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Why do men spit on the ground?

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Text Comments (206)
watergod 83 (3 months ago)
Uh... to get rid of excess saliva! Why the fuck else?!
Charlie Cross (3 months ago)
If you catch me spitting on the ground you can bet there's something bad in my mouth otherwise i don't spit on the ground
Nadia Silver (4 months ago)
Public spitting is foul 🤢. I can't even and hate stepping in it!!! 💦👟😱
Horny Dolphin (1 month ago)
Nadia Silver most men do it some do it in front of people which it’s gross but stepping on saliva isn’t gross lol it’s not like it’s on you’re face
BjörkTheBest (5 months ago)
sanjayk singh (5 months ago)
Andrey Zelinskiy (3 months ago)
More than just spit, you can find some shit too
BjörkTheBest (5 months ago)
Steve Vaughn (6 months ago)
I'm a guy, and I've always wondered about this. I guess I just assumed that it was some holdover habit from their teen years, or some subconscious attempt at marking territory . . . like a dog urinating. I also equate this with a male's need( usually a male's need ) to insert four-letter words into his speech at every occasion.
sunnie bunnie (8 months ago)
So nasty! I avoid inviting a certain friend to bbq’s because her freaking husband spits everywhere.
Horny Dolphin (1 month ago)
sunnie bunnie LoL calm you’re tits girl
Erick Johnson (9 months ago)
Why do females feel like we do this because we think it's cool I do it because I don't like it in my mouth and yes I can swallow it but I'd rather spit it
earth ocean (10 months ago)
So...males are like a Dilophosaurus?! They can't help themselves, they're biologically all spitters?? PLEASE. Stop taking away a man's right to choose & CONTROL his own actions. (*side note: If you are running in a polluted area, it's not going to save you one iota of pollution absorption by spitting instead of swallowing!)
scott b (1 year ago)
Because when you spit in the sky... it doesn't stick.
Marmalade Stex1591 (1 year ago)
I find this Really Irritating & it seems to have Increased in the UK where I am from!,I get Younger Guys who walk past Me (I am just a Below Average Middle Aged Old Man By the Way!) and Sometimes they make a Mock spit in My Path or Sometimes Actually Spit!, What is this Crap all about?, Is it some kind of Dominance Stance?, if it is where is the Kudos in Showing Dominance to a Non-Threatening Male who just wants to get through his Day?.
Saved AtlastVEVO (1 year ago)
It's because after A running, well for me anyways, all the nasty stuff from snacks an contaminants start to come out.
Natey (1 year ago)
I see all the time in school. I freaking hate it. Im a guy btw
Tapir Power (1 year ago)
People in these comments are uneducated. I always have to spit because I have a problem in my throat where I always have phlegm and it's been that way since my childhood, stuff gets caught in there and it stops me from breathing properly. Swallowing it is disgusting and swallowing enough results in vomit since I'm basically eating mucous and random food which is mostly sugar that gets caught in there. Please don't make videos like this because now I have to see a bunch of people in the comments shame on those who spit. These people will continue to think that spitters do it for the sake of looking cool.
