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How to put a fishfinder on a fishing float tube with style

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This is a fabulous solution for putting a sonar, depth sounder or a fish finder onto a fishing float tube. We make it easy - just watch and see :) Call 1-855-784-3474 toll free with any questions you may have.
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bigtoad45 (10 months ago)
What brand float tube is that? your kits will mount on any float tube?
Frankie Cimino (1 year ago)
Ordered one today for a Garmin Striker 4, can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the quick demo
Thank you Frankie! Much appreciated!
Yes, the tube was a great investment. Just $300 for the tube and fins and you're on the water.
Great video, I have the Cumberland Float Tube, I just subscribed, pls sub back
MrChrisbuzzin (2 years ago)
Hello which bracket is it exactly? Where can I buy this? Thank you. Christian
Hi Christian, you can purchase our float tube mounts here at this link: http://www.fishfindermounts.com/float-tube-mounts

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