
She is amateurish in her presentation. Handwriting is representative of the patterns of our mind. Our personalities are conveyed through handwriting. If they weren't we would all have the same handwriting.
STRAlGHT x EDGE (8 years ago)
She does not know what she is talking about at all, its more difficult then she shows.
Christoffer Adolphsson (8 years ago)
@darkAngelLuna Yeah, I don't understand why she doesn't just read what is written on the right side. We are apparently selfish, but I just do it because it's time-efficient with all the f:s ant t:s in my name. Same for you?
psb1964 (8 years ago)
@watchmaker37 Quite true. In Europe Graphology is commonly thought to be a science, but not in North America. There are two different schools of graphology. These were tested by giving both adherents multiple samples of handwriting. As expected both delivered a different personality analysis of each sample. But the designers of this test had the subjects take the MMPI. Neither schools produced analysis that aligned with the MMPI. Graphology is Bull
Veronica Davis (9 years ago)
Handwriting going up = optimistic = bullshit handwriting going up = right handed, not moving their shoulder = plausable
danilove1985 (9 years ago)
this is such bullshit lol
jposh707 (9 years ago)
This is a right load of bollocks.
Zooplankton (9 years ago)
@jposh707 Ha Ha. Off with her head!
jposh707 (9 years ago)
So if we all start to underline our names we will be taken more seriously? I'm going to try this and get back to you.
jposh707 (9 years ago)
Haha, I'm American and even I caught that. This woman needs to have an audience with her majesty, post haste.
RJ N (9 years ago)
She laughed at the end, she knows it's total bullshit
Honken (9 years ago)
Handwriting is usually a function of conscious and deliberate practice guided by a tutor; the personal touch is a matter of style, ease and beauty, not personality. "This wide capital letter indicates that this person has IBS and a tendency to hyperextend his lower back during foggy weather."
metalic699 (9 years ago)
this is so stupid .. I suppose Abraham Lincolns signature would suggest that that he is a unifier
Zooplankton (9 years ago)
Interesting signatures but what a load of mumbo jumbo homespun unsustantiated rubbish. PS it's Elizabeth the SECOND
scotsmanRS (9 years ago)
I liked some of the signatures, but they were spoiled by the bullshit that was dripping out of that woman's mouth.
SatchmoSings (9 years ago)
Carmen Lynne is very, very beautiful.
AKingJohnR (9 years ago)
i believe there can be possible truth or information gained in signatures and handwriting. but not the way this bitch is going about it. sounds like a crock of shit. it seems like its on a whim. its seems very unscientific.
samuils (9 years ago)
How you feel and express in your writing may be correct, however just because you stop writing in a certain way isnt really going to change the issues you are struggling with.
Michael Smith (9 years ago)
this is the most fucking ridiculous thing ive ever seen in my life
ObeyBunny (9 years ago)
What does it mean when someone always draws a picture next to their name? Like this: /)_/) (*-*) Michelle L(")(") (well, the picutre is usually a cat and usually on the right hand side of the name.)
xiquiripat (9 years ago)
Ha! Handwriting Analyses (or graphology) is such crap. Consider the fact that graphologists are not allowed to testity in a court of law concerning personality traits or mental state and are only qualified to indicate if their handwritng is genuine. Examine the Carroll v. State (1982) debacle for an example of the kind of testimony these "experts" provide.
DobermansRock (10 years ago)
its for real. nuff said...
lool - huughh!
listen to her final laughter (hhhughhhh)

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