Wadocan (2 years ago)
I'm a young, healthy, educated male adult, and I spit at least 30 times every day and blow my nose like 20 times a day. What I spit is NOT only SALIVA, it is mixed with bogeys from my nose, which sometimes stay in the nose so I have to blow my nose, but half of time it goes down into the throat, probably post-nasal drip that accumulates in the neck area of the throat, and it gets stuck there. Does anyone try to swallow the bogeys from their nose? I don't think so. Sometimes it is just a little bit, and sometimes it is a HUGE ball of weird sticky stuff. And if it's already stuck in my throat then it's obviously not an option to swallow it, since it were just saliva I would have swallowed it without thinking. The problem is that this bogey is too sticky and my "swallowing muscles" cannot make it roll down my esophagus into the stomach. BUT if I take a deep and hard breath, this force WILL make it go down, but it will make it go down the trachea and into my lungs and make me choke. So I have to roll up my throat and eject it into my mouth and then spit it out forcefully to make sure it doesn't just stay stuck onto my tongue and then I have to brush it off with my finger. Also, it is not an option to cough it up into the mouth and then try to swallow it through the glotis and into the stomach, since it is very STICKY and it just won't go down the glotis, instead it will GET STUCK AGAIN in the same place in the throat. The spitting (and blowing my nose) usually concentrates in the morning when I wake up, whenever I'm working out or in a tense situation where I need to breathe perfectly to perform properly, and for 30 minutes after that; and finally at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. I actually searched the internet to find out how girls can live WITHOUT spitting. All I have found is a bunch of delusional thoughts about bravado, so I'm going back to my "scientific" approach. I have read that smokers spit a lot, and I think that might be one of the reasons why I spit so much, although I have never ever smoked anything, BUT my father smoked almost every day all his life, so he probably conditioned me genetically to have mucose problems. I have also stopped consuming "milk products" and "gluten" products 6 months ago, which has improved my health in many ways, but it hasn't reduced my mucose production yet. But since most girls clearly don't spit EVER and most guys spit ALL THE TIME, and the ratio of smokers and non-smokers in both sexes is similar, and diets are also similar, there must be ANOTHER physiolgical reason, and the only one I can think of is this: currently MOST men use their physical strength much more often than MOST women, so they are USED TO TAKING DEEPER AND STRONGER BREATHS, which make it NECESSARY TO clear your breathing vents when there is something stuck in it. Consequently, men will spit even when they are not exercising vigourously just because they are VERY SENSITIVE to their breathing flow, and want to keep it at an optimal level even during everyday activities. On the other hand, MOST GIRLS even gross themselves out if they find out their own body is sweating, so obviously they have NO IDEA what strong physical exertion feels like, and they never breathe hard and deep enough to feel the need to perfectly clear their throats. I am pretty sure this is a valid reasoning, because recently I have seen an INCREASE in the amount of girls working out in an ACTUALLY vigorous manner (even sweating) at the fitness centre, and I DO see them blow their nose AND SPIT into paper towels quite often, which I had never seen until a few months ago. And the reason why I often spit on the road is because I have to spit hard so the bogey-saliva mix doesn't stay stuck on my tongue, so I need a new tissue ALMOST every time I spit; because if the tissue has already been used it is less robust and also crumpled, so my spit can actually break through the tissue and make a mess in my hands. So I would go through at least 2 packages of pocket tissues every day, which in my opinion is much more harmful to the planet than spitting on the road (where the cars go, not on the sidewalk nor pedestrian crossing) or into a bin, so people should not have to step on it. As a final note, of course some men spit "with social intent" and some spit in inappropriate places, but they would have to spit anyway. It's just like peeing, every animal hast to pee anyway. Dogs could just pee in a dedicated spot every time if they wanted to be polite, or they can also use it to mark their territory, but that has nothing to do with the actual physiological necessity to pee at one time or another in the day.
peacockblueBeatle (2 years ago)
Spitting is always disgusting and never warranted. Swallow for dog's sake. If you think you make too much saliva, see a doctor.
therorylong (2 years ago)
gravity. the earth pulls the expelled saliva to itself
theninjararar (2 years ago)
I've spit when running but I've never done it in a social context, probably an american thing.
Kerry (2 years ago)
In Germany, it generally isn't considered socially acceptable for anyone to spit in public.
Conex Xenon (2 years ago)
Men who do it are fucking disgusting Imo... I for example never spit anywhere,.
VurklandStudios (2 years ago)
I agree, as a guy.
Kiji High (2 years ago)
Many people like to pick up coins from the streets.They saw it is good luck...I say it is disgusting because the streets are filthy with spit. Do not do this because you will spread germs and disease.
earth ocean (10 months ago)
Kiji High - By that logic, none of us would ever be able to sell/purchase anything because ALL money is absolutely FILTHY.
Kiji High (2 years ago)
Many years ago I noticed that when black men would pass me in walking they would always spit on the ground. Then they would also spit out the window Dow of their car...I thought thus was the most disgusting act....I was so turned off and saw them as nasty and dirty. This was especially prevalent in New York....I need er saw this in California or other states. At the time I thought the streets of New York were already dirty, and then to see black men spitting was low on the totem pole....really disgusting!!!
Jack H (2 months ago)
@Kiji High There are many spitters and hawkers in California. I would know as I visit California regularly (especially the LA area). Most of those spitters are East Asian or Mexican. But they only do it outdoors and not out the window of their cars. It is possible that it is more prevalent in New York. I'm no expert as I've only been to New York once (the city).
