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INSANE Battle for German High Ground 1941 | RobZ Realism | Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Gameplay

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Text Comments (54)
Chapxe (10 months ago)
I've never played this game before, but when I see you placing your troops close together my eye twitches.
Diego Torres (10 months ago)
Great work Raptor. I wish though ur infantry tactics were polished. Its so frustrating to watch as your squads are all bunched up like that because you just select the whole squad rather than micro each man or team of men (2-4 of them) into position. If your squad was microed right by spreading them out they could: -cover 2-3x times the area -avoid less destruction (like arty or cannons) since they create a wider formation Your tank tactics are ok but u always blame the ai a not your own lack of focus. I completely agree with you: the MoW ai is complete trash. That's why when using vehicles Direct Control is basically mandatory. You could've of knocked out the BT5 on the left with you Panzer 38 easy if you kept it hidden behind the house and directly control it to pop out of cover quickly and pull off a shot when the BT5 wasn't looking. All the best and keep practicing! A great way to improve is playing against only officer-ranked players. They will definitely exploit any weaknesses in your defenses and force you to adapt much more quickly to the battlefield. Thanks for playing RobZ, I wish more of the MoW competitive community would play because its so epic!! Cheers!!
Diego Torres (10 months ago)
Haha I spoke to soon! Raptor you held the left flank with your troops stupendously by spreading them out! Reminded me of the some Band of Brother scenes as they gained fire superiority over the entire field! That KV2 counter play also worked well. That deathstar too is epic especially when you ski highed that T34! Keep it up dude One of these days maybe you could host a RobZ tournament!
Skyhawken 24 (11 months ago)
This game it's one of my favorite, and w RobZ it's a awesome mod!! I wanna see more
greg hinerman (1 year ago)
i subed
greg hinerman (1 year ago)
you a boss at this btw big fan raptor
ridgerunnerTN (1 year ago)
Love watching your vids........ on mute
Mark Ghust (1 year ago)
LoL ... it's the frist time I saw Raptor lose🚩 😶..... it was a good game ..but I think the Russian uints were more effective the German uints (Vichels )
Salvo Creative (1 year ago)
It came down to the time era and how expensive units were, a T-34 76mm was 700mp which cost me a lot in that game so it came down to having to push him out with mortors however in context I was the infantry on the map on his left and also at the church so I was playing 2 flanks at the same time. I was not the vehicles at the church however.
Brandon Keenan (1 year ago)
you should do the Warhammer 40k mod for this game
Jack Wood (1 year ago)
Does anyone else get openyoureyes ad that just doesn’t work? It’s so stupid means I can’t watch most of your vids
Elzy 27 (1 year ago)
Great vid o7
FireFuzion // JD (1 year ago)
Its possible to download for mac?
Jim lastname (1 year ago)
44:03, At the left hand side of the screen, a little off center towards the left, there's a soldier falling from the Heaven's for utterly NO apparent reason, well, no reason I could think of!!
Jim lastname (1 year ago)
P.S, He also manages to land head first!! he-he!! Quite funny!! ( For me, not for him , I imagine!! )
Ryan Deitch (1 year ago)
Play Wargame or Steel Division please.
Meme King (1 year ago)
Remember the Russians had no idea the Germans were attacking so they were not as ready as the should have been
wuestenfuchsxy (1 year ago)
Its not that they had no idea. their leaders just srewed it up massivley on all levels.
The Snjuro (1 year ago)
I think ur title is wrong..
Sean Powers (1 year ago)
o7 Your Men of War videos are outstanding! Keep it up!
pikkumatse (1 year ago)
You're good with infantry, but you're always lacking tank support for them :D that's why you get steam rolled some times (just like in this game) when you don't have anything against enemy tanks besides infantry, and they're not good in open maps like this. So start getting tanks, one or two, to support your infantry and you're set :)
Unnamed Person (10 months ago)
WhiteCrow Gaming Completely understating the polish military, the losses were sizeable but still there were much higher losses expected as the polish had preemptively prepped a defense
White - Crow (11 months ago)
pikkumatse but somehow the Germans lost a great portion of men to farmers and ww1 tech...
pikkumatse (11 months ago)
That is true WhiteCrow Gaming
White - Crow (11 months ago)
pikkumatse I understand what you're saying, but tanks supporting infantry in real life is better than loosing thousands of men.
pikkumatse (11 months ago)
Are you referring about real life scenario or about the game? Because in real life you wouldn't necessarily need tank support at all, but since this is video game, and RNG and AI is what it is, so in game I would get some tanks to support infantry.
Ray mond (1 year ago)
A rare loss.
Kingz lee198 (1 year ago)
More world war 2 Plss raptor!
SirBrick (1 year ago)
Well the title is wrong but love ya
Jim lastname (1 year ago)
Raptor -- Ouch! 1941
SirBrick (1 year ago)
Raptor (1 year ago)
What is the 'correct' title?
Mario Peña (1 year ago)
Also congrats on 300k i was there the day u hit it! Lol
Mario Peña (1 year ago)
CkeckThatYetithe2nd (1 year ago)
i agree
Legend RockPlot (1 year ago)
its like a updated version of C&C
tarik begic (1 year ago)
Yugoslavia in WW2
computerman2431 (1 year ago)
Good video Raptor. Your the GREAT!!! I hope you do more video's on Men of War: Assault Squad 2 those video's are great. I hope you do more!!!! And If you could you should play CoD Zombies.
John deere 3355 (1 year ago)
Raptor one of your infra videos ses it is private
Anas khalid (1 year ago)
play mod 2003 war of iraq
Comrade Tachanka (1 year ago)
iT'S oVeR, i HAve tHE hiGH gRoUNd
BNJ CREATIONS (1 year ago)
Great vid
Average Joe (1 year ago)
O7! Killin commies for mommy!
good vid
TheWilliamTW (1 year ago)
WHO doesn’t love raptor
THE DUTCH GAMER (11 months ago)
Just asking
THE DUTCH GAMER (11 months ago)
Is it even the raptor of the lego war animations?
Johnathan Crossman (1 year ago)
3d xd
RMWGAMES Gamer (1 year ago)
I love you’re vid do more plz #golden gamer
Johnathan Crossman (1 year ago)
3d xd
gaben :p (1 year ago)
Judge Callum (1 year ago)
Logan 37 (1 year ago)
I love your vids

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