Nadia Silver (4 months ago)
Kiji High (2 years ago)
meant to say" I never saw this in California or any other states!"
sandra kendell (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video. I loved it ...by the way, when I was growing up, my mom did tell me ladies don't spit in public. I think the men and boys from this state MD spit for sexually suggestive reasons!
alia 97 (2 years ago)
Idk it's kinda hot when men spit. Definitely a turn on
Hager Hafaiedh (2 years ago)
Men who spit are a huge turn off! Please men stop doing it!
VurklandStudios (2 years ago)
I'm a guy, and I hate people that spit to death. I just want to punch their faces in. It's disgusting and weird.
Hager Hafaiedh (2 years ago)
@ClandestineOstrich @doll parts then good luck finding a GF
alia 97 (2 years ago)
Really?? Idk I think it's hot.
ClandestineOstrich (2 years ago)
No. Sorry.
Jill Stock (3 years ago)
I had bronchitis last year & the doctor wanted me to spit up the phlegm. I could not figure out how to do it. I've always wondered if fathers teach their sons how to hawk a lougie (possible around the same time the teach them to skip washing their hands after they pee.)
rowanmark (3 years ago)
Gravity ,it is more thoughtful and polite to spit in the gutter .
Gabe B (3 years ago)
I really hate it when people do that it is unnecessary,nasty,annoying and it shouldn't be allowed.
Limppu Man (3 years ago)
When I was about 6 years old, me and my friend were outside playing and he decided to spit, but the spit landed in my mouth. Disgusting!!!
Limppu Man (2 years ago)
I haven't seen him in over two and a half years and he is from Russia. But we were best friends.
Bryan Sturgill (2 years ago)
Something similar happened to me before... I guess you can say that you and your friend are closer to each other now/better friends
Slinkylabcat (3 years ago)
I enjoy spitting.  It's something I do perhaps two or three hundred times a day.  And I'm not joking.  Spitting pleases me.  I've thought about it, wondered if I were "marking my territory" or "warding off evil".  But no.  It's December here in CT.  I like it when I snort, hawk and blast one, and then it freezes solid before it drops off the branch.  It makes me feel more human.
M48l (3 years ago)
Why does she nearly scream when talking?
Ash Lilyvale (4 years ago)
its freakin disgusting. i wish they would freakin stop. bunch of moneys.
melo27 (4 years ago)
there is a lot of peoples full of stressed that try to stress you they get spit in fron,t of them
spinemelter2000 (4 years ago)
If I get phlegm stuck in my throat, I don't want it to go into my stomach, and I also don't spit in someone else's face because that's rude. That's why the ground is the better option.
FoxCitrus (4 years ago)
Among Russians and ex-USSR Russian speakers it is quite common to simulate spitting to shortly demonstrate a slight disappointment on one's own actions, like when someone just realizes they made a wrong decision or misspoke something. Sometimes they also do it after cursing, as in "let me get the rest of the filth I just said out of me".  Aaaand it's a gender-neutral thing. Example: "I just got through that song on Guitar Hero, it's called Unstain. No, Undung. WAIT. Unslug? **spit sound** UNSUNG! That's it."
Sarah R (4 years ago)
Did you get engaged on Valentine's Day??
Mark Nixon (4 years ago)
Nice map of China
Lanie Rambo (4 years ago)
I think you are so smart and funny! I love you Cristen!
Hannah Ladwig (4 years ago)
"male sports athlete" 
Jason Gallegos (4 years ago)
i looked in to this.  (and i do spit), there is a fact that the sugars mix with your saliva especially when you have a cut in your throat.  
the4kmanhu (4 years ago)
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE girls' spitting, especially on my face :) It's the sexiest thing ever!
C C (4 years ago)
koreans still do, too. young women included!
5micky2 (4 years ago)
There is a French word:  Esprit.  It means "the quality of being lively, vivacious, or witty". English-speaking men who are borderline illiterate think the English word for Esprit is Espit. So they spit.
noname nameno (4 years ago)
I don't spit it's a waste of water.
bisp25 (4 years ago)
I thought she was gonna like hock a loogie. what a jip
ShiRa Malk (4 years ago)
I hate this so much. It doesn't help that, at least here where I live, they seem to WAIT until you're close by to spit. Dude, the street is empty and you had to spit when I'm a meter away from you?
Felix P. (4 years ago)
Whether you can explain it or not, it's still disgusting.
Kai Sea (4 years ago)
If you must spit do not spit inside. In high school this used to happen. No, you're gross. I don't wanna dodge your spit. Also doesn't spitting spread disease like TB? It's fine if you need to, that happens, but otherwise it should stop.
Helga R (4 years ago)
I am a woman and I spit quite frequently. I developed this habit when I had problems with acid reflux that was exacerbated by walking in stormy weather and made my saliva slimy and difficult to swallow. I decided to nurture the habit when the middle aged male headmaster told my whole school how unsightly it was to see 'young, beautiful women' spit in public after having seen me spit on my way into school. Nowadays I just spit when needed, because f. stereotypes.
Jonathan Macpherson (4 years ago)
Japan is not part of China...... just saying
MAXINE H (4 years ago)
I'm from Algeria and spiting was and still is a sign for disgust, hate or disrespect.
Alexandra Miller (4 years ago)
Why is it somethings are known to be feminine and masculine? What makes those things that other than "society"? And do you ever think there will be a time that the gender roles will be switched?
Boxmonx (4 years ago)
Sup Tim Beckman
Alexius Nemo (4 years ago)
I had a bud who taught in a rural high school district. For years boys would carry Styrofoam cups in the classroom to spit their tobacco "juice". This practice finally came to an end when studies came out proving the big cancer risk involved in this practice...
Alexius Nemo (4 years ago)
Because we can...
CanterOn! (4 years ago)
I only spit on the dirt (not anyone's floors) if i have a lot of mucus build up from my allergies. Swallowing only clogs your airways more instead of getting rid of it. If a toilet or paper towel isn't available then the dirt/grass is the next best option. It's still disgusting tho even for the spitter.
Goomba Pie (4 years ago)
lololol that gif at 3:08 makes my day
Goomba Pie (4 years ago)
I see guys spitting on the ground all the time. I find it really gross and often just barely resist the urge to ask them to stop. I'm a guy and a certain guy-friend I have who does that, idk he doesn't chew tobacco (not many people do anymore atleast where I live), and it's just really nasty and makes him look unclassy and unintelligent imo. 
Deanna Valdivia (4 years ago)
http://www.nbcnews.com/health/womens-health/overweight-women-tend-earn-smaller-paychecks-study-claims-n231906 Have you done videos on this before?
YouShotMyRobot (4 years ago)
I am a woman, and if I am walking outside I discreetly spit into bushes or dirt (off the walkway) if I really need to. Like she mentioned the tons of spit and mucus collection that accumulates when exercising, etc. Is not fun and it is not like you can wait around to find a restroom or something. I think spitting when needed discreetly in nature is perfectly normal. But the spitting on the ground inside...that's just nasty. Or the guy walking ahead of me outside who spat on the ground behind him, thus right in front of me...yeah that was a bit gross.
Douglas (4 years ago)
There is nothing more unattractive than causal spitting, without a purpose.
Corner Universe (4 years ago)
I don't ever do this. Never. Just why?
Josh Olson (4 years ago)
1:18 tobacco* :-)
Courtney (4 years ago)
I HATE when guys walking down the road near you just turn and spit for no reason. It's so disgusting! And so disrespectful of other people!
Deanna Valdivia (4 years ago)
Could you do a video on narcissists in a romantic relationship? I dated a narcissist before, I'm just wondering how many out there have also, as well as their experiences with that.
Classic Colour (4 years ago)
Why longs nails considered feminine and preferred?
Lauren Elaine (4 years ago)
Thanks for responding to this question. I posed it to my dad a few months ago and his only response was "where else are you supposed to do it?"
Madi CN (4 years ago)
Hey Cristen, could you make a video about re-usable feminine hygiene products?
John Salter (4 years ago)
I hate spitting. It's a disgusting and dirty thing, and despite what many people here have said, I still cannot understand why swallowing is not an option.
purplepurrs (4 years ago)
As an asthmatic, allergenic to everything with pollen type of person I find myself coughing up lots of mucus, especially now with the spring weather and the blooming trees. I try to always spit where there is dirt cause unless it's raining spitting on the concrete is pretty gross. But swallowing is *not* an option. I have way too much mucus and all swallowing does is make me throw it up later. Sorry to all you people that think it's gross but I can't help it.
YT LogYt (4 years ago)
@purplepurrs Sadly, I completely understand people like you and you should indeed have the right to discretely spit somewhere (that won't physically bother other people) without being judged. But spitting is an act socially linked to disrespect and assholeness, since most people who publicly spit in front of others, do it to challenge & assert dominance in some sort of way, and not because they really need to or can't stand saliva in their mouth (lol? that's like saying I can't stand blood in my veins).
Erin (4 years ago)
I hate it when people spit on the ground.  It's one thing f you feel you need to and you do it over a garbage, deserted alley way or in the grass where nobody can see you but I hate it when people spit in public.  I find it rude and disgusting.  I instantly feel like moving away from that person and I get grossed out when I see the saliva on the ground and try to avoid stepping in it.  Also, sometimes you have to dodge from it so that it doesn't get on you.
FlowingStarlight (4 years ago)
I don't think I've really seen men spit more than women, in my personal experience. I think I've seen it in relatively equal amounts between the sexes. Regardless, I wish I didn't have to. I don't understand why people don't just swallow their spit. It's incredibly disrespectful to anyone else sharing the space where you're spitting. It's especially disrespectful toward the owners and anyone who has to clean the space if it's indoors. And while I realize if you're sick, you should expel your phlegm, just use a tissue or a sink. Spitting that junk on the floor is unsanitary and can get other people sick. I don't understand why this is so common. I've never felt the need to spit anywhere, ever. It's gross, it's rude, it's inconsiderate and it's unnecessary. I wish people wouldn't do it.
S. Stevens (4 years ago)
I HATE when men spit on the ground.  I am constantly dodging spit when walking on sidewalks in my city, and it's even more annoying during the summer, as I don't want a strangers' spit on my feet.  I don't care if it's to get rid of phlegm - go do it discretely outside, or find a bathroom!  It's nice to see this topic addressed.
42billybob (4 years ago)
As a guy who does on occasion: Mucus runs out the back of the sinuses into the throat, especially when it's cold. Swallowing doesn't really fix it, it just pushes it deeper. So, hacking & coughing it up & expectorating it clears the lump. As a rule, I only do so outside. Grass, asphalt, dirt & such. Good rule of thumb, can you/does someone mop, vacum, or wipe it with a cloth to any effect? Never expel any form of bodily waste somewhere someone is expected to clean it up. Otherwise, do whatever. As for the social apect... Generally it's classless even for guys. The best case I can imagine is the confrontational aspect. In which case it's effectively an insult, and only really worth doing if you spit ON or AT them or their property. It's the social equivalent of a girl slapping someone in the face (since men slapping faces looks more like abuse or assault we have to tone it down). It's that gesture that says "I'm so far above you, I can deface you on a physical level and feel secure that you won't do anything of consequence about it". Still... It's a pretty strong indicator of a very petty and low class individual who warrants little respect. Throwing bodily waste around is just about as trashy a means of commubication as you can get.
LordDemosair (4 years ago)
I have to point out that the map of China at 0:52 includes Japan, North and South Korean and several other countries that AREN'T China.
Tamarah Morgan (4 years ago)
I'd rather some one spit outside than on my floor. But other wise I don't see it being that gross, since we all have saliva and mucus.
Benpai (4 years ago)
I personally spit while running because the saliva in my mouth gets so sticky that I can't breath anymore. (It's super annoying!)
Angela Black (4 years ago)
people do realize they can simply swallow their saliva, right? I find spitting on the ground repulsive. leaving spit all around is equivalent to pissing everywhere to me
peachy. mp3 (1 month ago)
@Horny Dolphin ... sure.
Horny Dolphin (1 month ago)
Nadia Silver because we’re alpha males
Nadia Silver (4 months ago)
Jon (4 years ago)
China... and the whole of east and southeast asia is highlighted. Typical white people bullshit
Maddie Briggs (4 years ago)
1:56 Ah, the Adam Hills gif. Beautiful.
ArabOnARocketCamel (4 years ago)
I had a blocked salivary gland for a year without knowing and when I got surgery to fix it I produced so much saliva that if I didn't spit it was like a shot of water in my mouth.
Monica Martin (4 years ago)
I hate when men spit. I asked a guy 'why?' once, and he said 'well Wayne Rooney does it so ....' 
J. C. (4 years ago)
Well, that was disgusting.
Nikki Doornberg (4 years ago)
I hate spit on the ground as much as dog poop on the street. Also: only the uneducated folk spit on the ground in my country. It's always the same kind of people.
happy puppy (4 years ago)
I have a female friend that I have known since high school who spat back then and now  
Nate Taube (4 years ago)
"On the one hand you have baseball" shows a video from a football coach... Women trying to act like they know stuff about sports. Tisk Tisk Tisk. Go back to the kitchen
Selon Nerias (4 years ago)
I'm a male with allergies and the only reason I spit, is that the stuff that is supposed to be in my nose, sometimes leaks down into my mouth. After which I kind of want to get rid of it since that is disgusting, and sometimes even hampers my breathing. I generally try to limit my spit to the sink and toilet though.
SoganaxSaeki (4 years ago)
I think it's more about habit or having an abundance of saliva in their mouths than being "manly". I don't think everything is about reinforcing "hetero-normative gender roles". I'm a woman and i spit when i have a build up of phlegm in my throat, i just do it in the garbage can.
SoManyModsSoLittleTime (4 years ago)
I've never had many dealbreakers, but spitting is one of them. It's like a sign over their head saying "I'm thoughtless and don't consider other people's feelings" It's like extra disgusting littering. Swallow, use a tissue, or go to a bathroom like civilized people.
steven metz (4 months ago)
No where near littering and its actually healthy to spit otherwise you put your bad bacteria back into your system. You'll get healthy faster by spitting and staying hydrated
earth ocean (10 months ago)
SoManyModsSoLittleTime 👏👏👏 BRAVO!! HERE! HERE! 👏👏👏
Jamyson T (1 year ago)
Yeah I’m totally gonna swallow nasty ass saliva or waste a tissue for no reason
Bryan Sturgill (2 years ago)
SoManyModsSoLittleTime yeah especially when your at a swimming pool and some kid spits on the concrete around the pool and you come along and step right in there warm saliva with your bare feet
Dionysus Fascinus (3 years ago)
@Mightytoro  You're right, must have been auto correct.
Taylor Jones (4 years ago)
okay but like why don't people just swallow the extra saliva?
Chiara Faraday (4 years ago)
I have always wondered this!!!! Like fine, okay, you have a lot of spit in your mouth. But why not just swallow it??
Megharoni (4 years ago)
So is it wrong to be mildly annoyed when my boyfriend spits when we're walking outside together? He always says it's because he has too much spit in his mouth but I'm like... come on, that's bullcrap. It's just a nasty habit. =$
ClandestineOstrich (2 years ago)
If I swallow too much saliva my stomach gets sick. So I just spit. I have allergies, too.
YT LogYt (4 years ago)
@Meghan Morse Isn't that the reason saliva exists in our mouth in the first place? So that we can shallow it and more saliva can be produced without getting drown in our own? Tell your bf that's the lamest excuse I've ever heard.
I don't know, if I have an excess of saliva, I just swallow it.
Bobbi Ott (4 years ago)
I was actually waiting for the scene in Titanic to be referenced :/
Kreepy Kayla (4 years ago)
Are we ever going to see more Professor Boyfriend?
littleworldscollide (4 years ago)
If he does show, Cristen may have to spit on him to mark her territory.
Thomas Liebrecht (4 years ago)
I spit on others men to show ultimate disrespect if I think they're horrible people
Rachel Rogers (4 years ago)
I see women spit on the ground all the time.
A. Wsky (4 years ago)
Diiiiisguuuustiiing subject; let's go back to masturbation! ;)
lorduggae (4 years ago)
I spit only when outside, and only if i have a chest cold, or im smoking my pipe. THe hot air from the tobacco makes me produce a lot of extra spit
ratjockey (4 years ago)
sinus mucus?
rawrisiloveuindinify (4 years ago)
the fuck has the questioner ever seen women in a sporting event? they spit just as much as men 

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